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Monroe Township, New Jersey, 08094, United States
August 10, 2017

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Stanley M. John

856-***-**** (


Worked as a team lead for more than six years. Managed onsite and offshore resources.

More than 19 years of experience serving in various levels in the IT organization.

8 years of experience in Planning and Consolidation in various financial areas using SAP Tools.

Three years of experience in SAP BW- HANA, BI planning, consolidation & reporting.

Significantly involved in all the activities of SAP FICO and sales & distribution in the SAP arena for COPA, CCA, AR, AP, Profit & Loss, Special Ledger, Balance Sheet, Capital, G&A, Budget Stratification, Revenue Planning, Expense Planning, HCM Planning and Capital Planning, Funds Management Planning and Project System Planning and ECC configuration.

Four Years of experience in SAP HR and BI-HR Configurations in these areas; (PA, PD, ESS, CATS, Org Mgmt., Payroll, HCM, and Benefits).

More than six years of Business Objects experience in following tools (AO/WEBI/LUMIRA).

Overall 17 years of experience in SAP BW and empowered clients in various levels and many aspects of their business.

Integration: SAP ECC, SEM, APO, BI, BO, IP, HANA, Hadoop, SAP VORA and BPC.

Held Active Top Security Clearance.


ERP: S/4 HANA, HANA. VORA, Predictive analytics, SAP R/3, BPC, BW/4HANA, BO, BW, BI, SEM; NW, IP, APO, LIS, FIS, PIS, and LSM

RDBMS: Oracle, Dbase, MS-Access, and TSL-DB, SQL Server

MS Office products (Word, Excel, PPT, One Note, Visio, Project, Share Point and Access DB).

GUI: SAP R/3 GUI, BW / BI (Analyzer and Browser), APO Live-cache, Visual -basic, quick Test for SAP and Win-Runner.



Present SAP BIG Data and Analytics Lead

Currently working as a customer enablement counter-part for various process towers.

Brought innovating solutions to expose data to customers via BOBJ tools (Lumira, AO & WEBI) from HANA DB.

Worked with CTO and management to implement new HANA sidecar reporting methodology.

Worked with Customer experience team in building customer information Library from all sources.

Managed onshore and offshore resources for HANA, BI, and Data service (Information Stewards & DS).

Worked with CTO and CIO to implement cold / hot data storage using Hadoop and HANA.

Created design architect for HANA sidecar and Hadoop integration using SAP VORA.

Managed backlog items and helped to create the SOW for development partner.

Worked with business in gathering requirements for solution developments using Enterprise HANA.

Worked as a gatekeeper for all HANA / BI reporting requirements from customers and management.

Created various ARIS models for reporting from (EAM, CIS, Rate, PTP, RTR, and Engineering).

Created various FD/TD/TS for development requirements.

Implemented Matapedia, Data lineage and data cleansing solutions using SAP Data service tools.

Created various HANA views and configured AO & Lumira tools to expose data.

Trained customers and associates on how to use AO and Lumira tools.

Provided guidance on best data quality methodologies to apply.

Worked with SAP America on implementing predictive analytics tools for AW

Created two pilot’s projects using SAP predictive analytics solution.

Created various Demo dashboards using Lumira and AO tools for customers.

07/15 to CVS CARE MARK, INC.

03/16 Business Integration Lead

Worked on various reporting solutions using HANA and BOBJ for areas of Pharmacy Drug costing.

Integrated Target Store Pharmacy Business into CVS Cost engine using BI and HANA.

Worked on integrating Omnicare Pharmacy reporting into CVS Store reporting using BI-HANA and BOBJ as front-end tool.

Worked as a team lead for BI development team (onsite and off shore).

Worked with business in gathering requirements for solution designs using BI-HANA.

Created various models for reporting (CAPEX and OPEX).

Configured BI and HANA Models (Views) for dashboards using design studio.

Created various workbooks for weekly close process using BEx Analyzer tool and explorer.

Created few retractors to send the data using info-spoke/hub to external CVS vendor systems.

Helped QA team in testing and successful go live for Target Integration.

02/14 to HASBRO, INC.

06/15 SAP Lead for BI BPC and Reporting

Created various planning solutions for these areas (Forecast, Cost Center, Corporate Budgeting, Revenue, and HPG Licensing Revenue Planning).

Created a consolidation solution for inter-company with sixty global locations.

Helped my manager in creating various project plans for BI and planning solutions & upgrades.

Created weekly status report for planning tasks and bi-weekly matrix for business.

Worked in post-production support tasks; Identifying, analyzing, mitigating operational risks.

