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Power Plant Mechanical Engineer

Cagayan de Oro, 9000, Philippines
January 22, 2019

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CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: *



Qualification : Mechanical engineering degree (B.S.M.E.) holder and more than twenty-five (25) years experienced on power plant-related (Coal- Fired, Combined Cycle & Bio-mass) jobs that include Commissioning, Operations, Plant’s Engineering & Design Preparations & Review, P&ID’s (and Process Flow Scheme or PFS) and piping isometric drawings review and actual installation checking/verifications. Well versed on power plant’s operational sequencing and interpretation of various plant’s system logic diagrams. Have the ability to develop equipment commissioning, testing and documentations (e.g. comm. procedure, commissioning/pre-comm. Checksheets, job risk assessment & etc.) and prepare power plant equipment for operation testing and optimization. Also, have the ability to develop tasks HSE requirements documentation, e.g. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Job Risk Assessment and system boundary isolation procedure.

Familiar on ‘Microsoft Office’ applications, e.g. WORD, EXCEL and MICROSOFT PROJECT. Also have a wide understanding and/or interpretation of various plant’s engineering & design that includes basically on AUTOCAD and other plant design management system. Educational Attainment : Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (B. S. M. E.) Graduate – Phil. Professional Regulation Commission Certified

(PRC Reg. No.: 0020657).

Address (Philippines) : J. Gabor St., Zone 1, Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental

9000 Philippines

Tel. Nos. (Philippines):

Mobile : +63-915-******* or +63-947-*******

E-mail Address :

CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 2


1. Philippine Board of Mechanical Engineering Certificate – Licensed Mechanical Engineer

(Professional Regulation Commission Registration No.: 020657). 2. Reliability Centered Maintenance 2 (RCM-2) Training Certificate – (ALADON, 11-13 Jan.


3. Basic Offshore Safety And Emergency Training (BOSET) – Cert. No.: B/4245-11611. 4. Fire Fighting and Emergency Training (SEATAG Offshore Vietnam) – Cert. No.: 206********.

5. Institut Teknologi Petroleum Petronas (INSTEP) ‘Assessor/Verifier Training-MLVK’. 6. Lubrication and Equipment Conservation Seminar (Caltex Phils. Inc.). WORK EXPERIENCES


2X335MW Masinloc Coal-Fired Power (Super-Critical T O : June 2017 Steam Generator)

Masinloc Power Partners Co. Ltd.-AES

Barangay Bani, Masinloc, Zambales


Responsibilities include the following tasks:

● Review engineering and technical documentations for the construction of the 2X335MW super-critical steam generator, steam turbine and its auxiliaries.

● Verification of equipment’s standard and quality compliance based on technical specification contract.

● Performed suppliers various standards compliance verification and ensure that all agreed standards, e.g. ASME, ASTM, NACE & etc., were being followed as part of the conditions in the contract.

● Attended various EPC’s engineering documentation’s review.

● Reviewed checksheets prepared for equipment request for inspection prior to initial installation and future start-up.

2. SNR. MECHANICAL ENGINEER – ST & BOP/PIPING FROM : 10 June 2014 2X600MW Thai Binh-2 Coal Fired (Sub-critical Boilers) T O : 30 Sep 2015 Power Plant

WorleyParsons Ltd., PVN-PVC Thai Binh-2 Power Plant Project Thai Binh, Vietnam

Representing owner’s EPC during construction & installation of the 2X600MW Coal-Fired

(Sub-critical Boiler) Power Plant. Performed the following tasks as a ‘ST, Auxiliaries & BOP Mechanical Engineer’:

● Reviewed mechanical documents relevant to materials supply for ST, Auxiliaries and major Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment. Acceptance criteria been based on B31 (31.1 & 31.3) & ASTM standards, as required.

● Reviewed engineering and vendor’s documents related to BOP-Piping and Steam Turbines.

CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 3

● Reviewed Positive Material Identification (PMI) procedure submitted by the supplier and ensure that follows as what has been agreed, as per contract. This activity was performed using B31 (31.1 & 31.3) & ASTM standard, as guide for acceptance criteria.

