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Manager Manufacturing Engineering

Mooresboro, North Carolina, United States
May 31, 2017

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Experienced, results-oriented Manufacturing/Engineering Operations Manager with strong leadership skills and the ability to multitask in a complex industrial environment. Safety and quality first mentality. Comfortable with oversight of broad range of functions. Career of designing and implementing strategies to increase productivity and meet manufacturing and production goals. Strong communicator with ability to communicate effectively with departmental managers, functional leaders and frontline employees. CORE QUALIFICATIONS

● Value Stream, Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Management. 3-shift operations with salaried & non-salaried.

● Ownership of Safety, Quality, On-time Delivery, Inventory and Productivity.

● Assembly optimization & line-balancing, point-of-use materials, constraint management. Extensive Lean Sigma experience (VSM, Kaizen, Kanban, 5S/6S, Setup/Run reduction, DMAIC and Toyota Kata). High-volume/mix & low-volume/mix environments. Capital equipment. EXPERIENCE

Manufacturing Manager

Eaton Corp., Hydraulic Division

12/12/2016 – 05/12/2017

Forest City, NC

Responsible: daily execution of Safety, Quality, On-time delivery, Inventory (days on hand), Productivity/GU (gross utilization).

● 5 supervisors and 90 direct labor employees, 3 shifts; 90% permanent, 10% temporary.

● Internal supplier to other Eaton facilities. Engaged, team environment.

● Daily Tier 1, 2 start-up meetings discussing safety (zero recordable in 80 days, 200+ days prior to that), quality (scrap <0.95%), On-time delivery (99%), WIP (13 days on hand), productivity (119% gross utilization), upcoming demand, constraints, manning plans, hiring and training, equipment downtime. Daily presentation of metrics to staff (Tier 3) and other key individuals.

● Five continuous flow cells producing hose for automotive, HVAC, heavy industrial, hydraulics, consumer industries.

● Design safer, faster flow in finish area. Identify key areas for kanbans. Analyze WIP flow throughout day and flex accordingly.

● Sustain 5S+ culture, maintain quality using process checks, daily gemba walks to determine interrupters, progress at each cell. Manufacturing Manager

Columbus McKinnon Corp., Electric Chain Hoist Division 10/01/2014 – 12/01/2017

Damascus, VA

Responsible for: Scrap reduction, on-time delivery of work orders, respond to spike demands, productivity, lead time, on-time delivery, setup reduction, on-time completion of capital projects and continuous improvement initiatives

● $60MM annual sales division, 3-shift operation, union environment

● Career development for direct reports.

● Responsible for all activities in machine shop, heat treat, tool room and also manufacturing engineering & programming

● Team: 4 supervisors, 1 master scheduler, 3 manufacturing engineers, 1 tool designer, and approx. 80 direct labor.

● Key equipment used: CNC Multi-axis lathes, CNC vertical (with 4t h axis indexers) and horizontal machining centers, CNC bar-fed lathes, DNC system, Allcase furnaces, hobbing and shaping equipment, manual mills and lathes.

● Justify and install Mazak Integrex i200S ($250K/year savings), DNC system ($50K/year savings), use of change management to increase running of 5 CNC machines from 4 with 2 operators using 6S and layout design. Ensure continued savings of new capital Mori Seiki N2500Y multi-axis lathes. Implement hour-by-hour productivity tracking at each work center. Used Toyota Kata as a means to incrementally improve processes. CEO/Director of Operations

Vintaj Co.

07/01/2009 – 10/01/2014

Lynchburg, VA

Responsible for key measures: Inventory reduction, company growth, operations streamlining, price negotiations, kanban implementation.

● Understand all aspects of the business and keep the owners accountable to goals. Chair board meetings.

● Launch of new company, Bella Vintaj, for direct sales of finished goods.

● Increase sales by $1MM, while reducing employees through attrition.

● Work closely with CFO to monitor payroll, hours, budgets, payables and other financial objectives.

● Administer all SQL databases, and Server software/hardware and use database tools to make data-driven decisions.

● Implement kanban system through entire business, including external packaging supplier, 50% reduction of inventory.

● Improve on-time shipments from 45% to 92% while growing business; Use of root cause tools to eliminate delays.

● Reduce packaging costs by $100K annually by in-sourcing packaging.

● 40% sales increase with largest customer and 20% with second largest customer with new packaging strategy. Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Belvac Production Machinery

05/01/2006 – 07/01/2009

Lynchburg, VA

Responsible for key measures: Inventory reduction, Quality PPM, streamlining, cost savings, contract negotiations, etc.

● Manage staff of 2 manufacturing engineers, 2 process engineers, 3 programmers and 2 lean engineers.

● Key team member with task to migrate legacy ERP to new ERP system.

● Kaizen events every 2 months. Implement 5S/6S and setup reduction. Revamp entire assembly area and machine shop.

● Save $650K/year with process improvements. Install $1MM palletized Mazak 5-axis CNC mill. ROI achieved in less than 2 years.

