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iOS developer

May 20, 2017

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(iOS Developer)

Objective-C (*.* yrs)

Swift (3 yrs) +971505637976


Professional Summary:

• 4.7 years of professional experience as iOS Apps developer using Xcode, Objective–C and Swift in all phases i.e.,. Analysis-Design- Implementing-Testing.

• 3 years of working experience in Swift.

• Experienced in designing/developing applications with Interface Builder/Story board and programmatically.

• Experience in working with Size Classes and AutoLayout.

• Experience in working with web services using JSON and XML.

• Social SDK integration like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn.

• Experience on implementing with MVC pattern.


Should be strong enough in iOS development to help the organisation growth (developing app for the business) as well as myself (able to create new features in iOS) and finally reach the dream place “Apple”. Technical aspects:

• Optimising the code for ensuring maximum performance and crash safe especially in Swift.

• Knowledge and enthusiasm to develop whole App from scratch.

• Have commitment and can undertake challenging tasks.

• Ability to work in a group as well as independent. ASHOK_IOS_DEVELOPER 1


WWDF Activation(2 apps)

Is an iPad app to take survey about the enterprise products and save locally if no connectivity and push to server once connectivity available or if connectivity already available. Ideally the data will be collected once in 15days from the enterprise server and kept locally in CoreData. Environment: Xcode 7.3 Technologies: objective-C and Swift (2 apps) Role: Total app from scratch

Key Functionality: Created custom XML DataManager, offline data storage manage.

BrandingBan(2 apps)

Is an Universal app provided with the list of the products of the enterprise which are banned or planning to be banned in the specific countries and the necessary actions to be taken to ban them or the action to continue them.

Environment: Xcode 7.3 Technologies: objective-C and Swift (2 apps) Role: Total app from scratch

GSC Contact Directory(2 apps)

Is an Universal app which works like an telephone guide with all the features of call, mail and address of the details provided by the server. The user is provided with the list of filters based on the type of the country they are living and category that Contact belongs to. It requires online connectivity. Environment: Xcode 7.3 Technologies: objective-C and Swift (2 apps) Role: Total app from scratch

DawnRaid (20 apps)

Are iPhone and iPad apps for the employees of client organisation where the employees can go through all the details, rules, protocols, risks, security, health, gift and more kind of info. This app uses Accordion view for the listing. This app is re-skinned for all the branches of client organisation like USA, UK, Geneva, etc.,.

Environment: Xcode 5 Technologies: objective-C

Role: Total app from scratch

Key Functionality: Accordion view, internal app linking ASHOK_IOS_DEVELOPER 2

PocketOffice(2 apps)

Is an iPhone app that list the branches of the client organisation in a table and Map (Used Google Map with custom markers and Callout view). User can select the options to view branch on Map, route to the branch location from current location (used Google Polylines for Walking, Driving and Transit modes) and branch details like Address, phone numbers, etc.,. This app is released as offline version with core data and online version with XML data parsing.

Environment: Xcode 7.1 Technologies: objective-C and Swift (2 apps) Role: Total app from scratch

Key Functionality: Google Maps SDK integration with Polylines, Maps and directions.

Winston - I Am Free

Is an image filtering kind of iPad landscape app in which the user can select a category and a corresponding Background image (HD images). Then the user will be prompted to take a pic with the green as the background color from the app, the app will automatically removes the green color (Used FloodFill Algorithm) where user can also remove the residue green background. The previously selected Background image and the camera pic will be merged together as a single image with grey scaling, user can select amount to be merged (alpha of the camera pic) with the background image and contrast. Finally the image can be sent via mail(Without mail composer using the Outlook HTML String) or/and print can also be taken. Environment: Xcode 6 Technologies: objective-C

Role: Member of a team sized 5

Key Functionality: Image filter module, Automatic Background removal (the pic will be taken only with green background), Eraser tools, Image Masking etc.,.


Is an iPhone and iPad app to complain about the products availability in the client organisation among various locations. This consumes web services to fetch the location details and shows locations in Map using Google Map SDK and the products available at selected location by the user. When user submits the complaint, an email will be triggered in background to notify updates to the user directly.

