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Telecommunications Management

Durham, North Carolina, United States
August 29, 2017

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**** * **** * ***** D rive, D urham, N C 2 7712


Operations Executive with the business acumen and leadership skills to drive processes, implement infrastructure and generate revenue growth. Extensive experience leading and developing teams, directing the organization’s strategic plans and executing programs. Strong labor relations skill sets. Proven record in the successful implementation and deployment of large scale projects within the fast-paced fiber and wireless telecom network space. Strong leader with demonstrated interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Trusted senior executive who managed direct communications with White House Staff to coordinate presidential communication needs. Single point of contact for all telephone service provided 1992 - 2008. Recognized by the White House with t wo s eparate t ours o f t he W hite H ouse, i ncluding t he O val O ffice a nd S ecret S ervice o perations. Competencies:

● Project L eadership & P lanning ● Management o f L abor R elations ● Process D evelopment & I mplementation

● Develop S trategic A lliances ● Risk M anagement & A ssessment ● Contract N egotiation & D evelopment

● Vendor M anagement ● Project W arehousing & L ogistics ● Strategy A nalysis

● P&L A dministration ● Operations M anagement ● Personnel T raining & D evelopment Professional E xperience:

Adecco f or G oogle F iber, D urham, N C

Sr. P rogram M anager - S outheast R egion 2015 - 2 017 Reporting d irectly t o t he O utside P lant R egional M anager f or t he S outheast R egion, d eveloping p rocesses t o h elp grow r evenue a nd r educe c osts. M entor a nd c oach n on-traditional e mployees l eading a nd g uiding t hem t o w ork on r evenue b ased p rojects. T wo y ear C onsultant p osition.

● Active i n s uccessful N DA n egotiations w ith D uke E nergy f or J oint T rench w ork.

● Responsible f or d evelopment o f J oint T rench p rocess. T he p rocess w ill a llow G oogle F iber t o p ay a p ortion o f trench c ost s haring t he t rench w ith e ach o ccupant c ontributing e qually. G oogle f iber w ill g enerate a c ost savings w hen t renching f or g reenfield p rojects a nd o ther j oint t rench p rojects.

● Established w orking r elationships w ith u tility c ompanies a nd m unicipalities.

● Managed a t eam i n t he d evelopment o f a v endor ‘ Work O rder’ f or u se w hile j oint t renching.

● Managed a c ross-functional t eam i n d evelopment o f D amage C ustom W ork O rder p rocess. T he p rocess w ill allow G oogle F iber t o c ollect, f rom a t hird p arty, f or d amage t o t heir f acilities.

● Managed a c ross-functional t eam i n d evelopment o f D isaster R ecovery p rocess. P rocess w ill b e implemented i n t he e vent o f s hort-term o r e xtended s ervice o utages a ffecting I nternet S ervice a nd V ideo systems, n etworks a nd a ssociated i nfrastructures.

● Assisted i n t he s election o f v endors, o nboarding a nd t raining

● Assisted i n t he c reation of a hiring program for the East region (7 US cities).Grew team 100%(40 to 80 full-time employees)through management and scaling of hiring process beginning Q4 2015.Filled 47 positions in 2016.

● Instrumental in the launching of Google Fiber service in Atlanta,Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham. RJE T elecom, L LC. F ishkill, N Y

Executive D irector – N ortheast R egion - N Y, N J a nd P A 2 010 – 2 015 Reporting d irectly t o t he P resident; m anaged a n e ngineering t elecommunication o peration f or N Y, N J a nd P A. Responsible f or o btaining n ew w ork a nd m aintaining s trong w orking r elationship w ith e xisting c lients i ncluding a major t elecommunication c ompany. A h ands-on v isionary w ith s trong g eneral k nowledge a nd s kill s et i n identifying a nd d eveloping c ore s trategies w ith a s trong u nderstanding o f o rganization s tructures a nd t heir benefits. R esponsible f or 1 84 E ngineering e mployees i ncluding D rafters, 1 2 O ffice S upport S taff, a nd F ield Construction S upport.