Conducted many meetings with global users in different time zones and shared planning matrix with them.

Created various development objects for planning and reporting in BPC.

Proposed new solutions and created various functional and tech spec docs.

Recommend possible improvements to existing policies/procedures.

Enhanced existing solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

Worked with Basis on system performance, OS & DB updates.

Educated Hasbro employees on how to create planning and reporting solutions.

Worked with security team in building new security roles for global end users.

Created various training materials and support manuals for end-users.


03/14 SAP BOBJ Team Lead

Worked as a reporting consultant for HP ED using SAP BOBJ tool for reporting.

Lead a team of offshore consultants to build BOBJ solutions based blueprints and documents I and business owners created.

Managed and assigned responsibilities to each of my offshore colleagues.

Created weekly development status reports for management.

Worked with business to create project plans, time-lines, and rollout task for each area.

Given functional and end-user training to HP employees and business counter-parts.

Created training materials for BOBJ solutions.

Created few Universes and WEBI Reports for users

Created few Micro-cubes to store data for BOBJ reporting.

Conducted BOBJ (Universe-IDT tool) design and Webi-Dashboard) Training to new graduates.

08/12 to TAMKO

02/13 SAP BI IP, and HANA BPC Solution Architect

Worked as a Planning and reporting consultant for TAMKO using both SAP IP & BPC tool for planning and BOBJ 4.1 tool for reporting via IPAD.

Created multiple custom Planning Applications, WEBI/Dash boards, and crystal reports for Sales reps to plan their forecasts on weekly basis.

Worked with various regional sales reps and business analysts to define the business requirement and finalized solutions for planning and reporting.

Created various Functional, technical, knowledge transfer (KT), and testing (unit and Integration) documents for planning and reporting.

Helped the training team in creating training documents and supported the power and end user’s during the training execution.

Brought data from SAP ECC HANA models to BI for planning and reporting in these functional areas COPA, Billing, and Inventory.

Helped Tamko’s SAP-BI, security, and basis team with BI 7.1 and BOBJ issues and educated them on new planning and reporting security design.

Created custom planning area, levels, functions, formulas, cubes, DSO, transformations, star and end-routines and exit BAPI to bring the data into BI-IP for end users to plan.

Used BOBJ dashboard and WAD (Web application designer) to create numerous user interfaces for planning users to plan and view reports via IPAD-GOOD browsers.


08/12 SAP BI-IP/BPC Solution Lead

Worked as a BI-IP Consultant and managed BI and ABAP team resource for IP Developments.

Designed and developed solutions for BU’s HCM and FM planning using SAP-IP Tool.

Created a funds management planning application for University’s annual and quarterly budget planning.

Created two custom planning applications for HCM (HR) planning: Position Request and Position move for BU’s annual and Quarterly planning.

Created various reports using BEx tools and WAD designers in FI/FM and HCM areas.

Created custom planning area, levels, functions, cubes, DSO, transformations to bring the data into BI-IP for end users to plan.

Used FM retraction and worked with ABAP team to create custom retraction for HCM to post the data into ECC tables (9100 and 1018) from BI via BI-IP queries.

Created and configured various complex planning functions, (Fox formula, Copy, Delete, repost, revaluation and distribution functions) for BU’s budget planning

Used WAD to create numerous user interfaces for planning users to plan via portal.

Created numerous Functional / technical specs for new developments.

Managed employees and consultants who worked for me to develop solutions for BU using IP tool.

Give guidance to the BI team and ABAP team on how to create custom solutions that will satisfy BU’s planning needs.

04/10 to MIT LL / DOD

05/12 SAP BI, IP, & BO Planning & Reporting Lead

Created various dashboards, reports using business object tool.

Created custom planning area, levels, functions, cubes, DSO, transformations to bring the data into BI-IP for end users to plan.

Created pilot reports and dashboards using Business Object Universe, Web intelligence, Voyager, crystal reports and Xcelsius tools for MIT-DOD requirements.

Created various reports using AO tools and WAD designers in FM and PS areas to support reporting and planning.

Created numerous technical specs for new developments and enhancing the existing solutions for DOD and MIT.

Managed basis team with BI 7.0 & 7.1 upgrades and support pack upgrades for BI, BO and IP.

Given guidance to the BI team on how to fix some of the production issues with DSO and cubes for data extraction.

Created multiple custom Integrated Planning Applications for Department of Defense –MIT.

Created a funds management planning application for anticipated funding from US congress.

Managed resources from BI, IP, VB, and BO team. I assigned tasks to these resources on weekly basis.

Created various dashboards and reports using business object tool.

