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C Construction

Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States
August 31, 2017

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Will F aulcon (

* ** * **** * ane F alling W aters, W V 2 5419 M obile 2-40-2-03-1-873 Energetic, t rusted, a nd d etail-oriented S enior M anager a nd s trategic s olutions p rovider w ith outstanding p roject m anagement a nd c onflict m anagement s kills. H and-picked b y e xecutive t eam t o turn a round u nderperforming p rograms; a ccomplished l eader k nown a nd r espected f or l eading successful c hange i n p rojects a nd b uilding c redibility w ith e xecutive t eams a nd s taff. S olutions d river who b ridges t he g ap b etween b usiness a nd t echnology w ith e xpertise i n m anaging c omplex p rograms and m ultiple c oncurrent p rojects. D irects t eams t o d evelop h igh-quality p rograms t hat s olve b usiness problems a nd p rovide t angible r esults f or e nterprise-level f inancial s ystems a nd l egacy w orkflow systems.

Project M anagement

Scheduled a nd s upervised

various m ulti d iscipline


Work c ooperatively w ith

inspectors, e ngineers,

owner r epresentatives,


Implement s afety p rogram

Complete p roject w ithin

budget a nd o n t ime

Equipment R equisition

Primavera, P 6, M S P roject,

various o ther s cheduling


Consistent a nd s teady

growth o f t raining a nd

labor a ided t ools t o

produce m ore e fficient j ob


Increased p roject r evenues

with m ore e ssential t ooling

and r educed o verhead



Director o f P roject D evelopment

November 2 016 - P resent

Supervise: P roject M anagement a nd C onstruction T eams Geostellar, I nc.

Managed, s upervised a nd r eviewed w ork o f p ersonnel e ngaged i n p lanning, design, e stimating, i nspection a nd m anagement o f c apital p rojects. Reviewed a nd r ecommended c ontract a ward w ithin b idding p rocess. Assessed a nd r esolved c ontract c laims a nd c onflicts d uring e ach P roject Construction P hase w hile a nalyzing a nd m aintaining a dministrative, budgetary a nd p rogress r eports. E valuated f uture p rojects c ost e stimates and b udgets. S cheduled c urrent a nd u pcoming p rojects u sing P 6 a nd M S Project. M aster p roject s chedules s ent t o n ational v endors a nd a ccount holders t o e nsure p roject/product v iability. A nalyzed, r eviewed a nd documented p erformance o f o utside p rofessional s ervice c onsultants engaged i n C onstruction P rojects. C oordinated d evelopment, a nalyzed feasibility, a nd c onducted l ocation s tudies f or r econstruction/construction projects

Construction M anager, C ivil S upervisor

October 2 011 – N ovember 2 016

Supervise: S ubcontractors + T emp l abor ( 600+) First S olar E lectric I nc.

Oversee t he o verall c onstruction o f F irst S olar P V U tility S cale S olar P ower Plants. R eviewed j ob c osting a nd r eporting B i-weekly a nd m onthly a gainst earned v alue s chedule. E xecuted p ayment d raw r equests b ased o n V alue Schedule a nd c orporate c ash f lows. A dministered o ver p roject r evenues and p roject c ash f low c redits a nd d ebits. M anaged s ubcontractor a ctivities and e nforced c onstruction m eans. E xecuted f ield a dministration d uties t o include f ield c alculations o f e arthwork a ctivities, w ater a dministration, grade a nd e levation a djustment a nd a ssociated e arthwork, s tructural, a nd electrical r esponsibilities, l ogistical a nd s cheduling n eeds, a nd c oordination of a ll P lant c onstruction n eeds. I mplemented j ob t raining f or t emp h ire labor f orce f or s tructural b uild. O versee d ay t o d ay p lant c onstruction activities t o i nclude c ivil, s tructural, a nd e lectrical a ctivities, l ogistics, QA/QC, p lant c ommissioning, a nd p lant t urnover. Infrastructure

Upgrade a ging


Install f orced l ine a nd

gravity l ine p iping

Install b ypass s upply l ines

Repair a nd r eplace b uried

and t unneled s tructures

Repair l eaks i n i ndustrial


Adhere t o e stablished

Federal a nd l ocal

guidelines a nd r egulations



Supervised l arge s cale

construction p rojects:

focued o n R oad a nd

Earthwork I mprovements

Operate h eavy e quipment

(excavators, d ozers, s kid

steers, s crapers,

articulated d umps, l oaders,


Use o f s urvey e quipment:


