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Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
August 28, 2017

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A position within technology allowing for parlay of demonstrated technical, communication, and project management skills proven by 18 years of successful, Information Technology experience.


Motivated, personable technical professional with a successful track record of network infrastructure experience. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels. Experienced in communicating and presenting to C Level Executives. Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure. Thrive in deadline-driven environments. Always eager to take on new challenges.

Professional Experience


Senior Principal Systems Engineer, External Connectivity, February 2013 to May 2017

Responsible for day-to-day implementation and support of external connectivity infrastructure in a global network

oProvide 2nd level support for issues that the NOC cannot handle

oSupport the business by implementing and changing firewall rules as requested in a Palo Alto environment

oMonitor firewall logs in order to troubleshoot connectivity issues

oAssist with site-to-site VPN problems and changes in a Cisco ASA environment

oTroubleshoot and identify problems within the Cisco Ironport web proxy infrastructure

oSupport the remote access VPN infrastructure

oSupport the SSL-VPN infrastructure

Disaster Recovery Test coordinator for External Connectivity Systems

oPerformed this role for the DR test in primary and backup Regional Data Centers

oMade sure all System Leads in my group successfully submitted DR Test plans for their systems

oFailed over all Emergency Class 1 & 2 systems which fell under the External Connectivity umbrella

oMain resource for troubleshooting any problems which occurred with these systems during the test

oFilled out and submitted all test reports after test was completed

Lead firewall engineer used for business carve out

oWorked with Project Manager, System Leads and Application leads to ensure project success

oSet up an isolated network with the firewall to separate site which was being sold

oImplemented firewall rules which allowed resources in this network to communicate with resources in the corporate network

oUsed the firewall logs to troubleshoot connectivity issues and modify rules to allow traffic flow

Coordinated and Implemented Internet Service Provider change

oConstructed RFP and sent it to 4 potential Providers

oMet with providers and determined the best fit for our needs

oCoordinated the change with the provider and internal departments within IT

oTraveled to Regional Data Center to perform cutover and to oversee smooth transition

Design and implement replacement solution for on-site DSL

oDozens of independent DSL connections needed to be replaced by single solution

oOrdered and installed DIA Internet connection into campus

oConfigured and installed separate Cisco switching network which connected to new Internet

oCoordinated and moved over all DSL connections to new network

oPhase 2 was to move these connections over to the corporate LAN utilizing either Cisco SGT or VX-LAN technologies

Responsible for configuring and troubleshooting site-to-site VPN tunnels with external partners

oMeet with partners to determine parameters of the tunnel

oImplement rules on the firewall to restrict traffic to only applications needed

NOC team member training

oDeveloped and deployed training material to the NOC for systems under my responsibility

oAssisted members with handling of Service Manager tickets


Consultant, Network Engineering, September 2012 to February 2013

Evaluated overall status and health of corporate data network and fixed any prominent issues

oSpanning Tree protocol between core and access switches was incorrect in some instances

oHSRP was improperly configured on some vlans and needed to be addressed

oCisco Nexus 2K switches needed to be set up in a test environment

oRemote Access VPN solution was implemented for user community

oProject plan to move network to new data center needed to be written


Senior Network Engineer, January 2010 to August 2012

Designed and implemented upgrade of Internet Infrastructure at Miller Tabak

oResearched and decided on Cisco ASA 5520 and Ironport S160 as best solution

oOrdered and managed installation of new DS3 circuit for primary Internet connection

oPut together and executed project plan to migrate from Sonicwall architecture over to Cisco

oMigrated Web Security off of old Surf Control server to new Ironport Web Appliance