● Conducted actual review of procedures and actual checking of activities related to various testing of materials & equipment. This activity has been done by following the related provision in ASME BPVC Sect. V (NDE) standard.

● Performed various documents checking and actual supervision of activities related to plant’s pressure vessel in which all conditions followed provisions mentioned in ASME BPVC Sect VIII Div 1 (Rules for the Construction of Pressure Vessels).

● Performed various checksheet’s development.

3. SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER (MECHANICAL) FROM : 03 Sept. 2012 Worley Parsons - Singapore T O : 30 April 2014

Tembusu Bio-Mass-Coal Co-firing (BMCC) COGEN Plant 164MW ST’s, 3X450T/Hr. CFB Boilers &

3X200T/hr. Back-up Boilers

Tembusu Ave., Jurong Island


Representing the owner during initial engineering & design documentations review and succeeding commissioning & testing of the BioMass Coal Co-firing (BMCC) Cogeneration plant.

Performed the following tasks as a ‘Senior Project Engineer (Mechanical)’:

● Reviewed and commented initial design documentations, e.g. P&ID’s, Piping isometric drawings and operational logic diagrams.

Piping design documentation reviews have been conducted based on B31.1 (Power Piping) & B31.3 (Process Piping) standards. Testings have been conducted following ASME’s Performance Test Codes: PTC-4 for Fired-Boiler, PTC-6 for ST and PTC-46 Overall Plant Performance Test Code).

● Conducted equipment’s mechanical walkdown for verification before further testing. Developed punchlist and non-conformance reports.

● Attended and verified equipment’s operational function tests. Monitored equipment’s actual operation and verify normal operational sequencing as reflected in logic diagrams.

● Monitored pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of 1 X 100MW MHI condensing ST, 2 X 32MW Back-pressure MHI ST’s, 3X450 T/Hr. Foster Wheeler Designed CFB Boiler’s and 3 X 200 T/Hr. Ansaldo Back-up Boilers.

● Conducted analysis of actual plant’s ‘Heat & Mass Balance’ to verify whether it follows as what has been agreed in the contract.

Monitored results of ‘Net Plant Heat Rate’ and ‘Boiler’s Fuel Rate’ for plant’s efficiency calculation.

● Monitored plant equipment reliability run tests and verified that all operational sequencings follow as what is specified in the agreed procedure, incorporated in the workpacks.

4. MECHANICAL ENGINEER (DESIGN & PERF. TESTS ENGR.) 690MW-CIREBON ELECTRIC POWER PLANT FROM : 08 July 2011 Coal-Fired Supercritical Steam Gen. T O : 31 Aug. 2012 CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 4

Cirebon Electric Power Co. Ltd.

Cirebon, Central Java,


Conducted plant’s engineering & design documentation’s (P&ID’s, PFS, Piping Isometric Drawings and Control Logic Diagrams) review. Incorporate all comments for incorporation in succeeding document’s revision.

Additional tasks and responsibilities include the following:

● Performed initial plant system walkdown for piping & equipment installation. Developed non-conformance report (NCR) when equipment installation & operation diverted from what has been agreed as per contract. Engineering & design documentations review and previous comments were considered as priority reference.

● Verified that all piping & equipment installations standard follow as mentioned in the material take-off (MTO) and equipment lay-out plan.

● Conducted analysis of actual plant’s ‘Heat & Mass Balance’ to verify whether it follows of what has been agreed in the contract.

Monitored results of ‘Net Plant Heat Rate’ and ‘Boiler’s Fuel Rate’ for plant’s efficiency calculation.

● As owner’s engineer, I was involved in monitoring the testing and commissioning of main boiler, steam turbine and auxiliaries. Verified equipment operational tests to make sure that it follows safe sequence and arrive to conditions that have been described in ACCEPTABLE CRITERIA section of the commissioning workpacks. Monitored operation parameters during equipment test runs to make sure that it follows normal operating values.

