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database architect

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
August 30, 2017

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Database Architect:

● Understand business requirements, Design data model, Specify processing flow, review all code

● Data modeling tools: Erwin, Oracle case, Toad, Visio

● Knowledgeable in enterprise performance analysis using OEM, Precise and Quest’s tools

● Expert in SQL level tuning Expert in system design for ease of coding, performance and business use

● 20+ years Oracle database experience in design, development, and production support

● Expert at solving blocking,locking and dead lock problems ( SQL Server)

● Data warehouse experience, OLTP experience, ETL experience, Development experience

● Database upgrade experience 10g 11g 12g, Datacenter migration experience

● Creative problem solver.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Rockland, MA Jan 2017 - March 2017 Role: Database Architect

Description: WaterSuite is a startup spun off an environmental consulting firm. The goal was to build a software product around their GIS presentation tool. They needed to transition the single user system to mutli-user product. Further data had to be loaded ten times faster. Alas contracts were delayed and funding dried up. Responsibilities:

● Database Design and Architecture

● Refactor GIS database code for better performance and simpler use

● Build tools for faster data loading

● Improve API for web based GIS application

● Assisted in testing database and system,

● Agile environment

● Configure Amazon cloud RDS postgres, Integrate db code with javascript and angular libraries Tools: Postgres, Amazon AWS RDS, SQL, database stored procedures, javascript, angularjs, Agile, performance tuning, refactored large amounts of code, GIT, docker, State Street Corp, Boston, MA March 2016 - November 2016 Role: Database Architect


● Database design,

● Design of java interfaces

● Work with offshore team in configuration and running of Golden gate replication, exadata configuration

● Merge a large set of disparate data for traders analysis

● Review database design (data modeling and process controls) of all new database code for our group

● Built automatica database test scripts,

● Team achieved platinum agile certification for database development Tools: Oracle 12g, Exadata, PL/SQL, Erwin, Erwin templates, Golden Gate configuration, SQL database stored procedures, Agile, data warehouse, ETL,data modeling, database performance tuning, production support, Toad, DB Test automation, Business intelligence, Unix/linux batch scripts PNC Finance, Pittsburgh, PA Feb 2010 –Dec 2015

Role: Development DBA / database Architect


● Design (and build) module to move data to an acquired loan accounting system ( EVOLV)

● Facility the integration of two large acquired banks into PNC finance

● Help design and build Non-accrual accounting module

● Integrate code into production environment and controls

● Review database design (data modeling and process controls) of all new database code for our group

● Instruct programmers in database tuning techniques and new DB features etc.

● Optimize SQL statements both via indexes and code changes. Tools: Oracle 10, 11g, pl/sql, OBIEE, Database performance tuning, data warehouse, business intelligence, Toad, production support, OEM, AWR reports, Data modeling, Code migration, Teradata, unix batch scripts, Audit reports ServiceLink, Pittsburgh, PA April 2008 – September 2009 Role: Production DBA


● Maintain database; upgrades, patches, tars, monitoring and building new environments

● Database performance tuning of custom built application suite.

● Participated in datacenter migration and DR efforts

● Instruct programmers in database tuning techniques and new DB features

● Optimize SQL statements both via indexes and code changes.

● Build simulation system to solve blocking problems. Tools: SQL Server Administration, SQL Server replication, blocking/Deadlock analysis and Solutions, Oracle RAC migration, Production support, T-SQL Code refactoring, PL/SQL, system tuning,VMware, shell scripts, performance tuning, Oracle 10g

Bank of New York Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA October 2007 – March 2008 Role: Database Performance Analyst

Project: Standish – Bond Trading


● Assist in the development of a data warehouse for the BNY – Standish bond trading group.

● Performance tuning of Charles River Development’s stock trading system

● Upgrade Oracle 8i databases to 9i and 10g

● ETL Scripts, Unix scripts

● Instruct programmers in database tuning techniques and new DB features

● Optimize SQL statements both via indexes and code changes. Tools: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, database warehouse, shell scripts, automated deployment, database upgrade/migration Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Pittsburgh, PA May 2007 – October 2007 Role: Database Performance Analyst

Description: PPG required assistance in upgrading several of their Oracle Application environments to Oracle 10g. This involved both Oracle supplied code and PPG custom code. Role was to find performance bottlenecks and recommend solutions. Also trained users in performance tuning and use of Symantec’s I3 product. Responsibilities:

● Provide DB tuning assistance in Oracle 10g upgrade

● Database Performance reviews - Oracle and SQL Server.

● Recommend application Architectural changes

● Instruct programmers/DBAs in I3 use

● Instruct programmers in database tuning techniques

● Optimize SQL statements both via indexes and code changes.

● DB Performance Report development including graphics

● Installation and support of Symantec’s I3 product both Oracle and SQL Server Tools: Oracle RAC, database upgrade, Precise performance tool, database performance tuning, system tuning,Large tables,

Management Science Associates, Pittsburgh, PA January 2005 – March 2007 Role: DBA, Software Architect

Description: MSA has a contract to present Nielson/Arbitron Television ratings data combined with purchase data collected from various sources. This data warehouse system was built with stored procedures and a .Net front end. It allowed analysts to easily customize and configure their reports


● Enhance system performance

● Run baselines

● Develop new features

● Design and Maintain database

● Conversion of code to make better use of reporting services and SQL Server 2005 features

● Data loading design and maintenance (ETL)

● System Design

Tools: SQL Server

National Real Estate Information Systems, Pittsburgh, PA November 2004 – December 2005 Role: DBA, Software Architect

Description: The goal of this project was to very rapidly recreate the core wholesale mortgage banking business systems. The process of getting a mortgage requires a very large collection of discreet information. More important the system handles the process flow of the entire organization.


