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Engineer Design

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
May 30, 2017

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Piyush Ravindra Khajanji

**** * ***, ** ***** Rapids IA-52402 Phone # 312-***-**** Summary

Electrical Design Engineer with experience in fields of Firmware Design, Wireless Communication and Digital Signal Processing. Skilled in MATLAB, Analog & Digital Circuits and System Engineering. Well rounded engineering experience in designing and developing Micro-controller based systems, Robotics Systems and LTE Systems.


Master of Science: Major-Electrical and Computer Engineering May-2015 University of Illinois at Chicago GPA: 3.2/4.0

Coursework: Wireless Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Random Signal Analysis, Advance Digital Communication, Robotics &Control System, Nanoscale Semiconductors, Computer System: Testing & Reliability.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering Aug.-2009 to Jul-2013 Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, India GPA: 4.0/4.0 Coursework: Networking and System Architecture, Radar Communication, Computer Architecture and Organization, Computer Communication Networks, Switching theory, Linear Electronics Circuits. Professional Experience

Electrical Firmware Engineer (CDI Corporation-Schneider Electric, Cedar Rapids, IA) Oct-15 to Mar-17

Designed a User-Interface using Matlab-UI (Guide) to communicate between database that is connected to Automated Room for generating multiple tests conducted on series of Electrical Circuit Breakers.

Designing Architecture for association between different platforms such as SQL, Electrical Testing, Parallel Processing etc. to recognize and execute swift processing with multiple communication systems.

Developing algorithms (distinct version) in Matlab to generate different derived parameters from the original Lab parameters and using Digital Signal Processing techniques like signal sampling, Fourier transforms, signal compressing and Real-Time computation for upcoming/legacy products.

Applying these algorithms (specific version) on single or multiple set of files/tests to generate Mex Files that are built on the C/C++ source code of equivalent version. These generated files can act as a threshold for future product development.

Worked on developing Verilog algorithms and timing circuits for comparators and electrical circuits, architecture for new age platforms using IOT.

Summer Internship at Research and Development Cell (DBACER-2012, India) May to Jul-12

Maintained and modified the audio data with the use of Radio Assist. Processed audio signals using QAM and APSK, also worked on time-domain audio scrambling and automatic gain control using Matlab.

Designed and worked on methods such as Echo, Chorus, Time-Shifting, audio active noise control, and wave synthesis for real time processing of signals and documenting outputs for statistical analysis.

Worked on audio signal separation algorithms, which could route the specific client to its required department, helping the management to reduce costs and improving productivity. Technical Expertise

Micro-processors & Controllers : 8085 series, 8086 series, 8051, AVR, ARM. Simulation and Development : Matlab, Lab-View, Verilog, Quartus, Cadence, Unity,Orcad. Programming Skills : C, C++, C#, Embedded C, SQL, python, VHDL, Java, CUDA. Productivity and Data Management : SPSS, Microsoft Office. Technical Projects

Design and Modelling of Radar Systems (Simulink Matlab Project, UIC) Aug. to Dec.-2014

Worked on top design of Radar communication architecture and progressive refinement of the RF specializations related to it. Used CUDA kernel development by providing a language and platform for fast evaluation and analysis in Matlab for efficient kernel test results. Piyush Ravindra Khajanji

2805 A Ave, NE Cedar Rapids IA-52402 Phone # 312-***-****

Evaluated system speed and modeled fidelity tradeoffs using equivalent baseband and circuit envelope simulation techniques. Worked on making the model for “User Defined” parameters for Client based specifications and estimating impact of RF front end, S-parameters, noise and system performance. Robotic Arm Manipulator using MATLAB GUI (Control Engineering Lab, UIC) Jan. to July-2014

Designed user interface that asks user to input the links and initial configuration and then calculated the angle constraints with the use of arithmetic and robot dynamics which helped the user to know his workspace while inputs being number of links, start-end points, initial configuration and velocity.

This was achieved using Graphical User Interface (MATLAB) that moved the robotic arm in a given workspace on receiving inputs from the user. These Robotic arm manipulators are extensively used as a simulation tools for real time Industrial Robots.

Image processing of the objects is important in the industries for simulation purposes. Matlab is generally used for White Balance algorithms in the testing of CUDA kernels which in long run helps to understand and conceptualize the basics of kernel algorithms for processors. Low Power RF/Analog Amplifier LNA (Cadence Project) Aug. to Dec.-2013

Designed a 2.4 GHz Cascade CMOS LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) with high Gain than Traditional CMOS Amplifier.

Introduced concept of Coupling while using high linearity advantage worked on symmetric structure to reduce the Power Consumption by 40%.

The power dissipation from Traditional LNA was decreased by using bias gates while using inverter type amplifier.

RF Power Amplifier Project (Linear Electronics Laboratory Lab-view Project, India) Jan. to May-2013

Built a RF power amplifier design (operating at 433 MHz) using LAB-VIEW simulation. The input signal to RF power amplifier was obtained from PLL with Integrated VCO.

The power amplifier was optimized to give output of 30 dBm. The stability was being analyzed and the Noise Figure was measured about 2.5 db.

Zero Visibility Navigation System for Railways (Embedded System Project, India) Jul. to Dec.-2012

Designed a Control system with Optical IR-Sensors and embedded system board which would detect the Speed and position of the Train by using Embedded “C” programming. It helps the train to travel in Fog prone areas.

Used the concept of reverse polarity as an “Anti-collision” strategy to reduce the speed and momentum of the train drastically.

Review Papers

Electronics Stethoscope- A National Level Paper Competition YCCE India

A portable device which can play heart sound in real time after the signal collection. The received data can be recorded and then can be sent to the doctor for analysis of the signal.

Worked on Matlab to process the Audio signals. Used different types of filtering techniques, communication protocols, digital data processing, data compression, noise cancellation and reduction for research and raw data analysis.

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