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Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Microsof

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
August 30, 2017

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**** * ******* * *. I ndianapolis, I N 4 6256



Highly m otivated p rofessional w ith a s trong b usiness a nd t echnical b ackground, g reat o rganizational a ptitude a nd e xcellent communication s kills. S eeking a n o pportunity t o u tilize o ver 1 7 y ears o f b road t echnical, c ross-functional a nd m anagement experience t o p rovide s olution-oriented r esults, w hile c ontinuing t o l earn a nd a dvance i n m y c areer p ath. EXPERIENCE

Remco P roducts C orporation, Z ionsville, I N M arch 2 013 – A ugust 2 017 Corporate S upport D irector

● S ingle h andedly m anaged t wo d epartments o verseeing a ll a spects o f c orporate h eadquarters f acility m anagement a nd I T infrastructure w ith h istory o f c ompleting p rojects o n t ime a nd a t o r u nder b udget.

F acilities M anagement

o M anaged c apital i mprovement a nd m aintenance r elated a ctivities w ithin t he f acility. o W orked w ith c ontractors o n a ll g eneral a nd p reventative m aintenance, r epairs, g rounds u pkeep, a nd o verall u pkeep o f t he building a nd s urrounding p roperty.

o D eveloped a nd m aintained r elationships w ith v endors, n egotiated p ricing, a nd d eveloped s copes o f w ork f or p rojects a nd improvements.

o W orked c losely w ith g eneral c ontractor o n t he r e-design, l ayout a nd e xecution o f a n 8,000 s .f. r emodel a nd e xpansion.

I nformation T echnology

o M aintained a nd u pdated a ll c ritical i nformation s ystems a nd p rovided i ndividual e mployee h ardware a nd s oftware s upport. o D eveloped, m anaged a nd d ocumented a ll t echnology i mprovement p rojects. o I dentified, r esearched a nd p urchased e nterprise s ystem s olutions, s oftware a nd e quipment. o P rovided a ssistance a nd s upport o nboarding n ew e mployees i nto o ur s ystems b ased o n e mployee r ole. o M onitored a nd m aintained s ystem b ackups t o e nsure d ata i ntegrity. o I nstalled n ew s oftware r eleases, p atches a nd s ystem u pgrades. Republic A irways, I ndianapolis, I N M arch 2 010 t o M arch 2 013 Human R esources I nformation S ystems M anager

● M anaged d ay-to-day o perations, s upporting 1 2,000 u sers, f or t he c ompany’s U ltiPro E nterprise S ystem, t he o rganization’s s trategic end t o e nd H uman R esources M anagement a nd P ayroll s ystem.

● W orked c losely w ith a ll l evels o f m anagement r egarding b enefits, p ayroll, e mployee r elations, c ompliance a nd r ecruiting.

● B usiness I ntelligence L ead a nd S ubject M atter E xpert u tilizing C ognos 7 a nd C ognos 8 p latforms.

● S ystems A dministrator f or S tanley O nGuard a nd S onitrol s ecurity s ystems p roviding d oor a ccess a nd s ecurity f or a dministration and h angar f acilities.

● M anaged i ntegration o f F rontier A irlines O racle s ystem i nto S QL e nvironment d ue t o t he a cquisition o f t wo a dditional a irlines, adding o ver 5,700 e mployees t o t he o rganization.

● C onducted p ost-merger r eview a nd r esearch o f c urrent a nd c ompeting B usiness I ntelligence t echnologies i ncluding C ognos, O racle, MicroStrategy a nd S AP C rystal R eports.

● U tilized a s r esource f or d ay-to-day i nformation s ystems t rouble-shooting b ased o n p ast e xperience a nd k nowledge. D&S I nvestments, N ew W hiteland, I N M arch 2 007 t o S eptember 2 009 Director o f P roperty M anagement a nd C ommercial A ssets

● R eported d irectly t o t he P resident a nd C EO o f t he o rganization.

● D irected a ll a spects o f p roperty m anagement f or 1 7 c ommercial p roperties c ontaining o ver 6 50,000 s quare f eet.

● M anaged a ll a spects o f p roperty m arketing i ncluding t he r e-design o f c ompany’s w ebsite a nd a ll p ublications.

● R educed o verall o perating c osts b y 1 2 p ercent b y s uccessfully r e-negotiating a nnual c ontracts a nd c ontractor r ates.

● O versaw m aintenance a nd u pkeep o f p rivate a nd p ublic a spects o f a ll p roperties, i ncluding f acilities a nd v endor/supplier relationships.

● M anaged t enant i mprovement p rojects a s l arge a s 1 8,000 s quare f oot c ustom b uild-out.

● R e-designed m ain o ffice n etwork a nd c reated c entralized d ata s torage t o i ncrease e mployee e fficiency u tilizing W indows S erver 2003.

