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Web Services Test Cases

May 30, 2017

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Mounika B

Full stack Java Developer - BLS,IL

Illinois - 919-***-****

• 8 years of hands-on experience in Design, Development and Deployment of web applications using various Java technologies.

• A result-driven, customer-focused and dedicated IT Professional with an approach to build quality application.

• Expertise in web development applications using Core Java, Servlets, JSP, EJBs (SessionBean, EntityBeans, JMS/MQ Series), JDBC, XML, XSD, XSLT, JNDI, XMLParsers (DOM and SAX), JAXP, JAXB, Java Beans etc.

• Experience using Multithreading in applications.

• Very Strong in developing front-end applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, Angular JS, Ext JS, React JS, Responsive design and MVC frameworks.

• Expert hands on experience in working with Spring modules like Spring MVC, Spring IoC, Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring Web Services, Spring JMS, Spring AOP etc.

• Efficient in using J2EE Frameworks like Struts, Restful Web Services, Hibernate, Spring Technologies.

• Proficiency in web service applications both producing and consuming REST(JAX-RS, JAX-WS) API.

• Hands on Experience in integration with ANT, JUnit and Log4j frameworks.

• Expertise in using Java IDE tools of Rational Application Developer (RAD), Web Sphere Application Developer (WSAD), EclipseEE 4.3, WebLogicWorkshop, RSA 7.0 and NetBeans to develop dynamic web applications.

• Good exposure to Java Web Services development using SOAP, REST, WSDL.

• Experience in extensive usage of various J2EE Design Patterns like Singleton, Factory Pattern, Builder, MVC, Chain of Responsibility, Prototype patterns.

• Expertise in developing XML documents with XSD validations, SAX and DOM parsers to parse the data held in XML documents.

• Strong working knowledge of Database Programming using and maintaining SQL, PL/SQL, Triggers and Stored Procedures.

• Experience with Database server like Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Server with SQL & Stored Procedures

• Experienced with J2EE Application Servers like IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, JBoss and Tomcat.

• Have an experience in integrating web services using Mule ESB.

• Developed integration techniques using the Apache camel and apache ActiveMQ technologies.

• Experienced in Developing and Deploying Applications using WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, ApacheTomcat

& HTTP Server.

• Experience on Unit testing frameworks like Junit, Mockito etc.

• Experience in developing the applications which can talk to NoSQL Databases like Mongo and Cassandra.

• Good understanding in implementing web application using Angular JS Framework.

• Experience in working with version controlling tools like CVS, SVN, RationalRose, and build tools like ANT and Maven.

• Excellent working experience with different flavors of operating systems like Windows, UNIX, LINUX.

• Used Bugzilla, JIRA&HP Quality Center for Bug reporting.

• Managed risk analysis and mitigation plans, status/defect reports, and client presentations.

• Proficient in all phases of SDLC (analysis, design, development, testing and deployment) and highly competent in gathering user requirements and converting them into software requirement specifications.

• Problem solver with the ability to rapidly analyze challenges, applying strategic thinking to tactical concerns with strong problem solving skills and a result oriented attitude.

• Excellent goal-oriented team Player, quick learner and self-starter with effective communication, motivation and organizational skills combined with attention to details and business process improvements.

• Involved in coordinating with multiple teams for common issues fix, effective communication with client, cross- functional teams to achieve project priorities/deadlines.

• Excellent communication skills, leadership abilities, strong architectural skills, hardworking and a very good team worker.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Full stack Java Developer

BLS,IL - 2016-11 - Present


IDCFUtility(Internet data collection facility) collects data from the end user using forms. The State employees are responsible for the data collection. Data collection involves an initial contact for collection of detailed data (referred to as "initiation" collection) followed by brief periodic contacts for collection of the most current data. Employer data are generally collected for a single location, such as a store, plant, or central office. Such locations are referred to as establishments. This article will refer to employers, establishments, and respondents. In each case, the reference is to a single location and the data from that location. Responsibilities:

• Developed web pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular.js, JQuery, AJAX and JSON.

