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Commissioning Engineer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
August 31, 2017

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PIN CODE - 402107


Educational Qualification:

Completed Bachelor’s program Engineering in Mechanical from National Integrated Institute of management & engineering in 2010 to 2013.

Completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. Polytechnic College, Pen, Mumbai University in the year 1999-2000.

Completed H.S.C. (Science) from Private High School & Jr. College, Pen, Mumbai Board with Second Class in the year 1996-1997.

Completed S.S.C.from Private High School, Pen, Mumbai Board with 75.14% in the year 1994-1995.

Completed a 30-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course in Construction Safety & Health (OSHA).

Good Knowledge of Windows98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, MS Office 2000, Internet.

Completed MSCIT (Course of Maharashtra Govt.) with 54 marks. Summary

Worked for Petofac in ORPIC OMAN project as Sr.Commissioning Supervisor (process) from 6 June 2016 to 11 June 2017.

Worked for JGC though Velosi as Commissioning SUPERVISOR (process) from 1 OCT 2014 to 14 March 2015.

Worked for Qatar Petroleum through energy technical services as Start-up Supervisor from 13 April 2014 to 15 may 2014.

Worked for Maa’den Aluminum Cast House through Samsung Saudi Arabia as Commissioning Engineer from 15th AUG 2012 to till 22 Oct 2013

Worked for TAREER SHUTDOWN 2012 as Mechanical Supervisor From 26 Jan 2012 to 18 Apr 2012.

Worked for QSGTL plant as commissioning supervisor for THC (TOYO HUNDAI CONSORTIUM) from 5 Nov 2010 to 2 Feb 2011.

Worked for Oman Lng Sur plant as maintenance executive with vendor from 27 May to 25 June 2010.

Worked for Saudi Aramco with KAUST Project as commissioning Mechanical Technician under Al-Hugayet Contracting Est. from 1st April, 2009 to 31 March 2010.

Worked with BOROUGE as MECHANICAL SUPERVISOR through TECNIMONT from 11th MAY 2008 To 11th JAN 2009.

Worked with QATAR FARTILISER (QAFCO) as MECHANICAL FOREMAN through QCON from 23OCT 2007 to 26 NOV 2007.

Worked with Merco (AL-OSAIS INTERNAIONAL HOLDING CO.) as a Mechanical Technician/ Foreman in Plant Maintenance Division from 18th Aug.2005 to 20th Aug 2007 in SAUDI ARABIA.

Worked with Khaitan Agro Ltd., as a structural fabricator on solvent extraction plant in Ratlam in MP. From 2nd June 2005 to 10th Aug. 2005.

Worked with PitleEngg. Private Ltd., as as machine assembly and alignment fitter for Continuous Galvanizing Line(CGL) in Gujrat from 25th Jan. 2005 to 30th May 2005.

Worked with RSB Engg. As a Mechanical Technician recently completed dismantling coding, packing, loading ACHANBANCH 4 HI COLD ROLLING MILLinAluminumAfrica Ltd., Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania from 5th Oct. 2004 to 8th Dec. 2004.

Worked with Dassnagar Precision Engg. Pvt. Ltd .in National Steel Indore as Hydraulic Technician from 1st Aug. 2004 to 10th Sep. 2004.

Worked with Technological engineering contractors for Ispat Metallic India Ltd. In coal injection plant as a structure fabricator from 25th May 2004 to 28th July. 2004.

Worked with Ispat Metallic India Ltd. From 10th Oct. 2002 to 24th May 2004 as a Maintenance Technician in Hot roll mill.

From Jan.8th 2002 to Oct. 9th 2002 working for Ispat Metallic India ltd. Dolvi. Through prigoengg. As a plant MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN (operation & maintenance) Consisting.

Working with Alta Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Khopoli. As a shift Engg. of14. Aug 2000 to13 Aug. 2001 DETAILS OF EXPERIENCE


Designation Sr. Commissioning supervisor (Process) Job Period 06 June 2016 TO 11 June 2017.

