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Manager Management

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
August 28, 2017

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Bi-Lingual, LEAN-Six Sigma Blackbelt/Operations Manager

Qualifications Profile

Accomplished, performance-focused, and hands-on professional, with strong qualifications and proven experience in training, operations management, succession planning and execution, warehouse management, manufacturing and production management Sorting Centers, Distribution Centers and Process Engineering. Equipped with proven ability to analyze an organization’s management procedures; identify deficiencies and potential opportunities; and develop operational solutions to increase reliability and improve productivity. Multifaceted and engaging leader with outstanding operational and managerial background; along with exceptional communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Articulate communicator; bilingual in English and Spanish. Technically proficient in utilizing Microsoft Office applications.

Areas Expertise

Regulatory Compliance and Standards ~ Distribution Management ~ Strategic Planning and Analysis

Operational Streamlining ~ Lean Processes and Management ~ Continuous Process Improvements

Inventory Control and Management ~ Personnel Performance Optimization ~ Leadership and Training

Professional Experience

Amazon Sorting Center RDU5. § Raleigh, NC, USA

Area Manager 2015–Present

Responsible for focus on Sort Center safety, quality, customer experience, and productivity. Review the work forecasts and determine productivity requirements to process during the day to meet the overall building objectives. Partner with other Area Managers to balance labor ensuring that sort is operating a balanced and efficient shift while meeting all goals. Support all safety programs and OSHA compliance to ensure a safe work environment for all associates. Proactively identify and lead process improvement initiatives and Lean tools. Implement root cause analysis and corrective actions to remove production and safety barriers, as well as, improve process quality. Improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating waste. Train, develop and counsel employees to develop a high performing team.

Key Highlights:

Effectively manage over 250+ associates during 12 hours of work on a daily basis while controlling work flow throughout 5 different areas throughout 500k sqft.

Establish sort center record during 2017 Peak season of 90k+ units processed on 4 hours of sort time.

Establish sort center record during 2017 Peak season of multiple 23k+ units processed during hourly segments throughout sort.

Responsible for implementing a training program and increasing productivity by driving down quality errors and drive efficiency and productivity through metrics.

First Area Manager to hit 70+ TPH overall (All-In) at RDU5 and demonstrated consistency by achieving goal consecutively.

Develop and implemented successful plan to attain higher scan rates throughout sort by 45+ points for a 23% increase resulting in RDU5 winning Amazon Sort Center scan rate competition and increasing performance as a result.

Jacob-Holm, Inc. § Asheville, NC, USA

Manufacturing Production/Operations Manager 2013–2015

Responsible for the process and procedure development, training, hiring, and establishment of a new non-woven textile manufacturing line with new technology being commissioned for full production. Leverage expertise in managing and controlling new product line-up worth more than $65M, while handling key performance indicators (KPIs) and project deliverables. Closely monitor daily production targets, involving volumes, efficiency, and waste; and identify and evaluate daily line progress and problems to formulate problem resolution. Render keen oversight to all aspects of line operation, which include setting priorities in alignment with department and company goals; assigning projects; setting targets for projects; and ensuring successful completion. Work closely with operating equipment manufacturers for training and equipment commission and validation plans.

Key Highlights:

Designed and executed training plans for 32 operators, 4 technicians and 4 supervisors on 10 pieces of equipment; while conducting training audits and tracking training progress and equipment validation levels for personnel.

Contributed key insights in establishing more than 170 standard operating procedures (SOPs) for operations and facilitated training of supervisors on SOP writing methods, along with operators, technicians, and process engineers on the development of SOPs.

Played a lead role in developing strategic plan for all aspects of new line ramp-up plan, utilizing A-3 documents to track progress, action plans, and countermeasures and metrics in collaboration with Safety, Maintenance, Warehouse, Quality and Engineering departments.

Led the creation and implementation of KPIs and visual management program for the new line.

Spearheaded efforts in facilitating 5S training for personnel and establishing 5S program on new line.

