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software developer

West Palm Beach, FL
October 31, 2017

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Wennie Lee 954-***-****)

Full Stack & .NET Developer

10+ years of strong professional JavaScript and .Net development experience in various applications based on SOA, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), MVC and N-tier architecture, Web based and Internet technologies. Experience in system analysis, design, workflow architecture, development, testing and maintenance of web-based applications.

Understand and perform SOLID software design principle, make code well maintained and extendable.

Extensive experience in Designing, developing and implementing both windows and web applications using .NET framework architecture includes using C#.NET, MVC, MVVM, ASP.NET, AngularJS, JavaScript, AJAX, Web Services, IIS, WebApi, WCF, ADO.NET, XML, Entity Framework 6/5 and Visual Studio

Experience in using MVC4, 5 Razor View Engine in developing scalable, standards-based web applications.

Proficient in front end UI development using HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS3,XML.

Strong experience in designing rich and responsive user interfaces using Angular JS, Bootstrap.

Experience with Firebug for Mozilla, Developer Toolbar for Chrome and IE Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

Experience in writing and implementing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services and WebApi with various kinds of Business Logic Layer for Service Oriented Architecture and familiar with JSON data structure.

Experience in different dependency injection container framework (IOC) such as Microsoft Unity, Ninject, Structure Map etc.

Experience with design and developing both client side and server side RESTful services in .NET C#.

Worked with .NET Server Controls, Web User Controls, Data Grid Web Control, and Form Validation Controls and created numerous Custom controls.

Experience Microsoft windows application technology Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Technical Expertise in Object- Oriented Analysis/ Design using C#.NET and implemented Design Patterns across the applications.

Knowledge of XML related technologies such as XML/XSL, DTD, XML Schema, XSLT.

Experience in working and following Agile Development methodology through SCRUM Process.

Experience in working with Project Managers, Business Analysts and Systems Architects and having ability to translate business requirements into system functionality to deliver the quality software product.

Experience in data modeling, design and implementing relation databases in SQL server and Oracle database, includes the development of functions, stored procedures, views, joins and triggers using T-SQL and PL/SQL, SQL server agent.

Design and development experience on reporting and analysis using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Service(SSAS) in Data Mart and Data Warehouse environment.

Worked extensively with data access technologies as Entity Framework ADO.NET objects such as Data Adapter, Dataset, and Data Reader to access the database.

Extensive experience in handling Internet Information Server (IIS), creating and configuring the virtual directories, map them to physical folders and configuration of the applications.

Experience in securing web applications using ASP.NET authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Having good knowledge in Object Oriented Programming (OOPS).

Experience in application development using Design Patterns like Strategy, Singleton, Factory, Adapter, Decorator, Façade, Proxy, Observer and others.

Excellent Logical, Analytical, Communication and inter-personal skills with exceptional ability to learn new concepts/ fast learner with complex systems and a good team player, quick problem solver and ability to perform at high level to meet deadlines.

Work Experience

Lead Developer: CompliaHealth Inc.

Feb.2016 - Present

CompliaHealth provides quality home health, community, and hospice care completely software solutions that enhance from point of care through scheduling and billing, and all functions including critical documentation processes and ability to manage both skilled and unskilled caregivers. CompliaHealth software solution helps health care professionals take advantage of information technology to improve their operational performance and quality of care.

Each developer has a local system for unit and integration testing, local system has its own IIS, SQL server, multiple services configured, and report server configured.

As Architect lead software developer, I have designed and completed the following features for complia system; each of these project worked with business analysist, QA engineer, project manager; the SDLC is a process which based on agile methodology, have standup meetings every morning.

BillingAdjustment project, this project added features to agency’s after billing process to allow adjustments for generated invoices.

Designed and Implemented compliahealth point of care system form designer and control designer; these two designer system allows caregiver to create their own forms with their own designed medical controls, this system can be sold alone from rest of system. It implemented using Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, HTML, CSS, JSON, C# MVC classes and SQL server entity framework.

Bi-Weekly billing project, on existing billing system (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly), this project allows to create invoices every two weeks.

Caregiver Search Enhancement, this project allows more criteria to search a caregiver in the system.