• Involved in Requirements gathering, Development, Testing and delivery of application.

• Followed Agile methodology and involved in daily SCRUM meetings, sprint planning, showcases and retrospective.

• Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, Auto Complete, JSON, Angular JS, JavaScript, Bootstrap.

• Used Dependency Injection (DI) from Angular JS factories and services.

• Involved in developing the Angular JS MVC framework for the Single Page Application development.

• Used Spring web MVC to implement MVC architecture and Implemented Spring Security for authentication and authorization.

• Performed User Interface Design and coding using Java, Spring framework and web technologies.

• Implemented business tier using Spring IOC, AOP and MVC.

• Involved in using Core java concepts - Collections, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading, Serialization and Java 1.8 features.

• Utilized Spring annotations and XML configuration for Dependency Injection.

• Involved in implementing logging, exception handling and transaction management using spring AOP.

• Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection and used Apache Camel to integrate Spring framework.

• Involved in ORM mappings for associations, Inheritance & fetching strategy, performing CRUD operations and managing second level cache using Hibernate.

• Involved in setting up Connection pooling and used JMS for Asynchronous messaging.

• JUnit tests were written to test each module in the application.

• Designed and developed Micro Services business components and RESTful service endpoints using Spring boot.

• Implemented RESTful and SOAP based web services using for JAX-RS and JAX-WS respectively.

• Implemented RESTful Web Services to retrieve data from client side using Micro Services architecture.

• Called the restful web services to get the JSON object (Response) and manipulated the JSON Object to display the response in the webpage.

• Implemented the persistence layer using Hibernate and configured Hibernate with Spring to interact with the Database from the DAO.

• Developed Hibernate mapping files using different mapping strategies such as table per class hierarchy.

• Used Maven to deploy the Services in WebSphere. Involved in the deployment of the application on WebSphere.

• Used Oracle SQL Loader in front-end loading of data from external data sources.

• Installing Oracle 11g in Unix/Windows and migrating the data from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g.

• Developed build and deployment scripts using MAVEN as build tool and automated the build and deploy processes using Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments. Environment and Tools:

Core Java/J2EE, JDK 1.8, JSP, HTML5, CSS3,Hibernate 4.0,Angular JS,JMS,Websphere,Spring MVC 4.0,Spring IOC,Microservices,Oracle 11g,Javascript,Jquery,Bootstrap,Junit,Maven,Log4j. Full stack Developer

Hcentive Inc - Reston, VA - 2015-03 - 2016-10


Hcentive Inc is a software development specializing in cloud-based products for health insurers and state health agencies and state health agencies. A health care system is developed and the project will be used all over America. Three different portals are developed for the project. User can choose to use employee portal, employer portal and broker portal based upon their roles. Responsibilities:

• Involved in the entire SDLC fromrequirement analysis, design, development, maintenance and support of the applications.

• Worked on various Java standard design patterns such as Singleton Patterns, Factory, Abstract Factory, Session Façade and Model View Controller (MVC).

• Developing Angular services and factories for consuming web services.

• Developing custom HTML5 elements using Angular JS directives.

• Developed Angular factories, and used Angular promise API for making async calls.

• Developed Web Services using Restful with Spring MVC and developed DTDs, XSD schemas for XML

(parsing, processing, and design) to communicate with Active Directory application using RestfulAPI.

• Used Struts-Validator frame-work for all front-end Validations for all the form entries.

• Tested SOAP web services using SOAP UI and REST web services using REST Client.

• Developed JSP pages for presentation layer (UI) using Struts with client side validations using StrutsValidator framework/ JavaScript.

• Working experience with Rabbit MQ by connecting to the topic then fetching the messages and parsing the messages using multi-threading.

• Migrated of legacy project to latest versions of spring and hibernate.

• Implemented Hibernate to persist the data into Database and wrote HQL based queries to implement CRUD operations on the data.

