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Engineer Electrical Engineering

Westlake, Ohio, 44145, United States
August 30, 2017

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Ben Carroccio

**** ****** *******

Westlake, Ohio 44145



• Expert-level product design experience including embedded system development

• Extensive experience in testing and documentation of electronic systems utilizing microprocessors, digital and analog circuitry

• Performed as a Project Leader to define, develop new and existing products this included system/information collection, software requirements analysis, design, and code generation, testing and handling customer/installers problems

• Provided documentation of system functionality allowing installers to troubleshoot problems at the customer site

• Self-starter with exceptional skills in identifying problems, recommending and implementing solutions

• Designs have contained asynchronous and universal serial bus interfaces, Ethernet, digital I/O, J1939 CAN, A/D and D/A converters, Wi-Fi module interface and instrumentation circuitry

• Owner/Operator of a software solutions consulting firm providing clients with a vast array of systems solutions


• Cardiac Re-habilitation and remote cardiac monitor

• Radiation Monitoring Systems

• Commercial Vehicles

• Electronic Instrumentation and Metering systems

• Automatic bagging machines

• Automatic Guided Vehicles

• Underwater Vehicles including torpedo and noise making devices

• Autopilot and Fire control systems

• CNC torch cutting machines




HARDWARE: Freescale/Motorola, MOTOROLA (68332, 68HC812, 6502, 6800), TI - MSP430, MicroChip, ATMEL PIC 16X family, INTEL (8051,

8051, 80186, 80188), ZILOG (Z80) TI (7000), TERN boards, Rabbit Z-world single board computer



ENVIRONMENTS: Various IDE (Integrated development environments) including IAR EQUIPMENT

TOOLS: Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, In Circuit Emulators various debuggers, Vector CANalyzer


Software Solutions Inc.

Engineering Consulting

Services Position:


Client: Moen Date: 2/1/2017 to 5/10/2017

Position: Contract Embedded Engineer

Worked on faucet, flush valve and soap dispensers actuated by IR beam to turn on and off water. Developed special faucet for demonstration to Loews and Home Depot.

Client: ScottCare Date: 9/1/2002 to 11/15/2016

Position: Contract, Project Leader.

Developed a holter device for remote monitoring the electrical activity of the heart for up to 30 days including arrhythmias (Tachy, Brady, Pause and Afib). Responsibilities:

• Collected system requirements and analyze devices presently on the market.

• Developed embedded system using Texas Instrument MSP430F2816 microprocessor, including user interface, data acquisition, real time clock, OLED, SD memory card, USB, serial interface and Wi-Fi interface.

• PCB board design and layout.

Total system responsibility for obtaining a solution for interfacing third party receiver/transmitter and printer to PC running client’s application. This system is presently being installed in cardiac rehabilitation centers around the country. Responsibilities:

• Collected system requirements from third party vendors including protocol interface.

• Analyzed performance issues identifying potential problems prior to commitment.

• Responsible for resolving manufacturing, testing and installation problems.

• Wrote algorithms to handle incoming data from receiver and format it for acceptance by application for user interface.

• Designed and wrote firmware using a Rabbit RCM3200 ( including RS232 and Ethernet interface.

• Used Atmel chips as master slave to collect and process incoming data from transmitters and send to Rabbit board.

• Implemented version control using Source Save.

• Placed two engineers at this client site writing Visual Basic applications. TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: ‘C’ and assembler, in circuit emulation using rabbit board from Z-world, debugging/troubleshooting hardware, software and third party equipment.

Client: Bendix Elyria Date: 4/1/2007 – 8/15/2007

Position: Contract Engineer


Worked on Driver Display:

• Adding more modes of operation, processing CAN messages to control driver display including LED’s horn, distance to forward vehicle, following distance in seconds, cruise control on/off and active cruise control on/off.

• CAPTURE event code has been developed which saves 10 triggered events saving vehicle speed and engine hours. Add ABS control event.

• Developed J1939 CAN message to get capture event out of EEPROM

• Code reviewed and checked into MKS

Client: Bendix Elyria Date: 1/30/2012 – 9/30/2012

Position: Contract Engineer


Worked on DIU:

• Added Running hours to display.

• Added displaying vehicle distance instead of engine hours.

• Saving event history in EEPROM.

• Completed the firmware for Lane Departure Warning including documentation.

• Add Construction Zone Option to disable the Lane Departure Warning system momentarily.

• Worked on Radar Alignment screens including processing CAN messages to indicate range of vehicle in front and alignment offset from Radar.

• Code reviewed and checked into MKS

Client: Automated Packaging Systems Date: 3/1/2002 to 9/1/2002 Position: Contract Engineer

Software development of keypad/display/rs232 device drivers for automatic bagging machines developed on custom board.


• Analyzed hardware and software requirements.

• Made suggestions regarding performance issues.

• Designed display screens for user interface.

• Wrote code to interface to keypad and display.

• Installed a design that would allow conversion of text to different languages.

• Provided software documentation for engineers.

TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT Written in ‘C’ and Motorola assembly language using a MC68HC812A4 processor debugging/troubleshooting hardware, software. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering, Ohio University

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