Pay for Performance (PFP) Services § Asheville, NC, USA

Operations Manager 2011–2013

Spearheaded efforts in executing engineering assessments of potential customer processes in support of process development, pricing and gross margin calculation, utilizing define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) approach. Keenly evaluated existing process and proposed new process for improvement, while identifying capacity and production levels. Provided assistance to client with implementation start-up and facilitated training and orientation of preferred methods for staff; along with site supervisors on procedures, systems, and management strategies.

Key Highlights:

Displayed competency in developing and implementing best practice methods SOPs and training associates.

Established and led cross-functional teams to streamline the operations by implementing optimal run settings, line balancing, and process analysis.

Effectively coordinated performance reports and statistical analysis on efficiencies, productivity, waste, safety and best practices by designing and executing visual workplace metrics.

Served as the driving force in formulating standard of work and supervisor strategy; as well as in optimizing work flow diagram for training of associates in line with best practices.

Restructured layout and devised quality and production monitoring tools through visual basic model to sustain efficiencies of production.

Played an integral role in performing cost analysis and process improvements for projects at existing customer sites, utilizing traditional time study and pre-determined time standards.

Introduced new processes and continuously improvement for existing processes to minimize cost, boost quality, and drive incremental revenue without affecting the production time and quality integrity.

Project Manager Close Combat Systems (PM CCS) § Kandahar, Afghanistan Balad, Iraq

Operations Manager 2007–2011

Managed the entire aspects of logistics operations, encompassing truck load planning, shipping, receiving, picking, packing, scheduling, dispatching, and accurate recordkeeping for 32 reports within three shifts. Secured and maintained more than $50M inventory including daily cycle counts, cycle count resolution, and physical inventories. Guaranteed timely delivery of materials and audit compliance by developing and implementing plans on inventory programs. Built and fostered productive working relationships with the team to attain best performance outcomes, while ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining quality and meeting objectives. Provided mentorship and training for operator, supervisor, and staff levels in all aspects of distribution settings.

Key Highlights:

Developed and executed SOPs which decreased operating budget by 32%, thus minimizing list of missing ships.

Displayed competency in consistently maintaining audit ratings at 100% on 10% spot-check random audits, and at 98% on annual inventory audits.

Devised warehouse management system for live tracking of inventory and planned warehousing layout-design that enhanced truck picking times and truck loading with 62% growth of on-time shipments.

Pioneered the formulation and implementation of a production-based measurement system credited with boosting building wide unit per-hour productivity by 31%; 51% productivity recorded increased in the Receiving Department; and 43% in the Shipping Department.

Drove efforts in increasing productivity by 33% by redesigning process to combine large-scale merchandise; thus minimizing ergonomic efforts, along with time for shipping of products

Significantly reduced semi-annual inventories by initiating weekly ten-percent cycle count audit program, resulting to inventory accuracy from 67% to 98%.

United States Army § Fort Bragg, NC, USA

Project Manager / Supply Chain Supervisor/Warehouse Manager/Logistics/ Inventory Sergeant (NCOIC) 2001–2007

Offered hands-on support to integrated logistics, cataloging, and supply inventory distribution and storage management. Spearheaded overall warehouse functions to properly maintain equipment records and parts; including verifying quantities received and shipped material, as well as organizing stock locator system and processing requests. Took full charge of supply chain management, program infrastructure, and sourcing solutions to drive new process development and cost reduction initiatives.

Key Highlights:

Made substantial contribution to the successful design and implementation of strategic ground movement operations through direct supervision of more than 1,500 movements, thus ensuring zero incidents.

Demonstrated efficiency in maintaining 100% accuracy of records for all inbound and outbound inventories.

Efficiently guided and supported a team of seven soldiers in dealing with customer service, stocking, inventory maintenance, and order fulfillment and transport.


Bachelor of Science in Process Engineering: 2001

University of Puerto Rico–Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Six Sigma Black Belt, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Lean Six Sigma: 2012

Aveta Business Institute, Boardman, OH

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