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Sql Server .Net

Irving, Texas, United States
May 31, 2017

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Irving, Texas – 75063. E-Mail:

Professional Summary

Over 10 years of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Experience involving Development, Testing and Maintenance of Application Software in Web-based, Distributed 3-tier and Client/Server Architectures.

Expertise in Web-based Application Development using ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server.

Developed Windows-based applications using Windows Forms.

Experienced in ADO.NET programming and Agile Methodology.

Developed Stored Procedures and Functions using T-SQL and PL/SQL.

Good knowledge on Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS) concepts.

Microsoft Certified Professional in developing and implementing Web Applications in C# and ASP.NET

Trained and Certified in Sitecore 6.0.

Working knowledge of XML related technologies such as XML/XSL, XPath DOM.

High-energy work ethics and ability to perform under strict deadlines.

Highly motivated and ability to work independently as well as in teams.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages : C#.NET 4.5, VB.NET 4.5

Databases : SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, Oracle 8i.

Database programming : ADO.NET, Entity Framework.

Web Related : JavaScript, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, XML, Web API, .NET Web Services.

Operating Systems : UNIX, LINUX, WIN 2000/XP/NT, Solaris 2.6.

Tools : Visual Studio 2008, Rational Rose XDE.

Version Control : Visual Source Safe, Clearcase.

Web Servers : IIS 6.0/7.0.

Content Management Sys : Sitecore 6.0

Work Experience

Job Title: Sr. Application Developer

Project: Implemented client interfaces for loading data from Tuesday Morning Netezza data systems to MID Allocation System. Designed and developed various screens for Store Planning application using WPF. Automated Estimated Markdown Reports. Worked on Employee Handbook and Code Of Conduct E-sign site.

Duration: Dec 2011 – March 31 2017.

Company: Tuesday Morning, Dallas, Texas.

Environment: C# .NET, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010 and 2015, Netezza Version 3.0.777.16752.

Worked on TM Associate Handbook and Code of Conduct E-Sign Site – This was designed and developed in ASP.NET to replace the paper Associate Handbook and Code Of Conduct. This has been implemented by showing different Handbooks for different employees, namely Store, DC, and Corporate. SSRS reports were developed for All Reports, Individual Reports. Each user had different access rights and users with Admin privileges could view reports, reset passwords and e-sign on behalf of employees. All these were captured in the database and retrieved in the reports.

Designed, developed and implemented client application namely Store Loader, Hierarchy Loader, Daily and Weekly History Plan Loader, Daily Intransit Loader, Sales and Stock Chain Plan Weekly Loader, Product Loader, Alternate Hierarchy Loader and were set as tasks in Windows Task Scheduler and are loaded daily and weekly.

Designed, developed and implemented the above-mentioned console applications.

Each of these applications retrieve the required data from Netezza and build xml format files that adheres to MID’s corresponding Loader Interfaces.

Developed stored procedures in Netezza for Sales and Stock Chain Plan Loader for MID.

All these client applications are scheduled to run either daily or weekly and data is loaded into MID every day before 8:00 am SLA.

Store Loader loads different fields pertaining to Stores namely store code, store name, description and various other fields from Netezza into MID. This application was enhanced to also update MID with additional fields to be picked up from a list of store attributes present in an Excel file on a shared directory accessible to users.

Hierarchy Loader loads the organizational structure of Tuesday Morning into MID.

Alternate Hierarchy Loader consists of two Hierarchies requested by users namely “Master PO”, “Sub Category” and “Brand”.

Worked on developing, testing and integrating the “Hierarchy Reclass” in test environment and successfully moved into production.

Implemented code for enhancement requests to Chain Plan Loader.

Created various tasks in MID in order to schedule them in the Windows scheduler.

Enhanced the implemented Daily Intransit Loader to check for two criteria, namely if the daily history files and Intransit data availability and time check of 5:30 AM.

Worked on TM10StorePlanning Application which was developed in WPF. This application was an attempt to design and develop a store planning and Allocation System in house but was later scrapped as an executive decision was made to utilize MID Retail used by many retail companies as Allocation System.

Developed the design document, screens, user controls that were used in each of the screens namely Store Selection, Product Hierarchy Selection, Density Parameter settings, Plan Settings, Store Eligibility Screen.

Designed and automated Estimated Markdown Application which is a WPF application that allows users to send markdown information as pdfs as emails. This application internally invokes an SSRS email wrapper application from task scheduler on server which generates markdown information for each store and sends these pdfs as emails to the stores.