• Used Hibernate annotations and created Hibernate POJOs.

• Worked on Named Queries, Parameterized Queries in Hibernate.

• Built S3 buckets and managed policies for S3 buckets and used S3 bucket and glacier for storage and backup on AWS.

• Configured Elastic Load Balancers with EC2 Auto scaling groups.

• Use AWS Code Commit and understand the array of options for enabling a Continuous Integration environment on AWS.

• Worked on creating JSPs, Form Beans and Action classes and configured in Struts-Config.xml

• Established efficient exception handling and logging using Spring AOP.

• Developed Hibernate with Spring Integration as the data abstraction to interact with the database

• Used Mockito and JUnit for unit testing.

• Used configuration wizard and configuration builder extensively to create and manage WebLogic/JBoss domains

• Wrote complex SQL queries using joins and sub queries to retrieve data from the database.

• Code review in PL/SQL procedures, functions and triggers.

• Involved in setting up the cluster environment for WebLogic/JBoss Server

• Created test plans and JUnit test cases and test suite for testing the application.

• Implemented Open Source Log4j logging frame work.

• Used MAVEN for build framework and Jenkins for continuous build system.

• Used Spring for cross cutting concerns and IOC for dependency injection Environment and Tools:Core Java/J2EE, JDK 1.8, JSP, HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS,Hibernate, 4.0, Spring4.0, Maven, Multi-threading,JavaScript, XML,GITHub,REST,Jboss,Unix/linux, design patterns,MQ, SVN, Junit4.4, Oracle,Jenkins,JAX-RS.

Senior Java J2EE Developer

Liberty Mutual - Seattle, WA - 2014-01 - 2015-02


Underwriting is online data analysis system that allows insurer to analyze risks and uncertainties related to a given customer to determine if it is technically feasible and economically reasonable foundation for making investments. It demonstrates decision-making authority with limited supervision, recommending quality exceptions where appropriate to maximize profitability and meet business plans. Supports marketing activities to agents and actively participates in the agency management process. Responsibilities:

• Implemented the Struts framework, developed Struts Tiles, Struts HTML tags and Struts Nested.

• Developed user interface using JSP, JSP Tag libraries and Struts Tag Libraries to simplify the complexities of the application.

• Used Spring framework to implement Inversion of Control (IOC) and Data Access Object (DAO).

• Used Struts/MVC framework to enable the interactions between JSP/View layer and implemented different design patterns with J2EE.

• Involved in development of Front-End using JSP, AJAX, Struts, CSS HTML, Java Script and AJAX.

• Wrote test cases in Junit for unit testing of classes and implemented the logging using Log4j.

• Used Hibernate Tools were used as persistence Layer - using the database and configuration data to provide persistence services (and persistent objects) to the application.

• Created and maintained mapping files and transaction control in Hibernate.

• Designed Java Components and integrated using Spring framework for Hibernate Object/Relational persistence mechanism.

• Developed and run UNIX shell scripts and implemented auto deployment process.

• Implemented agent-server messaging dialog using Camel and JMS (Active MQ implementation)

• Involved in setting up Connection pooling and used JMS for Asynchronous messaging.

• Developed and maintained ANT Scripts.

• Installed and configured Tomcat and sun one webserver to work with WebLogic server.

• Deployed WAR, JAR, EAR applications in WebLogic 8.0.

• Handling pl/sql exceptions by using when others exception then registering error message in database table.

• Managed performance and tuning of SQL queries and fixed the slow running queries in production with utilities like Explain.

• Utilized SQL Loader to load flat files data coming from outside agency into flat tables

• Developed Build and deployment pipeline through Jenkins based on project requirements.

• Developed build and deployment scripts using MAVEN as build tool and automated the build and deploy processes using Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.

• Deployed the application on WebLogic and JBoss application servers.

• Involved in consuming, producing SOAP based web services using JAX-WS.

• Have integrated web services including SOAP as well as REST using Fuse ESB.