Job Responsibility

Pre–commissioning and commissioning of various sizes of pipeline as like flushing/blowing, Steam blowing, chemical cleaning, neutralization & dry out the system, leak test, purging, cold circulation & start-up with thorough understanding of process and P&ID for complex process plants and utilities/offsite facilities. Pre-commissioning activities like as Pipelines dry-out, N2-Hi leak test, purging and commissioning likewise cold hydrocarbon circulation, mark-up P&ID for Pre-Comm. and commissioning of pipelines, columns, HP vessels, Sieve Dryers, KO drums, flares, pumps trial and mechanical test runs & performance test. Reviewing the ITRs inspection, tests and records, OTPs – operating test procedures and interface with the mechanical commissioning checklists. Air blowing and reinstatement fully in compliance with specifications, tightness testing, start-up of process equipments, hydrocarbon separation and fractionation including steam and gas turbine drivers.carry out detailed plant checkout against engineering, PFD, P&ID, rotating equipment installation and maintenance, ensure equipment preservation procedures, preparing equipment list, lube oil schedule, preparation of marked up system scope P&IDs, preparation of equipment lists, line diagrams, data sheets, utilities summaries, metallurgy diagrams,Operations readiness and assurance issues between operations personnel and construction personnel, Interface and provide clarification and guidance and technical support to construction engineers provide startupassistance.conduct internal joint disciplines walk downs of systems prior to Client official walk down, ensure equipment calibration and certification, cathodic protection, participate in risk assessment, review operations manual and standard operating procedures and on time project completion.utility consumption, firewater system, water treatment plant, nitrogen generation and utilities,prepare equipment list, lube oil schedule, precommissioning and commissioning check sheets,review vendor documents, materials of construction, coatings, linings, CP, internal & external monitoring, chemical treatment associated with oil & gas facilities, punch list generation and clearing, log minor discrepancies in punch list for future reference, interface and regularly meet with client and vendor representatives.Rotating equipment installation and maintenance ensure equipment is being preserved as per the preservation procedure, mobilization of men and equipment, site organization, functional testing, reliability & performance test run, successful on-time project completion. Function test and Performance Test of Boiler, Desalination, De-Mineralized Water system, Fire Water system, Air compressors.Line checks, Punch listing. Cleaning & water flushing of pipelines.Air Blowing, Rupturing, Reinstatement, Inerting, System leak test. Equipment Mechanical Test runs, water runs, wet function tests .Internal function test & Final walk through with client.Implementation of site LOTO Program Isolating systems and equipment.Developing LOTO Clearance boundaries using P&Ids.Isometrics, Electrical Diagrams, and vendor drawings to determine the proper procedure and sequence for isolation.Assuring proper application of locks and tags and controlling LOTO keys.Assuring proper compilation and completion of all LOTO paperwork, Logs, Logbooks and electronic databases.Coordinate and monitor LOTO activities with Construction, Commissioning, HSEC, the owner and subcontractors Company JGC

Designation Commissioning Supervisor (Process)

Job Period 01 OCT2014 TO 14 March 2015

Job Responsibility

Air blowing preparation &execution according given test package marked P&ID. Air blow points inspection (PIN) conducting with PMT & OED. After blowing inspection Reinstatement activities by PMT support team follow up. Mechanical isolation (MIDC) preparation & implementation for air freeing & air drying for given test package. Marked up line up checking for ir freeing & air drying. Nitrogen hose connection according check valve (NRV) direction existing in given test package. Conducting inspection With PMT & OED for air freeing & air drying. Performing step back 5x5 & LMRA before every activity. Conducting TSTI with workforce every day.

SIMOPS PTW preparation & Attending meeting with SIMOPS PTW coordinator. PMC PTW preparation & obtaining it from PMC PTW coordinator. Scaffolding request preparation & follow up for PMC activities. Temporary defeat for control valves for PMC activities preparation & follow up with JGC instrument dept. For utilities usages attending interface meeting every day. Interface with area lead supervisor of Train 1 &2 for PMC activities. Columns, flash drum, KO drum preservation until client handover. Pump suction stainer with temporary start up sieve installation & inspection carried out by PMT & OED. Pump MTR preparation & implementation according approved procedure. Condition monitoring & recording during Pump MTR.