Managed and helped basis team with BI 7 & 7.1 upgrades and support pack upgrades for BI, BO and IP.

I was part of Business Object 4.0 pilot project using Business Object’s Information design tool, Dashboards, and crystal reports tools for reporting.

06/09 to PEPSICO

03/10 SAP BI & BPC Consultant

Enhanced various BPC applications for SG & A and Project systems.

Created custom BPC Applications for Global assumption and Cost center.

Educated junior level associates and contractors on how to create BPC application using Planning areas, levels, functions, Fox formulas, web interfaces and custom layouts.

Supported users on a daily basis with their SG&A and Project System planning applications.

Give guidance to the BW team on how to create some of the custom DSO and cubes for data extraction from external systems.

Created various process chains to automate the daily and monthly data loads.

Create a custom DSO and Cube to load yearly plan data for AOP and Forecast.

Created a Training documents for Open Model Annual Operating plan and forecast Plan.

Created numerous technical specs for new developments and enhancing the existing solutions.


06/09 SAP BI & IP Consultant (AFS Implementation)

Configured and created custom IP Applications for Luxottica Planning in the following areas: Model Stock Release and Markdown Planning.

Give guidance to the offshore team on how to create some of the Retraction process from BI- to ECC for Model Stock planning and Markdown planning.

Created numerous technical specs for Models stock reports, Markdown planning, and Allocation strategy.

Worked with Legacy teams on how to bring the data from Current planning system (Market Max) to BI for future planning as well as to retract the data back to ECC.

Created custom solutions to stage a large volume of data in BI from Lux’s Legacy systems.

Created various BI-reports for Allocations Strategy. Used query results and retracted to ECC for Allocation planning.

Created various web templates for planning users to plan and to display their data via web portal.

Used process chain to load data into BI and as well as to retract to ECC.

Created custom FOX formulas, Class programs (Exit) and Start routines to support planning applications.

Trained the users on how to use the planning tools as well as on how to execute the Reports


08/08 SAP BI & IP Consultant

Configured and created custom IP Applications for CCE weekly Key account and Sales center planning.

Created various Sales planning layouts for business user to enter data for their business units.

Created various Input enabled BEx reports for Key Account IP planning.

Created IP Pricing planning solution to integrate between CRM and TPM areas.

Worked with Vistex team to integrate pricing model for IP planning and designed a target to hold various price from ECC and Vistex.

Customized and created various IP planning functions for Key accounts planning using both FOX codes and ABAP codes (An ABAP resource provided by the client).

Created six new custom Cubes / ODS, update rules, transfer rules, data sources, and info-packs for Key account and sales center planning.

Created various Web layouts for IP planners to (enter / change) data.

Created custom info-objects, (Char, key figures, and Hierarchies) to load data from External systems and loaded data via process chains.


04/08 SAP HR BI, BPS & IP Architect / Team Lead

Installed and activated SAP BI HR Contents for Benefits, Benchmark, Org Management (OM), Personal Development (PD), and Compensations (ESS).

The Contents includes Cubes, DSO, Queries, Data sources, workbooks, roles, Update rules, transformations, and routines.

Created an Integrated planning application for General Administration (Travel management). Application collects employee travel details, expense details and to request an approval process via portal.

Created Portal links, IView’s, and tabs for users to access their HR BI reports via internet and NW Portals.

Created various custom (Web / BEx) reports in the areas of PA, PD, OM, Benefits, and Time Managements: - (Turn over, Life Insurance, demographic, open positions, input time, and staff assignments).

Created BI training manuals for HR and SCM reports; conducted few training session with user on how to execute and navigate the reports through the NW Portal.

Enhanced and customized existing SAP HR BI reports based user’s requests and client specific needs.

Created and Installed Security profiles and report roles for end users to access their reports with proper authorizations.


01/08 SAP IP, BPS & BI Architect / Manager

Managed, designed, developed, and implemented the BW and SEM system for ASICS.

Used integrated planning tool to create Sales Budget and Quota plan layouts. Used FOX and other SAP delivered functions to populate and calculate the data.

Created various custom AFS data source from R/3 in the areas of Contracts and Sales.

Used standard and created custom front-end and backend solutions for the client in the areas of BW (FI AR, AP, SD, Billing, Delivery, Purchasing, and inventory).

Created various Web layouts, Web reports, and BEx workbooks for AFS end users.

Conducted training sessions for end users and super users in BW reports and integrated planning applications.

Managed four consultants and two client’s employees and assign them tasks on weekly basis.

Configured and created web-broadcasting capabilities to send the BW Web reports to the inbox of company’s CEO, controller, Sales managers, and Finance Managers.