Dial-N- Document travel time project, this project allows caregiver who uses Dial-N-Doc system to enter their travel time during care process and system will consider it in the payroll and billing for the telephony entered travel time.

Double booking caregiver project, this project allows caregiver to be booked the same time range for multiple patients if the agency allows these patients to be grouped.

Payer and Patient Eligibility project, this project allows agency manually load patient’s 270 eligibility file to payer’s ( insurance company ) billing system and receive 271 from payer over rest services.

Global Check Posting project, this enhancement allows any business units to post checks to any other business units as long as they belong to the same organization. Created Jquery Plugin for ContinuLink system pagination.

Complia reports enhancement project added multiple feature’s to report system with SSRS.

SVN, TFS as source code repository.

Have github account for communications with other developers.

CompliaHealth system is a large scale based software system, it includes about 800 pages, all modules in the system designed work together, every above project involves multiple web pages and are implemented by HTML, XML, CSS, javascript ( knockout, AngularJS ), Jquery, MVC ( C#, VB.NET ) and webapi as service management, SQL server as backend includes SQL server stored procedures as well as entity frameworks.

Lead Developer Architect: Mutual of America Life Insurance Company ("Mutual of America")

Oct.2013 - Present

Mutual of America provides group and individual variable annuity contracts and related services for the pension, retirement, and long-range savings needs of various organizations and their employees. It also provide variable universal life insurance, group life insurance, and group disability products.

Project: WPC Call Center Client Withdrawal application.

It is a modern web based application which helps call center and field offices’ associates review client’s information before withdrawal. User are able to analyze data, communicate complex client’s plan vested balances, highlight some of plans‘ data with editable balances for field offices, and be able to produce a PDF form populated with client’s investment plans information.

Sole developer in various levels of the development life cycle by Gathering Requirements, Analyzing, Design and Development.

Using HiT software Ritmo .NET provider to access IBM DB2 database, created data transfer classes and data mapping classes, created data repository classes with business logic. Using Microsoft Unity IoC Container to inject the data repository to WebApi layer.

Using Entity Framework to access SQL Server database and data warehouse; Developed procedures, functions data objects in SQL server database.

Created repository classes with business logic, writing queries using LINQ to Entity for data retrieval.

Use IOC framework Ninject to inject the data repository to WebApi layer.

Designed UI Framework using HTML5, CSS3,Less,Sass and Bootstrap.

Created the project from scratch using Angular JS as frontend, and it’s a SPA application.

Use Angular JS UI library including ui-grid and other angular UI components.

Created Angular JS directives, routing module, service module, repository module and business module.

using Gulp JS, RequireJS, Uglyfy and SourceMap for automated compile and deployment.

Created WebApi component from scratch, the WebApi classes used dependency injected repositories to access backend data source and apply business rules to supply front end service calls.

Implemented CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) for WebApi using Thinktecture IdentityModel library.

Experience on cross browser issues for resolving front end programming and PDF rendering issues.

Implemented Confidential Employer Access and Region Restriction Access role based security to control user access.

Configured IIS for application management, test and deployment.

Used iTextSharp Library to interactively fill out data to PDF forms and serve dynamically generated or manipulated PDF documents to a web browser.

Utilized TFS as a Source control for branching and merging. ALDON for application deployment.

Worked with SharePoint to access development back log and problem tracking.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, VS framework 4/4.5, VS 2013/2010, MVC 4.0/5.0, HTML, Angular JS 1.2,1.3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, CSS, XML, LINQ, SQL Server 2008 R2/2012, TFS, IIS.

Project: Enhanced Employer Sponsored Plan Reports

This is a Reporting Tool, giving the option to the user of selecting different criteria like employer number, employer group number, plan type, report type and report dates etc., the report can be viewed from an Excel File(xls, xlsx) and downloaded or displayed online. Once selected parameters, the report is generated and displayed in grid with the selected criteria; the report also displays graphs. Data manipulation in the grid is allowed and the chart can be customized by chart type and axis selection. Once you save the report you can combine reports by drag and drop report tabs, and the new report will be shown.

Involved in system requirement gathering, communication design & prototyping.

Used MVC 4 Razor-View Engine for re-using the individual user controls by not coupling them with underlying data elements.