Updated the LAN infrastructure in Headquarters as well as in the four remote offices

oCollapsed all non-managed HP switches and Extreme Summit switches into Extreme Alpine 3800 series switches in data closets

oConfigured new EAPS rings between each Alpine switch and the Black Diamond 8810 Core to replace Spanning tree

oUsed the Extreme Summit switches to replace the HP switches in the remote offices

oTravelled to Boston office to reconfigure the LAN

Migration of Market Data Vendors off of Dedicated Connections

oWorked with Tethys, TrackData and ISE engineers to route connections over BT Radianz infrastructure.

oDecommissioned old routers and removed routes to networks

Upgraded software on all network hardware

oCode on all Extreme Summit and Black Diamond switches were brought up to current release

oCode on Cisco 3662 routers and Catalyst 2950 switches were over 5 years old and made current

oUpgraded code on Sonicwall Pro 3060 firewall from Standard to Enhanced. This allowed us to activate the Gateway anti-virus and Intrusion prevention features.

Created network documentation

oCreated Visio diagrams for all areas of the network infrastructure

Market Data, LAN, WAN, and Internet

oInventoried all pieces of Network Hardware

Documented make, model, location, usernames and passwords for each device

Implementation of Network Management System

oInstalled Zenoss Core to perform Fault and Event management on all network devices while more robust solutions are evaluated.

oPut the EPICenter 6.0 Sever into production to monitor and report on all of the Extreme Equipment

oInstalled and evaluated Orion NPM v9 for 60 days

Made improvements to Remote Access infrastructure

oSet up VPN on Cisco ASAs for user remote access

oCreated a document which outlined the procedure for Cisco VPN client installation

oAdd new users to firewall as requested

Responsible for day-to-day implementation and support of company’s data network

oMonitor Router and Switch links with Zenoss and EPICenter

oProvide computer support for traders and back office staff at headquarters and remote sites

oWork with Market Data Vendors to provide update routes and host access for new connections

oSupported users at home and on the road with VPN issues

oConstantly updating network documentation and diagrams using Visio and Excel


Senior Network Analyst, 2004 to June 2009

Assisted in the design and implementation of new corporate data and VoIP network for new Headquarters

oCreated project plan to move network servers and firewalls to new location within a two day window

oPresented plan to CIO for approval

oInterviewed both Cisco and Extreme to determine best switching solution

oAssisted with the testing of VoIP solution from Avaya and ShoreTel

oAssisted in the design of the new LAN for our corporate headquarters

oStaged and configured new Extreme BD 8810 core and edge switches for new HQ

oImplemented new WLAN solution utilizing Extreme Summit WM Controller

Traveled to Regional Sales offices to implement architecture to support ShoreTel VoIP system

oRedesigned the LAN to accommodate multiple VLANs

oConfigured and installed new Extreme Summit X450 switches to support new phone system

oWorked with other IT groups to change IP Addressing scheme of entire LAN

oAssisted telecomm group with installation of ShoreTel system and VoIP phones

Migrated entire enterprise WAN from Frame-Relay to MPLS

oCoordinated new circuit installs with Sprint and satellite offices

oReconfigured routers to implement mpls

Upgraded all of the Cisco routers in the enterprise

oDetermined what equipment was needed to perform upgrade

oGathered quotes from different vendors and wrote up the purchase orders

oReplaced all 1720 routers with 1841 modular routers

oReplaced all 3662 and 3745 routers with 3845 routers

oCoordinated all installs with non-IT personnel in the plants and sales offices

Assisted in the enforcement of corporate IT security

oCreated certificates for VPN users utilizing RSA server

oCreated user profiles on the Checkpoint R65 firewalls for user VPN connectivity

oHelped migrate firewalls over from Windows 2003 platform to Checkpoint R65 Splat platform on HP Proliant DL380 G5 boxes

oAssisted in the creation of site-to-site VPN tunnels to outside clients

oUtilize Checkpoint Tracker to troubleshoot connection issues through the firewall

oProcess requests from various departments when connections through firewall need to be opened

Responsible for administration of Spectrum Network Management System version 8.0

oPerform software upgrades as needed on server

oAdd/delete models to landscape as needed

oWork with different areas of IT to ensure proper personnel are alerted on outages