● N etwork a dministrator r esponsible f or a ll c omputer, n etwork, a nd w ebsite r elated a spects o f t he e nterprise. One A merica, I ndianapolis, I N A ugust 2 003 t o M arch 2 007 Network A nalyst T eam L ead, E nd U ser S ervices

● M anaged a t eam o f e leven n etwork a nalysts.

● P roject m anager a nd t echnical f ield l ead r esponsible f or d eployment o f W indows 2 000 S erver, M icrosoft E xchange S erver a nd V PN network i nfrastructure t o 5 1 r egional s ales o ffices.

● L ead n etwork a nalyst f or m ore t han 3 00 r emote e mployees.

● E nd U ser S ervices t echnical f ield l ead o n t he e nterprise i mplementation o f a s ecured n etwork l inking n ational h eadquarters a nd a ll regional o ffice l ocations.

● M anaged h ardware a nd s oftware i nventory f or a sset t racking p urposes.

● D eveloped p olicies, p rocedures a nd t raining m aterials t o i mprove t echnical e fficiency o f r emote s ales s taff.

● M aintained e nterprise k nowledge b ase t o a ssist i n i ssue t racking a nd r esolution. Beacon S ervices, L LC., I ndianapolis, I N J une 2 002 – M ay 2 003 Client S ervices C onsultant

● S erved a s o nsite t echnical c onsultant t o B eacon c lients r egarding a ll a spects o f n etwork i nfrastructure, c onnectivity a nd b oth b asic and a dvanced t roubleshooting f or a ll B eacon S ervices c lients.

● P roject m anager a nd t echnical l ead r esponsible f or d eveloping, i mplementing, a nd m anaging h elpdesk o perations f or c lient services.

● D eveloped p olicies a nd p rocedures f or B eacon M edical M anagement t o i mprove c ustomer s ervice b oth i nternally a nd e xternally.

● D eveloped r eporting c apabilities, a t t he e xecutive l evel, f or m anaging a nd m aintaining c lient d atabases a nd g eneral b usiness operations. P entaStar C ommunications, I ndianapolis, I N J anuary 2 001 – O ctober 2 001 C onsultant/Account E xecutive

● S erved a s o utside t echnical s ales c onsultant t o A meritech b usiness c ustomers p roviding s olutions f or v oice, d ata, n etwork a nd internet n eeds.

● S erved a s A gent f or t he f ollowing t elecommunications c ompanies: A meritech, C isco, L ucent, N ortel, C omDial, Q west, C able & Wireless a nd G lobal C rossing.

● S erved a s m entor t o 9 n ew-hire c olleagues t o b ring t hem u p t o s peed o n t he f irm’s b usiness p ractices. Verizon, W estfield, I N November 1 999 – J anuary 2 001 Business A ccount M anager, N etwork S ervices

● S ingle p oint o f c ontact f or a ll c ommunication s ervices i ncluding v oice, d ata, n etwork a nd i nternet s olutions f or o ver 4 50 b usiness accounts i n W isconsin, I llinois, I ndiana a nd M issouri.

● C onsulted w ith a nd d esigned c ustom, t otal w ire a nd d ata s olutions p ackages f or c ustomers b ased o n a w ide v ariety o f b usiness needs.

● W orked s ide b y s ide w ith n etwork a nd d ata e ngineers, d atabase p rogrammers, t rainers a nd c ustomer s ervice r epresentatives o n a ll network a pplications p rojects.

● G ained p roficiency i n t he f ollowing c ommunication t echnology: C entrex, L ong D istance, I SDN-BRI, I SDN-PRI, D S0, D S1, D S3, F iber Optics, F rame R elay, A TM, a nd W eb-hosting. SYSTEMS P ROFICIENCY A ND C ERTIFICATIONS

● M icrosoft C ertified S ystems E ngineer ( MCSE)

● M icrosoft C ertified S ystems A dministrator ( MCSA)

● M icrosoft C ertified P rofessional ( MCP)

● E nterprise A pplications a nd P rotocols W indows S erver 2 008/2012, W indows X P/7/8/10 D esktop, A ctive D irectory, M icrosoft Exchange, G oogle E nterprise G S uite

● S oftware M icrosoft O ffice S uite, M icrosoft P roject, D ynamics G P 2 010/2015, M icrosoft S QL 2 008/2012, A dobe A crobat/DC, U ltiPro, Cisco A nyConnect, M cAfee V irusScan E nterprise, S tarship 1 6, v Sync, N odus, C ognos 7 a nd C ognos 8 B usiness I ntelligence, S tanley OnGuard, U ltiPro

● H ardware L enovo, I BM, D ell a nd H P S ervers/Workstations, P C C omponent i nstall/troubleshooting, A S400, F amiliarity w ith C isco Routers/Switches, C isco V PN C oncentrator, F irewalls, S horetel EDUCATION

Ball S tate U niversity, M uncie, I N G raduated M ay 1 999 Bachelor o f S cience i n I nsurance a nd F inance

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