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Winchester, Kentucky, 40391, United States
August 30, 2017

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Diane P opp

**** * *** * **** • W inchester, K Y 4 0391 • d • ( 859-*-**-**** Administrative

Versatile, s elf-directed a dministrative p rofessional e quipped w ith e xtensive h ands-on l eadership, administrative, a nd o rganizational e xperience f or s upporting e xecutive l eadership i n a chieving objectives.

K ey Q ualifications

● Excellent p roject m anagement, w orkflow p rioritization, p resentation p reparation s upport, a nd s pecial event p lanning a bilities f or e fficiently c oordinating t asks a nd f acilitating e ffective o perations.

● Adept i n h andling m ultiple a ssignments a nd h eavy p hone i nteraction i n f ast-paced d eadline-driven settings; a pply a nalytical m indset a nd d ecisive p roblem-solving s trengths t o o vercome c hallenges.

● Meticulous a ttention t o d etail a nd a ccuracy a pplied t o g athering d ata, a nd d rafting a nd m anaging correspondence, d ocumentation, a nnual b udgets, a s w ell a s a ccounting a nd i nventory r ecords.

● Persuasive c ommunicator, a ccomplished i n f ormulating a nd l aunching p romotional m arketing a nd advertising c ampaigns a nd c ultivating p roductive r elationships a cross d iverse m ember p opulations.

● Customer-oriented, c ollaborative t eam l eader e xperienced i n p erforming h uman r esource f unctions and p rocessing c onfidential i nformation w ith i ntegrity. D edicated t o d elivery o f q uality s ervice.

● Type 6 5 w pm w ith c omplete a ccuracy; p roven p roficiency i n o ptimal u tilization o f o ffice a utomation, Windows a nd M ac O S, M icrosoft O ffice S uite ( Word, E xcel, P owerPoint, A ccess, O utlook), F oxPro Inventory, S ynchronics C ounterpoint I nventory, L otus 1 23, J D E dwards, P eachtree A ccounting, Quicken, Q uick B ooks, A S400, S AP a nd p roprietary d atabases. Professional E xperience


Hire, t rain, s upervise, a nd e valuate t eam o f 6 4 i n d ay-to-day w arehouse d istribution o perations directed a t s upplying g lass b ottles f or K entucky D istilleries s uch a s J im B eam, B uffalo T race, B rown Forman a nd M akers M ark. R esponsible f or O perations i n L ouisville a nd F rankfort, K entucky. BUFFALO T RACE D ISTILLERY - F rankfort, K Y PROCESSING C LERK – 2 012 T O 2 014

Responsible f or l iquid i nventory r eceived a nd p rocessed f or r eporting t o G overnment R ecords. Ordered f lavors f or t he p rocessing d epartment o n a t imely b asis b y s tudying f orecasts a nd e nsuring flavors w ere o n h and f or b atches b eing m ixed f or p roduction. UNITED S TATES H UNTER J UMPER A SSOCIATION ( USHJA) – L exington, K Y DIRECTOR O F Z ONES – D ATA & C OMPETITIONS, 2 009 T O 2 012 Continued...

Diane P opp P age 2

● Leverage knowledge of USEF governing body rules to develop improved administrative, operational, and member support and registration activities across 12 national zones for 40,000-member organization with 158,000 horse registrations. Partner with CFO and zone chairs in crafting budgets; oversee 70 promotional affiliate relationships. Communicate, coordinate, and collaborate between 26 committees to organize and implement programs, such as scholarship/grant application and selection processes, event site selection, and drafting of new rules. Answer and route calls on multi-line phone system; schedule conference calls and meetings; maintain meeting minutes. Guide staff of two in administering procurement and shipment of prize awards for competition events and setting criteria for several n ational c hampionship e vents.

● Contributed to growing sport during challenging economic times by innovating new programs and p roactively c ommunicating w ith a nd r esponding t o c urrent m ember n eeds.

● Delivered educational presentations for members at competition events in 10 zones across the U .S;

● Headed award points processing for World Champion Hunter Rider program consisting of over 8 00 m embers a nd 5 0 c ompetitions.

● Supported fully informed decision-making by generating reports, Excel spreadsheets, graphs, and charts based on information gathered from query results, membership, and competitions.

