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Electrical Engineering Engineer

Miami, Florida, United States
August 29, 2017

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University of Miami

Ph.D. - Renewable Energy Resources and Demand Side Management using Game Theoretic Solutions (Civil Engineering) Expected Graduation Date May 2020

GPA 4.00/4.00

University of Miami

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Digital Signal Processing and Acoustics. Final GPA 3.45/4.00


• Knowledge of SPI, I2C, RS232, UART, USB, TTL,

USART, Wi-Fi and BLE protocols and


• PCB layout and design using CAD (Multi-layer, Flex, SMD, Digital, Analog)

• Embedded system design from firmware to


• High speed interface experiences (Display Port,

MIPI DSI, CSI, PCIe, LPDDR),Computer Vision

algorithms, Multi-core processor systems.

• Strong Digital Signal Processing and Acoustics


• Knowledge of medium to large scale manufacturing process. (Quotes from suppliers, ROI, CoM, DFM,


• Strong analytical thinking and innovating.

• Bilingual (English and Spanish), written and spoken.

• Extensive knowledge of ARM / ATMEL / PIC



Electrical Engineer August 2015-August 2017

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, (Key Biscayne, FL) Electronic hardware design, implementation and project support for the Physical Oceanography Division at the Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory for NOAA.

• Developed, engineered and implemented a new expendable bathythermograph data recorder system. This state-of-the-art hardware allows for an ~80x reduction in operational cost (>$80,000/yr.) as well as an increase in sampling capability enabling increased accuracy in temperature profiles. Design included schematic capture, PCB layout and mechanical hardware as well as firmware creation and implementation.

• Created several in-house applications using C/C++, as well as MATLAB in order to validate experiments or calibrate sensor accuracy. MATLAB was used as a rapid prototyping tool for design validation and calculations.

• Created and implemented a wireless (RF), irradiance measurement station. Design once again included schematic capture, PCB layout and mechanical hardware as well as firmware creation and implementation. THOMAS SEVILLA


2360 SW 106th Terrace

Davie, FL 33324

Research Assistant March 2014-Present

Civil and Architectural Engineering Department, (Coral Gables, FL)

• Assisted in the design, implementation and validation of Fast Fluid Dynamics accelerated using Cross-Platform Parallel Computing (OpenCL) as well as C++. A 1000x speedup was achieved.

• Assisted in the design, implementation and validation of an In Situ Adaptive Tabulation model coupled with parallel fast fluid dynamics for fast indoor environment prediction.

• Co-authored 3 research proposals with my advisor, 2 pending Teaching Assistant January 2015-May 2015

Department of Electrical Engineering, (Coral Gables, FL) Lead and educated students on several analog and digital electronic circuits. Basics of the course consisted of: Analog filters, Amplifiers, Resonance circuits.

Student Assistant August 2013-May 2015

Department of Electrical Engineering, (Coral Gables, FL) Student assistant for the electrical engineering courses: Electronics I & II. Lead and educated students on several basic amplifier configurations.


Expendable Bathythermograph Data Recorder

Spearheaded the creation of an USB enabled device capable of high sampling rates while still maintaining 24-Bit accuracy. This was used as the A/D foundation for an RTD circuit used to measure ocean temperature profiles. Spatially Aware Noise Cancelling Headphones

(Bachelors Thesis) Developed a circuit which canceled out background noise yet simultaneously let speech pass through the headset whenever the listener was in a conversation with another individual. Additionally, the headphones dim incoming audio while passing the speakers voice through to the user. PUBLICATIONS

1. T. Sevilla, W. Tian, Y. Fu, W. Zuo, “Literature review on DERs from the perspective of SOTA models and their integration from past, present, future” (Under Drafting).

2. W. Tian, T. Sevilla, W. Zuo, M. Sohn 2017, “Coupled simulation between CFD and multizone models based on Modelica Buildings library to study indoor environment control”, Proceedings the 12th International Modelica Conference, Prague, Czech (Under Review).

3. W. Tian, T. Sevilla, W. Zuo, M. Sohn, “Coupling fast fluid dynamics and multizone airflow models in Modelica Buildings library to simulate dynamics of HVAC systems” (To be submitted). 4. W. Tian, T. Sevilla, W. Zuo, M. Sohn, X. Han, “Literature review and research needs to couple building energy and airflow simulation” (Under Drafting).

5. W. Tian, T. Sevilla, D. Li, W. Zuo, M. Wetter 2017, “Fast and self-learning indoor airflow simulation based on in situ adaptive tabulation”, Journal of Building Performance Simulation. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS

ASHRAE February 2017-Present

Student Branch President

The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability within the industry.


Full Scholarship – PhD Civil Engineering Fall 2016-Present 6. W. Tian, T. Sevilla, W. Zuo 2016, “A systematic evaluation of accelerating indoor airflow simulations using cross-platform parallel computing”, Journal of Building Performance Simulation, pp. 1-13. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Hardware: Schematic Capture and PCB layout Design (Express PCB (5.0/5.0), Dip Trace (5.0/5.0), AutoCAD (4.5/5.0), Altium (4.0/5.0), Equipment Debugging and repair (5.0/5.0). Software: MatLab (5.0/5.0), Xcode (5.0/5.0), Visual Studio 2013 (5.0/5.0), Maya 3D Design (3.5/5.0), ModelSim

(3.5/5.0), Quartus II (3.5/5.0), SolidWorks (3.0/5.0), Altera (3.0/5.0) Programming


C++ (4.0/5.0), C (4.0/5.0), Basic (3.0/5.0), OpenCL (4.0/5.0), CUDA (2.0/5.0), Java (3.0/5.0), HTML

(2.0/5.0), Python (3.0/5.0), Bash (3.0/5.0)



Logic Pro 9 (5.0/5.0), Logic Pro X (5.0/5.0), Pro Tools (5.0/5.0), Native Instruments Suite (4.0/5.0), After Effects (3.0/5.0), Premiere Pro (3.0/5.0), Photoshop (3.5/5.0)

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