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Engineer Electrical

Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States
August 31, 2017

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I am seeking an Electrical Engineering position. My education background spans two technologies: MS in electrical engineering and BS Chemical Engineering. I am a U.S. Citizen.


University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

MSEE, March 1997, Electrical Engineer GPA 3.5/4.0, Master thesis: Modeling and simulation of a focusing servo control system for an optical disk tester.

University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado

BSEE 1986, Electrical Engineer

Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan

BSChE 1981, Chemical Engineer


Axcelis Technologies Beverly, MA

Electrical Engineer, May 2016 to July 2017

High voltage ion beam scanner power amplifier evaluation and specification to improve reliability.

Provided complete engineering specifications, drawings, parts lists, wire run lists (WRLs) and associated documentation to generate engineering change orders (ECOs) for Legacy tools.

Designed and debugged power distribution systems, high voltage, AC/DC protection, control systems, and safety interlocks.

Provided support to Manufacturing and Customer Service for technical problems on released products.

PCB redesign, schematic capture, layout and verification for obsolete parts replacement.

Circuit design to replace an obsolete stepper motor driver card for a three axis robot controller.

Provided support to transition from turbo PMAC to power PMAC for ion implant wafer handling servo control systems.

Magnetron high voltage power supply and crystal detector upgrade.

Upgraded the Sanyo Denki brushless motors and its servo amplifier drive for ion implant wafer handling systems.

Fluor Tucson, AZ

Metrology Engineer, Jan 2014 to July 2014

Manage, maintain, calibrate and repair various measurement equipment traceable to NIST standards. Equipment includes spectrum analyzers, signal generators, frequency synthesizers, digital and analog oscilloscopes, temperature, humidity, time domain reflectometry, signal generators, voltmeters, current meters, power meters, insulation meters, Gigaohm ohmmeters, power supplies, logic analyzers, frequency counters, pattern generators, distortion analyzers, modulation analyzers, etc.

Tucson School District Tucson, AZ

Math and Science substitute teacher 2005 to 2011

Pima Community College Tucson, AZ

Adjunct faculty math teacher 2003 to 2005

GE Aircraft Engine Lynn, MA

Lead Professional Engineer 1998 to 2001

Linear design and simulation of aircraft engine servo systems using MATLAB optimization tools

Validation of engine control laws and logic through nonlinear simulation control system bench, engine and flight test.

Logic design of the input signal management for the full authority electronic controller for the engine.

Development of sensors model software algorithm in case of a sensor failure.

Established the requirements necessary to design a template for all the sensors’ faults.

Varian Ion Implant Systems Gloucester, MA

Senior Engineer 1998

Designed flow sensor-vacuum pump interface circuits, using ViewLogic.

Developed magnetic shielding for CRT monitors.

Developed specifications for ion implanter high voltage power supplies.

Coordinated the purchasing of power supplies with suppliers and Varian purchasing department.

Designed a glitch detector for the scanner plate amplifier.

Directed technician activities for testing power supplies and amplifiers.

Designed a current sensing loop to insure power supply connection to the electrodes.

Raytheon Electronic Systems Bedford, MA

Senior Engineer 1997 Radar and control systems analysis.

Developed an algorithm to enhance the control of a patriot missile.

Modified a Kalman filter algorithm to enhance the operation of a patriot missile.

Allied Signal Corporation Tucson, Arizona

Project / Electronic Engineer 1995-1996

Improved manufacturing yield of APU controller units by statistical process control.

Modified circuit functions according to customer needs.

Programmed PALs to replace obsolete parts.

Added control laws using C programming language to support customer requests.

Cheyene Owen, LTD Tucson, Arizona

Engineer 1990-1991

Analyzed water balance for wastewater treatment plant.

Designed above ground tank farms for clean closure of wastewater surface impoundments.

Magma Copper Company San Manuel, Arizona

Plant Engineer 1989-1990

Re-designed water treatment plant to increase flow rate of deionized water.

Added PID control function to Allen Bradley PLC system to completely automate the water treatment plant.

Implemented instrumentation using OPTO 22 software resulting in improved monitoring of the plant compressed air usage. Modified the Allen Bradley program on the anode pouring system to implement complete automation resulting in substantial improvement in productivity.

Designed and implemented reclamation system to prevent sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide from contaminating the ground water.

ITT Power Systems Corporation Tucson, Arizona

Engineer 1988 -1989

Completed thermal studies of surface mount power supplies to determine optimum materials.

Conducted research to test different chemical components for use with power supplies. and transmitters to ensure the Met Ridge quality standards.

ARF Products, Research and Development, Boulder, Colorado

Electrical Engineer 1987 - 1988

Analyzed and tested high frequency receivers To whom it may concern,

I am seeking an Electrical Engineering position to match my skills in manufacturing engineering, ion implant tools, servo control systems, electrical systems engineering and analog and digital design.

Most recently I was working as an Electrical and Software Engineer at Axcelis. I worked closely with HCL in India to manage ion implant parts using Glovia and SmarTeam. I also worked closely with Axcelis materials/planning/purchasing departments to manage and approve parts replacement and sourcing for the ion implanters. I structured new parts and associated circuitry, drawings, harness assemblies and installation procedures to update tools in the field and/or the production line. I produced documentation for electrical parts and assemblies for release into medium volume production systems. I also worked with the senior scientist to resolve a customer issue for the reduction of emission current on the ARC chamber due to aging and also elimination of the leakage current through the sensor board. I supported the software engineers to merge the turbo PMAC software to power PMAC due to turbo PMAC CPU overload. The turbo PMAC controls the wafer handling robots during ion implant. I was assigned to modify software and hardware to turn off all of the Copley motor’s amplifiers during a macro ring error using power PMAC Ethercat. I was assigned to diagnose customer data error logs by utilizing Matlab, Visual Basic and IBM Rational Team Concert to create CRs and modify the software accordingly. I preformed robotic teaching for new software release and hardware configurations. I worked closely with the senior scientist to resolve customer requests and field issues for Purion tools. I worked with the supplier to improve the reliability of the high voltage ion beam scanner power amplifier. I also redesigned and tested a stepper motor driver card for a three axis robot controller to incorporate replacement parts. I upgraded a Magnetron high voltage power supply and crystal detector power monitor for a Purion ion implant tool.

Throughout my career as an engineer in the aerospace and ion implant industry, I supported internal and external customers by improving the manufacturing yield of the products by statistical process control, modifying circuit functions and replacing obsolete parts according to customer needs. I worked closely with internal customers to implement the changes in the circuit drawings, customers’ manuals and QA approval processes. I performed tests, failure analysis and documented the generated technical data according to engineering policies and procedures. I have participated in the development and reliability testing of circuit boards, controllers, and electro-mechanical assemblies. I have knowledge of high voltage power supply design, laboratory instrumentation and software. I have experience with servo control loop analysis and design. I have robotics experience with motors, encoders and controllers. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, a strong track record of results, and problem solving skills. I enjoy working with customers and engineers. I have worked with product development, manufacturing, sales and product field support to bring products to market and to support the products.

I resigned from my engineering position at GE aircraft engines in Lynn, Massachusetts in 2001 because of my husband’s job in Tucson and our daughter’s birth. During the past fifteen years I have been busy raising our daughter and doing community outreach work with her schools, Girl Scouts STEM program and teaching.

I hope this summary is helpful. Please contact me if you need any additional information. Thank you for your consideration.


Farah Bates

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