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Engineer Test

Seattle, Washington, United States
September 01, 2017

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Chanyoung Jung

***** ***** ** **

Kent, WA *****

Cell: (206) ***-****



Senior Software Test Engineering Position

Summary of Qualifications

** ***** of experience in testing mobile devices, 3D device, OS based, Media and client/server applications

Experience in Radio Frequency testing with ZUNE (media player device), Verify for right FM Radio Frequency and right information on ZUNE device

Developed UI test automation for KIN mobile phone applications using C# and implemented test automation for applications APIs using TUXNET.

Ability to prioritize tasks and work on multiple test projects at the same time

Experience in creating and developing test Plans, test Approach, Validation Plans, Test Cases, and Test Scripts.

Knowledge in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle

Proficient in Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing

Well verse with black box testing, Grey box testing, White box testing, automation using C#, Performance testing, Stress testing.

Measuring the response time while playing video/audio/streaming on Marketplace all button for Media play device(Zune) and ran User Simulation 7 days, also measuring how fast loading video/audio/game/pictures after click button and then compare another device (iPod etc.)

An excellent problem-solver, able to quickly grasp complex systems and identify

opportunities for improvements and resolution of critical issues.

An effective leader, skilled in enlisting the support of all team member’s in

aligning with project and organizational goals.



At Microsoft (HoloLens Lab)

Hardware Verification Engineer/Lab tester, Microsoft June 2014 – March 2017

HoloLens (display/camera/sensor calibration)

Calibration for HoloLens device.

Ran Validation Testing for Hololens unit and check network connection.

HoloLens debugging and replace Hardware board or fixed

System Calibration with Robot

Camera(Safat) Calibration with Mat Lab GUI and Testing

System Verification and check Component level testing for device

Debugging Hololens system and fixed it.

Flashed all kinds of FW to Hololens

Nothwest Contract

At Microsoft (Mobile Phone)

Hardware verification Engineer, Microsoft Sept 2010 – June 2014

Mobile phone (touch/display, button, Vibra)

Running touch test case used by Adept robot touch test system

Main Motherboard rework and hardware level testing with USB and Audio

Created automation tool for update firmware to touch/display controller chip

Responsible Running test cases for touch/display firmware and controller chips

Reviewed systems designs, implemented test plans and tested software products.

Software Development Test Engineer, Microsoft April 2010 – Sept 2010

KIN Mobile phone (MMS/SMS Messages)

Responsible Running MMS/SMS messages test case with different SIM card(UK, Germany and Spain)

Run MMS/SMS test case with WTT based on test plans.

Creating/improving Automation test case by C# for MMS/SMS messages

Using the Job Explorer for creating and Editing test case by WTT (windows test technologies 2.6)


At Microsoft (Zune)

Software Test Engineer, Microsoft August 2007 – November 2009

ZUNE (Media player device (Marketplace and channels/Usercard))

Responsible Running video/game/music streaming on Marketplace test cases on Zune touch UI model, test for search and add to cart/purchase/download at Zune service music catalog.

Run test cases for streaming and Zune pass subscription service.

Responsible create test cases and running for Usercard/Channels on Zune service with Client application (Dorado).

Creating/improving test plans and cases based on information in product specs


At Microsoft (Windows CE Embedded)

Software Development Test Engineer, Microsoft May 2006 – May 2007

Windows CE Embedded (Applications (VoIP,DVD))

Responsible Running .Net Automation with VoIP image (SmartPhone,Pocket PC)

Tested the WinCEDVD application for Performance, Stress and User Simulation.


At Microsoft (Media)

Software Development Test Engineer, Microsoft October 2003 – January 2006

Portable Media Center (Media player device)

Responsible Black box, ad-hoc and regression testing on a variety of platforms and PMC image

Coordinating with hardware manufacturing 3rd party partner (LG, iRiver) to develop features and fixes for PMC devices. Responsibilities as the primary liaison between both internal and external teams in Microsoft and 3rd party partner.

PMC team is building a portable audio/video/picture player based on Windows and then tested it.

Install the WMP 10 and WMP 11 with Windows Vista and then ensure that verify all contents playback on it.

Verified the Windows Media DRM 10 for PMC device

Run the PlaysForSure with all PMC devices.

Responsible includes designing and running manual/automated test for PMC device

Convert media from recorded TV and DVD format to WMV for PMC test.

Install the WMP 9.0 and Upgrade using OOBE to WMP 10 and then ensure that you can play back any of the supplied version 2.3 individualization content.