Environment: Xcode 6 Technologies: objective-C and Swift (2 apps) Role: Total app from scratch

Key Functionality: Google Maps SDK



Is a health based iPhone app for Alcohol management mainly based on Nudges from the platform which keeps track of the users drinking pattern in different forms like Drinking Diary of drinks consumed, Drinking Chart with sleep and mood capturing and home feeds with drink consumed percentage per 7 days, week and month. User can enter the drinks consumed by the available list or use the Breathalyser to record their BAC value in the app. It has BCT concept from platform for more user engagement purpose which will use artificial intelligence to read what type of user he/she is and based on that it will send the nudges accordingly.

Environment: Xcode 5.1.1 Technologies: objective-C iTunes link

Role: Developed some Modules and complete UI Revamp Key Functionality: Google Maps SDK, Hardware integration, location services, offline data usage, user session management, charts, dairy listing. iRoomz

It is an iPhone and iPad app in which the user will select the background and foreground from camera or library and can place the foreground on the background by removing background of foreground image.Here the user can remove the complete background of the image or some portion by using the magic wand tool. Finally after selecting we can save that to our local library and icloud.

Environment: Xcode 4.6.2 Technologies: objective-C iTunes link

Role: I have done some modules of this app which includes Background removal, iCloud storage and the UI Revamp


Is an universal app to asses ones own skills like knowledge on Objective-C and some random questions. It is fully configurable in which the user can change the questions and all the customisation of font and images. After the successful answering of all 10 questions the result Graph of the assessment is shown after saving the assessment.

Environment: Xcode 4.3.2 Technologies: objective-C Role: Total app from scratch

Key Functionality: Custom chart(Using Bezier path), screen capturing ASHOK_IOS_DEVELOPER 4


It is an iPad app for USA client and it has a cloud of all the words which are rotating and by selecting the word it will give the menu like pronounce, meaning, example, images, videos and so on. By selecting the required menu option it will provide you the corresponding data and we can add the word as bookmark and upload the new images and videos of any words. The image are allowed to respond for all gestures. The user can add the unavailable words into the app. Sqlite is used to store the data locally. Environment: Xcode 4.4 Technologies: objective-C

Role: Total app from scratch


It is an iPhone and iPad game where the user will have some rows coming down with numbering form 1 to 9 with one letter missing and the player need to guess the number. The rows will be falling down continuously if the user looses to guess or if the row touches the bottom the user will loose one life.

Environment: Xcode 4.3.2 Technologies: objective-C iTunes link

Role: Support for push notifications and UI changes SmartVue

It is an enterprise app where a company sales executive will go to houses in street to demo their products which are downloaded through internet in company so that the products can be visible to the consumers offline, if the consumer likes the product they can book it on the spot without paying anything, once the executive reaches the company there he will be connected to the internet with which all the ordered products will be sent to server to deliver it to the consumer address. Each executive is having the different products in their devices because one executive should not take same 5 category products. Environment: Xcode 4.3.2 Technologies: objective-C Role: Total app from scratch



• Farabi Technologies Middle East(S4M) - Dubai

o Working as Mobile App Developer in the Banking projects.

• HCL Technologies Pvt Ltd - India

o Worked as Senior Software Engineer in the client project for their enterprise for a period of 1 year 9 months.

o The apps includes WWDF Activation, BrandingBan, GSC Contact Directory, Pocket Office, Winston-I am Free, Dawn Raid, OutOfStock.

• Zanec Soft Tech Pvt Ltd - India

o Worked as Software Engineer in a project called Alcochange for 1 year 4 months, its a company Product.


• Pasumai Solutions - India

o Worked as Software Engineer in a project called iRoomz for 2 months


• Sripada Marketing LLC - India

o Worked as Software Engineer in a project called WagonWheel

(Enterprise app) for 5 months

• Brn Infotech - India

o Worked as iOS Trainee in Willie (Enterprise app), RowMaster and SmartVue(Enterprise app) for 6 months.



• Completed (CSE) with an aggregate of 71.2%.

• Completed Intermediate(M.P.C) with an aggregate of 93.8%.

• Completed Secondary schooling with an aggregate of 76.6%. Personal details:

Name : Ashok.D.Y

Father’s name : D.Y.Nagendra

Date of birth : 06 JULY 1991

Languages known : English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil(Speak) Declaration

I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true up to my knowledge.





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