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Greenville, South Carolina, United States
August 31, 2017

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Agreement for Legal Services and Representation

April 11, 2016

Client: Jason Brockman

Case Type: Traffic Citation

This document confirms the terms of representation for the traffic citation you received in Simpsonville, South Carolina. My representation of you will include all aspects of the cases. I will investigate any allegations, advise you as to the strategy, negotiate with the government and its agents on your behalf, and appear in court (if necessary). I will give you the very best representation which my training, experience, and instinct make possible.

I have agreed that the fee for these services will be $300.00 to be paid according to the following schedule:

$300 due by 3/31/2017, and

$ Fines/Court Costs (if any) to be paid directly to the court at the time your case is resolved by direction of Blackwelder Law.

This is a flat fee, which is earned when paid, and will be deposited in the firm’s operating account. This fee includes all services performed by my law firm. The fee includes all general overhead expenses required of my office to support your defense, as well as the costs associated with not being able to accept other cases due to my representation of you.

You agree that in the event the above financial terms are not met:

1.My representation of you will be terminated;

2.I may bill for all time spent and expenses incurred on your case up to the time the representation is terminated; and

3.You will consent to my withdrawal as your counsel.

You understand that this fee does not include any other representation arising out of your criminal charges, such as: any court fines, other criminal charges, driver’s license suspension/revocation hearings, employment problems because of actions taken at work arising from your arrest/citation, or any other administrative or civil actions brought against you. Also not included in the above fee are any services for appeal of a conviction, a second trial on this matter, or a request to have your record expunged. If you want representation on any matters not included in the above fee, you understand that it must be by a separate written agreement between you and me. (Initials)

If the attorney successfully negotiates a resolution which involves a driving course for dismissal and you fail to complete the course OR if she facilitates your application/enrollment in TEP and you fail to complete the program, THEN you agree (1) that a new contract and new fees shall be assessed for the attorney to continue with representation or (2) you will sign paperwork to allow the attorney to withdraw as your representative in court. (Initials)

We cannot represent you properly without your cooperation. As such, we ask that you to agree to the following requests as we proceed with representation. You agree to cooperate fully with the firm, and to make whatever records, documents, or things you have available to the firm for inspection, review, and analysis in the preparation of your defense. You further agree to execute any appropriate releases, authorization forms, or other documents to aid the firm in obtaining the information deemed necessary to prepare your case for negotiations and/or trial. You agree to update the firm with any changes to your contact information including, but not limited to, mailing address, telephone numbers, and work information.

While we do not anticipate any of the following issues, we ask that you read the following to ensure that you understand the importance of your communication and cooperation with our office. By signing this contract agreement you agree to each the following:

1.If you fail to cooperate, you agree that such action on your part will be good cause for us to withdraw from representation.

2.You agree that if you do not appear at court appearances for which you have received notification, we may withdraw from any further representation.

3.You agree that if our firm has made a reasonable attempt to contact you by phone and/or certified mail, return receipt requested, and you fail to respond to that contact within a reasonable amount of time, we may withdraw from further representation.

As is the case in all legal matters, both parties have the right to terminate the business relationship prior to the resolution of the case. If that situation should occur, you may be entitled to a return of a portion of the fee. However, you understand that in calculating any return portion of the fee, my hourly rate would be calculated at $400.00 per hour.

Please sign this agreement in the space provided below to indicate that you agree to these terms of representation. Do not hesitate to ask questions about this or any other aspect of your case. We are privileged to assist you in this matter and are honored that you have selected us to represent you. We will do everything in our power to get you the best possible results with sensitivity to maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

Jason Brockman


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