● Performed actual operation tests of all auxiliaries and verified normal operational sequencing as reflected in logic diagrams. Testings have been conducted following ASME’s PTC-46 (Overall Plant Performance Test Code). 5. MECHANICAL COMMISSIONING TECH. ADVISOR FROM : 15 Jan. 2010 POWER INDUSTRIES CONSULTANT (PIC) T O : 06 Oct. 2010 Sapphire Elect. Company Ltd.-

Muridke 234MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

Sheikhupura, Punjab Province


As member of owner’s engineer team, my functions and responsibilities are as follows:

● Reviewed supplier’s design documentations other testing/commissioning procedures before initiating testing and operations.

● Serve as intermediary between owner and supplier to arrive for effective solutions for any problems that may arise during installation and testing stages.

● Managed and oversee O&M personnel group in conducting conditioning and/or corrective maintenance of power plant equipment during or before testing.

● Conducted ‘Plant Optimization Study’ during ‘Reliability Run’ of the plant. This task was conducted to identify plant’s minimum capability as defined in the Power Purchased Agreement (or PPA).

● Monitored overall plant equipment performance during testing and applied

‘Performance Test Code (PTC)-46 standard.

● Performed and Monitored daily commissioning activities and schedule.

● Performed preparation works for the scheduled daily commissioning tasks. CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 5

● Prepared pre-commissioning/commissioning procedures and safety requirements

(incl. HSE’s Risk Assessment).


Ground Floor, Wisma Academy

Jalan 19/1, 46300 PJ

Selangor, Malaysia

As member of EPC team for the construction of the above plants, from the designing stage to ‘Reliability Run’ completion, my responsibilities are as follows:

● Developed equipment arrangement and location plan for a Bio-Mass Power Plant.

● Prepared piping routing for various equipment of proposed ‘Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) Power Plant Project’.

● Developed detailed piping ‘general isometric drawing’ and ‘material take-off’ of the following system:

Main Steam System

Circulating Water System including pumps and pipe fittings

Aux. Cooling Water System (including pumps)

Demineralized Water System

Compressed Air System (including compressors & pipe fittings)

Service Water, and

Extraction Steam System.

● Commissioned and tested various Major and Balance of Plant equipment, i.e. steam turbine, boiler, circulating water pump, auxiliary water pump and etc., and monitored overall plant performance by following PTC-46 standard, as required by the client.

● Developed commissioning schedule and documentations (i.e. commissioning procedures, request for inspections & JSA’s) for plant’s pre-comm. and commissioning activities.

● Reviewed contractor’s ‘commissioning method statements’ and ‘job safety analysis

(JSA or RA)’, in preparation for future equipment commissioning activities.

● Developed equipment arrangement and location plan for a Bio-Mass Power Plant. 7. MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE ENGR. FROM : 07 Sept. 2005 Phu My-3 BOT Power Company Ltd. T O : 31 Dec. 2006 720 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Phu My 1 Industrial Park

Phu My, Tan Thanh District

Ba Ria Vung Tau Province


● Prepared minor & major inspections maintenance schedules for Siemens’ Steam Turbine, V94.3A Gas Turbine, Boilers and auxiliary equipment (including BOP). Incorporated all updated maintenance records to CMMS (ENGICA). Monitored present and future maintenance activities schedule on the CMMS.

● Prepared equipment maintenance activities plan and monitored daily and future maintenance activities of major equipment (i.e. Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines and etc.) under ‘Long Term Maintenance Contract’ (LTMC) with the equipment supplier. CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 6

● Prepared and developed various ‘Job Safety Analysis (JSA)’ and ‘work scope’ to satisfy HSE requirements before job initiate.

● Dealing with EPC on warranty issues of plant’s equipment.

● Prepare maintenance, inspection and overhauling plans and schedules.

● Prepare training programs for maintenance technicians and other maintenance personnel.

● Monitored validities of all plant equipment inspection certificates. 8. TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION/REPORTING ENGINEER FROM : 5 May 2005 210-MW Mindanao Coal-Fired Power Plant T O : 31 Aug. 2005 PHIVIDEC Industrial Area

Villanueva, Misamis Oriental


● Reviewed various supplier/contractors equipment engineering design documentations, e.g. P&ID’s, Piping Isometric Drawings & Material Take-off and various operational logic diagrams.

● Monitored progress of equipment installation, liaise with contractors if discrepancies between actual installation and approved design has been observed.

