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Project Management Information Technology

Bellmore, New York, United States
May 20, 2017

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Information Technology – Software Development – Strategic Planning

Technology and business visionary with executive and hands-on experience working with multi-billion dollar enterprises. Strong record of success in creating robust IT applications, architectures and infrastructures. Proven ability to bring the benefits of IT to solve business needs while managing costs and risks. Led development and deployment of custom and Off The Shelf applications/systems. Provide strategic direction to senior management on technology.

-Technology Architecture and Integration

-Leading Edge Software Development

-Global IT Delivery and Project Management

- Agile Development Methodology

-Application/System Strategy and Development

- Create/Develop Project Management Office (PMO)

-Budgeting and Cost Control

-Staff Management and Team Building

-Organization and Staff Development

-Strategic Analysis & Internal Consulting

Solid management career with strong leadership, problem solving, planning, team building and project management skills. Recruit, develop, motivate and retain diverse staff structuring them in teams that deliver results and savings. Teams are from 5 – 35 resources consisting of; Directors, Development Managers, DBA’s, Architects, Developers and Consultants. Responsible for multi-million dollar budgets (capex and opex), Vendor Management and negotiations.


NATIONAL GRID (Dec 2012 – Present)


As US lead I was responsible to plan, execute, and finalize projects according to strict time deadlines and within budgetary guidelines. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors and/or consultants in order to deliver programs according to plan. In addition, as US Lead, work with the Business units to define the programs objectives/requirements. Some of my responsibilities included;

Technical aspects of the day to day development of Client/Server technology.

Responsible for the overall software/hardware architecture, design and implementation of these systems.

Responsible for the day to day management of team personnel.

Responsible for acting as the liaison to internal and external groups.

All project documentation is created and maintained in a central repository

Project Plan

Project Scheduling

Software/Hardware Parts Lists

Requirements Document

Functional Document

Design Document

Operational Environment Document

System Integration and Acceptance Test Plans

User Manuals

Operational Procedures Manuals

The following applications/systems were my direct responsibility

Financial Tracking System - The IT department did not have one standard application/process for preparing, managing and reconciling project financials throughout the monthly cycle of a project and its affiliated tasks, leading to inconsistencies in reporting budgets. Inaccurate financial reporting is caused by the complexity of disparate systems, a proliferation of spreadsheets and varied management processes and controls.

Developed this application after Identifying the current method/process for the financial cycle that IT teams manage and report on – this includes Project Planning/Management (Resources), Forecasting, Invoices, Actuals and Accruals. Implemented a standardized/optimized new application/process to plan, execute, monitor, and track project financials for all Project Managers, via Templates/Forms to support Project Managers with validating and ensuring accurate financials on a timely/regular basis. The application conformed to the IS Operations Database – feeding financials into and report out of this database.

Developed an application to replace a manual workpack process in Engage (home grown SW) and SAP was cumbersome and required a number of reviews, approvals and handoffs resulting in an average cycle time of 67 days per workpack. Designed a global standardized application to replace the existing workflow process and replaced it with templates for workpack processing with Project Managers, Procurement, Vendors, IS Commercial, Finance and IS Business Support teams to significantly streamlined the application and process to reduce the average cycle time, removed all duplicate reviews/approvals and reduced the number of steps within the application.

Onboarding Process Workflow and Asset Management System - The Onboarding process was error prone, convoluted and time consuming. The result was poor initial productivity for contactor and employee new hires within Program Delivery. Develop an application to replace the existing manual process workflow and reference documents to ensure all critical activities are executed at the appropriate time by the appropriate personnel. Develop a list of critical contacts to be used in conjunction with the workflow and activities. Bring together the data maintained by 3rd party vendors i.e. Verizon & CSC and tie these assigned assets to resources in a single database.



