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GIS/Imagery/Geospatial Analyst

Richmond, Virginia, United States
August 03, 2017

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Ruther Glen, Virginia *****

Cell Phone: 347-***-****



Over 10 years of experience working in the Geospatial/Intelligence Community both in the United States Army and as a contractor, working for various DOD contractor organizations, with current Public Trust Clearance. Received Master’s Degree in Geospatial Information Systems this year. In addition, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and have Law Enforcement Experience firsthand, as a former New York City Police Officer. Expertise and experience include working with MASINT, Electro-Optical (EO), Spectral, Hyper-Spectral, Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI), Cartography, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Thermal, Geography, GIS and GEOINT data.

Previous experience and duties include working as a Program Manager for both MASINT and Imagery Support, an Imagery/MASINT analyst in the United States Army, and experiences as an Intelligence, Imagery, GMTI, MASINT Analyst and a New York City Police Officer.

Master’s Level Training in Geospatial Information Systems: completed ESRI Web

Courses, has updated knowledge of ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, Google Earth, Google Maps, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS Desktop, Arc Globe, Arc Scene, ArcMap, Quantum GIS, Grass GIS Desktop, Bentley View V8i, Arc Tutor, ESRI’s Data Interoperability Extension, Safe Software FME, Adobe suite, AutoCAD and other geospatial programs.

Extensive knowledge in creating and working with shape-files, file geo-databases (FGDB), Spatial Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes, KML, KMZ,CSV’s, JPEG, Geo-TIFF, TIN, DEM and other Vector, Raster and Grid file formats.

Updated experience and knowledge of working with interoperable, intelligent, scalable internet GIServices to build functioning Geospatial cyber infrastructures. To include deploying both open source and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

Experience and knowledge of GIS implementation to create a system architecture design to include measuring capacity planning, workflow analysis, peak user requirements, system performance parameters, network performance and preliminary platform and sizing utilization.

Expertise in preparing source material for digitizing, attribution, and extraction of vectors from stereo imagery, raster or elevation data.

Expertise in map reading, digital cartography, imagery processing, geospatial production, GIS, digital data formats and report writing.

Experience in working in a fast paced multi-discipline production environment as a direct contributor providing imagery and map support.

Proficient in analysis of and creation of comprehensive intelligence reports from MASINT derived products.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) on all aspects of theater sensors from type, to sensor limitations in relation to Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS).

Proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office Programs. Ability to manipulate HTML files to help create web-based pages and publish web pages.

Strong all-source intelligence experience in creating assessments.

Experienced in Collection, Reporting, and Dissemination of Intelligence products.

Extensive knowledge in the use of imagery and entry processes.

Proficient in the use of firearms and police-tactics.

Proficient in IT related processes and functions.


2017 - Currently studying to obtain Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in Cyber Security.

2016 - Master of Geospatial Information Systems (MGIS) American Sentinel University; Aurora, Colorado graduated with 4.0 GPA upon graduation.

2016 - Member of the Golden Key International Honor Society with American Sentinel University.

2012- Bachelors of Science, Excelsior College, Albany, New York, in Criminal Justice with emphasis in Law Enforcement and Public Safety, with 4.0 GPA upon graduation.

2000- Diploma, New York City Police Academy, New York, New York, in Law


1998 - Diploma, U.S. Army Intelligence School, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, in Imagery


1995 - Associate’s Degree, SUNY WCC, Valhalla, N.Y., in Communications



Department of Social Services (DSS) City of Richmond, VA; Capital One Headquarters Henrico, VA; U.S. Parcel Service, Chesterfield, VA - contracts of Allied Universal Security.

Acts as a team member to provide professional security services to the citizens of the City of Richmond; as well as to the employees of DSS and City Hall.

Handles all security related duties for the Capital One Headquarters.

Acts as law enforcement with full authority to act accordingly in emergency situations.

Fully geared and certified in the proper use of force related to handgun, OC spray, handcuffs and other tactical gear to act accordingly in crisis situations.

Maintains high visibility and conducts interior and exterior tours of all premises.