Site p reparation

Mass G rading O perations

Asphalt a nd R oadway


Pour i n P lace / P re-Post

Tensioned C oncrete

Owner / P resident

June 2 008 – O ctober 2 011

Supervise: 9 E mployees

Berkeley E xcavation L LC, F alling W aters, W V Oversee i nfrastructure u pgrades ( water, s ewer, a nd s torm) f or l ocal municipalities, a gencies, a nd r esidents. S uccessfully o perates a e xcavation and r emodeling c ompany s pecializing i n r enovations a nd a dditions, excavation, a sphalt a nd r oad r epair, f oundations, a nd l andscaping. Assistant P roject M anager

Mar 2 007 – M ay 2 008

Supervised: 7 5+ W orkmen

Widewaters C onstruction C orporation, S yracuse, N Y Supervised l arge c ommercial b ase b uild i n L oudoun C ounty, V a. Responsibilities i ncluded a ll o rdering, s upply c hain, a nd i nstallation o f infrastructure a nd b uilding m aterials a s w ell a s t he c oordination o f subcontractors, s tate a nd c ounty i nspections, a nd o wner r epresentatives. Extensive e xperience u sing M S P roject i n s cheduling o f n umerous v endors and c raftsmen.

Commercial F ield S uperintendent

Feb 2 006 – M ar 2 007

Supervised: 5 0+ W orkmen

Konover C onstruction C orporation, C olumbia, M D Completed $ 35M c ommercial b ase b uild; s taying o n t ime a nd w ithin budget – s et D ivision r ecord f or s ingle p roject p rofit m argin. E mphasis o n site w ork o f 1 7 a cre s ite – g rading o peration, p arking l ot, c urb a nd g utter, utility i nstall, S WPPP

Commercial C onstruction S uperintendent

Mar 2 004 – J an 2 006

Supervised: 2 0+ W orkmen

William L G riffith & C ompany, V ienna, V A Supervised a ccounts r anging i n v alue f rom a round $ 60,000 t o o ver

$2,500,000. G ained v aluable s cheduling s kills. A ugmented m y communication s kills a nd m anagement i nsight a s a r esult o f m eetings w ith local o fficials.


Apr 2 003 – M ar 2 004

Supervised: 1 E mployee

WJF C onstruction a nd R enovation, R aleigh, N C Started a s uccessful s mall r esidential r enovation c oncern t o f urther m y construction c areer i nterests. N o j ob w as t oo s mall. W ithin 1 1 m onths o f start, c omplete 6 m ajor r enovations. L earned m anagement a nd o wnership skills n ecessary t o f urther m y g oals.

Reading c ivil p lans



Supervised r esidential


Blueprint r eading

Installation S upervisor / C ustomer S ervice Nov 2 001 – A pr 2 003

Supervised: 9 m ember ( English a nd S panish) c rew RPS C onstruction I nc., R aleigh, N C

Responsible f or a ll a spects o f v inyl s iding i nstallation, m aintaining a vigorous c ompletion s chedule. I t w as h ere t hat c ustomer s ervice s kills started t o b e h oned i n e arnest.

Assistant B uilder

Jun 1 999 – N ov 2 001

Supervised: S ubcontracted w ork c rews

Colony H omes L LC., R aleigh, N C

Assisted a nd s ubstituted f or b uilder i n h igh v olume m arket. Interfaced w ith i nspectors, s ubcontractors, s uppliers, a nd homeowners. C onsistently o n s chedule w ith r educed w aste a nd c ost. Built 4 12 h omes i n a c alendar y ear.

1996 – 1 999

US M arine C orps, J acksonville, F L

Key P rojects: 13Mw M t S t M ary’s S olar P ower P lant - 104 A cre u tility d evelopment 32Mw A vra V alley S olar T racker – L argest s ingle a xis T racker i n W orld 152Mw C ampo V erde S olar – 1 400+ A cre u tility d evelopment 52Mw M acho S prings S olar – L argest s ingle a xis T racker i n w orld 24Mw P NM S olar P lants – 3 c ombined f acilities; b uilt c oncurrently 550Mw T opaz S olar - h elped d evise 6,000 A cre c ut/fill p lan 84Mw D ecatur P arkway S olar – S PC “ flagship” p roject 148Mw T aylor 3 S olar – 1 000 a cre s ite; l argest t racker i n S E U SA 165Mw B utler S olar - 1 100 a cre m ix T racker/Fixed t ilt d esign s olar plant

WSSC I nfrastructure R ehabilitation - $ 200M+ c ontract Certifications ● WSSC w ater a nd s ewer t apping c ertification

● 30 h our O SHA S afety C lass C ertified

● Storm W ater P ollution a nd P revention P rogram C ertification ( SWPPP)

● State o f M aryland S ediment C ontrol T raining P rogram

● NFPA 7 0E C ertified

● First A id / C PR C ertification

● Trenching / S horing S afety C ertified

● OSHA C ompetent P erson C ertified

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