I assessed the effectiveness of the Goodwill Industries NY/NJ information Technology hardware environment, software applications and technology staff. This was performed through a series of interviews with the IT, Finance, Chief Compliance Officer, Business Operations, Public Relations/Marketing, Government & Community Relations and HR teams. The application/system reviews and observations with representative business team staff, management and IT staff focused on how effectively the current systems, applications and IT staff support Goodwill Industries program requirements and business users.

Tasked to Develop/create and implement the IT Strategy. Introduced a formal project life cycle process to the IT and Business departments. Developed templates for RFP’s, Requirements, Functional & Design Specifications, Change, Risk & Issues processes and a Quality Assurance Charter and Plan. Explained and implemented the concept of governance and its importance as well as deliverables/checklist agreements for each project phase.

Also set up standards for Project Management Controls, Customer/Business User support and communications, Project Plans & Schedules and status meetings and agendas.

Detailed review, assessment and recommendations for 2 key/core Software applications;

Goodwill Tracking System; Homegrown software used to track donations and receipts by store personnel. Each Store would have its own local server and database that would upload data every 4 hours to a central location. Requirements were documented; a gap analysis of the current system and what information needed to be captured, stored, and retrieved for analysis and communications was performed. An RFP was sent to vendors and a new off the shelf system was recommended consisting of 3 tier architecture to more efficiently track and report on donations throughout the organization. The architecture consisted of a Web Browser, Web Server, Application Server and Database Server.

Counterpoint Retail System; Homegrown point of sale system used with the retail stores registers. The system was designed for the store registers to report transaction data to a server within the store. Local data was uploaded every 90 minutes throughout the day because each store was required to process returns from all other stores. A typical Retail System has orders come in and items are scanned and placed on shelves. When items are purchased, they’re scanned out and updated in the system. This is not the case for Goodwill Industries. With nearly all inventory donated by local citizens, keeping track of what comes in and what goes out is a difficult undertaking. Requirements were documented from store personnel, finance, business operations, public relations and marketing, government and community relations and the information technology teams. An RFP was distributed and a vendor was selected. The system was an “N” tier client/server architecture consisting of a web front-end, web server, application server and database server. Due to its criticality all HW & SW was redundant for failover.

HENRY SCHEIN INC. (2001 – 2011)


As Director reporting directly to the Global CIO, Global CTO and Executive Management Committee, my responsibilities included; Strategic planning on a local and global level, Department budgeting, hiring qualified staff, mentoring and reviews, HW & SW selection and upgrades, Proof of concepts and prototyping, Vendor negotiations, work with Upper management and business users to select and prioritize projects, maintain future project task lists, direct interaction with business leadership to manage business expectations and to develop recommendations and solutions. Worked collaboratively with IT and Business Leaders on Data Governance, Data Stewardship, Data Quality Management and Data Architecture Standardization. Metadata Management, Design and Integration. Responsible for implementing Project life cycle (SDLC) and PMO, Process improvement, Agile Development, follow-up status with business users and Project teams, Budget and ROI presentations to Upper management. My projects responsibilities include;

Master Data Management (MDM) – is part of a global data strategy initiative. Product, vendor/supplier and customer data standardization and governance to provide the foundation needed to enable Henry Schein to achieve growth goals, better service customers, enhance collaborative relationships with suppliers, simplify the IT infrastructure, and thereby provide a platform with consistent data across all facets of the business. We put together an RFP, interviewed Vendor solutions, researched ROI potential and selected the solution. Attended Oracles internal workshop on implementing the solution. Presented the Executive Management Committee (EMC) the proposed solution, budget and implementation strategy.

Data Warehouse – The data warehouse was initially a collection of data needed to support strategic decisions. Over time, it grew as an operational data store with a focus on the tactical decision support requirements. The system was developed to provide information to business users that need to make fact based decisions. Core subject areas delivered were; Products, Customers, Orders and Sales Territories.

