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C Management

November 12, 2017

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R ESUME Wahid M oin Passport N o: - M *******

Issue P lace: - L UCKNOW

Mobile: 9-628****** Issue D ate: - 1 6/02/2015 E-mail: W Expiry D ate: 1 5/02/2025

D ate o f B irth: 0 5/07/1990

E ducational Q ualification

● Master O f C omputer A pplication ( MCA) f rom I ntegral U niversity i n 2 014

● Bachelor O f C omputer A pplication ( BCA) f rom I GNOU i n 2 011.

● XIIt h

from S haheed I nter C ollege i n 2 007.

● Xt h

from T ilak I nter C ollege i n 2 005.

Technical S kills

● Skilled p rogramming w ith l anguages l ike C , C M VC.

● Good P resentation s kills w ith e ffective P owerPoint s lides.

● Good h andling o f S QL D BMS l ike M ySQL, S QL S erver 2 000-2012 a nd M S - A ccess. Career O bjective

To work in an organization where personal growth is attached and provides me an opportunity to apply and enhance my engineering s kills i n t he o rganization.

Career S ynopsis

● Total 2 y ears o f e xperience i n S AP B ASIS A ssociate C onsultant.

● Project e xperience i ncludes s upport.

● Experienced w ith t he E RP P ackages: 6 .0 E CC.

● Knowledge in the configuration of the following S AP R/3 – BASIS modules; User Administration, Client Administration, Transport Management System, Oracle Database and Table Space Maintenance, Spool Administration, Configuration of Operation Modes, Background Job Management, View Logs, Short Dumps, Profile Parameters M aintenance.

● Expertise in networking concepts pertaining to LAN/ WAN, ITSM Process and maintenance in multi-platform environments.

● Excellent t eam b uilding & t roubleshooting s kills w ith a bilities i n p lanning & m anaging r esources. Professional E xperience

July 2 014 t o D ecember 2 016: C redence S ystems, N oida a s a S AP B ASIS A ssociate C onsultant. Company P rofile:

Credence Systems, Noida is IT Infrastructure Management Company, offers end-to-end solutions combining deep domain expertise with new technologies and a cost effective on-site/offshore model. We help companies integrate key business p rocesses, i mproving t heir o perational e fficiencies a nd e xtracting b etter b usiness v alue f rom t heir i nvestment. Project D etails:

Client : S ubhag M arine P vt. L td.

Team s ize : 5

Position : T eam M ember.

Duration : M arch 2 015 t o t ill d ate

Client P rofile:

Subhag Group is in the marine pumps and parts business since 1991. They have extensive experience in this field and as our founder have been associated with the marine industry for more than 40 years. S ubhag Marine Pvt. Ltd is leading manufacturer of Manufacturer, Exporter, and Service Provider. This Project involves support of SAP ECC 6.0 at Subhag Marine S ystem.


As an Associate SAP Consultant, responsible for user administration, role administration and transportation of the roles from d evelopment s ystem t o Q uality a nd f rom Q uality t o P roduction S ystem i n t he T hree S ystem L andscape. a) User A dministration a nd M aintenance

- User A dministration a nd M aintenance

- Creating n ew u sers a nd d eleting t he u sers i n D evelopment, Q uality a nd P roduction S ystem

- Password R eset/ L ocking a nd U nlocking o f U sers b) Role C reation a nd M aintenance

- Creating a nd M aintaining t he R oles.

- Creating t he T ransport r equest t o m ove t he r oles t o q uality/production c) Daily A ctivities / T asks

- Checking S ystem L og

- Check t he A ctive U sers o n S ystems

- Check t he L ock E ntry L ist

- Check t he U pdate R ecords

- Review o f B ackground j obs

- Define B ackground J obs

- Checking t he D atabase B ackup

- Checking t he w ork p rocess o verview

- Configuration o f o peration m odes

- View L ogs, S hort D umps a nd T race F iles

- Basis s upport o f S AP P rint s ervers

- Support P ackage a dministration

- Remote & L ocal C lient C opy

- Spool A dministration.

P rojects U ndertaken MINI P ROJECT

TOPIC: - C OLLEGE P ROJECT A NALYSER DURATION: - 2 M ONTHS Description – A p roject b ased o n A f ramework 4 .5 w ith C l anguage a nd M VC h aving D atabase i n S QLServer 2012.It p rovides a n i nterface f or s tudents t o r egister o nline a nd s ubmit t heir p rojects r eport. T he f aculty t herefore c an review t he p rojects a nd s end t he f urther d etails t hrough e mails t o t he s tudents. Role – T eam M ember

Personal S kills

● Good a nalysing p ower a nd p ositive a ttitude.

● Willingness t o t ake r esponsibility a nd i nitiative.

● Willingness t o l earn n ew t hings h elping m e t o e xplore m yself f ully.

● Hardworking a nd s elf-confident p erson.

Personal D etails

● Name : W ahid M oin

● Father’s N ame : Mr. M oin A hmad

● Gender : Male

● Nationality : Indian

● Hobbies : Bodybuilding , Cooking, P laying o nline g ame

● Date o f B irth : 5 J uly 1 990

● Languages K nown : E nglish, H indi Declaration

I h ereby d eclare t hat t he i nformation a s g iven a bove i s t rue t o m y k nowledge a nd n othing h as b een c oncealed o r m odified. Date: 1 0/07/2017

Place: M au ( Wahid M oin)

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