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C Management

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
August 28, 2017

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Christopher S locum

Data S ystems A dministrator


**** * ***** * **** L n. R aleigh, N C. 2 7613 Key q ualifications

Secret c learance C onfronting D ifferent I ssues Systems E valuation Improvised A ction Administration o f P rograms Systems A nalysis Adaptation t o C hange Building S ervers Time M anagement Active L istening VMware E xperience

Familiar w ith W indows s erver 2 015, w indows 7, w indows 1 0, V mware, V sphere, L inux, a nd Unix, p ki, a nd c ertificate m anagement

Professional S ummary

Facilitation o f t he t actical a ir c ommand c enter h as o bjectives f or c ommunications o n s ecure a nd nonsecure e nclaves. T hese s ervices t hat I h ave a dministered f rom b uild t o e xecution a nd implementation o f s ervices h ave l eft a e xceedingly h igh a vailability f or t he n umerous e xercises I have b een i nvolved i n. A s w ell a s i mplementing s ecurity w hether i t b e p hysical, a pplication, o r network.


Tactical D ata s ystems a dministrator

United S tates M arine C orps S eptember 2 012 - A ugust 2 017

● Supervised i n b uilding o f c ombined s erver s uites i ncreasing k nowledge f or t he b uilding, implementation, m aintenance a nd u pkeep o f t he s ervers. W hile k eeping a m inimizing t he amount o f d own t ime a nd 1 00% r ate o f s ervices f or t he $ 4,500,000 w orth o f s ervers

● Managed s oftware s ervices f or M arine C orps A ir S tation C herry P oint r esulting i n a t otal of 5 00 t ickets c ompleted f or u ser e rror i ssues a nd r equests. S uccessfully c ompleted 4 50 maintenance a nd c oordination r equests f or a sset v erification, m oves, r efresh a nd a sset management, w hich a ssisted i n t he f ielding o f w orkstations c osting $ 750,000.

● Mentored 5 0 s enior, p eer, a nd j unior M arines w ith k nowledge o f a dministration o f servers, s ervices, m aintenance, c oordination, a nd a m ultitude o f o ther s kills r esulting i n 33% h igher p roductivity a nd 4 0% o f t he M arines u nder m y c harge h ave g ainfully succeeded i n t heir c areers a s a dministrators a nd p rofessionals. Education a nd t raining

Intermediate L eadership C ourse F ebruary 2 0 2 017 USMC S ecurity+ November 2 0 2 016

Intermediate L eadership S eminar July 1 8 2 015 USAF N etworking a nd f irewall a dministration March 7 2 013 USMC T actical D ata S ystems A dministrator January 2 0 2 012 High S chool D iploma May 2 7 2 011

Crowley C ounty H igh S chool


Mr. I saac B eard, C WO3 U SMC r etired


Mr. M atthew S chmidt M Sgt U SMC r etired, I sci d evelopment t eam 760-***-****

Ms. T rish J olly G -10 C TR M CAS C herry P oint


Mr. T erry J ones M Sgt U SMC r etired, G -7 C TR M CAS C herry P oint


Mr. J iame G arcia, S gt U SMC a ctive, T actical D ata S ystems A dministrator M TACS-28-480-***-****

Mr. S hane R ogers, S gt, U SMC a ctive, A viation C ommunications T echnician M TACS-28-360-***-****

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