● Prepared documentation and project status for PHIVIDEC (Phil. Veterans & Dev. Corporation) and National Power Corporation requirement. 9. STEAM TURBINE-GEN. WARRANTY ENGINEER FROM : 18 Dec. 2004 Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) T O : 15 March 2005

Pha-Lai II 2 X 300MW Coal-Fired Power Plant

Pha-Lai, Che Linh District,


● Reviewed steam turbine & auxiliaries P&ID’s and equipment sub-system arrangement. Initiate turbine’s & auxiliaries sub-system installation changes and operational sequencing, as requested by the owner and pre-approved by GE.

● Performed warranty period and outage maintenance activities of two ‘GE Steam Turbines’ (270T422 & 270T423) and auxiliaries.

● Maintained updated inventory of turbine’s spares (surplus & outage spares), special and conventional tools.

● Monitored outstanding ‘Warranty Claim Form’ submitted by the owner and initiate investigation for consideration on warranty claim status. Performed on-site maintenance activities to reach closure status of all warranty claim submitted by the owner.

● Prepared ‘Warranty Claim Reports’ (WCR’s) for steam turbine and auxiliaries spare parts, under warranty agreement with the owner and finalised copy for submission to GE after confirmation of part’s warranty qualification. Liaise with GE Asian Office to acquire personnel support if necessary, to facilitate on-load and off-load maintenance activities of GE steam turbines.

CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 7



EJ Joint Venture Sdn. Bhd. T O : 15 Dec. 2004

B-9-3 & B-9-4, Megan Phileo Promenade

No. 189 Jalan Tun Razak

50400 Kuala Lumpur


● Commissioned train 4 ‘Solar Gas Turbine’, corresponding ‘Gas Compressor’, auxiliaries and other mechanical rotating equipment (i.e., pumps & air compressors) of Duyong Platform (West Natuna).

The project has been executed under ‘West Natuna Phase II’ expansion program of Petronas-Malaysia.

● Prepared mechanical rotating/static equipment design verification and commissioning procedures for West Natuna Phase II project. Also, developed jobcard and checksheets for commissioning preparation as one of the documentation requirements for workpack preparation.

● Prepared Bintulu Filling Plant LPG Metering System Mechanical Activities List for tendering purposes.

● Prepared tender documentation for BSTAB Rejuvenation Project. Estimated man- hour requirements of all mechanical/piping related jobs. 11. SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER (Consultant) FROM : Aug., 1999 General Physics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. T O : Sept. 4, 2003

(Petronas Gas Berhad - Centralised Utility

Facilities, CUF Project)

Kerteh and Gebeng



● Developed operation, maintenance and OJT manuals for the whole Petronas Gas Berhad ‘Centralised Utility Facilities’ (CUF at Kerteh, Terengganu and Gebeng, Pahang) w/ 3 X 38MW and 6 X 38MW Frame 6 GEC Alsthom Gas Turbines respectively, operating as COGEN plant (future conversion to combine cycle).

● Conducted advance training for ‘Power Block’ operators and engineers for preparation of the CUF’s operation.

● Conducted site verification of all manufacture’s manuals, P&ID’s and operation functional logic diagrams which are requested by TJSB (CUF’s OEM Contractor) in preparation for equipment commissioning and future operation. 12. SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER (Consultant) FROM : 26 February 1994

General Physics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. T O : 04 Sept. 2003 B2-2 Bangunan SPPK, 46 Jalan Dungun

Damansara Heights

50490 Kuala Lumpur

POWER PLANT TRAINING RELATED WORK (Dependent on client’s job request) CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 8

Conducted Fundamentals of Power Plant Training for OEM personnel at the following power plant in Indonesia and Malaysia :

a) PAITON Power Plant (Siemens Steam Turbine, coal-fired heat generating units - conventional power plant), Paiton, Indonesia - From: 12 October 1998 To:

06 November 1998.

Courses conducted :

i. Steam Turbine Generators.

ii. Heat Transfer Equipment

iii. Fuels and Combustion

iv. Fluid Movers

v. Lubrication

vi. Basic Maintenance Fundamentals

b) Lumut Combined Cycle Power Plant (6 X 143MW - 13E2 ABB Gas Turbine and 2 X 248MW ABB Steam Turbine), Malaysia - From: 10 July 1995 To: 28 July 1995.

