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C Nd

United States
August 28, 2017

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Julie G H ite * *** W hispering P ines D rive, C layton, N C 2 7520 C ell: 9-19-820-****


Allison C ourses

Touch T yping/ A chieving P ersonal/ A dobe P hotoshop 2 016 John Q uick

Health p re-license c lass 2 015

Pitt C ommunity C ollege

North C arolina S tate B oard o f C osmetic A rts/Cosmetology 1 997 Experience

Glassworks o f N C: O ffice A dministrator/ M anager 2 016 t o 2 017 D uties/Skills: A ccounts payable/receivable/transactions a nd e xpense-control p rocedures, i ncluding b ank a nd a ccount reconciliation, c ash r eceipts, d aily b ank d eposits, d isbursements, f inance c harges, p urchase o rder a nd inventory v erification, b ookkeeping, o rganization, o verview, p ayment t erms, c reate, p rovide, a nd e nsured daily r outine, m aintained a nd g enerate b illing, i nvoices, e mails, s cheduling a ppointments w ith g mail accounts, p rovided c ustomer s ervice a nd c ommunication t o c lients, v endors, c ontractors, c onstruction, in-bound/out-bound p hone c ommunication, c ollaborating w ith o ffice t eam e mployees t o p rovide e ffective and c onsistent i nstructions f or d aily a nd p revious j obs i n p rogress/ j obs c ompleted. C onducting a nd writing o f d ocuments o n a d aily b asis o f f ormal m eetings w ith t he a pproval t eam m embers, u sing c opiers, fax m achine, d esktop c omputer, l aptop, m ulti-line t elephone. P ayroll b y c ollecting e mployee's h ours a nd monitor e very a ppointment b efore a nd a fter i n s ession u sing Q uickbooks o nline a nd Q uickbook d esktop, Word e xcel a nd d ocuments, g oogle/gmail, e fficient a nd a ccurate, t eamwork, m ultitasker, t ext e ntry a nd formatting.<25 h ours w eekly > S tarting/Ending a nnual s alary $ 15,000 Odom & A ssociates L LC: O ffice S ecretary/ B ookkeeper 2 015 t o 2 016 D uties/Skills: S uperb c ustomer service, o rganization, c ollect a nd m aintain p ayments, c reate i nvoices, m ultiple i n-bound/out-bound p hone calls, r eturning a ll p hone m essages, c ollect d ata a nd p repare d aily s chedule, m ultitask w ith b usy w aiting area a nd m ake a ll t he c lients c omfortable, c heck a ll e mails, s chedule w ith e mail o r r eturn p hone c all, locate m echanic p arts b y g oogle o r c alling b usiness v endors, m arketing a nd a dvertise, c ollect d aily c ash register a nd b alance, c ollaborate w ith t eam m embers t o d eliver m aximum s ervice a s w ell a s w ork independently, c omputer d esktop, Q uick B ook o nline.<25 h ours w eekly > Starting/Ending a nnual s alary


Lifespring A cademy: S ubstitute T eacher ( K-7 G rade) 2 015 t o 2 016 D uties/Skills: F ollowing t he directions g iven t o m e b y t he t eacher t o p rovide c lassroom m anagement, u sing c ommon s chool p rograms, providing c ustomer s ervice a nd c ommunication t o p arents, s tudents, c ommunity m embers, w ritten n otes, resolving i ssues b etween s tudents, t racking c hanges t o s tudents a rrival & d ismissal a rrangements, p rovide and m anage l essons w ith s tudents g roup/class o r i ndividual, r ecreation a nd e nforce s chool r ules o n playground/P.E.< 1 0 h ours m onthly > S tarting/Ending s alary $ 1200. Synergy M arketing C onsultant, I nc: M arketing & S ales I ntern 2 015 D uties/Skills: P assing E ntry l evel, experienced a nd a ccomplished s ales w ith k nowledge o f a ll s ales p rocess o n f ield d aily, d emonstrating solid s kills, g oal a ccomplishments, v erbal p resentations, c lose a pplications a nd p repare o n g oing appointments, s chedule i nstallation p reparation, c all h eadquarter c all c enter w ith c losing a pps, multitasker, f ollow u p w ith e xisting c ustomers d aily.< 4 0 h ours w eekly> S tarting/Ending s alary


Salon 5 35: M aster S tylist 2 012-2014 D uties/Skills: M anaged a nd p erformed m y o wn a ppointment b ook, scheduling a ppointments, c reative, d eveloped r elationships, p roduct s ales, p roductive c alls d aily, c ared f or clients a s n eeded, p erformed h air c hemical p rocedures, c olor p rocedures, h aircuts, h air p erms a nd relaxers, r emove u nwanted h air b y p erforming w ax r emoval, m anicure a nd p edicure. > Starting/Ending salary $ 10,000.

America P .I.: C rash I nvestigator 2 009-2012 D uties/Skills: C ommunicated d aily a t G reenville & R ocky Mount P olice D epartment, s canned a nd t yped d ata i nformation u sing W ord E xcel a nd P owerpoint, multitask, t ype s peed 6 5+WPM, g athered i nformation o f a ny c rashes t he d ay o f a nd 2 d ay p rior, information i ncluded y ear, m ake, m odel o f c ar, d river n ame, a ddress, i nsurance, f ault o f a ccident, a nd s ent if o ff t o h eadquarter o n a d eadline t ime. > Starting/Ending s alary $ 9,550. References E mily M eeks S hingleton - O ccupation: R N U rologist, G reenville, N C C ell: 2-52-341-**** Amy S tewart - O ccupation: I nside s ales- R oofing S upply G roup, R aleigh, N C C ell: 9-19-306-**** Tim H all - O ccupation: B usiness M anagement - T ime W arner C able, R aleigh, N C C ell: 9-19-255-****

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