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software engineer

Gainesville, Florida, United States
May 31, 2017

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Hanbo Li

**** ** **** ******, *** B*** +1-352-***-**** Gainesville, FL 32608


Actively seeking a full-time position as a software development engineer with solid knowledge of programming, data structures, algorithms analysis and lots of hands on experiences


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida Gainesville, USA

Master of Science in Computer Engineering 2015.8-2017.5

GPA 3.5/4.0

COURSES Advanced Data Structure, Computer Architecture, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Network Science and Application

SCHOLARSHIP Achievement Award

School of Electronics & Information Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University Xi’an, China

Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering 2011.9-2015.6

GPA 87/100

COURSES C Programming, Data Structure and Algorithm, Operating System

SCHOLARSHIP Siyuan Scholarship (2013 and 2014)


Programming: Java, Python, C, Verilog, Matlab, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

Environment: Windows, Linux(Ubuntu), Eclipse, SimpleScalar


Converting Pictures into Art Using CNN in the cloud (Java and Python) 2016.10-2016.12

Improved Neural Style Transfer algorithm by performing semantic segmentation, and giving different styles to the elements in the picture

Developed an algorithm to achieve style transfer and reconstructed style and content of an image using CNN

Developed web application and used AWS EC2 to accomplish testing and development with different iterations or GPU

Finding Most Popular Hashtags based on Fibonacci Heap (Java) 2016.10-2016.12

Implemented Max Fibonacci heap and used it to keep track of frequencies of hashtags

Used Hash Map to maintain a key as Hashtag and value as a pointer to the corresponding node in Fibonacci heap

Cache Optimization Using SimpleScala (C) 2016.02-2016.04

Proposed and implemented a new cache replacement algorithm to enhance cache performance

Simulated experiment based on SPEC2000 benchmark by modifying C source code

Improved the performance by 10% in compare with traditional approach

Berkeley Socket Chatting Program Based on TCP(Java) 2015.09-2015.11

Developed a real time chatting platform included a server and several clients using JAVA

Implemented the creation of TCP socket, specification of IP address and message flow

Piecewise Curve Fitting of Images (Matlab) Bachelor Final Project

Implemented cubic spine interpolation which remarkably eliminate interpolation error

Achieved converting complex image into mathematical expressions by piecewise curve fitting

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