Created various security profiles under the latest BI7.0 design model and trained client’s security personal on how to create and set up security profiles and Role Menus for BW & SEM users.

Designed and developed various Transactional Info-Cubes and Web reports in SEM and BW systems for AFS requirements.

Upgraded BI system from 3.5 to 7.0 with basis support.

Created and automated the BW & SEM daily production network with Process Chains.

Developed BW and SEM technical and Functional design and documentation about BW data structures, ODS, cubes, queries, extractors, reports, and planning functions.

05/05 to US ARMY

02/07 SAP SEM & BI-HR Architect / Solution Lead

Configured and created a custom Special Ledger data target and DSO for Army’s LMP Reporting Units by using data from FI and CO area.

Created a new BEx report from Special Ledger target for Army’s Top officials.

I worked as a member of the Business Object pilot program that interfaced with BI-based platform.

Implemented HR data targets for CATS time reporting from external data and from R/3 custom table views from PA0000 and PA00001 info-types.

Created various new BEx reports for FI/CO areas and conducted end user training on new reports as well as existing reports.

Worked on Budget Stratification planning using SEM BPS.

Created various new functionalities for capital planning and capital investments for the Army’s new LMP division.

Enhanced the existing SEM–BW reports with new functionalities, layouts, BEx templates and other features.

Created new HR Mini Master View from PA0001 table to calculate the end-strengths of Army’s personals.

Re-designed and developed Purchasing reports and cubes with enhanced performance.

Educated the Army officials on the impacts of using Business Objects tool for their current reporting requirements and for the future deployments.

I have given various training to my team colleagues on how to create reports using BEx and WEB, how to transports objects from environments to another, and how to enhance the extractors in R/3 and BW.

Worked on PQR based on the priority levels.

Enhanced and created various planning areas, planning levels, planning packages, planning functions, and planning sequence for BPS in the financial areas of Army’s operations.

SAP BW Upgrade:

Created various documents for systems upgrades and for the support pack upgrades.

Involved in all areas of technical upgrade of BW 3.5 system.

Created various testing scripts for the upgrades.

Conducted various testing during pre-and post-upgrade.

Educated the R/3, APO, BW, and SEM teams on what to look for during the upgrade and how to go about and conduct the integration testing.


05/05 SAP SEM & BW BPS Architect / Reporting Lead

Created various test plans for General Administration, Capital, and Business planner for Custom SEM Planning Application’s validations.

Enhanced the existing SEM–BW reports with new functionalities and features for the users.

Designed and developed numerous Web reports from SEM-BW system as requested by the business users.

Educated the client on the impact of support pack upgrade and the necessary steps before and after to complete the upgrade of SEM system.

Productionized all the SAP planning and reporting enhancements in a timely manner.

Validated and fixed existing Complex FOX formulas to run efficiently.

Worked on Defect resolutions based on the priority levels.

Supported numerous planning cubes for financial planning using BPS.

Worked with business and Basis team to upgrade the patches in BW and SEM system.

Supported various planning areas, planning levels, planning packages, planning functions, and planning sequence for BPS.


12/04 SAP SEM Architect / Team Lead

Solely responsible for all the (SEM) Business Planning design and developments for McCormick.

Under the corporate cost plan model, I developed six SEM applications for their sales and distribution area.

Designed and developed functional design specs and technical design specs for BPS (Business Planning Solutions).

Created Standard and Multi Planning Areas with multiple planning levels, planning folders, planning functions, planning layouts to enable the planning.

Created Planning Folders and Web Interface for users to have easy access to do their planning.

Productionized all the SEM objects in the timely manner (using transport connections).

Trained Mangers, Senior VP’s and Area Brokers on how to plan forecast for the future using SEM BPS Tool.

Created Functional exits for variables and for Security authorization access.

Introduced a new SAP tool (Business Server Page) to McCormick business unit for their web data collection designs.

Managed the BSP (Business Server Page) development teams that reside on-site and offshore.

Created various planning cubes (Transactional) for BPS and BSP application in the Sales and distribution arena.

Helped the BSP development team with prototypes and other necessary tools to complete the developments on time with given budget.

Created various planning areas, planning levels, planning packages, planning functions, and planning sequence for BPS.

Trained McCormick employees on how to create and execute SEM BPS/BSP applications.

Conducted requirement-gathering sessions with McCormick business users for SEM.

Created a small Scorecard prototype for HR team with their employee head count data.


01/04 SAP SEM Consultant / BW Report Specialists

Endeavors: Contributed to successful completions of TPM, SEM BPS, MC, & BCS implementations in a global Food Service environment that closely monitored by FDA. Created numerous standards for naming convention, unit test, and data validation. Conducted various stress and integration tests in SEM BW. Developed custom objects based on client’s requirements in SEM BW environments.


