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Civil Engineering Professional Experience

Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru
US$ 12,000.00
May 31, 2017

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Dear Sirs,

according to your request and for allowing you to have a complete overview of my professional experience in the civil-engineering branch, please review my CV in english with the corresponding Certificates, that shows in resume my experience in the Civil Engineering Branch.

The corresponding University Studies in Civil Engineering I have made in the Peruvian University "Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú - Facultad de Ciencias e Ingeniería".

After that I made my PhD in Structural Calculation (Structures Pre- and Post-Tensioned --- Bridges) in Germany, obtaining my Title of DOKTOR-INGENIEUR in the University RWTH of AACHEN-GERMANY.

I was working for the transnational german construction company Ed. ZÜBLIN A.G. in Europe, in Saudi Arabia, in Camerun and finally, I came with them to PERU (my country) to be in charge of the whole technical construction work at the Water-Damm Project "Represa de Gallito Ciego en Cajamarca-PERU", a Project of US$ 900 Million. After the completion of this project, I took the decision to establish here in PERU my own construction company, so I decided to stay in my country up that time. With my own company I have been developing diverse important public and private projects, specially for the US Government (US Army Corps of Engineers = USACE); for this client I have been developing and executing very important projects in PERU, ECUADOR and in HONDURAS too during 14 years long. All these projects for the USACE where Design-Built Projects including the implementation too.

As languages I speak fluent English, German and Spanish.

I would like to mention here, that I would really like so much to start with your prestigious company in many important Projects that you might have.

For a better overview about the company where I ve been working in the last 23 years and, without any compromise, I invite you to visit the following web-page:, so that you will have an overview of my managing capability working as CEO of a very responsible and experienced construction company group. You will be able to appreciate the different projects we have done as well in PERU, in ECUADOR as in HONDURAS too.

In relation to the INCOME conditions, I will wait for receiving your proposals.

Attached I m sending you all my coordinates so we will be always perfectly communicated to each other.

I do hope to have the honor to participate with your prestigious company group in many important projects, so that you will allow me to show everybody how exactly we comply with the following slogan: “Envision Your World & We build Paths towards Progress”

In case you might have any doubts or you would like to receive some additional information from me, please don t hesitate and let me know it for been sending you with pleasure all you need immediately.

I do really thanks to all of you sincerely for your cooperation and look forwards to hear from you soon.

With my best regards to your whole Company Team-Work, sincerely yours,

Dr.-Ing. Carlos Enrique AZA ZEVALLOS



P.D. My coordinates are the following:

Dr.-Ing. Carlos Enrique AZA ZEVALLOS

CEGAZ Contratistas Generales S.A.C.

1.- In the City of Lima-PERU :

Av. Trinidad Moran # 1419

Lince, Lima 14

Lima - PERU

Telf. (House / Office in Lima) 051 - 1 - 4216809

Cel. 0051 - 999088018



2.- In the City of Pucallpa-PERU :

House in Pucallpa :

Jr. Las Gaviotas # 460




Telf. (House in Pucallpa) 0051 - 61 - 596 038

Office in Pucallpa :

Jr. Las Gaviotas # 400




Telf. (Office in Pucallpa) 0051 - 61 - 596 104

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