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Software System

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
August 28, 2017

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Nantha Karunakaran

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To pursue a junior position in Software Development/Test Automation/Verification which will help to enrich my educational background and develop solid work experience while contributing to your company.


Designed and developed web pages using HTML 5, J2EE and CSS3.

Performed Manual Testing and Automated Testing for Web-Based applications.

Designed and developed online banking system as a team of five using C++. I developed the client bank search module using link list and recursions.

As a Test technician at Celestica, heavily worked with Surface Mount Technology (SMT), prototype fabrication and troubleshooting.

As a Testing lead at Solectron, performed functional testing for the hardware modules for telecommunication equipment’s.


Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Systems, Carleton University, 2015


Software Developer / Tester (Oct. 2015 - Present)

ITO2.0, Ottawa, ON

Designed and implemented web project such as Online learning system(AlpheiosPlus) using J2EE.

Manual Testing and Automated Testing of Web-Based applications.

Setup Subversion repositories.

Setup and maintained MySQL database.

Developed and maintained automated regression test cases as components of an automated test suite for Java/JavaScript web applications using the Selenium Web Driver and Java.

Network Administrator/Developer (Sept. 2009 - May 2015)

Carleton University Electronic Lab, Ottawa

Planned, coordinated, and implemented network security measures in order to protect data, software, and hardware.

Analyzed LAN to determine what were the major problems and improvements needed to be made to the network infrastructure.

Responsible for Internet network connection, installed operating systems, and software including virus detection.

Maintained and administered computer networks and related computing. environments, including computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations.

Developed Java programs to maintain and cleaned student accounts in the network.

Responsible for team put in place to support installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of University web servers and internal servers.

Run queries on University DB2 database by using SQL programming.

Performed routine network start up and shutdown procedures, and maintain control records.

Built and configured mail systems, backup, and recovery plans and network security systems.


Final Year Project - Mobile video recording apparatus

Micro camera integrated into a Raspberry Pi computer.

A Bluetooth dongle installed into the Raspberry Pi computer to establish connect with an Android phone.

Raspberry Pi computer programmed as video recording system.

Android phone as system controller.

Worked with Java, Python, Android Development Tool, Linux and XHTML.

Used fundamental of Android’s Bluetooth API.

Used Python for record a video on Raspberry PI.

Designed and implemented Android Application.

Elevator Control System

Programmed a real-time embedded system on a Motorola HC12 development board in C and assembly.

Implemented interrupts to handle user inputs responding to external devices.

Independently created test programs to validate the operation of the system.

Trivial File Transfer Protocol System

Designed and implemented a concurrent file transfer system based on the TFTP specifications in JAVA.

The system is capable of handling multiple clients on a multi-threaded server.

Verified the operation of the system by building an error simulator that introduces network errors.

Road Traffic Signal Light System:

Developed Traffic Light system by Java using Eclipse.

Gained experience in Object Oriented Software development.

Learned knowledge in Objects, Classes, inheritance and polymorphism.

System Analysis and Design:

Created requirements specifications prior to designing and implementing software systems.

Gained experience in development lifecycles, role of requirements analysis and database modeling.

Experienced in object-oriented analysis, use cases analysis.

Laboratory/Equipment skills:

Knowledge of computer simulation programs InnovedaTM and ViewDrawTM to design and simulate the digital circuits.

Experience in designing, building and testing Cascode amplifiers, Filters and Oscillators.

Hands on experience of Tektronix 3012 Oscilloscope, Wavetek 182A Oscillator and Hewlett-Packard 400F Digital Multi meter (DMM) to verify the nodal, mesh, Thevenin’s and Nortan’s circuit analysis rules.

Experience in using computer simulation program (PSPICE) to analyze the circuit response of the analog and passive circuits (two stage CMOS Op-Amp and RLC circuits).


Engineering and IT Skills:

Leading IT projects through Software Development Life Cycle.

Experience in object oriented programming in C++ and Java.

Developed migration automation process for more than 2 applications.

Experience in Software Development Methodologies

Experience in Developing web applications with Java programming Language

Developed automation tools to reduce time cost.

Experience in Manual Testing and Automated Testing of Web-Based applications

Experience in Maven using source control repositories (Maven 3.0)

Experience in Application Server (Tomcat)

Experience in Tortoise Subversion (SVN 1.6)

Designed and implemented Android Applications

Technical Skills:

Database: MySQL, Access, MSSQL server

Programming Concepts: Real-Time Embedded System and Object Oriented Software Development

Programming Languages: C/C++, Java, Basic Assembly Language, PL/SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Java Scripts, Perl, Python, PHP, J2EE

Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows

Software Packages: Microsoft Office and Visio, Eclipse, Simulink, Photoshop, Xilinx Project Navigator & ModelSim, Micromedia Flash, MATLAB, InteliCAD, PSPICE

Graphics and design: Macromedia FLASH, Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6

Hardware: Dell PowerEdge 1950, Sun Enterprise 450

Networking Concepts: OSI, Ethernet, LTE, LAN, WAN, WiFi, WiMAX, VoIP, CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, PLS, IP, QoS, WCDMA, WLAN

Design and Modeling: UML, UCM, OCL, Design Patterns


Carleton University Entrance Scholarship

Carleton University Tamil Student Association’s Appreciation Award – 2013


Canadian Citizen


Member of Carleton University Alumni

Member of NATSPO (North American Tamil Students and Professional Organization)

Organized sports and cultural events for Ottawa Tamil community

Tutoring courses for Engineering students

Playing cricket and soccer for clubs

Writing stories and poems in magazines

Student member in IEEE at Carleton University


Available upon request

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