Directs and escorts visitors, contractors and other personnel to designated areas.

Provides medical assistance, first aid and CPR in emergency situations.

Security Site Supervisor for UPS in Chesterfield, VA.

Handles all security related incidents.

Schedules employees for duty assignments and handles all payroll related matters.


U.S. Postal Service, Falls Church, Virginia, Metro North Train Station, Bridgeport, CT, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Corporate Headquarters, Stamford, CT- contracts of ABM Security Services.

Supervises all security personnel and works with U.S. Postal Police on all security matters.

Provides situational awareness to management about perceived or possible threats to the safety of the facility.

Managed and supervised 7 supervisors, and 40 officers at Metro North Train Station.

Provided excellent customer service and protected civilians at MTA Train Station.

Provided plans and recommendations to enhance the overall security of each facility.

Used COTS strategies to enhance security and provide a more comprehensive situational awareness about various work environments that resulted in improved security and response.

Writes incident reports and directs flow of security staff, handles medical emergencies and provides high level of security.

Worked in conjunction with MTA Police, local law enforcement for protection/safety.

Responsible for the safety of approximately 1000 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Corporate employees and VIP’S from other companies.

Synchronizes events with Starwood management and building property management in all security matters, as well assisting emergency service personnel as needed

SECURITY OPERATIONS July 2010 to Nov. 2012

New York, New York/ contracts of SOS Security Incorporated.

Contracted to perform security operations at Stores, De Beers Jewelry, Louis Vuitton,

Lacoste, MTV, Nickelodeon, New York Beer Company, and Bar Basque.

Directed other security and store personnel in loss prevention matters.

Transported high end merchandise to various locations.

Worked in a very fast-paced environment with a high volume of customers.

DATA ANALYST /GMTI ANALYST Oct. 2006 to Dec. 2008

Fairborn, Ohio/ Applied Analysis Inc. – National Air and Space Intelligence Center- Applied Analysis Incorporated.

Analyzed and exploited present and future Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)

Data, performed GMTI Forensic (GMTIF) analysis, and integrated it with GEOINT

Sensor data.

Analyzed and integrated GMTI, EO, SAR, Thermal, Spectral and AGI (Advanced

Geospatial Intelligence) into a final overall comprehensive product to be passed onto

Military commanders to answer their RFI’s (requests for information).

Contributed to enhancing team briefing capabilities while providing actual graphics and map support.

Used GMTI data and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data to create new COTS strategies that could be passed on to U.S. forces in their intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions that would aid situational awareness of the battlefield.

Met with team members and management to make sure all phases of system development and related applications were being produced according to contract obligations.

Worked as part of a fused multi-GEOINT team supporting ongoing missions.

Supported day-to-day operations to include processing, exploiting, and disseminating (PED) of data from multiple sensors including all types of GMTI and other GEOINT as requirements dictated.

Solved related state-of-the-art intelligence problems as well as interfaced and exchanged data and information with other Government Intelligence Agencies.

Accessed multispectral and hyperspectral data cubes from spectral sensors and supported data, processing and analyzing of data to be used in production.

Distributed products by exporting to web pages, databases and/or direct transmission to national users.

Worked on a 24x7 work environment to make sure project deliverables were being satisfied.

Attended lectures, briefs and military Commanders-calls to keep the customer aware of all developments.

INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Oct. 2005 to May 2006

Charlottesville, Virginia/ National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) - Athena Innovative Solutions Incorporated.

Acted as the lead IED analyst to support the Anti-Armor Task Force.

Provided analysis and interpretation to all pertinent data on daily armor incidents to

U.S. Joint Forces.

Produced and disseminated intelligence reports from all-sources.

Consistently researched all relevant databases such as CIDNE, CEXC, WIT and Unit Reports for pertinent data to U.S. armor incidents.

Provided possible trends by insurgents and interpreted possible vulnerabilities to U.S. Armor.

Produced daily power-point presentations and a weekly power-point presentations to be passed on to unit commanders.

Analysis of all phase history data.