● Responsible f or p rocessing w eekly $ 180K p ayroll a nd m onthly i nvoicing o f $ 600K. M anaged W IP ( Work I n Progress) t o e nsure t here w ere m inimum d ollars > 90 d ays o ld

● Developed a s trong r esults d riven t eam b y a ctively m anaging p ersonnel p erformance a nd d evelopment t o meet a nd e xceed p roject c ommitments

● Oversaw t he d esign o f O SP f acilities i n a ll e nvironments A erial a nd B uried a nd U nderground f or B AU, H iCap, FTTP, F ield S urveys, C ell S ite U pgrades, I CGS D esign, a nd A ddress R econciliation. D raft i n I CGS, V isio, Auto-Cad, a nd M icroStation

● Met v ery s tringent d eadlines i n s urveying a nd d esigning F iber t o C ell p roject. C ompleted 1 20 - 1 50 j obs a month w hile c oordinating h uman r esources a nd a ctivities t o m eet a nd e xceed c ustomer e xpectations

● Responsible f or F iOS F 1 a nd F 2 O SP P lanning a nd D esign f or 8 00,000 L U’s ( NY, P A, N J)

● Quality A ssurance o n I nitial S urvey, D esign, D rafting, I CGS, A ddress V erification t o e nsure q uality deliverables t o c lient

● Responsible f or F iOS M DU, c omplete t urnkey o peration. S upervised e xperienced M DU M arketing L eader negotiating o ver 2 00,000 L U’s. O btained P AL’s. H igh L evel S urveys, i ncluding h ub p lacement/design. D etail Engineering, a nd I CGS D esign. M DU C onstruction i ncluded P re-Construction m eetings, P athway Construction, M aterial O rdering, P ermitting, I nspection/Sign o ff, F iber I nstall a ssistance a nd p rovided w eekly status u pdates

● Responsible f or s urveying a nd i dentifying p otential M TU c ustomers f or T WC f iber t o t he b usiness p roject

(phase 1 U tilized B luebeam a nd G IS t o d raw s urvey r esults a nd a udit e xisting f acilities f or r ecord c orrection prior t o i mplementation o f n ew f iber f acilities RJE T elecom L LC, B rewster N Y

Staff M anager - N Y a nd N J R egion 2 009 – 2 010 Reporting d irectly t o R egional M anager r esponsible f or o verseeing a nd c oordinating w orkflow b etween R JE a nd its c lients. M anaged t he e fficient a nd e ffective d elivery o f s ervice t o c ustomers b y e nsuring c ompany f ield s ervice policies a nd p rocesses w ere f ollowed. D evelop a nd m anage a f ield s ervice o rganization t hat i s p roficient i n delivering a nd s upporting m ultiple p roducts. E nsure c ompliance o f a ll i nstallation a nd r epair c ompany performance a nd t echnical s tandards a re m et. C onduct f ield i nspections t o e nsure t hat a ll w ork i s b eing completed a ccording t o c ompany s tandards. O perate w ithin t he f inancial g uidelines a nd s trategic p lans o f F ield Operations. R ecommend c hanges i n p rocess t hat i mprove t he e fficiency a nd e ffectiveness o f F ield O perations.

● Issued w ork a ssignments, m onitored f or q uality o f w ork p erformed

● Responsible f or i ssue r esolution a nd a cted a s S POC f or c lients

● Supported p roject n egotiation b y p roviding s ubject m atter e xpertise

● Ensured p rojects c losed e ffectively t hrough p roduction t urnover, d ocumentation o f l earning a nd p rovision o f feedback o n p roject r esource p erformance

● Ensured p roject t eams h ave c ommon u nderstanding o f P lan s trategy a nd u nderstand t he p rocesses, a re informed w ith r egard t o c hanges/revisions t o t he g uidelines a nd t he p rocesses a re i n p lace t o s upport t he efficient e xecution o f t he p lans a gainst t he g uidelines

● Managed p rojects, e nsuring t hey a re o n t ime a nd o n b udget

● Pursued a cquisitions w ith p otential c ustomers f or R JE, n egotiate c ontract a nd p rovide r esources t o p erform duties r equested

● Maintained c lient r elations c ommunicating o n a r egular b asis e nsuring c lient s atisfaction Verizon C ommunications