Pump mechanical seal barriedfuild filling in seal pots & nitrogen back up pressure filling & maintaining. Pump preservation according to approved procedure until handover. Red blind deviation for fuel gas IN document preparation implementation. Vendor support for furnace refactory dry out activities. Firefighting line network air blowing & water flushing & sprinklers testing carried out. Centrifugal compressor Lube oil skid PMC activities. Blind list preparation & implementation for catalyst loading in C1, C2, and C3 treator. Catalyst loading post preservation until client handover carried out. Company.Seef QP

Designation Start-up Supervisor

Job Period 13 April 2014 TO 15 May2014

Job Responsibility

Blind list preparation &approval from client for confine space vessel entry in Benzene column. Client HSE walk down for vessel entry preparation. Safely Manhole opening & creating fresh air draft inside column by using air operated fan &ventury installation. Conducting internal inspection safely by client & third party inspector. Removal of damage tray segments, down comer,beam& distributor. Column internal hydro jetting cleaning & scaffolding erection. Segregation of damaged tray segments & sending to denting dept. New tray installation & conducting inspection by client QC & third party inspector. Conducting final box up inspection & final box up according HSE procedure. Service utility station pipeline hot work.

Reboiler supporting plate replacement inside column hot work CompanyMaa’denAluminum Smelter

Designation Commissioning Engineer (Cast House)

Job Period 15 AUG 2012 TO 22 Oct 2013

Job Responsibility

Natural Gas line network air blowing & air freeing by nitrogen . LPTT of natural gas line network by nitrogen on 7 bar. Plant air network air blowing with target inspection on PMT presence & LPTT on 7 bar. Co2 &Ar storage tank & their evaporator LPTT by nitrogen on 7 bar. Co2 &Ar tank shell vacuum checking with Torr meter. Ar tank shell vacuum creating by portable vacuum pump up to 350 torr. First fill in Ar& Co2 tank according vendor procedure. Chiller pipe line HPTT up to 25 bar by nitrogen with chiller vendor. NH3 charging in chiller preparation & execution in presence of chiller vendor Potable, cooling & process water network flushing & passivation. Cooling water emergency overhead tank flow adjustment. Water cooling plant flushing & passivation.

Ingot casting vendor BEFESA, pre commissioning machine adjustment mechanical support, pneumatic network air blowing & adjustment for cylinders movement.

Weighing scales & overhead cranes inside CAST HOUSE calibration work support to VELOSI & SASO. Billet casting vendor HEARWITCH hydraulic network tuning & pneumatic network mechanical work support. Hydraulic valve stand rectification work according vendor S/V. Slab casting VDC vendor WAGSTAFF pre commissioning work support. Billet holding furnace refractory dry outup to 800 degree Celsius. Billet holding furnace entry blind list preparation & LOTO. Blind list preparation for client hand over.

Chlorine gas line network chemical cleaning according to chlorine institute standards. Purple tag walk down punch list preparation & closing.(Mechanical Completion). Gray tag walk down punch list preparation & closing.9practical completion). Hot Commissioning in cast house by ALCOA supporting work. Spare part list for Operation handover to Ma’aden Operation. LOTO preparation & application for initial energiation of gasline,waterline,airline. Maintaining LOTO practice according PMT BECHTEL procedure. Co-ordination for punch clearing with construction & client. Reviewing of pre-commissioning scenarios and material list for pre-commissioning such as sacrificial valves, quick opening valves, temporary spools, temporary silencers, temporary strainers, etc. Checking for readiness of mechanical completion dossiers of systems, accordingly with QA&OC system, in collaboration with others departments and client representatives.

Review of pre Commissioning sequence detailed pre commissioning activities like leak test, pump solo run, cooling tower fan solo run-in collaboration with others departments and vendor’s representatives. Support vendor’s representative to carry of pre commissioning test and during start-up. Reviewing & updating pre commissioning plan accordingly with QA&QC system and client standards. Preparing inspection and test reports for pre-commissioning activities and forwarding to Pre comm. Manager and QA&QC Manager for review, comments, approval and integration in QA&QC plan for pre-commissioning. Estimation of manpower, equipment’s and materials necessary for each activity.Forwarding to management for approval and to construction contractor.

Reviewing and checking of materials, chemicals inventory for pre commissioning activities and spare parts from equipment suppliers.

