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Sql Server Data

Huntersville, North Carolina, 28078, United States
August 31, 2017

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Professional Profile:

Over ** years of solid Object-Oriented event-driven development, analysis, programming, coded, system design, implementation, maintenance and training

Over 14 years of experience developing on the .NET Platform (both Web-forms and

Win-forms), SQL server, Oracle, Pervasive databases with technologies like Javascript, Json, AJAX, WPF, WCF, MVC, SSRS and Crystal Report, Also Design on SCRUM/UML, RUP etc.

Strong leader with motivational management style and established credibility for building and retaining highly effective teams and for completing projects on time, and within budget and design specifications

Certifications and Awards:

SCRUM MASTER Certification from Scrum-Alliance for AGILE Analysis/Design systems - 2015

MCP Microsoft Certificate for Designing and Developing ASP.NET App. Using .NET 3.5 – 2012

RUP (Rational Unified Process) – 2012

Security in Application – 2012

SharePoint Administration - 2011

SQL-Server Administrating & Programming - 2007

ITIL 3.0 - 2011

ISO 9000 International Industrial Management Organization - 1996





SCRUM - Agile

SQL Server







Dynamic Data




Visual Basic 6~2013




Stored Procedures




Crystal Reports


IIS Mngmnt


Web Services




Software Project Mngmnt




Business Analysis




Visual FoxPro


Consultant, Developer and Team Leader

Bank Of America (Tata Consultancy Services) (Feb 2013 – Present )

DQ - AML - Merrill Lynch, BOA Network

DataMart & EdgeWare, DQ (Data Quality), Charlotte NC (Nov 2016 – Present ) SQL, VB, C#

DataMart (Merrill Customer), EdgeWare (EdgeODS, EdgeOPS, EdgeMIME, Data Quality programing & control on the Data Transfer from different Sources with WALL-E and else, data stale, scheduled or/and excluded made thru data aging system (EDGE-RUNNER), controlling on everyday transfer, exclusion on Holidays or Day-After-Holidays. Controlling on Staled data time and all different rules like mandatory or unique fields in EdgeRunner.

BOA – AML (Anti Money Laundry), Charlotte NC (Apr 2016 – Nov 2016) – WireWatch & CheckWatch Team, With SSIS, SQL Server, Tera Data, C# - Design, Develop, test for Migration of Packages, Stored Procedures and Triggers. Also generating tools, REST-Client, Report Generator, User Check on Active Directory and else.

Merrill Lynch - BOA, P,mngton NJ (July 2015 – Apr 2016) – C#, AngularJS, Javascript, SQL-Server, MLIF Studio. Design, Develop, test and production support of Marketing Systems (Lead Management System), on the Merrill Lynch environment. Database, back-end services and user interfaces.

Merrill Lynch – BOA, Pennington, NJ – ML Benefits Online (Aug 2014 – July 2015)

Designed, coded, implemented, production support and, tested systems on the Merrill Lynch Benefits Online, JavaScript C#.Net, VB.Net, VBScript, AngularJS, JQuery, HTML, XML.

Support, debug, test and Extended existing systems on the Benefits online, also generating separate packages on relate fields, like XML manipulations, Monitoring sites status with the aid of Sym-Console and other tools, IIS Log Analyzer, Servers Performance Analyzer as well as Debugging and Solving all the issues on the existing Merrill Lynch Benefits Online systems, with the help of Tools like Fiddler, Log-Parser, Perf-Mon or else. We’ve designed, implemented and tested migration of all systems on the benefits Online, on the basis of encoding all data for anti-hacker migration process. It was implemented and tested successfully during this period of time, with accordance of importance of the topic for Bank Of America generally and Merrill Lynch Specifically. Also generating system on Auto Testing all sites and handling of required servers and passing user/pass for auto-checking all related sites fast and easy.

BOA Network, Atlanta, GA – Designed, coded, production support and implemented systems on the BOA environment and network, JavaScript VBScript, HTML, XML, PERL script.

Deployed and production supported packages throughout the network (servers, workstations, tablet and including but not limited to other devices like printers, scanners, etc.) and across seven different time zones of United States. Worked as the team leader managing groups of up to 8 people including local and off-shore staff delivering projects of various levels.

Bank of America Automation Network and Configuration Management with Perl and VBScript

Creating number of routines detecting logons as well as customization of Windows, network resources, authorities, available programs and generating required alerts, warning. Generating consolidated reports on hardware, software, operations, users with latest status.

Windows certification system - ICert (VBScript, JavaScript, HTML),Testing various components of the operating system (Windows) which is required after every package/program installation, to detect for proper working operation of Windows. I managed to migrate this program from Win XP, updated it thoroughly and created many new extensions and generated a detailed log in html format.

