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Customer Service Sales

Astoria, New York, United States
August 28, 2017

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Mohammed Rehman


Long Island City, NY ***** - 718-***-****

Authorized to work in the US for any employer



Linguistica International, Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT - January 2016 to Present Responsibilities

Interpretation in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu for both government run agencies as well as private sectors to English and vice versa. Mostly the cases dealt were Court cases and Judicial cases, including about 100 court cases, like release of husband from jail, child support, disability cases, assessment cases for extra care for clients, Driver's License cases, highway patrol cases, narcotic possession cases, husband and wife behavior cases, Medicaid cases, Food Stamp cases, Human and Health Services cases, as well as child abuse cases. All these cases were performed under oath. As every case is different in nature thus the tone of interpretation has concern of what is required in that case and thus the quality assurance of interpretation is maintained through human approach.

Loan Specialist

Premium Merchant Funding - Wall Street, NY - March 2015 to October 2015 Responsibilities

Worked in a call center environment, helped small and big businesses to grow by helping them with lending them cash with there requirements of extending the business. If all requirements were in place the loan was directly deposited in there account within 48 to 72 Hrs. We get our money back through there account receivable, on daily, weekly or monthly basis as per our contract with them. Accomplishments

Let the business grow by inquiry send to us through our site, contact the owner of the business and discuss our offer and finally close the deal and thus let the company grow with leaps and bound. Also solicited Merchant Account and got there Merchant Account as well in our system by offering them better service fee means lower there service fee and beat the previous vendor with our offer. Skills Used

It was sales technical know how to close the deal. Plus previous sales training and experience helped me to come out successful with this kind of business, plus leadership, decision making quality and understanding the need of the vendor helped me close the deal, plus having the quality of good attitude helped to control the pace of the conversation where the client in her/his benefited and thus closing the deal. CEO/Owner

Chemical and Technology Professional - New York, NY - July 2007 to January 2015 Responsibilities

Analysis of Stock Market, world economic indicators, movement of Forex Market, world economy, geo-political condition of the world, market movement and finally buying and selling of stock. Reading charts, and various other indicators to see which direction the market will move for the day. Accomplishments

Learn a lot about how the market moves and how you can benefit from the movement of the market whether it is an uptrend market or down trend market.

Skills Used

Mastering various indicators both in the formation of the chart and making a fair decision what to buy and what sector to sell for that particular day.

Senior Outreach Marketing and Sales Manager

Centercare Health Plan - Manhattan, NY - February 1999 to April 2007 Responsibilities

To educate clients about health insurance, if they qualify register them in our plan. Collect all required documents, do home visit to pickup the documents till there application is complete for processing. Accomplishments

Registered maximum children then adults in our plan, because children expenses for treatment was less than adults. 99% accuracy in each application, beating monthly sales goal. Getting more clients in our plan through leads by clients whom I registered previously and thus more sales and more growth for the company. Skills Used

Putting accurate information on forms, collecting all required documents for processing application, greater attitude towards existing clients, retaining these clients on annual renewal through being in touch with them by asking them how we are doing.

Quality Assurance Manager

Primedia - Manhattan, NY - January 1998 to January 1999 Responsibilities

Edit and proof read the information coming through the system and match the information in our data-base before going for publication.


100% accuracy with all the information came through the system, if any changes to be made was done by me, by correcting the information by interacting with the vendor if the information does not match our system, the information is thrown out and an error sign appears. Skills Used

Data processing and Information System analysis.

Customer Service Representative/Call Center

Time Warner Cable - Flushing, NY - February 1997 to December 1997 Responsibilities

Helping customers with there inquiry, new order, walk them through the cable to check if there is any problem with our system or connection or TV is not working. Make appointments to send technical staff to activate there service, credit applied to there inquiry for not having service, billing question and adjusting there bills for payment if there is something wrong in the bill. Offering additional service to increase the sales. Accomplishments

I satisfied the clients with there complaint, made them to buy additional service, adjusted there account if it needed adjustment and thus serving them with positive attitude and retaining the clients, and added additional customer to the system through referral by these existing clients. Skills Used

Customer Service training skills, how to control the pace of conversation, be street smart and help them to retain them in our system with every moment of our conversation with positive attitude and thus made them happy with the offer and payment they have now to pay. Customer Service Representative/Call Center

Ticketmaster - Manhattan, NY - January 1988 to December 1996 Responsibilities

Answered the inquiry of the customer for booking of tickets for concert all over the country and Broadway shows in New York City. Explain the company policy for cancellation of Ticket, and after reading the script of the company policy reserved there seat for the show and finally mail them there tickets. Accomplishments

Most of the clients wanted to order tickets through me and thus I remained busy and the clients waited to get there calls to me. I totally devoted my time to help them with there request and did not mind that I was the only person in the call center who never had a minute that no call was waiting for me, but I loved to help clients and thus felt happy in helping them with there needs and request, plus I was knowledgeable with the system as well.

Skills Used

Training provided by Ticketmaster, how to control the pace of conversation, and how to increase your knowledge by asking the Floor Supervisor if I am not aware of the answer the client is looking for, and thus learn a lot about there system.

Store Manager

Nature Food Centers - Queens, NY - January 1984 to December 1987 Responsibilities

All business oriented function, training and hiring staff for the store, meeting target sales goal, both internal and external theft, store security, bank deposit on daily basis, be on top of inventory, weekly sales, check for expired food stuff in refrigerator and on selves. Keeping store neat and clean at all times. Helping customer with there requisite and educating them on products they need information on. Making sales as per company quota. Accomplishments

Increased sales and gross profit on weekly basis, made all my staff to help clients and be nice to them even if they are rude do not loose your temper and thus made sales and let the company grow, also made them alerts on shop lifting. Thus overall we grew and I was given raise within three months of my service. Skills Used

Skill used was to be aware of shop-lifter, internal theft, excellent customer service, face out the selves as sales are made, helping the clients with there order, if we ran out of product special orders were placed with the vendor to satisfy customers and store securities for the company to grow. EDUCATION

BBA in Accounting/Information System

Plaza College - New York, NY

1992 to 1995


Customer Service Skills (10+ years), Call Center (6 years), Marketing/Sales (10+ years), Management (10+ years), Microsoft Office (10+ years), Windows 10 (1 year), Word (10+ years), Writing (10+ years), Inventory Management (10+ years), Social Media (5 years), Speak English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi fluently. CERTIFICATIONS/LICENSES

Stock Market Trading Certificate

December 1997 to Present

Learning all operation of stock market, when to buy and sell securities, what condition effects buy and sell, world economic indicator, forex market and different types of chart to make fair decision to buy or sell stock, which timeframe is best for buying or selling. What time of the year is best to buy and sell stocks. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

I have my trading company and will be more than happy to help and advice on how to deal with market and how to file there Taxes for Trader in Securities. So feel free to reach me on any kind of advice you need for stock market equities as well as your Day Trader Taxes. Will be more than happy to help you with that too..

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