Produced detailed spreadsheets and graphs to be used in assessments and reports.

Proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office Programs.

Helped to establish and maintain the Anti-Armor Incident Database (AAIDB).

Converted technical aspects and designs into a functioning repository to be used by the customer.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) in relation to U.S. Armor types and insurgent weapon types.

Attended all daily briefs and conferences with military commanders related to armor, armor incidents and ongoing intelligence operations.

Maintained daily and weekly contact to make sure all project deliverables were met on time and were being satisfied.

Briefed commanders and unit leads on a daily basis.


Charlottesville, Virginia/National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC)-MZM Incorporated.

Managed a large budget in regards to satellite imagery that would be used for ongoing war issues to be passed on to military commanders.

Managed and supported a team of MASINT analysts while also participating as team

Member and Lead MASINT analyst to make sure all project schedules and deliverables were on time and being met.

Provided managerial skills and cost effective methods to support operational requirements.

Contributed and worked to make sure all project deliverables were delivered on time and on budget.

Provided weekly status updates on projects progress, as well as any potential issues that could affect project success or delivery time.

Assigned personnel according to contractual requirements.

Arranged schedules, tasks and assisted in payroll of personnel.

Met daily with client and upper management in regards to strategies, budget, and personnel related issues.

Made recommendations on all project tasks associated with digital cartography, imagery processing, exploitation, GIS, geospatial production techniques and digital data formats.

Provided guidance on proper scanning formats, TIFF, JPEG and CAD.

Developed strategies and plans for program growth and diversification.

Assured all projected deadlines were met in regards to extensive imagery and meta-data entry processes.

Performed software quality analysis to make sure project operated according to anticipated guidelines.

Worked with and provided support to the (FIRES TEAM) Foreign Facilities and Infrastructure and Engineering System team.

Participated in the analysis and review of architectural and engineering images that contained construction of blue prints, specifications, and documentation of facilities along with their infrastructures.

Made recommendations on all key analytical processing elements.

Proficient in data processing applications and MS Windows Office Professional Suite.

Produced products and images monthly to support theater operations.

Provided extensive research methods to be passed onto the war-fighter.

INTELLIGENCE/IMAGERY ANALYST Aug 2004 to Nov. 2005 Washington Navy Yard, District of Columbia/Charlottesville, VA - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) – 3425TH Military Intelligence Detachment –U.S. ARMY Reserve.

Provided imagery support by providing exploitation of radar and EO imagery.

Proficient in the following applications, REMOTEVIEW, ARCVIEW, WARP, SPA,


Assisted in establishing and maintaining systematic, crossed referenced intelligence records and files.

Analysis of intelligence holdings to determine changes in enemy vulnerabilities and probable courses of actions.

Experienced with PIR’s to produce products to satisfy commander’s all-source intelligence requirements.

Performed indication and warning analysis.

Participated in analytical exchanges with Joint, Allied, and Coalition Organizations.

Prepared all-source intelligence products to support the commander.

Strong familiarity with general military intelligence concepts, principles and techniques.

Excellent analytical skills and the ability to multi-task in a time sensitive environment.

Supported operations at NGIC and NGA, provided them with intelligence assessments on ongoing missions.

Analyzed current intelligence holdings to identify gaps and subsequent intelligence collection requirements.

Proficient in the use of Government systems NIPRENET, SIPRENET and JWICS.

MASINT ANALYST Aug 2003 to July 2004

Springfield, Virginia/ U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)/ National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)-Command Technologies Incorporated.

Produced and disseminated timely, MASINT derived products to the U.S. Army, joint

And combined commands and national level agencies in support of operational


Assisted in the preparation of MASINT subject related materials and contributed to

Special intelligence plans, reports, and briefings.

Completed 2CMV’s, CCD’s and DI’s on areas of interest.

Trained with NGIC-IAD (National Ground Intelligence Center – Imagery Assessment Directorate) in order to support a more multi-discipline analytical effort.

Supported INSCOM MASINT tasks.

