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Computer Science Data

Boston, Massachusetts, 02134, United States
May 20, 2017

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Heqian Liu




Web Development

Javascript, Node.js, Express, AngularJS,

HTML5, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, Mongoose,

RESTful-API, PHP, Apache, Heroku

Programming Languages

Java, Python, C#, Haskell, C


MongoDB, MLab, Firebase, EC2 Amazon,

SQL, MYSQL Server, MYSQL Workbench,

JDBC, JSON, d3js

App/Game Development

Objective-C, Swift, Unity-3D, Xcode


2013 - 2017 Boston University

Bachelor in Computer Science

Courses: Web app development,

Intermediate Algorithms, Data Analysis,

Distributed System, Number theory,

Network Security, Compiler, Assembly



2016.5 Best Design App

StreetKisser won the Best design prize and

the second Best App in the Global App

Initiative Appathon 2016.


As a full MEAN stack developer, I have two years experience of developing website using MongoDB, Node.Js with Express and AngularJS. During my four years undergraduate education, I am exposed to a widespread of programming languages including Java, Javascript, Python and C#. With my experience in both MongoDB and MYSQL database, I am able to develop cloud-hosted, responsive, single page web applications that integrate RESTful APIs. I have experience working in an team using Agile methodologies, and I am very familiar with distributed version control tools like GitHub. I am a very passionate programmer who always enjoy developing, sharing and making progress together with my team. 2016.12 -


MEAN stack website is a counter pick advice tool for the game League of Legends according to the result of data analysis over 160,000 games developed by myself. Backend was developed with Node.JS and express framework. Database was developed with MongoDB. I hosted my database in and connected it to my server using Mongoose.

UI was developed with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and JQuery with preload function and multiple browser support

Data was collected and analyzed throw Riot API using Python. 2016.5 - 2016.6 PKU Tech Lab Website

Peking University

Front end development of Peking university's new tech lab online courses website Available on only for front end demonstration. Developed and designed the graphics UI for Peking University tech lab online course using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Bootstrap. Used Agile methodologies during development.

2016.1 - 2016.5 Rate My Blank Website

Flask website

Rate My Blank is a website developed to allow users to upload anything in posts and rate others' stuff and leave personal comments.

The website didn't go online, but it was deployed to Docker and available at Github: /

Used flask as backend framework and used OAuth to implement login system Designed and developed the interactive UI of the website using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap, and provided multiple browsers support. 2016.4 - 2016.5 StreetKisser iOS APP

Global Initiative Appathon

Used Objective-C with Xcode to develop the app

Used Parse as the database and developed functionality include login, rate, friend and message system.

2014.6 - 2014.8 Data Analyst - Tianjin Science Park Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

Performed detailed analysis of the data from the science park database with MYSQL workbench.

Used clustering algorithm to categorize companies and deliver business report Used iPython to generate the heat map of industry allocation PROJECT/INTERN EXPERIENCE

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