Used ASP.NET MVC framework to support Dependency Injection to inject objects into a class, instead of relying on the class to create the object itself.

Created new HTML helper classes for rendering of HTML controls in a view.

Performed client side and server side validations in MVC Razor using JQuery and AJAX.

Implemented and Consumed WCF restful services and WebApi for the application.

Designed the Methods in the services and the interaction with the application using JSON serialization.

Implementing the data access layer using Entity Framework Code First approach and writing queries using LINQ to Entity for data retrieval.

For a very complex report, the data access was implemented with business classes, data access layer includes data transfer classes, data mapping classes, business data definition classes and business logic implementation classes, used ADO.NET library for data retrieval.

Developed complex SQL Server Procedures, Functions for financial reports, including calculating customer plan opening balance, closing balance, investment earning amount, employee contribution, employer matching contribution, loan transaction, Roth account transaction etc.; these transactions were calculated using financial industry standard qualifiers for all kinds of transactions.

Performed MSUNIT testing and have written unit test cases in several modules.

Utilized TFS as a Source control for branching and merging.

Worked with SharePoint for the central view for user stories and the bug tracking.

Utilized Re-sharper code inspections, automated code refactoring, blazing fast navigation, and coding assistance.

Create the grid to display the data using JqGrid plug-in.

Performed code reviews for maintain the essential code integrity and used re-sharper for refactoring the code.

Involved in Bug Fixes in both new development and production issues.

Worked with SSIS/SSRS packages to prototype the report application.

Experience with SQL server agent. Created multiple SQL server jobs for mirroring reporting data from DB2 mainframe to data warehouse.

Environment: Visual Studio 2010/2013,.NET Framework 4.0/4.5;C#, ASP.NET MVC4, 5., ADO.Net, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, JQuery, AJAX, WCF services, WebApi, SQL Server 2008 r2/SQL Server 2012, TFS, Windows 7,8, SharePoint.

Project: Upgrade and Migrate multiple Web Sites from windows server 2003 IIS6 to windows server 2008 R2 IIS 7.5.

Configured web servers for multiple classic asp applications and applications, resolve all issues for different applications and web.config files.

Configured application’s security in windows identity foundation (WIF), it is claim-aware token based application on an AD FS-enabled Web server.

Configured IIS server with New Atlanta's ServletExec® 2012 and 6.0 for java applications; New Atlanta's ServletExec is high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective web application server.

Project: Client Loan History Report Creation using Microsoft BI Solutions.

Loan history data stored in data warehouse, created SSAS packages as loan history report data source.

Created SSIS package for data transition from data warehouse to sql server database.

Created loan history report using Microsoft reporting services (SSRS) for displaying customer loan history.

Architect Senior software developer: INTECH Investment Management LLC.

April 2013 – October 2013

Responsibility: Implement public and intranet web site and creating reports for public and internal different departments. The applications had been developed on window’s platform and using Microsoft visual studio 2010, 2012(.Net framework 4.0, 4.5); Asp.NET MVC, SQL server, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS.

Designed and Developed customer service and portfolio investment report application using Asp.NET MVC 4.0 framework; using Infragistics (NetAdvantage) Asp.NET library tools, using JavaScript and jQuery for front end reporting grid, .net framework 4.5 on visual studio 2012; Created data model from data mart, implemented stored procedures.

Designed report creation module using Factory Design Pattern.

Created SSAS cubes from data mart as data source for reporting component.

Developed SSIS applications for data transformation and data extraction.

Developed Asp.NET application for searching email list domain server by using DNS MX record library, .NET TCP/IP socket library, WCF services;

Involved SharePoint 2012 server setup and some custom development on .NET framework 4.5, Visual Studio 2012.

Lead Application Developer Architect: South Florida Water Management District


ODSS will be a new component of the overall Water Management System(WMS) that is used to provide real-time and historical hydro-meteorological data and decision support tools to District’s Operational Control Center as well as centrally accessible data for the District’s various departments, cooperating agencies, and the public. ODSS is comprised of several distinct .Net and J2EE based component applications that provide specific capabilities. ODSS component applications include Telvent’s OASyS, OSIsoft’s PI Server and Asset Framework (AF), IBM’s ILOG Business Rule Management System (BRMS), Space Time Insight’s (STI) Space Time Awareness Server (STAS), Esri Products Based on ArcGIS Server and ArcObjects. Custom applications were developed by Application Developers. ODSS is a multi-phase, multi-year District effort.