QST (Quick Service Terminal) – Worked as the first lead on the QST project managing 9 members project team (4 developer, 5 support, as well as coordination with local and off-shore staff) as the key team of 6 overall teams of 30+ people under general supervision of Bank of America environment. We played a major role in the project starting with the preparation of servers, workstations and tablets across the network, checking, pushing programs and finalizing the groundwork and preparations (installing packages, services and finalizing them without error, JavaScript, HTML, VB script, PERL script). Detecting latest status, problems, triage and addressing issues and making sure the projects behave well for each and every user and be the first contact point for every problem; escalating issues, gathering information, finding the reasons, the solutions and executing them for achieving the final results from the beginning of the project to its end.

Developer, Analyst and Team Leader

Snap Media Studio, Irvine, CA – Integrated Media Marketing solutions (Jun 2011 – 2013 )

Designed, coded, implemented various platforms such as .Net 3.5-4.0, SQL-Server 2008-2012, JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, AngularJS, JQuery, XML, Win Forms (WPF and ASP.Net on Dynamic Data for agile starting systems) as well as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), T-SQL and Crystal Reporting

Maintaining client network’s database servers, SharePoint, inclusive of Intranet and Extranet zones, Data Flows of office procedural data, creating inventory/asset custom reports on SSRS and Crystal Reports, Sales Analysis (BI, SSAS). Worked with end user to create a Web service application from the initial customer engagement and needs analysis and project architecture MVC, handling services (WCF - backend), user interfaces design (UI), to planning, project management and job assignment to outsourced team members as well as implementation/deployment to final delivery/sign-off. Conducting product/solution training for in-house as well as client staff.

Development of POS as well as Commerce sites based on customer requirements.

OOP/OOD – Implemented performance enhancements OOD/OOP improvements to existing code base.

Designed and implemented inventory system utilizing modern OOD/OOP design patterns.

Designed components with Factory Model and Abstract Factory OOD patterns.

ASP.Net – Writing the code using ASP.NET.

Developed Web forms in ASP(Active Server Pages)

Developed Web forms for creating and updating invoice templates in ASP.Net, C#.Net utilizing

the power of Microsoft .NET Framework.

Involved in migration of some websites from ASP to ASP.NET.

Maintaining and developing components on an n tier service oriented architecture using

Hands on ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.

Designed & Developed ASP.NET User Controls

HTML, Java script, CSS – Coding, styling, testing of reusable javascript, CSS3, html5, widgets/libraries of UI controls

Implementation of javascript coding standards and design patterns for maintenance/performance

WCF – Design and implemented WCF Services (Service contract, Operation Contracts, data contract)

Written WCF service framework from scratch with latest and technology WCF, C# 4.0, LINQ.

Designed, developed, tested and maintained enterprise level N-Tier, WCF, .NET/C#,

Entity Framework, SQL Server applications,

C# – Designed user interfaces using Asp.Net 3.5 with C# and WPF

Used LINQ, Lambda Expressions extensively for reading/constructing xml from objects/collections.

Developed Web Forms for User Interfaces using ASP.NET and C#.NET using Server Controls, HTML- Controls and User Controls.

ADO.Net Writing data base controls using Data tier with ADO.NET.

Worked extensively with Data Adapter, Dataset, Data reader as to access/update database. Used ADO.NET to connect to the SQL Server database.

Entity Framework Developed using ADO.NET Entity Framework, Code First.

Used the ADO.Net Entity Framework for doing the data manipulating activities.

SQL Server – Created tables, stored procedures, triggers and views in SQL Server2000

Written stored procedures, triggers, views extensively using SQL in SQL SERVER 2008

Create and optimized the performance of various Sql scripts, SProc, triggers, UDFs, CTSs.

Reviewing SQL Profiler calls to establish proper indexes on tables.

Effectively wrote SQL queries on the service side to fetch data

Developer, Analyst

Secureway, Dubai, UAE - Value Added Distributor of IT Security solutions (Mar 2010 – May 2011)

Designed, coded and implemented a reporting program on the existing legacy financial system (Pervasive database on WPF platform) utilizing .Net 3.5, JavaScript, C#, handling services (WCF - backend), and Crystal reports using XML based forms. Designed T-SQL database and maintained procedures. The outcome provided customized graphic reports supporting financial operations/analysis, strategic planning and sales analysis (BI, SSAS).

Generated routines for data extraction from the CRM system (excel and graphics) and developed custom reports utilizing Crystal Reports.

ADO.Net – Used ADO.NET to access data in SQL Server.

HTML, Java Script – Javascript / AJAX UI upgrades and improvements.

Crystal Reports – Years of experience in Crystal XI /10/9/8.5 and 2008. Worked in various Crystal Environments extracting data from multiple sources, applying several functionalities and used different Data providers like OLEDB, ODBC, etc. Created compelling reports with stunning visualizations using Crystal Reports 2008.