Vendor Reporting System - The Vendor Reporting System (VRS) provides information about HSIC Sales, on a monthly basis, to Vendors, Marketing Firms and Business Users. A new application was developed for the management and generation of vendor reports/files and the administration of External and Internal users.

Vendor Information Portal (VIP) – Our goal was to develop a website which allows vendors to access vendor specific information as well as general business information in a website developed specifically for vendors. One place for vendors to visit to acquire all of their data and information needs; Scorecard, projections, opportunity reports, vendor tracings, contact information, Vendor partnership guide, EDI guidelines, new product item master, new vendor worksheets, AP credit & debit memos, SPA’s, etc. It has become a communication tool to inform and update vendors on newsworthy events

American Dental Association Total Intelligence Solution – assisted on the technical aspects of the RFP as well as assisting in interviewing candidates to implement the solution for the ADA on their “For Profit” side of the business. The system was to be a multi-stakeholder data repository to serve as a market leading asset to further extend their leadership in the financing and quality of healthcare. The objective was to lead the development of a healthcare financing and delivery system for Dentists, Consumers & Employers, Payers and Product manufacturers.

Project Management Resource System (PMRS) – PMRS was developed to manage projects, resources and capital & expenses associated with each project. Projects and tasks are managed through a web interface and all information is stored in a SQL DB.

Established a Project Management Office in support of IT. Institutionalized a Project Management (PM) life cycle methodology. Directed the development and deployment of project management guidelines, standards, procedures and templates. Established and integrated PMO measures, metrics, thresholds and targets to drive performance in alignment with business strategies. Provided leadership for governance and executive steering teams and events regarding project portfolios. Created Project Management Life Cycle (PLC), and Program and Portfolio Management (PPM), Business Requirements, and Application Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Introduced a formal project life cycle process to the IT department. Developed templates for RFP’s, Requirements, Functional & Design Specifications, Change, Risk & Issues processes and a Quality Assurance Charter and Plan.

HRIS system – Worked with the HR team to select and implement HR technology solutions. Went from totally manual paper-based systems to implementing technology solutions within the department. Sent out RFP’s and interviewed Vendors, selected SW, assisted on scoping and implementing a global recruitment system (Taleo) and a Content DB solution for records management for HR and AP.

BOOKSPAN (a Bertelsmann/Time Warner Partnership), Formerly; DOUBLEDAY DIRECT Inc. / DOUBLEDAY INTERACTIVE Inc. (1997 - 2001)


As Director reporting directly to the CEO, my responsibilities include:

Technical aspects of the day to day development of Client/Server technology; including but not limited to E-Commerce and Data Warehouse systems.

Responsible for the overall software/hardware architecture, design and implementation of these systems.

Responsible for constructing a team, implementing an infrastructure and methodology to work within.

Responsible for the day to day management of team personnel.

Responsible for acting as the liaison to internal and external groups.

All documentation is created and maintained in a document registry. This includes;

Project Plan

Project Scheduling

Software/Hardware Parts Lists

Outstanding Requirements Database

Functional Specifications

Design Specifications

Operational Environment Specifications

System Integration and Acceptance Test Plans

User Manuals

Operational Procedures Manuals

The following projects/products were my direct responsibility

E-Commerce/Web Development - Director

The mission and strategy is to develop new club models, business opportunities and transform traditional book club operations into an interactive direct marketing business. The system provides for:

A system architecture and integration plan that allows for future integration with existing legacy systems

A book-finder site that attracts customers to purchase books through a robust and secure transaction system

Features/functions such as, order and payment features, content loading, e-mail notification, order history, discussion forums, bulletin boards, etc…

Customizable content and information to on-line customers through "one-to-one" marketing methods

Scalability to accommodate increases in traffic volumes and functional enhancements

A design that accommodates future services, such as electronic book clubs, communities of interest, chat, etc…

The following URL comprises 20+ individual sites.

