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DevOps, DBA, Business Intelligence, and IT Administrator

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
October 31, 2017

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Technology Specialties

Positions: Dev/Ops Engineer, Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Data Analyst, IT Network Administrator

Languages: SQL (particularly T-SQL), Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, JavaScript, DOS Command Batch Files, PowerShell, HTML, CSS, ASP/ASP.NET, C#

Databases: SQL Server, Access, MongoDB, Teradata, MySQL, SQLLite, Relational Databases

Software: SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, ETL/DTS, Visual Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.), Microsoft Project, most internet browsers (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), SVN, Git, SourceSafe (VSS), NullSoft, Inno Setup, FogBugz, Confluence, Trello, WinSCP, QGIS, etc.

Servers/Systems: Microsoft Windows and Windows Server (all versions), Linux Ubuntu, Mac OS, AWS, VMWare, Oracle, Docker, VM VirtualBox, Hyper-V, Internet Information Server (IIS), Active Directory, Novell NetWare, Server and Network Firewalls, FTP, SSH, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Jenkins, Prometheus

Professional Experience

April 2012 – October 2017 FATPOT Technologies Bountiful, Utah

DevOps Build and Deployment Engineer, IT Network Administrator, and Customer Technical Support

Software Build Configuration – Track development tickets with software changes for release. Merge changes in source control from development to release branches. Set up, execute, and deploy automated, CI Jenkins builds of software modules. Code and execute various installer scripts to pull all modules and files into executables.

Software Deployments, QA Testing, and Support – Deploy databases and software onto company and customer servers and sites for download and deployment onto workstations. Set up VM servers and workstations for testing. Plan and execute test cases, and coordinate with company personnel and customers for further testing. Troubleshoot any software concerns, and coordinate and implement fixes.

Administer Company Servers and Systems – Set up and configure server hardware and VMware machines, including network/domain administration servers, SVN Server, automated build servers, support and development ticketing server, QA testing servers, AWS servers, etc. Install and configure operating systems, and deploy, configure and install additional needed software. Set up, configure, and extensively use automatic monitoring software to check on UPS battery power, server and systems status, network traffic, software errors, and more. Troubleshoot problems when these servers or their systems are not working as expected. Set up server and site security certificates. Administer network domain, Active Directory, Office 365, Exchange Server, Docker, SVN Server, FogBugz ticketing site, and more.

Special Projects – Investigate and learn about the setup for software functionality that was unfamiliar to others (e.g. mapping, automatic vehicle locator (AVL), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)). Document these setups and the business rules that govern them. Set up these functionalities on customer servers. Work with city, state, national and international agencies and websites to obtain various types of mapping layer files. Configure many software settings for effectively viewing multiple layers of maps. Code and execute installer scripts to pull many large map files into setup executables. Deploy mapping setup installers to servers, FTP sites and websites, and notify customer about them. Troubleshoot and resolve customer concerns.

July 2011 – April 2012 Contract Work with eBay and Draper and Sandy, Utah

Global Business Reporting Analyst / Technology Support Analyst

Teradata Data Warehouse – Assist in setting up and maintaining the daily extraction of all agent performance data from Teradata, and importing it to a SQL Server reporting database.

Agent Performance Reporting – Overhaul and convert Excel and Access reports to use SQL Server data, and to consolidate and standardize metric formulas. Program critical reports (used for agent compensation) to automatically update and publish, generate them daily and weekly, and notify staff about them. Provide support on using them.

IT Support Tickets – Analyze and process tickets, carry out internal technical support, as well as customer technical support. Analyze and update database records.

January 2003 – July 2011 HotlinkHR Kaysville, Utah

Database Administrator (DBA), Internet Software Development Quality Assurance (QA) & Release Manager

Database Administrator – Manage administration, development, testing and production SQL Server databases for multiple websites, including implementing security, designing and implementing tables, views, functions, and stored procedures, reviewing and optimizing programmer-submitted SQL code for database changes, etc. Set up database index and performance tuning.

Business Intelligence – Set up automated data updates. Set up and maintain the automatic daily conversion and transfer of employee training data to third parties. Coordinate with third party vendor to receive the data and resolve any discrepancies and data integrity concerns. Provide ad-hoc database support, including problem investigation and analysis, client data, activity reports, etc.

Website and Software Support – Provide technical and functional support to all levels of users, including management, support staff, third parties, and clients.

Development Team Coordinator – Coordinate with programmers to design new features, improve usability, and resolve bugs and other concerns with various web sites. Assist with development and resolving concerns by investigating and fixing code. Conduct development team meetings.

QA (Testing) Team Manager – Design and implement detailed software testing plans to assure usability and stability of multiple websites. Train others in testing and coordinate their efforts with development for each website update release. Coordinate with support team and management for each release. Back up, release and compare code, files, and database changes from development to QA testing (alpha and beta) to production. Coordinate post-release testing.

Education / Training / Certifications

Background Security Clearance Utah Criminal Justice Information System

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Microsoft Certified Trainer

Visual Basic– Intermediate and Advanced Advanced Technical Center

Crystal Reports Seagate Software Training Course

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Training New Horizons

Database Programming Salt Lake Community College

Advanced Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word Salt Lake Community College

Associate Degree, Emphasis in Information Systems LDS Business College

Summary of Qualifications

Extensive Experience in Business Intelligence and Database Development

Assisted in setting up and/or working with data warehouses that include significant amounts of data.

Increased company productivity by creating more accurate automated reports using advanced programming tools.

Expert in SQL

Utilized SQL extensively with Teradata, SQL Server, Access, as well as with various other software.

Chosen for significant SQL data and reporting projects over other staff.

Taught Transact-SQL, as well as optimized SQL scripting and database querying standards.

Provide Quality Work in a Timely Manner

Detail-oriented up front, thus improving accuracy and reliability of product solutions for the long run.

Thorough and proactive in finding and addressing concerns not found by others.

Willing to do what is necessary to complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

Goal-oriented and skilled in prioritizing concerns, thus producing results while remaining aware of the big picture, the schedule, and the objective of a project.

Strong Analytical, Diagnostic & Problem-Solving Skills

Exceptional investigational and problem-solving skills with databases, websites, and other software.

Set up customized solutions, with spreadsheets, databases, Microsoft Office, and other products.

Leveraged current technology to transform complex business requirements into efficient solutions for accurate and easy-to-understand information.


Acknowledged for consistently working well with management, teams, co-workers, and clients.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Experienced working on various software development, quality assurance, and business reporting teams, both as a leader and a team member.

Learn New Tools and Technology Quickly

Efficient in investigating and learning new commercial software, shareware, freeware, and programming, and then in implementing and teaching it to others.

Proactive in utilizing any and all resources (internet, coworkers, etc.) to quickly and efficiently investigate and complete assigned projects.

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