Spearheaded a project to redesign the LAN at our winery in Washington state

oWorked with IT staff on site to order equipment and schedule electricians to run fiber

oHad the team members stage the new Extreme X450 switches so I could configure it remotely

oSpent a weekend on site with the team to implement new network design

Responsible for day-to-day support of UST’s enterprise network

oMonitored network and server connections using Spectrum Network Management System

oResponsible troubleshooting WAN problems with Sprint

oWorked with Help Desk and Desktop support groups to ensure LAN connectivity

oResponsible for keeping all Network Documentation up to date using Microsoft Visio


Network Engineer, 2003 to 2004

Worked directly with a variety of Market Data vendors setting up new connections into our network

oCoordinated new T1 circuit installs with carriers and Market Data vendors

oInstalled vendor network gear into our data center

oWrote up and implemented route and vlan additions to the routers and firewalls

oWorked with Market data vendor engineers to ensure end-to-end connectivity

oCreated network diagrams of all of our Market Data Connections and configured them in Solarwinds in order to monitor them

oWorked closely with the FIX group when changes were made to the FIX servers or vendor equipment

Mapped out and implemented a project to install out-of-band network for company servers

oOrdered Linksys 10/100 switches to install in each server cabinet

oConfigured and installed Cisco 5509 as Out-of-band switch which uplinked to the core

oTraced and documented all server ilo connections to server farm switches

oCoordinated with server support team the cutover to the new infrastructure

Assisted in the build-out of two new offices for the company

oConfigured and installed Cisco 2600 routers and catalyst 2950 switches for remote office location

oConfigured Cisco Aironet 1400 Wireless Bridges to connect home office with satellite office

oOrdered the installation of new WAN circuits for connectivity into home office

oWorked with electricians to ensure cabling infrastructure was tested and in place

oAssisted desktop support group with migration of users to new facility

Worked on getting all PIX 5xx firewalls into CiscoWorks

oGot all firewalls into inventory so syslog analysis could be performed

oSet up filters in Ciscoworks so firewalls would not overload syslog file

oInstalled Logrot utility on Ciscoworks server to rotate syslog file if threshold was reached

oImplemented commands on firewalls to limit logging to accounting events

oUpdated Network Procedure manual to include instructions on how to view logs

Wrote up and implemented procedure for home wireless users

oCreated network installation document for Linksys Wireless router for Desktop Support

oIncluded instructions on configuring 128-bit WEP on router and wireless client

oWas point of contact for any installation issues

Responsible for day-to-day implementation and support of company’s data network

oMonitored WAN links and server links using Solar Winds Network Performance Monitor

oWorked with Desktop and Trader desk support groups to ensure LAN connectivity

oAssisted with moves, adds, and changes for IT and Traders

oSupported wireless users both in the office and at the homes

oConstantly updating network documentation and diagrams using Visio and Solarwinds


Network Engineer, 2002 to 2003

Designed, tested, and implemented Cisco ACS solution into production

oDeployed Windows 2000 Advanced Server on a Dell PowerEdge 1650 to load Cisco application on

oSet up secondary Dell server in DR location in order to replicate and provide failover

oSet up Network groups to logically separate network devices

oSet up different Shell command authorization sets to limit types of access to network devices

oMonitor user activity in database to ensure no prohibited activity

Planned and implemented the move of users off of old Catalyst 5500’s and onto the new 6500 Access switches

oCreated spreadsheet of all users’ ip addresses, MAC addresses, and patch panel locations

o100% user connectivity when moving over to new switching platform

Designed and deployed wireless solution into production

oconfigured 2 Cisco Aironet 1220 Access Points and put into user environment

oSet up authentication between the wireless client, Cisco ACS, and Windows 2000 server using PEAP and RSA Secure ID token

oGenerated certificates on the windows 2000 server to pass to the client

oInstalled wireless networking card and client on users’ Windows XP and 2000 machines

oMonitor ACS and Access Point for wireless intruders

Planned and implemented the initial deployment of Cisco IDS into production

Migrated older servers off of existing 6509 switches onto new 4509 Server Farm

Worked with external clients to provide connectivity and access to AIG Network

Provide network support for Desktop, Server, and Telecomm administrators in Technology group


