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Austin, Texas, United States
November 12, 2017

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Around * years of experience in database applications using Microsoft SQL Server and business intelligence tools such as Tableau.

Profound experience in Database Design and application development using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

Strong analytical, communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills.

Thorough understanding of database architecture and database designs.

Excellent T-SQL programming skills. Expert in writing complex Queries, stored procedures, Triggers, Functions using T-SQL.

Excellent knowledge in DDL and DML involving database objects such as Tables, User Defined Data Types, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Views, User Defined Functions, Cursors, and Triggers.

Worked in projects implemented using various process methodologies such as water flow, agile, scrum etc.

Experience in designing SSIS packages using a combination of simple and complex control flow items, data flow items, package configuration and deployment.

Experienced in extraction & migration of data from heterogeneous data sources like Excel, MS Access, by using import/export Wizard.

Experience in Developing SSIS Packages to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)/DTS data into the Data warehouse.

Developed Cubes using SQL server Analysis Services (SSAS) and Experience in developing and extending OLAP Cubes, dimensions, and data source views.

Experience in writing Parameterized Queries for generating Tabular reports with Charts and graphs, formatting report layout, Sub reports using Global Variables, Expressions, Functions, sorting the data, defining data source and subtotals for the reports using SSRS.

Experience in deployment of the SSRS reports on the report server, managing subscriptions and scheduling them for their timely delivery.

Experience in building advanced Tableau Dashboards using Data-Blending, Crosstabs, Table Calculations, Referential Analysis, Interactive filtering etc.

Experience building reports, data-extracts and custom chart features using Tableau Desktop.

Built advanced tableau reports using calculations, Grouping, Sets, Parameters, Filters, and Aggregations.

Build Web parts and workflows in SharePoint using JavaScript,HTML5 and SharePoint Designer.

Highly motivated with strong commitment to quality and customer service.





SQL Server

DWH / BI Tools:

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Visual Studio

Database Design:

Star Schema/Snowflake Schema


MS Office, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010

Tools and Utilities:

SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Import & Export Wizard, Visual Studio .Net, Power Pivot, Microsoft Office(MS),Excel Power Pivot, Tableau, SharePoint

Operating Systems:

Windows Platform


Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

University of Mumbai- May 2012

WORK EXPERIENCE: Sr. Software Engineer, Accenture, India


Role: Sr. Software Analyst July 2016 – November 2016

Client: ACE NA(CHUBB), Wilmington, DE

Project Summary:

ACE NA, whose parent company is CHUBB, is a global provider of insurance products covering property and casualty, accident and health, reinsurance, and life insurance. ACE provides these coverages through retail brokers. Accenture maintains a record of these coverages, claims and payments to the ACE customers using business intelligence and data analysing techniques.


Collecting information about the business rules from various business process analysts and converting this into new reporting requirements.

Created data design model to record and represent the various claim transactions performed in the front end tool like Claim Registration, First-Notice-Of-Loss(FNOL) creation, payments, Settlements.

Created Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Indexes, Tables, Views and other T-SQL code and SQL joins for applications.

Generating on-demand and scheduled reports for business analysis or management decision making using SSRS.

Responsible for Deploying the SSRS reports on the report server

Define best practices for creating report dashboards by matching requirements to the charts to be chosen.

Developed multiple drilldown, drill through, parameterized reports to submit the daily/ weekly reports.

Introduced Multi Currency feature in the reports which facilitated the stakeholders and users to view the reports in desired denomination.

Built Reports with complex calculations involving % changes, averages, running totals, level of detail expressions, parameters, sets and logical functions.


Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SSIS, SSRS, Management Studio, Visual Studio 10 with Data Tools, Team Foundation Server

Role: MSBI/Tableau Developer May 2015 – June 2016

Client: EMC Square, Richardson, TX

Project Summary:

EMC square is a multinational corporation that sells data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyse data.


