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Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
August 31, 2017

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Gourav Mahajan


Address: HE-236,Phase-1,Mohali Punjab 160055

Phone: +91-991*******


To work in an organization seeking challenging avenues where my interest and educational potential match the growth and strength of organization and to contribute equipping myself with the organizational goal with my practical skills and betterment of my career prospects.


Over 4.6 Years of IT industry experience in ANDROID with a wide variety of Mobile APPs.

Known for writing efficient, maintainable and reusable code

Proficient in design, data structures, problem-solving, and debugging

Expert in the interaction between various devices and versions of Android

Participated in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for proper analysis, development, testing, deployment and enhancement of the code.

Professionally completed task or project given period of 1 to 3 months.

Followed up by testing (user interface, errors with all possible inputs, debugging, publishing) apps after project completion


Current Organization and Work Experience: Working as a Android Team Lead in Orion e Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from August 2016 to present date.

Projects in Orion e Solutions Pvt. Ltd.:

1.EATA Food Delivery APP :

EATA is kind of APP in which mainly two types of users Customer and Courier.

Customer order meal from a restaurant from his/her choice and courier deliver the meal to customer. Payment is done by through COD and Stripe Payment gateway.

A customer becomes a courier and a courier becomes a customer. This APP works a in English and Chinese both languages.

Google play link:

2.GOLO God Loves APP :

GOLO APP deals in some charity to Church through a person for that a user need to be register on this APP. For receiving money as a Church also need to register on this APP.

PayPal is the payment gateway used for payment in this APP. More user can makes friends with other users, share feed with pictures, videos etc. inside APP.

Google Link:

3.Yummy Bites:

Functionality:Yummy Bites is food delivery agency that provides homely and fresh food at your doorstep. The food is delivered yum and hot with its base kitchen already serving more than 500 staff

App Link:

Cardio Reserve


This is the fitness app.In this either user can login/register or Facility member can be login/register.User can book any equimment,yoga classes etc.they need to check the Availablity

and book for fitness class.user can check for schedule etc.


Real Catalyst

It is property based application used to add details about properties for selling. Three types of users are there mainly Builder, Broker and Super admin.

Builder is a user who updates the properties on the portal in Builder portal like Township, Projects, property sizes, prices, payment plans etc.

Broker is a user that handle the property as added by Builder as per the access and make them for users to buy them.

Super Admin control all the access of application and all types of users.

App Link:

Previous Work Experience :

Company Name:Insonix

Working as a Android Team Lead in Insonix. from March 2015 to August 2016.


Project tittle:MyHooba


MyHooba is the new event app, social network for London. It allows users access to explore and discover the coolest events that the city has to offer.

Some events are exclusive to MyHooba. Some events are Free.

Refer a friend to earn Hooba Credits and you may end up never paying for a cool event again!

Project Title:BuddyGap

Functionality:In this app user can see the who is your best friend,ignored friend,Lousy friend and annoyed friend.User can see the rank of friend in our phone.all data depend upon the call logs.You can see the daily incoming outgoing daily call time.You can invite the friend through this app.and see the rank to your friend which you are invited.

Google play link:

Project Title:Smartcrop

Functionality:In this app user first login from the phone number and select the kvk.This app useful for the farmers.user can see the crops according to the current state and choose another state and see the popular category .user can post select any one category and post our crop detail.user can chat wit that user also can call.Notification will come about the crop.user can also buy the seeds.and also buy the handicraft things directly to the another user.User can see the current mandirates.user can change the language in this app.User can see the event.

Google Link:

Project Title :Punter alert

Functionality:It is race based app.You can bid on horse race.You can see the card,form and see the top ten tippers.You can see the horse jockey and can bid on that horse.

Google play link:

Project Title:One Love

Functionality:It is the donation can login from the either facebook or our own server.After login you can see your rank and you can see the video and donate money which is display on the screen.You can see the detail and also see your facebook friend who installed this app.

Google link:

Project Title:SamTalk

Functionality:It is Doctor Patient App.User can signup either patient or doctor.Doctor view all the patient and disease,health description,and chat with any one which are showing in the list.also same as login with patient case.Patient chat with any doctor which are showing in the list,and view specialization.In this pushnotification is also implement.I this project chat implement by firebase.