Developing database of punch item for commissioning department; update and tacking of it; forwarding of items to Punch List Coordinator for integration in Project Punch System, Assure technical assistance for commissioning and start-up of units on request of client operation group. Company. TAKREER ADNOC


Job Period 26 JAN 2012 TO 18 APR 2012

Job Responsibility

Pre-Shutdown Planning preparation of schedules, Tools & Tackles, materials (including spares), blinds (boiler makers), test fittings & gauges, assessment of manpower requirement, scaffolding requirement, provision of identification tags for repair / replacement, etc. Execution of pre-shutdown overhauling of stand-by machineries/equipments. Shutdown Planning preparation of daily job list, manpower planning, job's follow up, preparation of Daily Report, updating the Master Schedule & Schedule Charts, attending shutdown review meetings, preparation of daily report, preparation of Actual Schedule, etc.

Shutdown Maintenance Activities execution of maintenance activities as per schedule and daily job list, fixing up the priorities, continuous follow up of jobs, materials arrangement (spares, tools, etc), coordinating with the other service departments for fabrication, machining, etc.

Post Shutdown Reporting preparation of shutdown reports, actual schedule charts & master schedule, delay analysis for the delayed activities, review of spares consumed, failure analysis reports for major. Hands-on experience in Blind to Blind maintenance of exchanger including, blinding, opening of covers, tube pulling, tube expansion, tube insertion, leak testing, tube plugging by seal weld/hammering, box-up and DE blinding. Fabrication/Erection of Steel structures.

Experience in hydro testing/pneumatic/nitrogen testing of tubes. Exposure to DP Testing and Other types of NDT Test. Able to read process drawings(PID/PFD), MIG and Arc welding. Preparing Job Completion Report & Site Handover to Project/Plant Personnel. Ability to supervise a multi-national workforce.



Job Period 5 NOV 2010 to 02 FEB 2011

Job Responsibility

Carried out inspection for MRT of pumps with client. Preservation of pumps up to handover to company.

Pre MRT checklist preparation.

Document preparation for inspection.

Condition monitoring within pump MRT.

Spring support adjustment & released.



Job Period 27MAY 2010 to 26 JUNE 2010

Job Responsibility--

Handling technique of technical worker.

Spading means isolation for reciprocating compressor for its maintenance Preparation lockout & tag out for maintenance job. Conducting bump test for piston.

Conducting run out test for piston rod

Checking gap between piston rings & cylinder head

Replacement of crosshead sliding plates

Suction & discharge valves replacement

Company Saudi Armco with KAUST Project

Designation Commissioning Mechanical Engineer

Job Period 1st April 2009 to 31 March 2010.

Job Responsibility:

Coordinating construction of the project on site and ensure smooth running of all on site tasks. Acting as a link between the on-site project team subcontracted operatives. Coordinating the construction of the project on site on a daily basis. Interacting and have regular communication/updates with the commissioning Armco engineer on site progress, raising any issues of concern, etc.

Reviewing all drawings, RFI’s where required, via the contractor, to establish sufficient information to construct. Site Diary is updating and reviewing on a daily basis. Implementing strict adherence to safety rules and regulations on a daily basis. Dialoging with all subcontractors to ensure the program is compliedto. Providing input to the Armco commissioning engineer on Weekly Progress reports and assessing them against the project schedule.

Inspecting requests for work completed.

Checking of work is executed according to contract specifications, approved design drawings, agreed procedures, and method statements.

Checking all installations in preliminary stage.

Reviewing all documentation and drawings to ensure all documentation is kept up to date on site. Company BOROUGE-2 ADNOC UAE


Job Period 11th MAY 2008 to 11th JAN 2009

Job Responsibility

Reports to the Construction Manager and deputizes as the senior representative from site. Oversees and provides advice regarding the work activities performed by .site based organization and the Third Party Inspection Monitors the Construction activities in the field from a performance management perspective against requirements. Reviews method statements, plans, schedules and procedures. Participates in site safety audits.

Witness key hold points during construction on an as-required basis. Chairs the Weekly Progress and HSE Meetings .

Assists in the handover of systems to the Commissioning team Company . QATAR FARTILISER (QAFCO)


Job Period 23 OCT 2007 to 26 NOV 2007

Job Responsibility

Replacement of tube heat exchanger.

Replacement of casing of air blower.

Replacement of butterfly valve 12”14”.

Replacement of gate valve 12”14”.

Fabrication of 80th schedule pipe 12”14”.

Handling technique of technical worker.

