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Deployment & Technical Support Manager

Marietta, Georgia, United States
May 31, 2017

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Michael A. Paisis **** Keheley Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30066 H: 404-***-**** or C: 732-***-****


Technical Lead/Software/Systems/Video Engineer/Architect/Inventor with 18+ years of cable and network experience seeking for a new position to continue my career with an organization that will utilize my COMMUNICATIONS, LEADERSHIP & ENGINEERING skills to benefit mutual growth and success, in a managerial or technical role.


Expert capabilities at organizing complex projects (SDLC, Agile), defining project priorities, and completing projects. Architecture & technology leadership experience. Positive motivator and team builder.

Working with and within technical teams achieving objectives and solutions on SDLC/Agile projects in various roles. Critical thinking, analytical skills, out-of-the-box problem solving.

I am a problem solver who can see the whole picture - from the business need, the business impact and the customer experience. All need to be in proper balance and alignment. Strengths include solving problems, satisfying customers and providing business solutions.

Self-motivated and assertive, goal-oriented strategist skilled at close examinations, perseverance and vision. Quickly able to absorb new procedures and methodologies. Complex problem solver.

Self-starter, with strong sense of ownership, assertive follow-through, and a passion for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Can analyze and develop system specifications per customer requirements. Translated system requirements to module specifications. Created detailed design models to support system specifications.

Integrated third party software modules and components. Integrated, deploy and supported software and communication interfaces with various systems.

Expert in business and systems architecture, planning, design, integration, and deployment.


Cox Communications Atlanta, GA

Technical Lead -Video Engineering 02/10 to 03/17

Responsibilities & Results

Technology (OSS/CVSS) team member who manages the design, implementation and launches digital video-related technologies (DOCSIS 3/3.1, Contour, Miniboxes, Mosaics, TVCID, TVE, etc.); integrates & installs interactive video applications and systems (e.g. Harmony=VoIP, SIP, IMS, etc.). Responsible for traveling to all markets/sites to: analyze, support, troubleshoot, repair, maintain and install Cox products and application (SW & Middleware) systems while coordinating usage among all systems and delivering training for end users.

Results: Setup specific labs for above projects so we can test and analyze anything that may come out of the field, thus finding resolutions faster and thus applying solutions to customers faster, achieving higher customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Conduct research related to video, including interactive, technologies with the vendors, systems and other engineering groups (DOCSIS 1.0-3.1, CDN, SDV), and will setup the implementation and maintenance of the technologies in the lab environment and apply them to new installations at Cox systems. Setup an entire team for technical support for Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Result: Finding bugs and correcting before deployment thus saving millions for Cox Communications, and achieving higher satisfaction rates with customers. Also help setup a team to support all products deploy, and thus reduce TCTR by more than 15% saving millions. Also created a patent to help with these, and other future products. (US9591337)

Assess complex technologies with various technical and business interdependencies and troubleshoot the technologies in order to support the development, deployment and production releases of the interactive, video-related products. Assisted with development on completing and queueing builds and releases and monitor systems for stability with operations (OSS). Collaborate with Operations and Development teams to support stable and reliable systems by participating in Change Management, Incident and Problem management, and Root Cause Analysis.

Results: Implemented live site testing and reproduce issues that customers have, corrected and deploy solutions faster to marketing thus achieving customer satisfaction and customer retention by more than 15%.

Plans, develops and maintains processes and procedures to support video related products & interactive digital video platforms. Represents Cox Company interest in regard to support and works with other Cox departments and vendors to ensure support needs are addressed in the design, installation and long term support of the products.

Results: Created high level training for all levels and departments of Video Engineering and also train our customers in 23 markets for reducing TCTR saving the company money.

Participates in the analysis of future video supporting systems prior to being released to the field. Works with various Technology departments, vendors and sites to ensure proper design work has been completed prior, during and after equipment installations.

Became the solutions architect by providing integration, configuration and design of new software/middleware to be installed in all market locations.

Results: Created SOP’s & MOPs, manuals, training seminars. Training local management and Technicians in the new products, thus making it possible for them to save time and money in their operations and achieving higher ROI.