• Used SOAP UI for testing the Web services by sending an SOAP request. Environment: Core Java,JDBC,JavaScript,Servlet,JSP,Hibernate, Rest, Jenkins,XML,JSON,Unix/Linux, Spring,ANT,JSP,JAX-RS,Html5, CSS, Java Script,JMS,Angular Js,Ajax,Jquery,MySQL,Weblogic,Eclipse Java J2EE Developer

Syntel - Louisville, KY - 2012-10 - 2013-12


Inventory Management project for a leading American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. This project mainly deals with the transfer of inventory between Distribution Centers. This application will be used by Admin/Analysts to monitor the inventory levels in distribution centers (DC). Transfer of SKUs can be done from one DC to other based on the supply/demand conditions. All transfers among DCs should be approved by set of approvers. Also this application provides more visibility to the Admin/Analysts by providing weekly release transfer status of SKUs to different Distribution centers. Responsibilities:

• Involved in preparation of functional definition documents

• Involved in deployment of full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the tracking systems Requirement gathering, Conceptual design, Analysis, Detail design, Development, System Testing, and User Acceptance.

• Defined and designed the layers and modules of the project using OOAD methodologies and standard J2EE design patterns & guidelines

• Designed and developed all the user interfaces using JSP, Servlets and Spring framework

• Developed the DAO layer using Hibernate and used caching system for real time performance

• Designed the application to allow all users to utilize core functionality, as well as business specific functionality based on log on ID

• Developed Web Service provider methods (bottom up approach) using WSDL, XML and SOAP for transferring data between the Applications

• Configured Java Messaging Services (JMS) on Web Sphere Server using Eclipse IDE

• Used AJAX for developing asynchronous web applications on client side

• Played key role in the design and development of application using J2EE, EAD4J technologies/framework using SOA

• Designed various applications using multi-threading concepts, mostly used to perform time consuming tasks in the background.

• Wrote JSP & Servlets classes to generate dynamic HTML pages

• Designed class and sequence diagrams for Modify and Add modules

• Design and develop XML processing components for dynamic menus on the application

• Adopted Spring framework for the development of the project

• Developed the user interface presentation screens using HTML5

• Co-ordinated with QA lead for development of test plan, test cases, test code, and actual testing responsible for defects allocation and resolution of those defects

• All the coding and testing was performed using Eclipse

• Maintained the existing code based developed in Spring and Hibernate framework by incorporating new features and fixing bugs

• Involved in fixing bugs and unit testing with test cases using JUnit framework

• Developed build and deployment scripts using Apache ANT to customize WAR and EAR files

• Developed stored procedures and triggers using PL/SQL in order to calculate and update the tables to implement business logic using Oracle database.

• Used Spring ORM module for integration with Hibernate for persistence layer

• Involved in writing Hibernate Query Language (HQL) for persistence layer

• Implemented the logging framework in the SOA environment.

• Used Log4j for application logging and debugging

• Coordinated with offshore team for requirement transition & providing the necessary inputs required for successful execution of the project.

Environment and Tools: Java, JSP, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate, EJB (Session Beans), Log4j, CVS, Web Sphere, IBM Web sphere, JNDI, Oracle, Windows XP, SOAP,Unix, Ant, Eclipse. Java J2EE Developer

Fiserv - 2011-01 - 2012-09


Fiserv is a global organization with more than 13,000 clients and 21,000 associates worldwide and takes pride in its mission to enable clients to achieve best-in-class results. The company is highly regarded for its financial services technology and services innovation, including award-winning solutions for mobile and online banking, payments, risk management, data analytics and core account processing. Responsibilities:

• Worked on a multi-tier web based environment using J2EE technologies: JSP, EJB and JavaServlets.

• Developed Back Office and Front End forms/templates with Validations for Login, Registration, maintain security through session / application variables, deliver dynamic content using HTML, JavaScript and Java as required.

• Developed CSS, JSP and Servlets.

• Developed web interfaces using HTML and JavaScript.

