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Manager Engineer

Anaheim, California, United States
August 29, 2017

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Xavier Baez

Software Manger with ** years of experience

Bachelor Computer Systems Engineer

National Association of Programmers Certified

USA: 714-***-****

Position: I can work in various positions. I can work as a Chief Software Engineer since I have experience with the entire lamp stack. I can work building APIs, websites, mobile websites, or custom solutions. I have experience working with clients such as COX, I helped maintain/scale their API to communicate with their mobile apps (iOS, Android). I also have experience working on e-commerce (Ray- Ban). I could work as a Lead E-Commerce Developer, Senior LAMP Developer, Magento Lead Developer. I adapt quick and work together with other developers to keep clients happy. Objective: Work for a multinational corporation that needs a Senior LAMP Developer with 10+ years of experience, I would love to work to impact revenue the same way I did with Ray-Ban ($5M revenue increase).


MobileGates 08/2012-Present

Clients include celebrities such as Denis Rodman, Heidi Klum. Worked with 24+ Magento Websites including Spyoptic, Halston, world renowned Kooba bags, and iconic Fredericks of Hollywood’s new Magento website. Successfully launched the following stores:

Heidi Klum Intimates ( Jessica Simpson Clothing ( Sole Society (

WWE Tapout (

Halston -

Kooba -

Threads for Thought - BlankNYC -

House of Swim -

Karen Kane -

Fredericks of Hollywood - BloomNation –

Other clients include: Doll House, Fashion designer Sue Wong, among others. Drupal – 2014-Present

Developed one of the most sophisticated Geo Targeting modules for immigration law firm Sky USA Law. This module allows people from all over the world to have SEO friendly pages and it populates a database with the top clients from different countries with relevant information about their options about entertainment visas.

Thanks to my expertise, this website is now constantly in the first page of Google, as you can see if you search for ‘O1 Visa Los Angeles’ or ‘O1 Visa New York’

Python, Zend and PHP. LLC, is the largest U.S. online real estate auction firm. Google’s new investment arm, Google Inc, announced it is investing $50 million in This values at $1.2 billion.

Worked as the Software Manager leading a team using PHP Programmer Zend Framework. Germany and Spain.

$12M in revenue on the first Auction after site re-launched.

$50M Google Finance Initial Offering

U.S Army, Navy Military medals, charity work

Project Manager, PHP, Zend Framework, XML layouts. Javascript programming. Redesign Magento so it adapts to U.S. Military medals standards and layouts. Designed jQuery medal Builder.

Oakley – 01/2012 – 08/2012

Magento programmer for

Manage a team of people both in United States and Europe in order to achieve record breaking revenue for Ray-Ban.

Worked on a fantastic e-commerce site with $15M/year revenue. Work diligently on Magento’s EAV framework which is a little different than the standard MVC approach from the Zend Framework.

Repaired bugs reported through enterprise software Jira. Created the front-end for the new Ray-Ban menu.

Worked on the back-end development of certain features of the new Ray-Ban menu that synchronizes with Milan

Worked on the AVS security features of Ray-Ban to prevent fraud Worked on various back-end aspects of the new Ray-Ban mobile theme. Developed Linux bash scripts to test the performance of the QA server before we push sprints. Used Git in order to create new branches before they were merged with Bamboo Wrote documents in Confluence so other developers know how Ray-Ban operates Became familiar with Ray-Ban and it’s synchronization process with the warehouse that receives orders and then ships them

Developed JavaScript classes in Prorotype to fix a bug with all versions of IE and other browsers as well.

Presented numerous projects in order to make Ray-Ban more accurate. Example of projects presented

Optimized Search Engine with misspellings and plurals Better Full Page Cache module

Minifying of CSS and JS files

Responsive technology

iOS app with XML connect to Magento

Robert Half International - Claremont McKenna College – March 2012-May 2012 Certificate of Employment granted by the Division Director of Robert Half. Designed website using jQuery, PHP.

Modified a version of jQuery slider in order to adapt to a tennis tournament using XML Worked on the post-graduate portal so users can upload their picture and then they could register at their classes.

MEDL MOBILE – January 2012 – June 2012

Software Manger, numerous projects, mostly Joomla. iOS and PHP programming. Drupal Development.

Clients I worked with:

Mnet (similar to MTV but for Asian markets)

Worked with world renowned Jon Orlando impacting app store with $500k budget for a travelling app that projected $5M in sales for the London 2012 Olympics. Freelancing (October 2011-Present)

. - Wordpress. - Building APIs (JSON/XML/Restful) using CodeIgniter framework. - Magento - Magento – Google - Wordpress

. - PHP

. Call That Drive - Custom PHP programming, my first experience with American football. Site got the attention from Fantasy Football League (Manager of Application Development) after it’s first season.


Worked with Android and Eclipse building an app called Soberlink. This app checked alcohol levels and would take pictures of the individuals that needed to comply with their court duties. The code was ported from Blackberry.

EA Sports – (June 2000 – June 2011) Recognized as one of the top programmers in my country Recognized by EA Sports for my contribution in the success of FIFA 2005 $25M in Revenue

EA Sports Manager Matt Holme sought out my services in order to design and, EA Sports recognized my work and invited him me numerous private meetings at the E3 Expo with game producers. My contribution to the brand was evidences by the creation of SoccerAccess and GamingAccess.

I received recognition for my significant contribution to the industry. I received three recognitions in total

1) TV Documentary on National TV. Dia a Dia. ‘Top Video Gaming programmers in our country’. 2) Recognition of significant contribution to the video gaming industry by Electronic Arts. 3) Recognition for 10 years of significant contribution building video gaming websites by Euro- Dream, Israel.


. Recognized on National TV for my programming abilities.

Certifications: National Association of Programmers Certified. Education:

Name of School: Queens College

Degree: Computer Systems Engineer (January 2008 - March 2013). Location: Greater New York City Area

Name of School: Nova Southeastern University

Degree: Computer Information Systems 11.0101

Experience: 14 years of experience with HTML. All the other technologies I’ve learned them as they were invented. Everything has been self-learned through books and videos. Languages:

English (fluent)

Spanish (native)

Portuguese (proficient)

Italian (read)

Computer Languages/technologies:

HTML (16 years)/HTML5 (3 years)

PHP (10 years)

Python (3 years)

Drupal (4 years)

Magento (6 years)

Joomla (4 years)

MySQL (10 years)

Java (4 years) Android (1 project)

Android (3 year)

iOS (3 years)

JavaScript (3 years)

AngularJS v1 v2 (4 years)

Ajax (3 years)

Linux Bash (5 years)

CSS (5 years)

jQuery (3 years)

C++ (1 year)

Visual Basic .NET (1 year)

API, Jason (4 years)

ASP (1 year)

SQL Server (10 years)

LAMP (Linux – all distros, Apache and Apache Tomcat webservers, MySQL, PHP) – 10 years Open Source tools frameworks

Zend framework (2 years)

Amazon EC2, Cloud hosting, instances... (1 year)

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Adobe Creative Suite CS5

Security: Hackers, MySQL exploits, remote execution scripts, wget vulnerabilities... etc Other skills: Linux (all distros), expert in LAMP, Windows (all versions), MacOS X. managing databases, cache to MySQL cache and performance, writing scripts to avoid overloading of CPUs, Advanced knowledge of networking, load balancing, Hardware: Advanced Computer Assembly, Custom designed computers

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