Participates in follow-up with vendors, engineering, deployment group and sites to ensure any issues that are identified pre- or post-installation are known and appropriate action plans have been assigned to address any outstanding issues. Provides written updates to management and Cox teams on incident status and produces post incident reports upon resolution of technical and operational issue. Assists deployment department in troubleshooting issues related to new equipment installations.

Results: Visited customers sites and perform RCA’s and implemented solutions saving money and time in operations and marketing achieving higher satisfaction with customers.

Partners with Project Managers, Technical Architects, Upper Management, DBAs, Developers, QA, Operations and Marketing to ensure infrastructure deliverables has been deployed, validated and operational guidelines and documentation has been handed over. Assess the compatibility and integration of video products proposed as standards in order to ensure an integrated architecture across interdependent technology segments.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) support during development, deployment and after. Manage all specs from customers and vendors and verify that are correct, and deployment requirements are met for all trials and production releases. Participate in short term and long term planning, design and architecture for SW releases and deployment of new SW/HW/MiddleWare efforts.

Instructing other engineers/developers and vendors in task assignments, software design, prioritizing, architecture, planning, testing, and reporting of project status to management.

COMCAST Philadelphia, PA

Lead Video Engineer (C) 09/07 to 12/09

Responsibilities & Results

Aspen Project: Deployment and Operations support of Tru2way (OCAP) devices in the Northeast/Central regions. Visited each market and test readiness of systems for deployment of Tru2way devices (such as STBs, IPTVs, Gateways, Modems, Routers, etc.) from several vendors (Arris, Technicolor, Panasonic, Cisco, Samsung, Motorola, LG). Review requirement specifications (Architecture, System, and Software) for correctness. Lead and managed a team of 5 engineers, to evaluate latest hardware, middleware and software releases to identify defects and gating issues including VOD (SeaChange/Tandberg). Interface with external labs providing CAS requirements, represent product and triage defects (Amdocs). POC for outside vendors/customers and internal departments for CPE SW/HW. Responsible for full life cycle embedded firmware development for interactive TV (iTV) products.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) support during deployment and after as needed. Verify that all specs are correct and deployment requirements are met for all trials. Follow up with vendors and local market for CR’s, and assign responsibility accordingly.

Result: Finding bugs and correcting before deployment thus saving millions for Comcast, and achieving higher satisfaction rates with customers.

Expert in Systems planning, analysis, design, configuration, implementation, and testing. Team lead for other engineers/developers and suppliers in task assignments, software design, prioritizing, planning, testing, and reporting of project status to management.

Results: Created high level training for all levels and departments of Video Engineering and also other Comcast markets for reducing TC and TR saving the company millions.

Work with set-tops vendors and other engineering groups to perform system testing and qualification of the products, and once released, support product installation and field deployment. Tier 5 Support after deployment.


Senior SI&T Engineer (C) 10/05 to 10/07

Responsibilities & Results

Perform integration and progression testing on Motorola Digital Cable TV, STB’s, Mobile and CableCards (Wi-Fi, CDMA, Legacy, DSG, DOCSIS, OCAP, etc.). Created test plans, procedures, and reports. Work with Systems Engineering and design tests to validate requirements. Use test equipment (spectrum analyzers, protocol analyzers, network analyzers (Trilithic, Wireshark) to examine results at various levels. Use Clarify for tracking defects.

Design, documented, and executed system integration tests. Executed unit testing, functional testing, defect analysis and fixes. Also executed performance evaluation/tuning. Executed test cases and regression testing. Use SDM and HPoV for management.

Created system test cases and perform system test execution on product software releases (including Head end’s consisting the following: DAC 6000, SEMv8 (APEX), OM1000/2000, NC1500/2000, CPMS, CMTS (BSR 64000), RADD6000, VOD, SeaChange/Tandberg, and others).


Manage all phases of testing, including documentation of test case scenario results to ensure consistent delivery of solutions that meet internal Product Development and client requirements. This resulted in several new ways to move products from development to production faster and within the time constrains of the clients.

Analyze current trends, anticipated issues, research solutions, and provided a cost effective solution to the problems at hand.

