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Manager Engineer

South Africa
May 30, 2017

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Mr Masikhwa Z.P

Address: Boikgantsho fla**D, Kremetrat Street, Geelhoutpark

*, ****

ID: 8801056338083

Cell N.O: 071 *** ****/071 *** ****&071 *** ****

Email address:

Health: Excellent

Languages: Tshivenda,English,Sotho,Tswana,Zulu,Xhoza

Marital Status: Single.

Sex: Male

Driver Liesence Code:C1.

Criminal record: Clear

Nationality: South African


To learn more in the field of Boiler Maker and to find new and innovative ways to achieve goals as set out by the company.I am a dedicated person to work as a team member and I am not afraid of challeges.



Highest Grade passed: Grade 12

Tshivenda First language

English Second language


Physical Science





Qualification : Qualified Boilermaker

Name of Institution :MCD

N3 courses : Engineering Science N3and Mathematics N3

Name of Institution :Central Johannesburg College

Name of Institution : Aveng Grinaker-LTA

Certified in : Overhead Crane

: Occupational Health and Safety and Representatives

Name of Institution :Safety Adventage CC

Courses :Working At Heights & Legal Liability For Supervisors 2.9.2 Appoi


Company : Aveng Grinaker-LTA

Location : Vanderbiljpark(gauteng)

Position : Apprentice Boilermaker

Duties :Torch Cutting,Welding stick & Co2,plasma cutting, Drilling and punching

Interpreting drawing and fabricating from drawing

Duration :01/04/2008-05/08/2011

Reason For Leaving : Contract Expired

Company : Euro Sales

Location : Rustenburg

Position : Boilermaker

Duties : Building Chutes&gaurds.Torch Cutting,Welding,plasma cutting,

Reading Engineering Drawing and Interpret, Using quickie cut.fabricating and

Modification of structures

Company :Murray& Roberts

Location :Lephalale(Limpopo)

Project : Medupi Power Station

Position :Boilermaker

Duties :Fabricating support of pipes, Reading Drawings and Fabrication

Structures and pipes.Training Semi-Skilled Boilermaker and Appretices to fabricate and read construction drawing and installation of of pipes,reducers,beams,hp piping &steam pipes.doing modification of structures and revision from the drawing

Duration :14/02/2012 to 25/07/2013

Company :Capacity

Location :Water Val Anglo Platinum Smelter(Rustenburg)

Position :Boilermaker

Duration : 25/07/2013 to25/07/2014

Duties : Doing maintenance on conveyor belts,furnaces,classifiers, ladders, guards

And fabricating structures and installing them in the plant.(chutes, guards, conveyorstructures,platforms,handrails,stairs cases,pipes,ducting,tanks,Liners),welding with stick, cutting torch, plasma cutter,CO2 machine and Cutting with guillotine.

Company :Rustenburg Steel Construction

Location :Impala Platinum Smelter(Rustenburg)

Position :Boilermaker Supervisor

Duration : 04/09/2014 to 02/02/2015

Duties : Supervisoring semi-skilled boilermakers and general workers,

Doing maintenance on conveyor belts, furnaces, classifiers,

Ladders, guards and fabricating structures,installing( chutes,platforms,stairs &handrails,Guards, conveyor structures, liners), welding with stick,Cutting torch, CO2 machine and cutting with cutting guillotine.

Company :PSW

Location :Impala Platinum Smelter(Rustenburg)

Position :Boilermaker Supervisor and Assistance Site Manager

Duration : 11/05/2015 to 23/11/2015

Duties : Supervisoring boilerlermakers and semi-skilled boilermakers and general, workers,Doing maintenance on conveyor belts, furnaces, classifiers,

Ladders, guards and fabricating structures, installing(platforms,handrails,stair cases,pipes,transformers gates,roof trusses, chutes,Guards, conveyor structures, liners), welding with stick,Cutting torch, CO2 machine and cutting with cutting guillotine.reporting to the impala formen and Impala Engineer and PSW Site manager all the tasks my teams are doing at the plant.Attending production and Safety meetings everyday,and compilling with the standard of safety of mines.working on furnaces section,toll section,electrical section dryers section,instrumentation section.

Company(Currently) :SPH KUndalila

Position :Boilermaker

Location :Carletonville(Gauteng)

Duties :Doing maintentence on mobile screens plant,mobile crusher plant,front end loader,grader,dump trucks

Duration :03/08/2016 to present


I finished the training for qualified boilermaker in a required time.

I passed Mathematics N3 with distinction.


I can meet deadlines, wok well with a group and very attentive and I can be able to work under pressure.

Strike to be successful in life and in all that I pursue.

Hard working, Punctual, Conscientious, Responsible, Fast learner and creation in tackling every task or project assigned to me.


Kutumela Patrick

Supervisor(Aveng Grinaker-LTA)

Cell Number : 078 *** ****

Mrs Lungile Ntusi

HR Assistance(Aveng Grinaker -LTA)

Tell Number : 016 *** ****/073 *** ****

Johan Petersen

Forman(Anglo platinum Smelter)

Cell Number 083*******

Site Manager(Rustenburg Steel Construction)


Cell number:083*******


Supervisor(Aveng Grinaker -LTA)

Cell Number: 083 *** ****/ 073 *** ****)


Site Manager(PSW)

Cell number:072*******/078*******)

Mr David Van wyk

Formen(Impala Smelter)


Nkambule Pertrus


Cell Number: 073 *** ****/082 *** ****

Brad van niekerk

HR(SPH Kundalila)

Tel no:018*******

Cell no:078*******

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