Courses conducted :

i. Introduction to Gas Turbine Generators.

ii. Heat Transfer Equipment

iii. Fluid Movers

iv. Mechanical Power Transmission

v. Lubrication

vi. Piping Components

vii. Basic Maintenance Fundamentals.

c) Kuala Langat Combined Cycle Power Station (3 X 143MW - 13E2 ABB Gas Turbine and 1 X 248MW ABB Steam Turbine), Malaysia - From: 09 Sept. 1996 To: 20 Sept. 1996.

Courses conducted :

i. Introduction to Gas Turbine Generators.

ii. Heat Transfer Equipment

iii. Fluid Movers

iv. Mechanical Power Transmission

v. Lubrication.

d) Sengkang Combined Cycle Power Plant (2 X 45MW - GT8C ABB Gas Turbine and 1 X 45MW ABB Steam Turbine), Indonesia - From: 14 April 1997 To: 02 May 1997.

Courses conducted :

i. Introduction to Gas Turbine Generators.

ii. Reading Flow Diagrams

iii. Heat Transfer Equipment

iv. Fluid Movers

v. Mechanical Power Transmission

vi. Lubrication

vii. Basic Maintenance Fundamentals.

13. SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER FROM : Oct. 1, 1995 General Physics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. / T O : August, 1999 TNB-SJSSAA Coal-Fired Power Station

(2 X 500MW) - Phase 3

42209 Kapar, Selangor



CV – Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 9

● Reviewed suppliers O&M manuals and developed necessary changes to suit operational & maintenance requirements of 2 X 500MW Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Coal-Fired Power Station - Phase 3 Power Plant.

● Prepared and update outstanding and present P&ID’s, validate equipment’s set-up, operation and controls (based on manufacturer’s logic diagrams) and valve line-up which are pre-requisites for manual preparation.

14. SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER FROM : Sept. 20, 1995 General Physics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. / T O : Sept. 30, 1996 ABB O&M - Kuala Langat CCPP

Kuala Langat Combined Cycle Power Station

Daerah Kuala Langat

42700 Banting, Malaysia


● Developed Preventive Maintenance schedule and prepared Maintenance Procedures for Kuala Langat Power Station’s (KLPS) - 677 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (3 X 143MW - 13E2 ABB Gas Turbine and 1X 248MW - ABB Steam Turbine) main units and auxiliaries.

● On-site verification of installed equipment’s technical data, valves, controllers and other instrument arrangement and set-up, compared to manufacturer’s supplied technical information.

15. SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER FROM : Feb. 26, 1994 General Physics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. / T O : Sept. 19, 1995 TNB - Connaught Bridge Combined Cycle Power Station 41990 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan



Developed outstanding plant P&ID’s, equipment’s arrangement diagram and preparation/site validation of operation manuals for Connaught Bridge Power Station

(CBPS) 325MW - Combined Cycle Power Plant (2 X 110MW - Siemens KWU V94.2 Gas Turbines and 1 X 105MW - Parsons Steam Turbine). The project was executed under the TNB expansion contract.

Other relevant information

Name (as in Passport) : NADUMA ZALDY BELTRAN

Citizenship : Filipino

Highest Educational Achievement : Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

(B.S.M.E.) – Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Certified

Zaldy B. Naduma Page No.: 10

S e x : Male H e i g h t : 165 cms. W e I g h t : 69 Kgs. Religion : Roman Catholic

Civil Status : Married (with 2 children)

Current Location : Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines Nearest Airport : Laguindingan International Airport (LIA), Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Point of Origin : Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND





1. Elementary 1964-1970 Graduated

2. High School 1970-1974 Graduated

3. College 1974-1979 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

(Graduated & Licensed Mech. Engineer)


1. National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) - Passed 2. Civil Service Examination (Professional Level) - Passed 3. Mechanical Engineer’s Board Examination - Passed CERTIFIED CORRECT :

Zaldy B. Naduma

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