Streamline the various release lifecycle processes, including procedure documentation and, where appropriate, tool/script development to automate testing and deployment, thus resulting in better test management and shorter test cycles from 10 weeks to 6 weeks.

AT&T Labs Florham Park, NJ

Senior Systems Engineer (C) 4/03 to 9/05

IBM Global Services Middletown, NJ

Systems Test Engineer (C) 10/01 to 4/03

XO Communications Paramus, NJ

Senior Network Analyst (E) 4/01 to 9/01

Covad Communications Long Island, NY

Field Service Manager (C) 4/00 to 4/01

Skills & Technologies

Operating Systems: All MS Windows OS’s; UNIX; Linux; Windows Servers; Cisco IOS; Apple OS X;

Interconnectivity & Protocols: VoIP, SIP, IMS, SOAP, CVM, TCP/IP, FTP, SNMP, MGCP/H.248/H.323, MPEG2/4, H.268, NGOD, IPTV, CAS, DOCSIS 3.0/3.1, QAM, eQAM, ATM, CCAP, MoCA, TVCID, DLNA, OCAP/Tru2way, WiFi. Architecture: SOA, API, Big Data, COTS,

Video: Arris Headend (DAC 4/5, APEX3000, OM2000, NC1500, CPMS, QAMs, CMTS (Cisco 10K, BSR 64000), RADD6000/DSG, and others). Cisco Headend (EC 7.0/DBDS, MQAM, Command 2000) Video routers, CableCards, Advance Set Top Boxes (ASTB) from Cisco, Motorola and others, HDTV, Tru2way devices, iTV, IPTV, Contour, Mosaics, EAS (Monroe, Trilithic), CDN, VOD (SeaChange/Concurrent), PPV, and other Interactive Systems and guides such as TV Guide, Xfinity, Contour, and Rovi including Recommendation’s Engines (ThinkAnalytics), ICOMS, Amdocs.

Application Software: SaaS, Microsoft Office, MS Project, FrontPage, Access, Publisher, Visio, Sharepoint.

Middleware: API, XAIT, CMAC, OSL, CID, iTV, IGP, EPG, OCAP, etc. Databases: Apache, Oracle 7 (OBIEE), Hadoop, MySQL

Management & Applications: NMS (HPoV, NetCool); EMS (SDM, Anymedia); SharePoint, OSS, Remedy, AdminiTrack; Bugzila; Clarify; Redmine, Jira, Confluence. Cloud (basic knowledge): Cox Cloud, Google Cloud, AWS (S3, EFS, EC2, etc.), GitHub

Monitoring: Splunk, HP Tools; TruView; Auspice; EdgeHealth; Homeview; Wireshark; TcpDump; SecureCRT; Putty; etc.


DeVry University/ Keller Graduate School of Management

MIS Information Systems Management (P)

BAS Technical Management (Network & Communications)


Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)

Certified DAC 5.0+ Operation (Motorola)

Certified EC 7.0+ Operation (Cisco)

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

COMPTia A+ Certified Professional

Patents: PtP Media on Demand (US9591337), others Pending

Memberships: CableLabs, SCTE, T2W, IEEE, CSG, and Broadband


Fred Clark Senior Manager (Cox) 678-***-****

Chris Rhudy HT Manager (Cisco) 678-***-****

Kory Metcalf Video Engineer 4 (Cox) 404-***-****

Paul Hobin Lead Engineer (Cisco) 519-***-****


Bryan: Michael engages in and fully supports efforts to gain ground on our competition. Michael is the SME for the Advanced Troubleshooting Training (who he created) in an effort to reduce support cost and increase customer satisfaction. Always looking for ways to improve. Great Job!

David: Michael was instrumental working with the PDCs to resolve operational issues. He also continues to work with all sites toward a better overall understanding on the Contour signal flow and escalation process. Always going the extra mile!

James: Michael takes an active role and participates in guding other teams in Atlanta and in the field to follow the Change Management Process. He actively pursues the standardization process across every area of responsibility.

John: In addtion to managing and precasting his projects time and expenses as expected, Michael continually works with field sites to reduce unnecessary truck rolls which helps to deliver Top Financial Performance. Excellent in taking the lead!

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