Integrated the data from various sources so as to create a common data warehouse to build reports.

Created SSIS ETL packages to consume SQL data sources.

Responsible for Installation and Configuration of SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 database and configuration of Report manager.

Involved in SQL performance monitoring and tuning of reporting data by optimizing indexes and stored procedures.

Involved in the SQL-tuning, performance/Query optimization for the application using SQL-Joins and Indexes.

Built SSIS packages for extracting data from multiple sources, including excel, flat files or SQL queries.

Created views to restrict access to data in a table for security. Expert in extracting data using SSIS from OLTP to OLAP.

Performed Bulk data migration using SSIS from flat files.

Built parameterized report structure, regulated by the stored procedures, which helped to filter data based on various parameters like Sales, Product availability, Cost, etc.

Designed the Report Layout and the Dashboard structure which facilitated a consolidated view of all the claim data in a gist required for the Executives

Modified the reports existing in SSRS to Tableau so as to manage and represent data effectively. This proved to be of great help to the leadership for analysing the loop holes in parameters like Purchase, Regional preference etc. Building Tableau reports upon relational databases with multiple table joins stored procedures and custom SQL.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2/2012, SSIS, SSAS, Tableau Desktop 8, Management Studio, Visual Studio 10 with Data Tools

Role: Microsoft BI Developer June 2014 to April 2015

Client: Trafigura, Geneva, Switzerland

Project Summary:

Trafigura is a multinational commodity trading company that trades in base metals, energy and oil. Accenture had the testing engagement and data management of these metals.


Developed scripts for data extraction from HP ALM database to the local database. These fields were used as dimensions and measures for the reports to be used by Executives and stakeholders.

Created SSIS Transformations such as adding derived column, sorting of data, merging of data has been done while pulling data from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012.

Conducted data migration process in SQL Server environment using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and performed transformations like Lookup, Conditional Split, data-mining query and bulk insert task depending on business requirement.

Imported data from various sources into a staging area, merged the data with the OLTP data model and presented it to all level of end users.

Made amendments to OLAP Cubes using SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services and Performance tuning and scaling to large numbers of users.

Designed and deployed SSRS reports with Drill Down and Drop down menu option and Parameters.

Created SSRS Reports with dynamic Sub-reports and dynamic SQL Parameters.

Designed and built Testing Results dashboard which gave information regarding number of tests executed, defects encountered, tester details, etc. This gave the stakeholders a clear picture of the Daily Testing scenario.

Scheduled and sent subscriptions of the reports to the stakeholders.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2/2012, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Management Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio

Role: Associate Software Engineer July 2013 to May 2014

Client: British Telecom, London, UK

Project Summary:

British Telecom, a multinational telecommunications services company in UK, had three major LOBs --> BT Retail, BT Global Services, BT Open reach. Accenture dealt with the testing engagement of all the products used in these LOBS.


Actively participated in design, development discussion with DBA, team lead and project manager to perform a detail analysis according to the business requirements and provided a better approach to the system.

Involved in creating new logical and physical design of the database to fit new business requirements and implemented new design into SQL Server 2012.

Involved in configuring and working Team Foundation Server (TFS) to provide the source code management and project management in agile technologies.

Reduced the redundancy of data in the tables by applying the normalization rules and built referential integrity between the tables to reduce the risk of losing the data.

Involved in creating maintenance plans for regular database backups and rebuilding indexes.

Involved in identifying the queries which are running slow and tuning them by different methods like evaluating the joins, indexes, updating statistics and code modifications.

Build Web pages, workflows for automating tasks like categorizing test cases, estimating test results, etc. and web parts in SharePoint to showcase the test results based on the pre defined metrics and KPIs using JavaScript and HTML5

Designed and built Testing Results dashboard which gave information regarding number of tests executed, defects encountered, tester details, etc.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2, SSRS, Management Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio, SharePoint, TFS, Mac OS

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