Project Title:Emira App

Functionality:It is the property app.Admin can upload the photos through the backened and user can see the property in the list.user can download the document and mail the property information.pushnotification is also imlement in this project.User can open the Pdf file in the phone.

Project title:Infotrack

Company name is infotrack.this is made for the infotrack company.

Function:In this we see the list of vehicle and click on particular vehicle we see the location and track the vehicle.this is launch only in beta consumption only in infotrack company.

Company Name:CqlSys Technologies From August 2013 to March 2015


Company Name : CQLsys Technologies, Mohali.

Project Title :Al Fakhroo

Functionality: It is totally facebook clone app.Functionality same work like as facebook,sharing post,update post,like comment,event create,chating with other people through thi app,Implement puchnotification.All work like facebook.

Google play store link - >

Project Title : Zigle

Functionality: is a puzzle type game app in which user plays the games and create challenge with any one zigle app users. And users can chat with users.

Google play store link - >

Project Title : Football Guide

Functionality: It is a web service related app that’s indentifies of players, scores, positions, routines, playing ideas, throughts and more informations, we can likes and comments on article section.In this App Adds functionality also include.Adds show in the bottom in the app.

Google play store link :>

Project Title : eCPD

Description-This App for the medical staff (like Doctor, Nurse etc.)

Functionality: it is a daily activity type app, In which various types of activites such as Lecture, Management training, Conference, Research and more. User can set the target hours and date in cpcd cycle. User create the activity and set date and hours .add the images for the activity and write the note in the activity. User can edit the activity as well as. In this App push notification feature is also provide.pushnotification will come to the user before 1 days and seven days.and also send the three month notification on the behalf of cpcd cycle date which set the user at the time of sign up.This pushnotification only alert the user about your activity.

Google play store link:>

Project Title : My Pre Buddy Reg.

Functionality: It is a objective test exams app for Hertfordshire university students and other. In this app all data store on the local database. All data save on own end in the database. This university students can login free, while for other students will pay 14.99 Pound to play store. And this app provides Quizzes, BNF chapters, Numeracy answer other syllabus. In this app student can play the quiz.

Google play store link:>

Project Title : Inventory

Functionality: A user creates multiple properties in this app. Each property have contain multiple images, single contact details, multiple rooms images. Each room has multiple images and contain assets. Each asset contain multiple images and notes. And it generates the pdf file and send mail.

Project Title : Aaksc Institute

Description : Medical Science coaching center app.

Functionality: This app of study center of the chemistry, biology and medical technologies in which introduce to projects (medicines & researches). And includes testimonials, chatting, blogs, analytics, gps, online video gallery, deals, contacts and more. Push notification and Google Analysis includes also in this app.

Google play store link - >


Basic knowledge:

Basic Of Java, Core Java.

Software and IDEs Android SDK 5.0, Eclipse 22.0.1,Android studio.

Android Development Skills:

Development environment software Core Java and Mobile Technology(Android).

Application flow chart, Documentation and time Estimation.

User interface and designing.

Data storage SQLite and Shared Preferences.

Working on MongoDb

Web data Parsing JSON and XML.

Location based GPS, Google Maps.


GCM (Push Notification).

Google Analytics.

Social Network Intigration Facebook, Twitter, Google +,LinkedIn,Instagram.

Third Party Liabraries Google Ads, Leadbolt, Inn app puchase, Paypal, Pdf viewer, Photoviewer, Sliding menu with ActionBarSherlock, Xmpp(chat), Quickblox(Simple chatting), Goolge Drive, Youtube Player APIs, Zbar & zing barcode reader, itext and more.


Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Tools and Technologies: Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse

Languages: Java


Master of Computer Application (76%.)from I.E.T, Bhaddal (P.T.U University )

BSC (55%.) from GNDU University

10+2 (55%) from Punjab Board of School Education

10 (79%) from Punjab Board of School Education


English, Hindi,PUNJABI


Net Surfing,Learning new things from You tube & Playing Cricket


Name Gourav Mahajan

Date of Birth 06-06-1990

Phone Number +91-991*******


Sex Male

Marital Status Single

Permanent Address HE-236,Phase-1,Mohali.Pin-160055

I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true and correct to best of my knowledge.

Place: Mohali Gourav Mahajan

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