Supported the MASINT federated intelligence tasks levied on INSCOM’s MSC.

Performed product searches for MASINT analysis that supports the EEI need described by FUSION at INSCOM.

Helped to stand up the Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Cell within the IOC.

Accomplished 80% of the delegated tasks to INSCOM’s MSC in regards to imagery derived MASINT analysis.

Worked against the total target list tasked for exploitation toward the Federated intelligence production effort that was performed at the Washington Navy Yard (WNY).

Provided an all-source overall comprehensive product while sharing research perspectives.

Tasks included creating a working web design, to include web-publishing in order to create all the necessary associated target folders and as well as establishing all necessary links to include phase history data to be incorporated into the creation of the UGS web-page.

Conducted detailed analysis and assured system data deliverables by meeting with IT staff to test and validate system implementation according to contract requirements.

Addressed technical issues involved with sensor capabilities.

Researched current sensor platforms to maintain a broad perspective of operations taking place in Theater.

IMAGERY ANALYST Nov 1997 to Feb 2004

Ft. Dix, New Jersey/ 331ST Military Intelligence (IMINT) TEAM –U.S. ARMY Reserve.

Worked on the Imagery Exploitation Server System (IESS).

Generated national level reporting with IPIR's and SUPIR's.

Exploitation of national level imagery of indication and warning targets.

Knowledgeable of all the vast imagery architecture's and relationship between

National, Theater, and Tactical-level operations.

Extensive knowledge in map reading, tactical identification of vehicles and

Equipment, ground order of battle, imagery and report writing.

MASINT ANALYST Feb 2002 to Dec 2002

Darmstadt, Germany/66TH Military Intelligence Group - U.S. ARMY Reserve.

Team member for the Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) section in direct support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Provided the USAREUR ACE with relevant, timely first phase exploitation and analysis.

Manipulated HTML files to maintain a current national level home-page on Intel-ink

Provided exploitation of radar and EO imagery.

Consistently completed target analysis and reports well ahead of dictated suspense dates.

Completed daily MASINT related projects ahead of dictated suspense dates.

Safeguarded classified information.

Responsible for making decisions, which improved production and impacted the overall mission.

Worked in a 24x7 mission critical environment to pass on deliverables as anticipated to military and joint commands.

Proficient with the use of light-tables, as well as soft copy exploitation and manipulation.

POLICE OFFICER Mar 2000 - Jul 2003

Bronx, New York/46th Precinct and Bronx Task Force - New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Worked as a Police Officer picking up jobs through radio communications while on Patrol.

Worked in the 46 Precinct and worked in a specialized unit (RAZOR) in the Bronx Task Force during an initiative to reduce crime in especially high crime areas throughout the Bronx.

Assisted in special assignments and different community events throughout New York City.

Issued citations, participated in foot and vehicular pursuits on a weekly basis.

Helped the general public by providing assistance and enforcing laws and regulations.

Filled out all appropriate forms and paperwork to aid in the processing of law enforcement activities.

Used the LIVESCAN system to fingerprint and process detainees through the criminal justice system.

Made several arrests per week and processed detainees through the central booking process.

Previewed forensic evidence to build a solid case to present to the district attorney and process the detainee.

Developed a cohesive bond with co-workers and the community in order to provide a general understanding of the activities surrounding law enforcement activities within the community.

Participated in all court related appearances in regards to law enforcement.


Cisco Networking Academy Completed Courses:

06/27/2017 – Introduction to Cyber Security Course.