Verified the all different codec playing well for PMC device


At Microsoft (Windows CE Embedded)

Software Test Engineer, Microsoft August 2002 – July 2003

Windows CE Embedded (Build Lab)

Set up all of these builds machines and the build has completed for images.

Verified the created PB Kit is tested to ensure that it meets the Self-Host quality bar.

Verified the created Pocket PC Kit is tested to ensure that it meets the Self-Host quality bar.

Responsible for any issues found during the BVT Test and is considered a Build/BVT blocker/breaker, are investigated and resolved before release.

Creating and Burning DVD images using Gear Pro DVD 6.0 Software.

Software Test Engineer, Microsoft March 2001 – January 2002

Windows CE Embedded (Sustained Engineering)

Verified that sustained engineering effort from previous versions of Windows CE (2.x and 3.0) was integrated into Windows CE 4.0

Triaged which bugs need to be ported and integrated into Windows CE

Configured OS builds and set up stress tests for Windows CE 4.0

Win9x QFE and WinCE QFE Testing (Quick Fix Engineering)

Tested QFE fixes on the regular builds, processors, and ran regression tests as required.

Tested 6 different operating system platforms and processors (x86, SH3, SA1100, PPC821, R4300, ARM720 and SH4) for WinCE QFE

Tested Win9X and ME version of OS for Win 9x QFE.

Software Test Engineer, Planet 7 Technologies Corporation July 2000 – Feb 2001

XML Network Server Testing

Wrote test cases and test plan for XML Network Server.

Responsible for XML Network Server setup for all platforms (Windows NT, 2000 and Red Hat)

Wrote functional test to cover the basics of XNSPROBE and XNSPROBE_VB.

Used Java to write tests for Network Services and Protocol Services.

Wrote and executed functional and stress tests for XML Network Server.


At Microsoft (Enterprise Server)

Software Test Engineer, Microsoft March 1999 – July 2000

Headless Testing, Enterprise Server Group (Window 2000 Data Center)

Headless Support – Bridge/Watcher testing

Bridge allows NT machine to function as a cheap serial terminal concentrator, allowing serial traffic from multiple serial ports to be viewed on terminals

Watcher allows a single NT machine to monitor a large number of headless machines at once

Functional test covers the basic functionalities of the Bridge and Watcher

Run tests for some period of time for both the bridge and watcher under stress

Headless EMS (Emergency Management System) testing

Test Headless EMS functionalities: Commands and Prams dimension

Process Control Testing, Enterprise Server Group (Window 2000 Data Center)

Tested process control functions, NT services interaction, MMC snap-in and command line interfaces.

Automated process control tests using Visual Test to create, edit and implement automated tests.

Deployed and distributed Itanium (64-bit) machines with Intel for Windows 64 bit project including hardware problem resolution.

Configured a 2-node cluster with both Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Datacenter.

International Setup Testing, Java Virtual Machine Group

Performance testing; fully and partially localized languages for Microsoft Virtual Machine, Multilingual User Interface, Java applet testing

Executed Internet Explorer test cases for Java IE3, IE4, IE5 and IE5.1

Responsible for operating system setup functionality testing for 28 languages

InfoTech, Federal Way, Washington October 1997 - March 1999

Computer Repair Technician

Performed troubleshooting and diagnostics on PCs and peripheral equipment to resolve problems involving both hardware and software

Debugging Motherboard hardware with SATA, USB, display Port etc…

Installed, upgraded and troubleshot PC components such as network cards, CPU/memory chips, disk drives, modems; SCSI cards and CD-ROM’s.

Configured operating systems (DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Red Hat), PC memory and network connectivity.

Interacted with customers by diagnosing and resolving product issues.



LAN/WAN technologies; Windows CE; Pocket PC; Fluent in Korean; Icecap 4.1 introduction; XML; Platform builder for Windows CE; Gear Pro DVD 6.0 software; Products Studio; Raid; Source depot; TiVo; office, TFS


MS-DOS 5.x-6.x; Windows 9.x; Windows ME; Windows NT; Windows 2000; Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,8,10 and Media Center Edition; Linux Red Hat.

MCP, MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer)

NT 4.0 Server; NT 4.0 Enterprise; NT Workstation; Network Essentials; TCP/IP; IIS 4.0

Certified IPC Specialist(Rework and Repair of Electronic Assemblies)

PROGRAMING LANGUAGES (Academy background)

C++; Visual Basic; Visual Test; Command Scripting; HTML; Perl; Java; C#; MATLAB


C++ Programming, UW Extension class 2006 - 2007

Bellevue Community College 1996 – 1998

Network Specialist, Highline Community College 1996 – 1998

Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Pacific Union Seminary 1992 – 1996

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