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Engineer Software

Sunnyvale, California, United States
May 31, 2017

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1-213-***-**** Sunnyvale, CA - 94085


An astute and a meticulous professional with over one year of experience seeking a position that challenges and compels me to move out of my comfort zone to “get the job done”


Machine Learning Skills: Classification, Regression, Decision Trees, SVM, Clustering, Artificial Neural Networks Programming Languages: Java, Python, MATLAB, C++/C Databases: SAP HANA, Oracle SQL, MySQL

Big Data Technologies: Map Reduce, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka Frameworks: Spring MVC, Maven

Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, PHP, JSON, jsPlumb, Ember.js Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, GNU Linux


Data Scientist - Intern – SAP Labs LLC, Palo Alto, CA September 2016 – March 2017

● Developed Java Auto-correction algorithm using Artificial Intelligence and Probabilistic Machine Learning techniques for SAP Ana, a digital assistant for enterprise.

● Successfully debugged production code and performed unit testing with JUnit tests resulting in more than 85% code coverage.

● Designed and developed the proactive maintenance feature for IoT devices using big data tools like Apache Kafka and Spark. Software Development Engineer – Integra Technologies LLC April 2017 – Present

● Designed and configured vendor specific requirements resulting in new client onboarding. Software Engineer Intern – DiagKnowLogy Inc., San Jose, CA May-August 2015

● Analyzed log files of real time applications for anomaly detection and determining event causality.

● Determined causality using causal graphs and existing application specific knowledge base for root cause analysis of applications. Software Engineer Intern – TejasCo TechSoft Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India February-May 2014

● Developed modules to add, edit, update, track and transfer assets within an organization.

● Developed an Android Mobile Application for Asset Tracking Module. PROJECTS

MNIST Digit Recognition – Kaggle Competition (Technology/Language: Python)

● Trained a SVM on 50,000 observations of MNIST hand written digits and achieved a test error of 1% on 10000 observations.

● Compared the performance of SVMs, Decision Trees and KNNs on the data set Indexing and Ranking Algorithms: (Technology/Language: Lucene Solr, Apache Nutch, Java and Python)

● Created indexes with Nutch and SolrCell.

● Implemented a Content based algorithm to fetch most relevant documents, given a query.

● Applied the Page Rank algorithm on the above graphs to obtain most relevant documents for a query.

● Applied Named Entity Recognition and cTakes on raw data and constructed graphs from the data. Web Crawl and Deduplication: (Technology/Language: Apache Nutch, Selenium, Apache Tika, Java and Python)

● Crawled the web for weapon images using Nutch and Interactive Selenium Protocol to support login and pagination

● Parsed the crawled image results using Tika/Tesseract.

● Applied the Open CV and SimHash deduplication algorithms to detect exact and near image duplicates. Movie Recommendation System: (Technology/Language: Python 3.4)

● Recommends movies based on previous ratings of users using Item based collaborative filtering. Data Mining Algorithms: (Technology/Language: Python 3.4, MATLAB)

● Clustered plant species using k-means clustering algorithm.

● Classify Mushrooms as consumable and poisonous using Adaboosting.

● Achieved Market basket analysis using Apriori and PCY algorithms to mine Frequent Item sets from transactional data. EBay Search: (Technology/Language: HTML, jQuery, PHP, JSON)

● Created a web page that allows users to search items for sale on using the eBay findAdvancedItems API.

● Also implemented the web page as an Android Mobile Application. Friend Recommendation System: (Technology/Language: Python 3.4 and Map Reduce)

● Recommend friends using mutual friends and symmetric friends of people in a social network using Map Reduce. Reversi Game: (Technology/Language: Java)

● Determines the next move in Reversi game using the greedy, minimax and alpha beta Adversarial Search algorithms. EDUCATION

University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA

Master of Science in Computer Science May 2016

K.S. Institute of Technology Bangalore, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science May 2014

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