Developed windows services application that watches for files and moves the files from one folder to another every day. This process was set up as scheduled task on the task manager to run daily.



Duration: Jun 2007 – Nov 2011.

Job Title: Sr. Web Developer

Company: CA Technologies (Computer Associates CA Inc.), Plano, TX.

Environment: C#. NET, ASP.NET, Sitecore 6.0, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2013, .NET Web Services

Developed and implemented web pages for website using C#, ASP .NET 2.0 and Microsoft Atlas. Designed and implemented reusable web components that were used extensively on pages throughout website like modal pop-up extender and menu controls. The project involved writing stored procedures on SQL Server 2005. Also, was involved in the transition and integration of the website with SiteCore CMS 6.0.

Developed web pages for using the XHTML templates assigned.

Designed and developed web user controls for each web page and used all through the entire site.

Assisted in developing custom control library to be used in the pages. These included header, footer, right navigation controls and page tools.

Developed stored procedures in order to implement the above controls and also to retrieve data from the back end for rendering content for some pages.

Worked on various pages on the website namely products, solutions, press releases, and newsroom web pages. Apart from these, also worked on Arcserve pages and was sole developer for transition of Arcserve site to use sitecore content management system.

Worked on redirect http module that decided and helped in directing traffic to secure and non secure environment.

Involved in developing and transitioning of the website to ASP.NET 2.0 with the use of Ajax Atlas controls like modal pop-up extender.

Worked on re-design of both and websites from VS 2008 to 2010.

Developed web services to be consumed by other third-party sources.

Assisted in a series of site redesign project and transition of both and arc from Rhytmyx database to Sitecore Content Management System.

Worked extensively on Sitecore 6.0, developed Layouts, Sub Layouts, Templates and developed Controls and webpages using these. Worked on re-design of both and with Sitecore as CMS

Worked in Agile methodology with daily status update calls and iterations of one month.

Employer: Net Matrix Solutions, Houston, Tx.


Duration: Oct 2006 – Jun 2007 Worked as a contractor to Computer Associates.

Job Title: Application Developer

The rest of the Clients and Projects I worked for with Net Matrix Solutions are listed below.

Project: Search

Duration: Feb 2006 – Sep 2006

Client: Inventory Locator Services, ILS, Memphis, TN.

Environment: VB.NET, C#. NET, ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, Oracle 9i, HTML, XML, XPath, XSL. Search was designed and developed to search aviation inventory for ILS customers from the website. The data for the search did not already exist and had to be retrieved by a WebCrawler application. The crawler parsed all the data from backend websites to build a repository. The crawler was implemented in VB.NET. The search pages were designed using ASP.NET and C#.

Analyzed, designed, developed and implemented the WebCrawler application.

Developed Technical Design documentation along with class and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose XDE for the entire project.

Developed and designed the ASP.NET web application with three tier architecture.

Designed and developed web user controls for the each web page in the entire project.

Worked extensively on XML, XPath queries for retrieval of data from the backend website.

Developed helper classes that were used to retrieve the html and transformation of html into XML.

Project: RFQ Reports:

Designed and developed technical document specification for this project.

Enhanced an existing application and developed functionality of report with additional fields based on the user selection criteria.

Developed the working model for this enhancement in the existing application using VB.NET.

Project: Range Scheduler Application

Duration: Aug 2005 – Jan 2006

Client: DS3 Computing Solutions, Plano, Texas.

Environment: HTML, XML, ASP.NET, C#, Oracle 9ia.

This web portal was designed and developed for scheduling and administering flight arrivals, departures and parking. The application had administrator, scheduler and other user roles and was role driven. Each user’s profile would be checked and based on their roles they were allowed access to the respective web pages, where in they can perform different tasks.

Implemented web pages for two kinds of users, Command Post Operators and Base Operations Operators for the above application.

Developed and designed the ASP.NET web application using a three-tiered architecture.

Created a consistent look and feel to the UI by developing various web user controls that were reused extensively on each web page as and when required.

Developed and implemented Reports Control and Update Information Control that displayed reports.

Written the data access layer which acted as an intermediary between the user interface and the database.

Used strongly typed datasets for select, insert and update of the database.

Worked extensively with DataGrid, Repeater server controls.


Master of Science in Computer Science, the University of Texas at Arlington.

Bachelor of Technology, JNTU, Hyderabad. India.

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