● Ensured timely updates with accurate information by periodically checking websites and notifying z one, a ffiliate, a nd m ember g roups o f a ny i ssues. UNITED S TATES E QUESTRIAN F EDERATION, I NC. ( USEF) – L exington, K Y DIRECTOR – S PORTS D ATA, 2 004 T O 2 009

Directed two departments composed of as many as 20 administrative professionals in timely review, processing, and recording of sports data for 28 breeds and disciplines from 3,000 national competitions. Ensured compliance with international rules; promoted and verified adherence to all regulations; promptly responded to, investigated, and followed up on escalated rules concerns and inquiries. Set up and administered monthly teleconference meetings to facilitate communication between Competition Secretaries Committees; kept and distributed accurate minutes; followed through o n a ssigned p rojects.

● Selected to collaborate with two other staff members on development of curriculum for equine competition online courses in adjunct professor role at University of California (UC) at Davis.

● Enabled improved budget and award planning; generated helpful horse valuation report and aided college students in applying for placement on equestrian teams by collecting and inputting c omprehensive d etails a nd r esults f or n ationwide c ompetitions.

● Decreased staff from 20 to 11 by streamlining operations and automating electronic results, and c ompetition e vent a pplications, a s w ell a s v erifications. UNITED S TATES E QUESTRIAN F EDERATION, I NC – L exington, K Y EXECUTIVE A SSISTANT – P RESIDENT & E XECUTIVE D IRECTOR, 2 001 T O 2 003 Confidentially administered all aspects of executive calendar scheduling; organized semi-annual board meetings and teleconferences for officer and committee meetings. Prepared minutes for all meetings and maintained files. Tracked and logged significant appointments, events, and deadlines, ensuring timely attention to, as well as completion and submittal, of all reports. Reviewed, sorted, Diane P opp P age 3

and distributed incoming postal/digital mail; drafted correspondence. Supported in-house travel agency in planning and booking travel arrangements. Produced monthly financial and management reports; a ssisted w ith f inancial a uditing.

A d ditional E xperience

General M anager D r. B izer’s V aluVision, L exington, K Y Trained, scheduled, and led retail sales and lab staff of 11 in rapidly turning around failing eye/vision care service operations. Assessed and reengineered operational processes and customer service activities t o r eturn s tore t o p rofitability w ithin t hree m onths. Purchasing O fficer S ounds & T hings, L td., G rand C ayman, C ayman I slands, B WI Sourced, negotiated, and procured diverse range of products for retail outlet. Controlled inventory and launched marketing and advertising campaigns to accelerate sales of health and beauty aides from $ 1,200 t o $ 17K e ach m onth a nd h ousewares f rom $ 60K t o $ 101K p er m onth. Diane P opp P age 3

General Manager Assistant Manager / Inventory Control Specialist Gateway Warehouse & Transportation – C artersville, G A & F ort C ollins, C O Promoted and relocated to oversee start up of three new companies. Hired, trained, supervised, and evaluated team of 120 in day-to-day warehouse distribution operations directed at supplying glass bottles for Anheuser Busch brewing facilities. Created, implemented, and documented standard divisional operating procedures (SOPs), job descriptions, and employee safety policies in employee manual.

Corporate L ogistics A nalyst A nchor G lass C ontainer C orporation, T ampa, F L Researched, evaluated, negotiated, secured, and tracked purchase of pallets, transportation services, and warehouse space for 17 glass production plants. Assisted senior management in preparing and administering corporate budget; supported sales; and contributed to organizing leased fleet l ogistics.

Educational B ackground

Completed c oursework i n S panish & F rench w hile s tudying f or B A i n E lementary E ducation UNIVERSITY O F K ENTUCKY – L exington, K Y



Diane P opp P age 4

Charles K oenig, J r.


Gateway T ransportation

Gateway W arehouse

Gateway B rokerage

American S potting C ompany

10009 O ffice C enter A ve. S uite 2 00

St. L ouis, M issouri 6 3128

Phone: 3-14-843-****

Fax: 3-14-843-****

Email: c

Lisa O wens

Assistant E xecutive D irector

United S tates E questrian F ederation, I nc.

4047 I ron W orks P arkway

Lexington, K entucky 4 0511

Phone: 8-59-225-****

Email: l

Steve C urtis

Competition S ervices R esults C oordinator

United S tates E questrian F ederation, I nc.

Winchester, K Y


Email: s

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