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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
August 30, 2017

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Sunisha Chalasani

*** ****** ***** **, *** A

Charlotte, North Carolina, 28262

Mobile: (704) ***-****


Master of Science, Computer Science Engineering GPA: 3.75/4

University Of North Carolina at Charlotte (Aug, 2016 - Dec, 2017)

Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science Engineering GPA: 8.68 /10

GITAM University, India (July, 2012 – April, 2016)


Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python, R

Java Technologies: SERVLETS, JSP

Database: MYSQL Workbench, Oracle, MongoDB

Analytical Tools: SAS Enterprise Guide, Tableau

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script

Web Server: Tomcat

Tools: Eclipse IDE, Weka, PyCharm, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Android Studio

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux


UI/UX Intern PEOPLE TECH GROUP, Hyderabad, India May’15 – June’15

Work: Developed Library Management system using Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JSP and connected to MYSQL database using JDBC in Eclipse IDE.


Work: Instructor for ‘Computer Skills’ which covers the topics from Software Engineering, Python, Database Systems, Tableau and R programming.


Analytics projects

Implementation of Network Intrusion Detection System using variant decision tree algorithm

KddCup’99 and NSL_KDD data sets are taken, which consists of all the attributes and values related to the security threats. Based on the relation between the attributes, a program is written in java to show an output of whether any attack takes place or not and analysis is done on the data using the Weka tool.

Tools and Technologies: Java, Excel, Weka.

Analyzing NCAA baseball dataset

The baseball dataset is analyzed using descriptive and predictive modeling where insights are found about the dataset which helps for better assessment about the teams.

Tools and Technologies: SAS Enterprise Miner, Python and Tableau.

Big Data Analytics for Worker's compensation claim process

Claims data set is cleaned using excel and SAS Enterprise Guide then insights are found using tableau from this claims data set. Later this claims data set is merged with the transactions data set. The final data set is cleaned, descriptive analytics are found using Tableau and predictive analytics are found using SAS Enterprise Miner

Tools and Technologies: Excel, SAS Enterprise Guide, Tableau and SAS Enterprise Miner.

Hospital Readmissions project

A model is developed to predict the readmission risks from a hospital data so that from this model, doctors can determine when to discharge the patient without readmission risk. Correlation, regression and PCA analysis are used.

Tools and Technologies: R, Tableau, Microsoft Excel.

Survey of patient experience on various hospitals

Data of survey from various hospitals across the country are taken and are visualized such that hospital overall rating, death and readmission rate, payment and value for care are well represented using python and spark in jupyter notebooks.

Tools and Technologies: Python, Jupyter notebooks, Spark, Microsoft Excel

Development projects


A web application is developed for user to order food from multiple restaurants at the same time.

Tools and Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, Node JS and SQL Workbench.

Movies details mobile Application

Developed a mobile application in Android studio where user can add a movie, edit its details, delete the movie and can also view the movie details based on its year or rating using Intents in Android Studio.

Tools and Technologies: Java, xml, Android Studio.

Trivia quiz mobile application

A mobile application which loads the image; displays questions of the quiz and finally displays the right and wrong answers based on the user’s answers showing the users quiz performance is developed using Async Task and JSON Parsing in Android Studio.

Tools and Technologies: Java, xml, Android Studio.

The Games DB

Mobile application is developed where when a game name is searched, it takes the API, and parses it using XMLPull parser. The result of the parsing displays a scroll view with all the matches played for that game since 2015. Selecting one of the games, gives the details of the game from which we can play the game trailer and can also find similar games based on the data we obtained by parsing.

Tools and Technologies: Java, xml, Android Studio.

iTunes Top paid Apps

This app takes the iTunes API as input, parses it using JSON parsing and displays all the top paid apps along with their price and their favorite status in recycler view. The favorite status is showed using a favorite star. User can add or remove the app from the favorite list by just clicking on the favorite image. In addition, this app also contains menu with menu items as refresh list, favorites, sort increasingly and sort decreasingly which carry out their respective tasks.

Tools and Technologies: Java, xml, Android Studio.

Ted Radio Hour

Using the API from the NPR website, the podcast items are retrieved using JSON parsing and these podcasts are displayed in the recycler view in both vertical list format and grid format. The refresh button in the menu changes the format of the recycler view. Clicking on the item starts a new activity which displays all the details about the podcast and clicking on the play button in the recycler view plays the audio.

Tools and Technologies: Java, xml, Android Studio.

Weather App

A weather app is developed taking data from the API’s of the accuweather. If current city is set, it initially displays the temperature, image of current climate and weather text of that city using shared preferences else the current is set using a dialog box. Then we can search for the details of the weather of a particular city and can display it in a separate activity. In this activity, the city can be saved and it can also be set as current city. The saved cities are saved in the firebase database and are displayed in the main activity at the bottom as recycler view. Using this recycler view, these cities can be added to favorites or can be deleted from the database. In addition both the items have settings where the temperatures can be converted from one unit to another.

Tools and Technologies: Java, xml, Android Studio.


Awarded third prize in CSI tech fest for the event ‘On the Couch with C’.

Member of National Service Schema (NSS) [2013-2016]

Member of ROTARACT Club [2014-2016]

Member of Computer Society of India (CSI) [2014-2016]

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