Area O perations M anager – V alhalla, N Y 1 991 – 2 008 Managed 1 00+ u nion a ssociates a nd 1 5+ s upervisors r esponsible f or a ll a spects o f O utside P lant E ngineering and C onstruction i n N ew Y ork’s H udson V alley r egion. R esponsible f or 2 4x7 e mergency d eployments o n p lant related i ssues, a ll c opper a nd f iber p lacing, a s w ell a s a ll s plicing r elated w ork a nd e lectronic e quipment deployments ( various m ultiplexing a nd p air g ain s ystems). M anaged V erizon’s i nitial F iOS d eployments i n 2 7 Wire C enters i n W estchester, R ockland, D utchess a nd A lbany N ew Y ork c ounties. R esponsible f or a ll construction r elated a spects o f t he p roject. D irectly r esponsible f or F iOS d eliverables a nd a ll c ustomer s ervice issues. N egotiated a nd i mplemented v endor c ontracts f or a cquiring r ights o f w ay, t renching a nd E ngineering. Coordinated w ork w ith p ower a nd c able t elevision c ompanies. C ollaborated w ith N ew Y ork S tate D OT a nd municipalities f or u tility w ork.

● Delivered e xpense b udget b y e stablishing e xpense t argets a t t he s upervisor l evel a nd r eviewing e xpense hours ( as a t eam) o n a w eekly b asis

● Project m anaged a ll a spects o f t he 2 004 – 2 008 F iOS d eployment f or b oth S ingle F amily U nits ( SFU) a nd Multiple D welling U nits ( MDU). S cheduled a nd s upervised t he p lacement o f o ver 3,000,000 f eet o f f iber o ptic cable t hrough N ovember 2 008 a nd s uccessfully m et p remise p assed t argets f or t hat s ame p eriod

● Revamped o peration’s m anagement s tyle f rom a l oose a nd u nstructured a pproach t o o ne o f a ccountability. Developed p erformance m easures f or s upervisors, i mplemented w eekly t eam c onference c alls, c oached engineering a nd c onstruction. E stablished s chedule c ompleted’ m etric t o m easure i mprovement o ver t ime

● Planned a nd i mplemented t he m igration o f m arkout w ork ( buried f acilities) f rom t he I nstallation/Maintenance organization o ver t o C onstruction c oordinating t he m ovement o f e mployees a nd a rranging t raining s o t hat construction e mployees c ould p erform t his c ritical f unction

● Met r egularly w ith u nion o fficials t o d iscuss a nd r esolve e mployee g rievances a nd t o k eep t he l ines o f communication o pen w ith l abor r elations. S uccessfully n egotiated w ith t he u nions t o t emporarily t ransfer associates w ithin t he o perating t urf a s n ecessary t o s upport t he F iOS b uild

● Met r egularly w ith O utside P lant E ngineering o n i ssues r elating t o p rint t imeliness a nd q uality, p remises passed t argets, a nd r oadblock r emoval. E stablished w eekly ‘ Action I tem’ m eetings t o f ormally d ocument issues, o btain a nd t rack r esolution c ommitments, a nd e scalate w hen a ppropriate t o d rive s cheduled deliverables

● Determined f orce r equirements a nd e stablished r otational t ours t o b ring a ssociates a nd m anagement s upport into r equired a reas t o m eet c ommitments

● Negotiated w ith C WA L ocals 1 103, 1 105, 1 107, 1 118, a nd 1 120 o n i ssues r elating t o t emporary l abor transfers a nd o ther b uild-related i ssues

● Arrange t raining f or t echnicians ( Fiber s plicing a nd t esting) a nd a rranged f or a ll n ecessary e quipment r entals and p urchases

● Worked w ith V erizon L ogistics t o e nsure f iber c able w as a vailable i n s ufficient v olumes t o m eet b uild requirements

● Established m onthly p remise p assed t argets f or c onstruction, p rovided w eekly f ace-to-face r eadouts t o t he Region P resident o n r esults, o verall p roject s tatus, a nd a ll i ssues a ffecting t he b uild Verizon C ommunications

Staff M anager 1 973 – 1 991

Various o ther m anagement a nd s taff p ositions i ncluding I nstallation/Repair C ontrol a nd D ispatch f unctions, analyzing r esults i ncluding f orce t o l oad a nalysis a nd e nsuring c ustomer s ervice o bjectives w ere m et f or l arge a nd medium c ustomers.


● R ecipient o f D iversity P rogress C hampion A ward References a vailable u pon r equest

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