• Developed Stored Procedures, Functions using Oracle.

• Proficiency in developing SQL, PL/SQL in JDBC with Oracle 9i/10g as well as client-server environments.

• Developed UI using JSP, Servlets.

• Package, build, integrate and deploy enterprise J2EE applications on WebLogic server that involves EAR, WAR and JAR.

• Involved in writing the business logic.

• Experience in creating user interfaces using JSP, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, and JavaScript.

• Used Linux to design the User Interface and to develop the application

• Involved in validating the views using validator plug-in in Struts Frame Work

• Experienced in building and deploying J2EE Application Archives (Jar, War and Ear) on IBM WebSphere application server using Apache Ant.

• Experience with Session, Entity, Message Driven Beans.

• Developed front-end using AWT, Flex, Swing, JSF, and JSP with Custom Tag libraries, JSTL, Struts Tag libraries

Environment: Java 1.4/1.6, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Web Services,Restful, Ant, Maven, Tomcat, CVS, Eclipse, SQL Developer, Oracle.

Java J2EE Developer

Capjemini,NJ - 2009-10 - 2010-12


START application is used for launching new models of vehicle or making changes to existing models. START interacts with a number of other systems with the help of telegrams and interfaces. Responsibilities:

• Involved in Analysis and Design of the Project, which is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture and Design Patterns.

• Developed activity, sequence and class diagrams using Unified Modeling Language and Rational Rose.

• Experience in designing JSP pages and application layout.

• Developed front-end GUI screens using HTML, JSP and CSS.

• Developed HTML and JSP pages using Struts.

• Developed Controller Servlets, Action and Form objects for process of interacting with Oracle database and retrieving dynamic data.

• Involved in unit testing JUNIT and in integration testing.

• Used Java script for client side validations.

• Developed code for Java Multithreading.

• Developed various modules using MVC Struts and used struts tag libs for developing user interfaces.

• Developed Servlets, Session and Entity Beans handling business logic and data

• Used Servlets to process the data entered by the client in the search system.

• Responsible for coding SQL Statements and Stored procedures for back end communication using JDBC and Oracle.

• Used Apache Log4J logging API to log errors and messages.

• Developed XML parser for File parsing.

• Involved in writing Detail Design Documents with UML Specifications.

• Involved in Integration testing and system testing and also responsible for preparing test scripts for the system testing.

• Deployed components into the WebSphere.

• Developed backend components, DB Scripts for the backend communication.

• Used java IO to create reports, which were mailed to my manager every hour. Environment:Core Java,Java,Unit Testing, JSP,Multithreading, Servlets,Integration testing, JDBC, LOG4J, DB2, XML, HTML,CSS,Javascript,design patterns, Struts 1.2, WebSphere, CVS. EDUCATION

Bachelors in Computer Science in Computer Science



J2EE, Java, JavaScript, JSP, SQL


Technical Skills:

Langages/Packages: Core Java, Java 1.8,SQL,PL/SQL,HTML5,CSS3, Angular JS, JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery, Bootstrap, XSL, XSLT, Xpath, DTD,UML.

Java & J2EE Technologies:

Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JMS, JPA, JNDI, XML, JAXB, JAXR, JAXP, JTA, Design patterns, JAF, JSF,JSTL, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Hibernate, json,Struts, JavaBeans,Active MQ,Jboss, Swing,Junit,Selenium,Json. Distributed Technologies: EJB 3.0, Web Services (REST, SOAP),AWS Databases: Oracle 11g, MySQL, DB2, My SQL Server 2014, Cassandra. Web/Application Server: WebLogic 12c, IBM WebSphere 8.x,JBoss AS 7.0, JBoss EAP 6.0, Tomcat 8.x Framework and O/R Mapping Technologies: Spring 4.0, Struts 2.0, Hibernate 4.2 Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, SVN

Version Control & Operating System: CVS, Git Hub, Windows NT/ 2000 / XP/7, Solaris,Linux/Unix

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