Software Engineer

ObjectJ Inc., San Francisco, CA - Web-based Content Development (Jul 2008 – Mar 2010)

Designed, coded and implemented an Inventory Management System. Barcode based mobile systems (PC/Pocket-PC on Mobile Windows platform), related order/inventory system for managing and maintaining goods, instruments and order/returns management, Utilized .Net 3.5 C#, VB, HTML, AJAX, XML, WPF SQL Server 2008, T-SQL handling services (WCF - backend), user interfaces design (UI), SQL Server Reporting Service(SSRS) giving full parameterized reports with the aid of Dynamic Data. Developing the entire project from the onset; Analyzing, requirements, vision as well as designing various components of the Web Service program, based on portable Pocket-PC. The solution provides a convenient and precise map for locating parts on the shelves (with the aid of barcodes) as well as managing the expiry date and other critical id stamps and product/customer related data for specific client. Handled after sales support, inclusive but not limited to debugging, training and support agreement.

HTML, Javascript – Worked closely on Java front-end developing.

Entity Framework – Developed using ADO.NET Entity Framework, Code First.

Used the ADO.Net Entity Framework for doing the data manipulating activities.

Lead Software Development

Fanavari Co – Medical Equipment Distribution and Service (Aug 1999 – Mar 2008)

Director of Software Development as an integrated Order/Inventory/Warehousing/Finance Management system (money collection integrated) inclusive of Barcode and archive systems. The project started with research and analysis of the existing solutions and elevated to designing and project managing the future roadmap of the solution based on the requirements feedback from the management and key stakeholders in each department. Earlier versions of Visual Studio Version 6 and migrated to the newer technologies on .Net platform 3.5 Visual basic, HTML, AJAX, XML and VB, C# on the Winforms and WPF, working on services (backend), user interfaces design (UI), also Web based reporting system for ease of accessibility for management control and analysis, SQL Server 2008 and SSRS as well as Crystal Reports, sales analysis (BI, SSAS),. Created a very powerful and highly secure Sales processing/Analysis system enabling the company to be able to track every contract, related to their payments, considering each delay and the company expenses, gathering from different activities in transportation, custom, insurance auditing and other department. The solution has very strong security features and provides excellent archiving capabilities for every component of the internal systems.

Designed managed and maintained companies Share-Point Server sites, contents & libraries and provided Intranet Work Flow for Jobs in Different stages & Groups (May 2011)

WCF – MSMQ Services (secure/reliable transport messages between applications in/outside enterprise).

Using C#, designed and developed real-time data (RTD) server/client for Excel, that using WCF

technology communicates with real time custom build internal data server.

Implemented Data Access Layer in WCF (SOA Architecture) using HTTP and SOAP protocol.

Java HTML – Developed web application/website, client-side HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

LINQ – Created LINQ connections to establish data communication accessing data collections.

Used LINQ to establish data communication, displayed it in Repeaters and Datagrid using Dataset.

Implementation of LINQ to SQL for data binding. Used .NET Entity for LINQ to Entities.

Software Team Manager, Developer, Analyst

Eniac-Tech Co – Process Line Factory Automation (January 2003 – January 2007)

Industrial Automation - Designed and developed systems for process lines and inventory management (materials and products):

Textile (Moquette, Garment, Non-Woven, Strings, yarn, Home Appliances (TV, Oven, Frig, Video, etc.), Electrical Wiring, and Machinery, Automobile factories and many more. The systems enabled registering of all the activities inside process lines on Machines, Workers or Auditors and Materials used, as well as Work-Orders and Products made on each step during the assembly/production line.

Provided Barcode based system that enabled registration and follow-up on every movement inside the factory, related to production planning, order management with full control of inventories all powered by Barcodes. The project was designed involving programming with several groups of programmers and developers and site-handlers based on PC/Pocket-PC. It worth noting that due to geographic distribution and remoteness of the sites, it was a real challenging task to design, implement and maintain the solutions and establish and deliver on customer satisfaction benchmarks which we successfully achieved. Working on services (backend), user interfaces design (UI – front end) as well. We worked on .Net 3.5, VB, C#, HTML, CSS, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, SSRS and Crystal reports with Mobile Windows.

Software Developer, Analyst

Different Companies – January 1992 – April 1999 (7 years 4 months)

Over 10 years of System Analysis & Design in different Companies like Chabahar Free Zone Org. (AutoCAD, VB-6, Access, Crystal-Report), National Social Security Organization, Training & presentation system (VB, VFoxpro, Flash, Director, and 3D Max), National Research Center (Projects Data & Manipulation Information Sys. Archive System in DB), Khaneh-Sazi of National Medical Facilities Personal Time Tracking Systems (C++, Turbo Vision, Assembly, DataEAS), Vazesh Engineering Co (G.I.S. (Geographical Information System) with Custom RASTER-TO-VECTOR convertor (AutoCAD, VBasic, C++, Auto LISP), etc.


University of Ferdousi BS, Applied Math in Computer Science

SCI-Arch(Southern California Institute of Architecture) Architecture

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