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Web Developer Social Media

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
August 31, 2017

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**** * ******** **** ** Unit **08

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

540-***-**** (Cell)


Thoroughly experienced technical solution provider in computer programming, Web and mobile application development, and database construction. Proven track record of consistent performance in high-volume, demanding business environment. Strong mathematical background and figure aptitude.


Microsoft Certified, Windows (Vista,7,8.1,10), Linux, Android, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Programming-Visual/Xamarin Studio (.NET/2010/2015), ASP.NET, Visual C++/C#, SharePoint, HTML5, CSS3, JAVA, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, NAPA, PHP, AJAX, MVC, Google Maps, Crystal Reports, WordPress, IIS 6.0; Databases-MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, MySQL, Oracle 10g, MS Access, XML, DynamoDB, JSON, REST API


SetFocus, Front Royal, VA, 11/10, Master's Certificate in SharePoint

Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, BS in Computer Science


Yoga Laughs, Charlottesville, VA, 7/2017 – 8/2017

eCommerce Web Designer

Using Magento, WordPress and PHP, create an eCommerce application for an online cosmetic merchant that allows users to:

Review product pictures and descriptions

Place orders using available checkout

Submit blogging for comments and suggestions

Integrate with social media, San Francisco, CA, 6/2017 – 7/2017

Web Designer

Create and Design a text and video conference streaming application with following features:

Count users who view, follow or subscribe to the streaming channel

Conveniently allow users to follow channel on social media sites, such as FaceBook and Twitter

Collect funds from user donations through PayPal

Display animated alerts responding to subscriptions and donations

Petra, Inc., Alexandria, VA, 4/2017 – 6/2017

Mobile Application Programmer

Assist in designing and developing a ride sharing application with features:

Criminal background checking

Driving record

Financial information and payment method

Fare total based on duration of trip to include timeout for on-the-road hazards

Artisan Crew, Torrance, CA 1/2017 – 2/2017

Software Tester

As a member of a focus group, evaluated a prototype of an automated database generator to probe the functionality of the application’s features.

Tested the basic database capabilities of creating, retrieving, updating, deleting and connectivity to databases of several platforms such as SQL Server and Oracle.

Submitted a written presentation of comments on particular features, solutions to possible errors and particular industries where the application is marketable.

Shoppa, Fairfax, VA 9/2016 – 12/2016

Mobile Application Programmer and Wix Designer

Using Xamarin Studio, create a mobile merchandise application with the following functions:

•Display web pages from a query based on zip code, store name and choice of items

•Register purchase on options of delivery or pickup

•Send notification and time and place scheduling to merchant for the delivery or pickup order

• Include Google Maps to help locate the place of delivery or pickup

Use Wix to design artwork of front page strips in flat art style

Activated Mobile Solutions, Bealeton, VA 5/2015 – 9/2016

Mobile Application and UI/UX Developer

Create functionality and design for a task management application in Android to provide the following functions:

•Manage and organize a project into a hierarchy of individual tasks

•Provide users with resource permissions and delegation priorities

•Calculate and represent task progress with Gantt charts

•Implement a cloud database connection to collaborate users by messaging and file sharing

•Including a clocking function to prove attendance of users

Provided a UI/UX design in all screens of the application for a modern appearance

Academic Asset Management, Ellicott City, MD 5/2014 – 8/2014

ASP.Net Programmer

Create a text book inventory application that manages a database with the following functions:

•Tracks books that are checked in and out

•Displays data queries to list students' books to be checked in

•Generates reports to list student check-outs and accumulate total cost of books outstanding

Dillner's Accounting Solutions, Westminster, MD 2/2012 – 11/2015

C#/C++ Programmer

Develop an interactive application that allows users to modify the names, sizes and positions of blank fields on PDF tax forms.

Edit an existing Full Contact Accounting application to add functionalities:

•Modify registry to retain the font size of reports printed in PDF format

•Discover a function that utilizes encryption to convert an activation code to a serial number

• Add a function to merge multiple Quarterly Payroll Tax Forms to PDF file.

Create an add-on code that, with a single command, searches the server for upgrades in the Application’s essential component files, and downloads and replaces the files for on-demand update.

Enhance an existing data intensive report designer application by adding a user-friendly interface to:

•Design and generate database queries to select, unite and filter data tables for efficient performance and elegant structure.

•Create line and bar charts representing histories of revenue generations.

Developed a SharePoint web part for transferring multiple updated application files on the Company’s server.

Meghna Info Solutions, United Arab Emirates 3/2011-1/2012

VB.Net Programmer

Developed data intensive application with the following functionalities:

•For consultants and back office personnel created numerous data entry screens, whose common functions are record posting, navigation, search queries and generating reports of queries in various document formats.

•Daily and monthly reports of tasks based on number of leads, business transactions and total revenue from sales.

•Create a data log of all query outputs generated, whose form screen displays file paths and opens the document on selection

•Communication of displayed data and documents by integration with printer, email, fax and file transfer protocol

G2 Motion, Front Royal, VA 4/2010- 5/2010

Database Developer

Designed linked databases to post various business expenses for managing the annual budget.

Consultant, Front Royal, VA 3/2010 - 3/2012

Programmer/Web Developer

As a remote freelancer, using Visual Studio or PHP to develop various types of applications for and

Create programs that compile daily task logs, deliver email, implement content for RSS feeds and customize quizzes and questionnaires.

Jobs Now, Sugar Land, TX 11/2009 - 1/2010

VB Programmer

In contribution to the company's software library, developed an application with Visual Basic 2008 to organize employer contacts and automate unlimited mass emailings of job seeker's cover letters and resumes.

Created an eCommerce interface to allow end users to register or access the software subscription service.

RAM Site Design, Winchester, VA 3/2009 – 4/2009

PHP Web Developer

Contract work to enhance web pages to organize and compile customer statistics of profits for multiple-level marketing opportunities in a movie web site.

Aspiration Software, Front Royal, VA 7/2006 – 11/2008

PHP Web Developer

Developed a powerful web based e-mailing system to allow end users to deliver timely messages to hundreds of recipients among many organized mailing lists in one transaction.

Conducted visual and oral web teleconference presentations to demonstrate updates and additions in the application's functionality, to local and out of state colleagues.

Maintained and updated Company’s existing Web Site to provide additional functionalities:

•Upload data files of new job postings to update the list of Company's job opportunities.

•Added and displayed Company’s Calendar of Events.

•Added, edited and queried contact information of over 50 authorized users in created database.

•Allowed authorized users to request resetting of their passwords.

Executed weekly backup and archiving of Company Web Site, server and local data storage on DVD.

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