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IIB developer

Carrollton, Texas, United States
May 31, 2017

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Mobile #: +1-757-***-****


•Having 4 years of professional IT work experience in WMB/IIB & Java.

•Experience with WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 &V9.0 and WebSphere MQ V7.5 .

•Configuring a multi-protocol gateway services to provide HTTP, HTTPS, MQ connections for required services.

•Experienced in configuring comunication protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, MQ and FTP .

•Have good Knowledge on middleware/EAI technology and SOA concepts

•Worked on Oracle, DB2, and SQL databases to integrate applications

•Strong in Database to Database Integration and Web service integration

•Developed several interfaces to call Web service.

•Hands on experience with Message Sets,DFDL & MRM.

•Worked on different formats like SOAP, WSDL, XML, XSD XSLT etc.

•Familiar with Electronic Data Interchange orders like 810, 830,850and 940 etc.

•Experience in database audit, storage of events in IIB event generation

•Experience in solving the configuration issues in Broker and worked on Broker environment support.

•Developed ESQL code for transformation of messages

•Experience in MQ admin related activities like creation of Queues, Topics and other MQ objects

•Experience in Message Queuing

•Worked on FileZilla to transfer files to UNIX environment.

•Have good Knowledge on Oracle and PL/SQL

•Good in Java Programming and also trained in JavaJ2EE

•Have knowledge about web technologies such as xHtml, xml and Spring.

•Experience in Airlines, and Banking & Financial domains.

•Good in knowledge transfer


Master of Science – Computer Science GPA May 2017

University of Central Missouri, MO, USA.

Bachelor of Technology Electrical and Electronics Engineering May2012

NBKRIST, Vidyanagar, Andhra Pradesh, India.

•Middleware :WMB, IIB, and WMQ

•Programming : Java, C and PL/SQL

•Web : HTML, XML, JavaScript and PHP

•Database : Oracle, SQL and DB2

•OS & Others : Linux, Windows, WAS, RfhUtil,JBoss, Putty, WinScp and FileZilla

Professional Experience

Work Summary:

Zales Corporation: Jan 2017 – Tilldate

Irving, TX

IIB Developer


Zales Corporation is one of the top jewelry retailers in US. Its parent company is Signet Jewelers based out of UK. In the recent past, Signet acquired Zales jewelers which is also based in US. We are integrating Zales systems with Signet Credit Decision Engine to validate customers as part of second look for credit check at Zales Jewelers.


•Working as a IIB Developer to integrate Zales Systems with Signet backend CDE

•Involved in design of technical specifications to Credit check business requirements

•Developed services like Pre-Qualification, Offer Lookup and Tender Authorization etc.

•Involves in creating and deploying broker

•Working in MQ admin activities in development environment

•Have created and consumed web service using SOAP Nodes by using WSDL as message models.

•Used ESQL for routing and enrichment of incoming message in compute and filter nodes.

•Used ESQL to execute database stored procedures, to get information from database tables, views.

•Debugged the broker logs and traces to identify the missing messages and eliminating the errors like avoiding the port conflicts and changing the attributes of broker objects and perform the testing again.

•Developed error handling sub-flows to implement the Error handling concepts to handle the failover tasks during the Message transformation.

•Designed and developed applications and libraries and deployed in integration runtime.

•Developed Message flows without message models which used custom XSD/XSLT transformations to XML

•Implemented common error handling for all message flows.

•Participated in design, walkthrough, code review and defect review meetings.

•Developed message flows involving data flow using Environment variables, UDPs for dynamic DB parameters.

•Conducted System, Integration, Functional and Regression Tests in test and quality assurance environments.

•Worked with testing tools that include SOAP UI and Rfhutil to work with WebSphere MQ objects like queue managers, queues, listeners, channels.

•Providing solutions to the application teams for MQ setup and Integration Bus flows.

•Strong technical analysis, analytical and critical thinking, decision-making ability, troubleshooting skills.

Worked as a Software Developer in IBM India pvt ltd, Pune from July 2012 to Nov 2015



Project Name : SOMF

Client : Airbus-eBird

Role : IIB Developer

Environment : IIB9.0, MQ 7.5

Project Introduction:

It is a scratch project,It is used by ground man(Admin) and by Airmanas well. This application will record all the overloading during flight such as pressure,turbulence,fuel used and it will send this information to the ground man .I was involved in developing message flows, XML schemas and data model given by architect.

Roles & Responsibilities:

•Understanding the business requirements and the technical specifications of the applications

•Good experience on built in nodes like Transformation nodes, Web service nodes, web sphere MQ nodes, Aggregation nodes, Routing nodes in web sphere message broker

•Expertise in solving build issues.

•Hands on Experience on transformation nodes like Compute node and Mapping node.

•Understanding the Business Requirements and the Technical Specifications of the Application

•Designing and developing message flows, message sets along with ESQL coding

•Used Flow Debugger for observing the behavior of message flows

•formats and route the request and response messages to respective destinations

•Development of message flows to implement the routing logic

•Expertise in web services using SOAP nodes, WSDL

•Deploying the flows in a particular execution group


Project Name : SAMS

Client : AirBus-eBird

Role : IIB Developer.

Environment : IBM WMQ 7.5, IBM WMBv9.0.

Project Introduction:

It is a maintenance project this application is mainly used by airman for safety assessment. Safety Assessment Management System (SAMS) is a global reporting platform developed to allow the management of safety data

workflow across airlines organisation and processes. SAMS is a multi-fleet tool. Especially for A350XWB this application is mainly used

Roles & Responsibilities:

•Good experience on built in nodes like Transformation nodes, Web service nodes, web sphere MQ nodes, Aggregation nodes, Routing nodes in web sphere message broker

•Development of the message flow according to the requirement

•Involved in Broker admin activities, solved configuration issues in development environments

•Involved in MQ admin activities, created MQ objects and solved issues in development environment

•Developed Mediation flows and Message Sets, wrote complex ESQL codes

•Worked on Enhancements and new developments, handled SOAP messages

•Installed WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ in development and test environments

•Developed Message Flows to transform messages to different formats including data validation

•Involved in testing, debugging, bugs fixing and documentation of the system

•Closely interacted with the testers to fix the logged defects

•Involved in analysis, design and implementation of business requirements

•Extensively worked in integrating the different layers of the project

•Used XML for Developing Deployment descriptor files

•Involved in Unit Testing of the specified Modules.


Client:Bank of America

Role:CMS Developer

Environment : Windows,Java,Maven,Springs,RTC,SONAR

Roles & Responsibilities:

Understanding the business requirements and the technical specifications of the applications

Involved in writing the test cases and testing the application

Deployment of bar files into production environment successfully

Done the code quality testing using SONAR Tool


I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Place: (Dhanamjayulu.K)

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