Sole developer, designed and developed ODSS Operational Graph Configurator; This application is used as user tool to allow Water managers to dynamically create a graphical plot to represent the current location’s water movement changes based on elapsed time duration ( Example: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly or Daily) This configurator data will be used for ODSS rule engine to trigger certain water movement alarms for water management command center. The application was developed with these technologies WPF, entity framework, WCF RIA services, WCF Rest Services, OSIsoft’s Asset Framework library, Microsoft enterprise Library is used for logging and exception handling; The software development went thru. entire SDLC; It successfully deployed on client production system. Also created store procedures, functions on SQL server to import and export application data.

Worked on OSIsoft’s PI Server and Asset Framework (AF), created managed threading and parallel programming mode with Microsoft Task-based Asynchronous Pattern Library (TAP).

Developer of ODSS Model Builder. This multiple page large scale web application is a user tool to allow the user to view, compare and configure District water management locations and their data attributes in different data repository; The application will show the location geographical view on ArgGIS Map. The data is pulled from different system to make into system configuration objects according to ODSS data model objects. The application’s data mapping involved multiple repository system: ODSS which is OSIsoft’s AF system, AHED (ARC Hydro Enhanced Database), DBHydro database, DCVP database and Telvent’s OASyS ; The configuration operation will create or update any objects in ODSS data model based on system configuration objects.

The applications were developed with these technologies MVC framework, Silverlight, Microsoft Extended Tree view Library,, entity framework, WCF RIA services, WCF Rest Services, OSIsoft’s Asset Framework library, ArcGIS Silverlight API library, HTML,, JavaScript, jQuery, Microsoft enterprise Library is used for logging and exception handling; The software development went thru. entire SDLC; The development was finished on Visual Studio 2010, .NET framework 4.0.

Developed custom report from SQL server database for the existing system data locations using SSRS, SSAS; The reports shows site point location, year around water movement and dashboard for the movement trend;

Developed SharePoint components including web parts, lists, web pages, workflow, InfoPath forms and back end processing solutions; Using SharePoint client object model to render Silverlight application. The deployment used power shell script.

Senior Consultant: Sheridan Health Care Inc.


Worked on SMART(Sheridan Management of Accelerated Receivables Transactions) System

The project is a large scale SOA application; WCF Services communicates via biztalk as Enterprice Service Bus; Frontend is ASP.NET application, backend is sql server 2008; Data Access used Entity Frame Work and LINQ to retrieve information via well defined Data Transfer Objects to meet requests from business layer; Between WCF service interface and Data Access layer is Business Components; used to verify and implement business logic and business rules;

I am responsible with insurance payer payment posting module; it follows healthcare industry standard data communication for insurance payment posting 835 guide; biztalk will map the raw 835 file using XSLT to XML file based on well defined DTO; payment posting process will follow insurance rules to process the file and post payment, coinsurance, deductibles, contract payments and adjustments to database tables. Enforce many payment posting Rules and Sheridan financial accounting rules.

Designed new tables for 835 remittance all layers of storage including provider, claim, service line, reference, adjustments; generate Entity Framework, implement DAL, BA and DTOs; Writing WCF services to be called from frontend to trigger the payment posting process. The biztalk 2009 was used in the development.

Involved with other modules processing, such as insurance verification, insurance claims for primary, secondary as well as tertiary using 837 guide for standard insurance claims, coding procedures, patients information and encounter information processing; Writing window services to generate xml file for claim process as background process; All of the modules need to implements multiple business components classes and database access classes as well as many DTOs;

Design and implement front end pages, validations, calling WCF services; used HTML,, JavaScript, JQuery, ajax, LINQ, LAMDA expressions.