Data Warehouse - Director

The Data Warehouse was built to provide Users, both experienced and novice, with tools to make more informed decisions that will result in higher productivity, lower cost, higher quality products and shorter time to market. The strategy was to ensure that the data used in the organization is available in a consistent and accurate form wherever needed. The data is then made available to departments for analysis either directly or by means of intermediate Data Marts which store required information. The system provides a:

Consolidated view of multiple heterogeneous data sources into one logical unified data source

Better quality of data

Method to unlock data from legacy systems

Better access and delivery of data

Flexible information from multiple sources

Data consistency

Historical perspective of data

Method to ensure data quality and integrity

Production Schedule Automation System - Director

This system was built to automate and improve the workflow involved in scheduling and tracking current member creative events and job deadlines. The system allows for multi-user access for data entry and maintenance. It utilizes electronic mail as a means for distributing schedules, reports and the appropriate notifications. This service provides:

A unified and consistent set of terminology across departments

Allows for a closer, more efficient means of monitoring events and recording actions

Easy modification/updates to the application as the process changes

Eliminate the dependency on paper based, manually routed production schedules



The following projects/products were my direct responsibility;

Reuters Internet/Intranet Web Technology - Development Manager /Director

This project introduces Reuters' customers to the World Wide Web and to provide a set of technologies that offer to deliver advanced multimedia information and applications. This service provides:

Flexible data formats

Relatively large volumes of data

Two-way interaction with users

Decision Support System (DSS) - Development Manager/ Director

The DSS is a component of the Dealing 2000-2 & D2000-3 FOREX trading system. The DSS runs on client/server architecture. This component is responsible for:

Providing and maintaining all current and future business administration control.

Provide a safe data store for all critical D2000-2/3 data.

Provide a means to support real-time regulatory and near real-time business analysis reporting.

Provide a secure User Interface into the data store for reporting, configuration and control.

Provide for centralized lights-out operational management and control.

Transactions Analysis Machine (TAM) - Senior Programmer Analyst/Project Leader

The TAM system is an off-line system that provides analysis reporting utilizing a variety of transactional and statistical information required to support the daily operations and future planning for D2000-2. The TAM runs on client/server architecture. This system is responsible for;

Development reporting - current debugging and future enhancements.

Marketing reporting - tracking growth and sales.

Management reporting - resource management and future growth.

Business reporting - summary information and budget forecasts.

Archive System - Senior Programmer Analyst/Project Leader

The Archive System is a component of the Dealing 2000-2 FOREX trading system. The Archive runs on client/server architecture. This component is responsible for;

Data input and translation

Data output and reporting

System management

Central Administration System (CAS) - Senior Programmer Analyst/Project Leader

The CAS system is a support component of the Dealing 2000-2 FOREX trading system. This component was originally designed, implemented and maintained in the Reuters London office. The system was re-deployed in August 1995 to Reuters America, for maintenance and the implementation of new requirements. The application runs on a client/server architecture. The CAS component is responsible for:

Subscriber and User maintenance

Maintain and produce invoices to be sent to Subscribers

Production of Management Information reports

Subscriber form distribution

Distribution of Daily Confirmation Statements


Director/Development Manager/Programmer with extensive experience in full system life cycle (SDLC); Requirements, Functional and Design Specification, Implementation, Testing, Delivery and Maintenance.

Languages: .NET/C#, JavaScript, Java (Java Servlets), HTML, C++, SQL, Ada, C, DCL, Fortran, Cobol, RPGII, PowerBuilder, VB

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2

Hardware: HP, AS400, Sun Solaris, Dec VAX, Compact 4500, PC compatibles

Software Systems: Unix, VAX/VMS, MICROSOFT NT, WINDOWS 7

Software: Informatica, MicroStrategy, Cognos, JDE (DWH data source)

Project Management: Agile Development, Microsoft Office; MS Project, Excel and Powerpoint.




Process Change, Improvement, Performance & Portfolio Change






















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