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TPF (Transactional Facility Processing) Programmer/Analyst

Mount Olive Township, New Jersey, 07836, United States
August 29, 2017

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Steven A. Faecher

Flanders, New Jersey



Over twenty-five years of broad, comprehensive, and varied experience throughout TPF as an Applications Programmer, Project Lead, Group Leader, Senior Programmer Analyst, and Senior Consultant.

Ø Analyzed and designed, coded and tested, and implemented major development projects. Ø Worked extensively on Dump Analysis and in Coverage. Ø Interfaced directly with Users during design phases to insure mutual understanding and cooperation. Ø Delivered thorough project documentation for all stages of development including Requirement Specifications, Detail Design Specifications, Test Specifications, Project Turnover Forms, Implementation Plans, Fallback Plans, and Test Plans. Ø Delivered standard IBM program, macro, and functional specifications documentation. Ø Participated in "Adventures in Attitude" seminars to improve interpersonal, organizational, and managerial skills.

Ø Conducted formal and informal training classes for programmer trainees and junior programmers and served as a mentor to enhance their proficiency.

Technical Proficiencies


ACP, TPF3.1, TPF4.1, TPFDF, VM/CMS, 3270 Screen Mapping, Step-by-Step Trace, CMSTPF, JCL Utilities, PANVALET, TSO, TSO/SPF, Script/GML, Macro Facility-Conditional Assembly Language, SPMs, DOS, Microsoft Word, and HTML.


BAL (System/370 Extended Architecture Assembler Language) COBOL (strictly maintenance coding only)

Professional Experience

Ø Performed analyses, designed and coded, and modified programs, macros, executable macros (using Conditional Assembly Language), and maps.

Ø Created operational CRAS entries to perform requested functions on demand and WTOPCs to monitor their progress.

Ø Created both Data Base and Record conversions (1K to 4K) utilities. Ø Designed and developed a BTREE Data Base with functional entries to retrieve, display, add, modify, and delete Class Codes.

Ø Created multi-thread transactions for Online and Tape Load execution. Ø Redesigned an existing utility to move data from a Keypointable Global to Fixed File Records and write them to Non-Keypointable Global Records at Cycle-Up time through a Time Initiated Table entry, thus eliminating the need for Pilot Loads and IPL of the Production System. Industry Experience

Senior Consultant: 1987-2003

Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) - Chicago, IL.

• Modified nearly all the Trading applications including Electronic Book, Split Price, Screen Based Trading, Stock Split, Order Inquiry, Order Maintenance, Fill Reports, Best Quote, Decimal Trading Conversion, Order Routing System, and Retail Automated Execution System, Marriott Corporation – Bethesda, MD

• Modified Enforcement of Policies, the Global Distribution System (the link to the major airlines), and the Automation of the Business Transient Sales Rate upload.

• Expanded Arrival Booking Rules and the Hotel Policy compressed INFO items. Prodigy Interpersonal Services - White Plains, NY

• Modified Custom Choice Enrollment, Member Delete, and User Enrollment ElAl,Israel Airlines - Ben-Gurion International Airport, Israel

• Modified the Swiss-Air installation to conform to ElAl's requirements.

• Resolved extensive production dumps caused by the install. Consultant: 1985–1987

Prodigy Interpersonal Services - White Plains, NY

• Created diagnostic tools to display ASCII records as EBCDIC data using translate tables.

• Modified the "File Server" utility to reduce the number of Fixed File record I/O's.

• Developed a new Enrollment package using Tape Load.

• Created the very first Logon Security package.

Beneficial Finance - Peapack, NJ

• Created a Conditional Assembly Language Macro for retrieving, updating, and deleting Profile Records.

• Developed a Real Estate product list for first and second mortgages. Programmer Analyst: 1978-1985

Pan American World Airways, Inc. - Rockleigh, NJ

Group Leader - PANTRAC (the Cargo System)

• Developed:

- A ULD (Unit Load Device) tracking system.

- A simplified entry system for multiple check-in.

- A system to interface PANTRAC and the British Customs System (known as "ACP-80").

• Created a multi-thread Tape load/update to the Online City-Pair Records. Education

B.A., Rutgers University

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