● Rapid design of the database elements

● Review and modification of initial prototype designs

● Data migration from 3 distinct systems (ETL)

● Implement many key stored procedures, and most importantly design the system for long-term use not just prototype work.

● Design of Event/workflow system

● SQL Stored Procedure Programming

● Application Performance Design

● Mentoring junior programmers

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA August 2003 – October 2004 Role: Software Architect, SQL Server DBA


● Design and build external application data loading interfaces (ETL)

● Install and configure MS SQL server on fault tolerant clustered hardware

● Database Design

● Database API design

● System and Application performance tuning

● SQL and Stored Procedure programming

● Visual Basic programming and migration to .Net

● Mentor other programmers

● Manage and build Firewall data warehouse

● Interface with incident response team on software selection and use SlaySystems / McKesson, Pittsburgh, PA March 2003 – October 2004 Role: SQL Server DBA


● Database Design and implementation

● API design

● Standard HL7 compliant interface

● Automatic Testing and performance testing

● perl

L Squared Services, Pittsburgh, PA August 2001 – March 2003 Role: Software Architect, Programmer


● Designed and built website Database Design Physical implementation

● PL/SQL programming and design

● Slashcode installation, modification and administration

● Complete installation, configuration and modification.

● Apache installation, upgrades and administration.

● System Administration: Irix 6.5, NIS, Linux setup,

● Create design documents

● SQL development, database creation scripts

● Oracle 6i application development

● Crystal Reports creation

Boardwalk Ltd., Pittsburgh, PA August 2000 – August 2001 Role: Software Architect, Programmer

Environment: Oracle 8i, Oracle 6i, MySQL, Perl, Mason, Apache, XML, Open BSD, Linux, HTML, Microsoft access, SQL Server, Crystal Reports


● Application Development, Designed software architecture: Open BSD, Apache, mason HTML, Perl, XML, Oracle,

● Table design and implementation

● DTD design and implementation

● Designed and programmed dynamic web data access screens. Tested and enhanced system. Built auto-test scripts

● PL*SQL programming, and tuning

● SQL data load scripts

● SQL Server data extraction and conversion

● Designed and built data-loading architecture.

● Worked with Access, Excel, Lotus Notes, and other PC based data sources to load external contact information into Boardwalk database.

● Moved data into Boardwalk system.

● Developed backup programs and maintained data integrity

● Trained support people on use of system.

● Application development

● Experimented with LDAP interface and with PDA sync program. Marconi, Cranberry, PA March 2000 – October 2000

Role: Oracle DBA, NOC Installation Project

Lenders Service Inc. Pittsburgh PA May 1999 – December 1999 Role: Oracle DBA, Y2K Project

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA October 1998 – March 1999 Project: Oracle database programmer, Y2K Conversion Effort UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA January 1998 – September 1998 Role: Software Architect, Case Management Software Development CECity, Pittsburgh, PA October 1997 – March 1998

Role: Oracle Database programmer/designer

BDM Warehouse Management Group, Pittsburgh, PA June 1997 – October 1997 Role: WMS Software Architect


● Designed better software architecture for next generation of software.

● This included all of the existing functionality and an ability to expand to meet new needs.

● Tuning of Pro*Cobol applications: enhance SQL queries to better use indexes, adding indexes, clearing hot spots, etc.

● Performance testing and monitoring (via simulations and in real time)

● Tuning of Customer's Oracle database in live environment

● Trained BDM's Programmers in Pro*Cobol and PL/SQL.

● Performed Code Reviews of new/existing code.

UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA March 1997 – May 1997

Role: Oracle database Consultant, SQLForms Trainer McDonnell Douglas, Long Beach, CA January 1996 – December 1996 Role: WMS Software Consultant

Merisel, Long Beach, CA January 1995 – October 1995 Role: WMS Consultant

American Turnkey Corp. Costa Mesa, CA May 1992 – December 1994 Role: Software Architect

Description: ATC was in the business of warehouse management software. This software not only handled the recording of the material movement but also directed all material movements. This system was designed as a highly configurable product. I was part of several projects in these industries: software, computers and computer parts, stuffed animals, wholesale food, paper, forklift truck parts Responsibilities:

● Designed architecture of warehouse management system.

● Programmed a large part of the procedures.

● SQL*Forms application development

● Tuning of Oracle and Sybase databases

● Performance testing and monitoring (via simulations and in real time)

● Manage a team of 15 people: reviewed code, directed changes

● Pre-sales technical presentations and support

● Analysis of customer needs and creation of requirements documents.

● Designed mainframe interface architecture

Sparta Inc. September 1990 – May 1992

Role: Accounting Software Application Designer

Glenn A. Barber and Associates Inc. June 1987 – January 1990 Role: Oracle Database Programmer

Other titles both past and current

World record participant, Balloon chase crew, Choir member, Maple syrup producer, EDUCATION

● BBA in Computer Information Systems, College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, 1987

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