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El Paso, Texas, United States
August 28, 2017

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***** * ******* * *** W ay, E l P aso, T exas * **36 (915-*-**-****

Manuel A rroyo


Experienced i n l ogistics a nd w arehousing. S eeking t o j oin a c ompany i n t he s ame f ield t hat will b enefit m y k nowledge a nd e xperience w ith p roven r esults i n b oth p eople a nd m aterial management.


Dec, 2 016 t o c urrent Sumitomo W iring S ystem El P aso, T x Traffic

Inbound a nd o utbound d eliveries t o o ur w arehouse a nd c ustomer.

Assigning a s pecific d elivery t o a s pecific w arehouse f or e ach c ustomer a nd c ommunicate with w arehouse s taff i n a t imely m anner a nd m inimize l ost t ime.

Implement a m ore e fficient s chedule o f i nbound a nd o utbound d eliveries. U se i nternal delivery t rucks t o p rioritize l oads a ccording t o d elivery s chedule a nd l ocation. Jun, 2 010 t o N ov,


Focus L ogistics El P aso, T x

Logistics a nd W arehousing

Improve b oth p ersonal a nd m aterial s afety b y h aving d aily a nd w eekly m eetings o n s afety and i dentifying a nd c orrection t hose a reas t hat c ould b e a h azard t o b oth s taff a nd m aterial.

Cross t rain w arehouse p ersonal i n o rder t o m inimize l ost t ime i n o ffloading a nd l oading trucks.

Improve c ustomer i nbound a nd o utbound d eliveries b y e nhancing c ommunication b etween warehouses a nd c ustomer.

May, 2 004 t o J un,


McBride M erchandising El P aso, T x

Project M anager

Responsible f or t he r esetting o f n ew a nd r e-merchandising p roducts f or a v ariety o f s tores.

Responsible f or t he o verall o perations o f t he m arketing o f n ew p roduct s et u p f rom t he w est coast, c entral a nd s outh e ast a reas.

Reduce t ime a nd s et u p c ost b y i mplementing n ew a nd i nnovative t raining a nd c ustomer follow u p.

1988-2004 International W ire C orp El P aso, T x


Manuel A rroyo

Production s upervisor

Met a nd e xceeded t he P VC w ire d aily p roduction a nd m inimizing t he p ercentage o f s crap.

Responsible f or w arehousing, a udits a nd i nventory c ontrol a nd d ocumenting a nd e xporting all f inished g oods.

Supervise t he r eceiving o f a ll i ncoming r aw m aterial a nd o versee 1 8 e mployees a nd 1 0 P VC wire e xtruders.


1975-1978 Denver W est H igh S chool Denver, C ol References

Jesus V aldivia ( 915-*-**-**** Juan M endoza ( 915-*-**-****

Joe D ominguez ( 915-*-**-****

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