Rectification of heavy scheduled pipe according to drawing. Replacement of tube bandle of tube heat exchanger. Company Merco (AL-OSAIS INTERNAIONAL HOLDING CO.)

Designation Mechanical Foreman

Job Period 18th Aug.2005 to 20th Aug 2007

Job Responsibility

Pump house periodic and breakdown maintenance.

R.O. Water treatment plant schedule maintenance.

Boiler house periodic and breakdown maintenance.

Nitrogen gas storage tank maintenance.

Maintaining warehouse log sheet.

Cracking reactor agitator maintenance.

Cooling reactor agitator maintenance.

Cracking and cooling reactor annual chemical cleaning. Gearbox maintenance.

Forklift operating and maintenance.

Company Khaitan Agro Ltd

Designation structural fabrication Supervisor

Job Period 2nd June 2005 to 10th Aug. 2005.

Job Responsibility

Checking fabrication drawing.

Preparing Bill Of Material according to drawing.

Fabricate erection MKD according to drawing.

Inspection of each fabricated item according to drawing. Erection of fabricated item according to erection drawing Company PitleEngg. Private Ltd

Designation Installation Supervisor

Job Period 25th Jan. 2005 to 30th May 2005.

Job Responsibility

Checking the foundations pockets according to the erection drawing. Assembly the machines parts according to the assembly drawing. Erect the machines, level the machines according to the erection drawing. Checking the swing of each roller of each machine to pass line given in the drawing. Fabrication & erection of hydraulic pipeline network. Fabrication & erection of pneumatic pipeline network. Commissioning total line.

Company Aluminum Africa Ltd., Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Designation Mechanical Supervisor

Job Period 5th Oct. 2004 to 8th Dec. 2004.

Job Responsibility

Checking through points and center points and preparing drawing. Checking levels of different rolls and preparing drawing. Removing oil and coolant (oil) from lubrication network. Checking distance between different couplings.

Dismantling rotating machines from their prime movers. Assembled machines parts.

Loading all parts of 4 hi aluminum rolling mill in container. Company Dassnagar Precision Engg. Pvt. Ltd

Designation Mechanical Supervisor

Job Period 1st Aug. 2004 to 10th Sep. 2004.

Job Responsibilities

Estimating total length of the pipe according to network drawing. Hydraulic drawings reading.

Fabrication of hydraulic lines.

Errection of hydraulic lines.Commissioning of the hydraulic network. Company Ispat Metallic India Ltd (Technological engineering contractor) Designation Mechanical Supervisor

Job Period 25th May 2004 to 28th July. 2004.

Job Responsibilities

Sorting Material according to construction drawing. Preparing bill of material according to drawing.

Fabricate items following drawing.

Preparing templates for similar items.

Inspection of items fitted by fitters according drawing. Preparation for mobilizing fabricated items from yard to sight. Erection of fabricated items according to erection drawing. Company Ispat Metallic India Ltd

Designation Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Job Period Jan.8th 2002 to 24th May 2004.

Job Responsibilities

Hydraulic Piping leakage removing; fabricating new pipeline network according layout diagram. Coolant system back flushing.

Heat exchange replacement. (tube exchanger, plate exchanger) Hydraulic pump (Gear pump) disassembly, assembly, alignments, test run. Hydraulic valves refurbishment installation &it’s hydraulic testing. Hydraulic oil refurbishments by oil purifier.

Hydraulic hose connection.

Company Alta Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Khopoli

Designation Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Job Period 14. Aug 2000 to13 Aug. 2001

Job Responsibilities

Maintenance of ball mill reactor, centrifuge, centrifugal pump,electricaldryer,pneumaticdryer,rollermill,fire tube boiler,reciprocatingpump,reciprocatingcompressor,glass lined reactor Personal Details :

Date of Birth 11th Feb., 1980

Sex Male

Contact No. (Residence) +91-922*******

Permanent Address BehindRajhans Bldg. Dev Ali, Pen, Dist :Raigad, 402107

Nationality Indian

Languages Known English,Marathi,Hindi

E-Mail ID

Passport No. K4308124

Passport Valid Up to 05/06/2022


Dial indicator alignment

Master base level

Machine base alignment

Auto level alignment

Reverse based alignment

Rim & face alignment

I assure you that all the information given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge can be supported with relevant certificate in original as and when required.


(Nilesh R. Kajbaje)

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