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Real Estate Assistant

Sacramento, California, United States
August 31, 2017

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Raymond Eric Rilloraza Ngaw +1-916-***-****

Programming and Software Skills

Analytical Software

R, Python, Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics

Database Management

MySQL, Access, Hadoop

Website Development

C++, CSS, HTML5, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript


Degree: B.S. International Business (California State University, Sacramento) December 2014

Concentration: Finance Minor: Communications

Data Analytics and Programming Coursework (Coursera) April 2015-Present

Completed 11 classes of analytics and programming with an average score of 93%.

Certificates earned:

R Programming (John Hopkins University) February 2016

Managing Big Data with MySQL (Duke University) February 2016

Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies (Duke University) December 2015

Operations Analytics (University of Pennsylvania) December 2015

Language Skills

English: Native

Japanese: 3 years (Business Level)

German: 8 months (Conversational Level)

Chinese (Mandarin): 2 months

Relevant Experience and Achievements

BEYOND BORDERS Co., LTD (Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan) November 2016-May 2017

Title: Data Analyst

Increased startup company’s visibility resulting in 25% more customers overall by using R and Google Analytics on 20,000 data points of customer data, and searches for real estate.

Enhanced ratings of company website with a 10% monthly increase of site visits and lowered bounce rate of 5% yearly through SEO analysis via Google Analytics.

Achieved growth in earnings of company’s AirBnB listings by 15% monthly compared to prior year using statistical modeling and A/B testing through R.

Delivered research of global real estate markets and FDI and assisted on implementing KPIs.

Raymond Eric Rilloraza Ngaw +1-916-***-****

Relevant Experience and Achievements (Continued)

Interac (Sendai, Miyagi, Japan) August 2015-March 2016

Title: Assistant Language Teacher

Improved the finances of 80% of teachers by at least 25% with the creation of an Excel financial sheet which provided analysis and insight.

Developed an Excel performance database and review documentation with upper management so teachers may self-evaluate and provide the company in-sight on employees.

Kru Restaurant (Sacramento, CA, USA) June 2013-July 2015 and April-July 2016

Title: Supervisor

Attained new records of sales from every prior year by at least 50% yearly through growth of front of the house staff efficiency of 10% resulting in a 40% increase in customer intake.

Executed training methods which slashed turnover rate by 25%

Northern California World Trade Center (Sacramento, CA, USA) August-December 2014

Title: International Trade and Research Assistant

Performed business analytics on over 200 companies’ information, such as their exports and amount of revenue, to support strong regional exports growth strategy and other initiatives.

Led a team and improved efficiency by 50% of cleaning and entering data through MySQL of over 200 companies of member services, communication, and billing.

Actively participated in meetings and setting up events for foreign dignitaries in the development of stronger economic and strategic relationships with Northern California.

Awarded Certificate of Award for completion and outstanding performance of internship.

California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento, CA, USA) February-April 2014

Title: Research Assistant

Compiled and provided statistical analysis of qualitative and quantitative data through excel on a local chain restaurants 4 main locations based on 44 groups’ experiences.

California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento, CA, USA) September-November 2013

Title: Research Assistant

Aided in extracting data of 40 other research used in understanding intercultural differences.

Suggested ideas on how intercultural competence differs from Western and Eastern culture.

Interests and Hobbies

Reading news, stock market analyst, writing short stories, drawing, writing music, and Kendo

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