Implemented WCF fault contract for DAL, BC as well as service layer exception handling for payment posting module;

The project development was finished by visual studio 2010, .NET framework 4.0;

Creates custom SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports to be displayed in a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 web application

Design and Develop custom C# SharePoint 2010 Web Parts, Workflows, Event Receivers

Design and Develop custom SharePoint 2010 applications using SharePoint Designer

Creates web form applications using InfoPath and C#

Senior Consultant: Aptitude Solutions

Jan. 2009 - Mar. 2011

The project development was used for communication and distribution of Clerk Management System and State Attorney Office and Sheriff’s Department of Palm Beach County.

The application was developed using Asp.NET MVC framework with backend using Oracle and SQL Server.

Developer of Exchange Point Service using WCF Restful Service model and data services.

Created Entity Framework, also write DTO classes (Data Transfer Objects).

Developer of MSMQ window service application to monitor workflow transactions.

Developed MS workflow to implement business logic.

The project development were used for JM Family, the system used for distribution of vehicles based on vendor’s policy and customer dealer’s preferences.

Convert and Rewrite JSP web applications on WebLogic to ASP.NET application in C#. The first stage of development Including development and debugging and support the application using JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, IFRAME,AJAX, JAVASCRIPT. Develop and Modify complex SQL for backend running on Oracle Database.

The second part of the project is conversion. Data availability using ADO.NET data services in C#, developed custom entity classes using C#, ADO.NET.

Developed communication classes using WCF in C#.

The application data access also used ADO.NET entity framework with LINQ;

The application frontend is written in ASP.NET MVC framework, AJAX, JavaScript;

Developed reports for customer dealers using reporting services (SSRS)

Senior Developer: World Avenue

Feb.2008 – Jan.2009

World Avenue was a leading company for developing internet marketing for various clients.

Developer of Internet Marketing Web application in JAVA J2EE architecture. Involved in design and implement frontend framework with PHP and MySQL Environment; Web Server was Apache Tomcat; Using Ajax and JavaScript for client side programming; Using Object Mapping Language Hibernate for data communication ; data storage used MySQL database on Linux platform.

Developer of data modeling including design tables, keys, relationships etc. on MySQL.

Provided assistance to other developers in developing backend functionality and in writing complex SQL queries.

Helped to write functional requirements.

Worked with the team members to create High Level design, detailed design to be implemented in Java/J2EE environment and estimate the level of effort.

Senior Developer: Premiere Global Services

Jan. 2001 - Jan. 2008

The project is a POS system with functionality including Order Tender, Credit Card processing, Till assign, Check Management etc. with C# .net,, sync cache, session data manipulation.

Microsoft C#.Net 3.5 multi-tiered, multi-threading window application, Visual Studio.Net 2008, SQL Server 2008, MS Team Foundation Server. The system design incorporates Service Broker Architecture (SOA), an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for communication with message exchange pattern. The Service Broker architecture is simply a design that incorporates a set of configured services running within the application engine. Services run independently of each other with coordination done via the use of workflow Orchestrations and an internal core message bus, the development is in C#.

Developed a desktop configuration application in MVVM design pattern using WPF, C# code behind, SQL server 2008, Entity Framework with LINQ.

Developed multiple business data layer objects based on Entity Framework using LINQ in C#.

Developed WPF User Interface using XAML language and C#.

Developed multiple unit test objects for testing Business Data Layer Objects in C#.

Use TFS as source code control.

Involved in multiple projects using C++, Oracle, SQL Server on UNIX, Linux Environment.

Developed, tested and implement custom parsers using C++. Parser design utilized multiple object-oriented design patterns. Used C++ STL library and templates, TCP/IP sockets and multi-threading.

Developed custom reports using Perl scripting language and Oracle Database. Developed stored procedure packages, triggers using PL/SQL; Responsible for data analyses and performance tuning.

Involved planning and development some java j2ee platform project.

Designed/developed message service testing system using Perl on SunOS, SQL server and Visual C++.

Designed and developed a system patch to improve the system performance with Lex and Yacc, C++ STL.

Responsible for enhancing and supporting existing application in various languages (C++ and PL/SQL).

Developer of a Core C++ multithread system monitor service using SNMP to monitor the performance of the network and to identify the root causes of system failure and abnormal behaviors in real time.

Additional Information:

M.S., Computer Science: The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Computer Science Department.

M.S., Applied Mathematics: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Mathematics Department

B.S., Computer Science: Tianjin University, Tianjin, P.R. China

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