● Create multiple assembly flow lines, reduce lead time from months to weeks.

● Part of new product development team, creating new, from the ground up, can forming machine. Now top seller in industry. Value Stream Manager

Snap-on Tools, Wrenches

02/01/2005 – 05/01/2006

Elizabethton, TN

Responsible for: Interface with customers on quality, delivery & cost issues, meet daily shipment goals, reduce rework, implement work cells, cross-train employees, identify setup reduction opportunities.

● 6 direct and 135 indirect reports. Responsible for production and shipment of $400K/week sales (70,000 wrenches/week).

● $150K reduction of customer backorders. Improve on-time delivery by 20%. $350K reduction in WIP.

● Implement: visual management, greater accountability for quality and delivery at the source, implement optimum order quantities, work cell optimization, visual quality standards, etc.

● Team lead at in-plant Shingijutsu event: Reduction of 3 assemblers 99% of WIP, walking distance of 2 miles/shift and 50% of assembly area.

● Processes in plant: forging, annealing, broaching, turning, milling, drilling, bending, stamping, polishing, grinding, hand and semi-automated polishing, vibratory deburr, heat treat, plating, plating strip, black-oxide. Focus Factory Manager

Flowserve Corp.

2003 – 2005

Lynchburg, VA

● Responsible for production and shipment of $1.5 - 2MM in monthly sales.

● 8 direct and 55 indirect reports. Direct report roles: purchasing, planning, engineering, programming & supervision.

● OT delivery improved 10%, inventory reduced $300K, reduced overtime, $385K saved with in-sourcing and cycle reductions. Progression of roles: 1) Process Engineer [1998-1999] 2) Maintenance/Facility Manager [1999-2000] 3) Senior Process Engineer [2000-2001] 4) Production Supervisor [2001-2002] 5) Lean Manufacturing Manager [2002-2003] Flowserve Corp.

1998 – 2003

Lynchburg, VA

● Movement of entire product line from Springville, UT to Lynchburg, VA without affecting on-time delivery and reducing lead time 40%.

● Setup times reduced by 70%, resulting in less overtime. Moved work from overloaded to under-utilized equipment. Annual savings $70K.

● Supervision of 23 assemblers in a union environment. Dramatic improvement in throughput, on-time delivery and 5S. Major productivity improvements providing reduced headcount, freeing up labor to cross-train or work in other assembly areas.

● Responsible for all machining & assembly processes. Lead large-scale Kaizen event reducing setup time by 70%. Assembly and work-holding fixture design (SMED). Capital equipment justification/purchase/install of Mori Seiki SH-5000 HMC.

● Responsible for 8 maintenance technicians and 1 CNC programmer. Responsible for uptime of 100+ machines, maintain entire facility and grounds. Implement plant renovation. Multiple 6S/TPM projects and support of 6S Kaizen events

● Value Stream Map and restructure plant to cellular. 100+ machines moved in 4 weeks with minimal production disruptions.

● Assembly tool design, CNC work holding fixture design, GR&R, cycle time and capacity studies.

● Capital justification for Mori Seiki SH-500 HMC. Results: funding acquired, project managed, savings achieved. Manufacturing Engineer

General Electric - Gas Turbine Manufacturing Operation 1995 – 1998

Greenville, SC

● Manufacturing Engineer in charge of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Creep-feed grinding, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) line, Vertical Boring Mach (VBM)/Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).

● Tool design/purchase/implement (Domestic & International); Project management, international travel, design collaboration.

● $3MM annual budget. Identify projects using capital equipment justification, implementation, achieve savings within budget. GE Manufacturing Development Program (MDP)

General Electric - Gas Turbine Manufacturing Operation 1992 – 1995

Greenville, SC

● Leadership program including 2.5 years of leadership training and assignments as Special Processes Engineer, Strategic Sourcing Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Rotors, Stator Nozzle Technical Support and Stator Nozzle Process Flow Engineer.

● Power Generation Award given for discovering and analyzing price discrepancies and recovering $213K from supplier.

● Implement single piece flow and reduce cycle time by 75% and WIP by 65%. Two consecutive summer Internships

General Electric - Gas Turbine Manufacturing Operation 1989 and 1990

Greenville, SC


BS - Design Engineering Technology (equivalent to a BSME with manufacturing focus) Brigham Young University (BYU)

1986 - 1991

Provo, UT


Toyota Kata Training ● Front Line Leader Training - Eaton Corp. ● ADKAR training (change management) ● VPMEP Lean 204: Total Productive Maintenance & Quick Changeover/Setup Reduction ● VPMEP Lean 202: Value-Stream Mapping ● GD&T ● SolidWorks/Autodesk Inventor ● Greenbelt 6-Sigma ● Manufacturing Leadership Development Curriculum (MLDC) MS Windows XP/7/8/10, Server 2003/2008 R2/2012 ● Microsoft (Access, Excel, Word, Project, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.) ● Remote Desktop Apps ● MS SQL Server/Studio 2003/2008/2012 ● ERP systems

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