Completed ESRI Web Courses:

03/05/2016 - Loss Estimation Using the Hazus-MH-2.0 Hurricane Model

02/20/2016 - Organizing Raster Data Using ArcGIS

02/20/2016 - Processing Raster Data Using ArcGIS

02/20/2016 - Getting Started with Hazus-MH 2.0

02/20/2016 - Introduction to the Hazus-MH-2.0 Earthquake Model

02/20/2016 - Introduction to the Hazus-MH-2.0 Hurricane Model

02/05/2016 – 3D Analysis of Surfaces and Features (Using ArcGIS)

02/04/2014 – Introduction to Surface Modeling (Using ArcGIS)

02/03/2016 - Deriving Raster’s FOR Terrain Analysis (Using ArcGIS)

01/05/2016 - Managing Lidar Data using LAS Datasets

01/05/2016 - Managing Lidar Data using Terrain Datasets

12/03/2015 - Python Scripting for Map Automation

11/25/2015 - Python Scripting for Geoprocessing Workflows

11/19/2015 - Python for Everyone

01/28/2015 - Introduction to Surface Modeling Using ArcGIS

06/19/2014 - Controlling Data Translations Using Extract, Transform, and Load Processes

06/12/2014 - Transforming Data Using Load, Extract and Transform Processes

06/05/2014 - Data Transformation with ArcGIS Data Interoperability Spatial ETL Tools

04/30/2014 - Managing Parcel Data Using ArcGIS Desktop 10

04/24/2014 - Introduction to Editing Parcels (Using ArcGIS Desktop 10)

10/22/2013 - Basics of Python (for ArcGIS 10)

10/21/2013 - Building Models for GIS Analysis (Using ArcGIS 10)

10/21/2013 - Creating 3D Data Using ArcGIS

10/14/2013 - The 15-Minute Map: Creating a Basic Map in Arc Map

10/14/2013 - Exploring Spatial Patterns in Your Data Using ArcGIS

10/07/2013 - Basics of Raster Data (for ArcGIS 10)

10/03/2013 - Geocoding with ArcGIS Desktop

09/25/2103 - Understanding GIS Queries

09/23/2013 - Using Arc Catalog: Tips and Tricks

09/21/2013 - Basics of Map Projections

Other Notable Certificates:

02/13/2004 - Certificate, Measurement and Signature Intelligence / Advanced Geospatial Intelligence Infrared Analysis and Processing Course given at HQ Intelligence and Security Command, Alexandria, VA 02-13 February 2004

02/08/2004 - Certificate, Joint Intelligence Virtual University, CMO MASINT Course

01/30/2004 - Certificate, Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) / Advanced Geospatial Intelligence Spectral Intelligence Processing Course given at HQ Intelligence and Security Command, Alexandria, VA 19-30 January 2004

11/27/2002 - Certificate, Tactical Data Dissemination System (TDSS)

11/22/2002 - Certificate, Joint Intelligence Virtual University, Introduction to Hardened and Underground Facilities

11/21/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Introduction to Satellite Communications

11/21/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, MILSATCOM and Commercial Satellite

11/18/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Introduction to JWICS

11/18/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Target Intelligence Systems

11/18/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Damage Assessments - Buildings

11/18/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Collection Management

11/15/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Systems

11/15/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Imagery Reconnaissance

11/13/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Damage Assessments - Hardened and UGF

11/13/2002 - Certificate, JITAP Learning Center, Overview of the National Imagery System

10/30/2002 - Certificate, Joint Intelligence Virtual University, Denial and Deception for Imagery Analysts (NIMA) Course

10/08/2002 - Certificate, Joint Intelligence Virtual University, Spectral MASINT User's Orientation Course- CMO Course

09/30/2002 - Certificate, Joint Intelligence Virtual University, Denial and Deception for Imagery Analysts (NIMA) Course

03/01/2002 - Certificate, Central Texas College 16 hours of German Head-Start Instruction, Darmstadt, Germany

Awards and Commendations:

05/16/2004 - Global War on Terrorism, Expeditionary Medal

12/01/2002 - Certificate of Achievement - 66th Military Intelligence Group; United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

06/21/2001 - Letter of Commendation - New York City Police Department; Commanding Officer of Patrol, Bronx, New York

02/21/2001 - Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal - 331st Military Intelligence Battalion; Fort Wadsworth, New York

11/03/1998 - Certificate of Achievement – 309th Military Intelligence Battalion; 111th MI Brigade, Fort Huachuca, Arizona

07/05/1998 – Certificate of Achievement - 306th Military Intelligence Battalion; Fort Huachuca, Arizona

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