Worked with business folks and functional counter-parts to gather requirements for Business Planning Solutions, Balance scorecard, and Management Cockpit.

Created various technical design specs for Balance sheet, Special Ledgers, COPA, P&L, CCA Actual, SGA, and Information resources.

Created (Management Cockpit): Corp Strategic Scorecard Values Info-cube and ODS.

Identified and informed the Business folks about possible data sources for SEM and BW.

Created few Multi-providers between Special Ledger, SGA, P&L, and Balance Sheet info-cubes.

Modeled and prototyped planning areas, planning levels, packages, and functions for custom Information Resource (IRI transactional cube)

Responsible for capturing actual vs estimated projected time for each BW-SEM development object in scope for project management team.

Extracted data from external system, load flat files into the basic cubes, converted basic cubes into transactional cubes to allow SEM Planning functions.

Created custom cubes and ODS for Balance sheet, COPA, Special ledgers, SG&A, and Information resources.

Assisted project manager in creating entire project plan for Wave 1 and Wave 2 implementation using MS-Project.

Accountable for activating SEM related business contents for BW.

Created various technical specifications for integration between BW and SEM.

Created few planning areas and queries for Business Planning Solutions-BPS cubes, Balance Score card-BSC cubes, and Management Cockpit-MC cubes.


03/03 SAP BW Architect / Specialists / Lead

Clients: DuPont Dow Elastomers, Imaging Technologies, Engineering Polymers, & Agricultural Products.

Tasks: Design, development, production support, data extraction and end-user training

System: SAP Business Warehouse 3.0B, 2.0B, and 1.2B.

SEM-BW and APO Integration:

Identified and informed the Business about possible data sources for SEM and BW.

Instructed and established connection between SEM, APO, and BW.

Created technical specifications for integration between BW and SEM.

Development Support BW 3.0 B

Designed and developed Info-Cubes and reports in BW systems. Automated the BW daily production network with SAP events and event chains.

Developed and presented training materials for the BW team.

Enhance the SAP functionality by the request of business and by user community.

SAP BW 3.0B Upgrade

Analyzed all the extract programs to run efficiently.

Effectively manipulated the indexes and buffering on the dimensions to improve the Load Performance.

Automated the loading process.

Activate the standard Business Contents.

BW Configuration

BW Configuration – Created all BW Objects from design specifications including SAP R/3 dependencies and integration with SAP APO.

Performed testing, data quality analysis, defect resolutions, and production support activities.

Configured various LIS structures to have delta capabilities with V3 updates.


06/00 SAP IT Analyst

Accomplishments: Contributed to four successful completions of SAP R/3 4.0B implementations in a global pharmaceutical environment that closely monitored with FDA for hundred percent documentations.

Validated the SAP R/3 software configurations and landscapes using ASAP Methodology. Conducted various stress and integration tests by using Mercury Interactive testing tools. Developed applications using R/3 4.0B, ABAP/4 and Oracle database under Windows NT and HP UNIX environments.

Analyzed and developed numerous customized reports and interfaces in HR (Human Resources), SD (Sales Distribution), MM (Material Management), FI (Financial Accounting), and WM (Warehouse Management).

Used profile generator to create security profiles and validated the proper access for the users.

Specialized in developing various SAP Script layout sets in SD, MM, HR, PP, FI and QM (Quality Management).

Used LSM (Legacy System Migration Workbench) to create data loads and conversions in all modules.

Enhanced and modified few HR info-types using CI-Includes (Table Enhancements) and sub-screens.

Developed Function-modules and Tables to convert Currency and measurement for European accounts

Created dictionary objects like tables, data elements, and domains.

Developed customized HR reports. Utilized the HR report classes to minimize development time and standardized the look and feel of the Selection screens.


Attended various SAP Educational Conferences & Courses.

Received SAP BI HANA, S/4 AHAN, BW4HANA, VORA, DS, IOT, and BPC training

BW and Portals 2010& 2003 and SAP R/3 Tech Ed 2011& 1999, SEM 210, SEM Boot Camp 04, BI-IP370 and Business object training in 2010.

Attended these SAP R/3 & BI (V4.0B/ 4.6C) (BW), HR050, HR350, HR310, BC420, BC430, BC460, BW220, BW370, TABW90, LO630, LO930, LO940, LO555, D40AW and ABAP/4 classes.

SAP SEM, BPC Planning & Consolidation training.

Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Minor in Computer Science), Rutgers University

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