Internetworking Solutions Engineer, 1999 to 2002

Enterprise Switching Project at Morgan Stanley, 9 months

oDesigned migration plan from existing hybrid shared-switched environment to full switched infrastructure

oDesigned Engineering specifications and configuration templates for McGraw-Hill facility

oStaged and built Cisco Catalyst 5xxx switches

oMonitor switches for specified burn-in period to verify configurations and to monitor possible failed hardware

oWork with facilities and union electricians to coordinate cabling installs and failure analysis

oWrite up and present turnover document at weekly meeting of all team members

oCutover of existing switched infrastructure to new infrastructure based on engineering’s design

Identify users & servers that need to be cut over utilizing various Unix scripts

Write turnover documents to ensure migration runs smoothly

Incorporate changes into Spectrum and MSDW NIS platform

Work with operations to resolve and issues resulting from the new infrastructure/migration

JP Morgan Chase assignment, 3 months

oAnalyzed internal IT department’s billing records to various business units within the company in an attempt to save $2M-$3M per year

Set up queries within MS Access tables to identify possible duplicate charges on circuits and router/switch ports

Compared data in the Business Units’ network drawings to that in the IT department’s billing tables to identify discrepancies

oCompiled a new inventory of routers, switches, and circuits to accurately bill the business units which was then presented to all of the business units for their review

Reuters America, Inc. assignment, 6 months

oDesign and build out of network infrastructure for new 3 Times Square Building

oStaged and built 30 Cisco 6509 switches for core, distribution, and access layers

oMonitor switches for specified burn-in period to verify configurations and to monitor possible failed hardware

oTested all new desk jack locations using Fluke LAN meter

oCutover of new infrastructure based on engineering’s design

Work with Reuters personnel to ensure proper VLAN configuration

Provide day to day support on all switches until equipment turnover date

Make changes in design as needed to suit customers’ needs

RMA any failed hardware back to Cisco

Keyspan Services, 4 month assignment

oDesigned and implemented plan to physically move all network equipment from old remote location to new one

oRedesigned and implemented customer’s ISDN backup solution for the Frame Relay network

oProvide network support for IS staff on both the local and wide-area sides

oProvided maintenance for routers

Brought all routers up to same version of IOS

Implemented security on all interfaces

Cleared out static routes that were no longer valid


Network Engineer, 1997 to 1999

Installation and configuration of Cisco 75xx routers, 35xx switches, and 3Com hubs in Corporate network

Responsible for installation and troubleshooting of T1, Frame Relay, and ISDN circuits

Traveled to Ireland office in order to discover cause of excessive errors on the LAN

oFound excessive traffic on segment and alleviated it by installing another one

Interface with hardware vendors to determine best solution for ISDN remote access

Configure and support ISDN remote solution for Senior Executives

oDocumented and presented this whole process to other engineers

oWorked closely with CEO to ensure he understood the functionality of the solution

Responsible for placing purchase orders for new network equipment

Responsible for connecting outside companies to Oxford network. This included the coordination of circuit install, design and implementation of router connection, and coordination with security group

Responsible for analyzing monthly carrier bills to discover any discrepancies

oWas able to uncover $40,000 in savings over a 6 month period

oDiscovered carrier was still accumulating monthly charges on de-commissioned circuits



MBA Finance, May 2011


MS Telecommunications Networks, 2002


BS Electrical Engineering, 1993


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – expired in 2002

Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) – expired in 2003

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) – expired in 2003

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