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Senior Software Engineer / Lead Engineer

Platteville, Wisconsin, 53818, United States
May 20, 2017

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Christopher Brunette, PMP


Christopher Brunette

Address: **** ******** ****

Platteville, WI 53818

Phone: 608-***-****



University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Platteville, WI

Bachelor of Science, December 1994

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics


AVISTA, Platteville WI – 8/2009 – Present

Senior Software Engineer/Lead Engineer

Reviewed and modified existing requirements-based test scripts

Lead Engineer for the full life-cycle development of a display unit according to federal aerospace guidelines. Duties involved the day-to-day management of the project, serving as the customer focal point for any issues and communication related to the project, participating in Change Control Board meetings, generating software requirements, and participating in system requirements, software requirements, code, and test reviews.

Performed worst case timing analysis on embedded software

Worked with the Engineering Process Group to assist with making improvements to various company processes. Duties involved performing the analysis, action plan, implementation and verification of improvement suggestions. Also involved working with all areas of employees, ranging from engineering staff, program management, human resources, and executive management. Received both CMMI and CMMI Audit Training.

Performed Lead Engineer Duties and Hardware/Software Integration Testing for real-time embedded software for various aeronautic projects. Also prepared federal aerospace required lifecycle documents, requirements review, and numerous customer meetings. In addition, duties involved: training other test engineers; working with Systems, Software, Test Equipment, and Hardware Engineers, along with various levels of management; and managing the day to day tasks of the projects, providing weekly status reports to the customer, and serving as the focal point for customer interaction.

Reviewed several customer statements of work, providing level of effort estimates, writing project plans, and conducting interviews

Worked on Preliminary Design Review presentation slides.

Currently working on validation of Satellite phone system for commercial aircraft. Duties involved automated, manual, and inspection testing of the phone system, evaluating problems to determine if a requirements, code, or test issue. In addition, provided example and training to both on-site and international engineers for manual and inspection testing.

General Dynamics C4 Systems, Bloomington MN – 6/2008 – 6/2009 2/15/2010 – Present

Software Contractor

Developed and implemented new and existing requirements-based test scripts (written in either word format, or a combination of C# and XML) for Operating Systems in both an UNIX and LINUX environment

Responsible for reviewing software requirements for testability, reviewing or writing sections of the Software Test Document (STD) based on the software requirements, developing or updating the test scripts, debugging the test scripts on both an emulator and the actual hardware, informally and formally executing the test scripts, performing informal and formal reviews of requirements, test descriptions, test results, and verification results along with their associated documents, reporting and updating any necessary changes needed to requirements, test descriptions, and test scripts; updating or generating the loading procedures for emulator and hardware software installs, performing and moderating peer reviews, and participating in informal and formal test qualifications

Responsible for working with systems, hardware, and software engineers located both on site and in remote locations.

Hamilton Sundstrand, Rockford IL – 4/2005 – 2/2008 2/15/2010 – Present

Software Contractor

Responsible for developing and implementing an in-house test environment, which involved the ability to control hardware resources, power supplies and GUI from either a UNIX command line, or a Perl or TCL script. Also responsible for setting up the testing directory structure, writing the scripts which would place the target hardware in a no-fault, normal operation state, writing the utility functions for the test script developers, creating a test script template, and interfacing with the software, hardware, system, test equipment engineers, along with the test script developers and program and project management

Responsible for assisting with the implementation of the interface between the BITE and Application Software

Responsible for performing integration testing of a time-triggered protocol communication bus

Responsible for designing and implementing an full duplex, switched ethernet communication service for an embedded real-time system, which involved reviewing the customer and system specifications, writing both software and detail design requirements, writing the software, and performing development testing in accordance with federal aerospace guidelines.

Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids IA – 12/2004 – 4/2005 2/15/2010 – Present

Software Contractor

Responsible for performing the Verification and Validation for Flight and Multifunction Displays, which involved updating baselined automated test procedures to include requirements-based tests for a newly implemented air navigation. The test procedures were written according to safety critical guidelines and executed on both a desktop simulator and on the target hardware.

Responsible for performing both informal and formal reviews on both the software requirements and test procedures, and identifying, and subsequently adding, missing tests to the currently baselined test procedures and notifying both the systems engineers and software engineer of errors in the software requirements, code, and data dictionary.

Created a tool to automatically generate blocks of communication data

Goodrich Sensor Systems, Burnsville MN – 5/2004 – 12/2004 2/15/2010 – Present

Software Contractor

Responsible for performing the Verification and Validation for a Smartprobe, which involved writing Visual Basic Scripts to test software requirements according to safety critical guidelines, using the target hardware, CodeComposer IDE, and an emulator.

Responsible for creating a test script template to be used by the entire verification team, adding functionality to the test environment, performing both informal and formal software requirements and code reviews, and ensuring that the traceability was correct.

Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth TX – 12/2003 – 4/2004 2/15/2010 – Present

Software Contractor

Responsible for performing the integration of the seat display monitor, which involved modifying the current test suite and writing parts of the modules included in the suite. The modules of the test suite were debugged on both the desktop and on an in-house proprietary test station, using the actual display monitor.

AVISTA, Platteville WI – 6/2003 – 8/2003 2/15/2010 – Present


Responsible for completing the traceability matrix, from High-Level Requirements thru the Detailed Design Requirements, for the fault storage and retrieval for a power distribution assembly

Responsible for ensuring that the requirements were implemented in the software, and adding and modifying both software and requirements accordingly

Responsible for providing phone support for the verification team.

Hamilton Sundstrand, Rockford IL – 4/2001 – 5/2003 2/15/2010 – Present

Software Contractor

Responsible for designing (including high, low, and design requirements generation), coding, testing, and integration of C software that implemented the fault storage and retrieval a power distribution assembly, which was a multi-partition, real-time, deadline monotonic system. Designing and coding were performed using a combination of UNIX and PC based tools. Testing and integration were performed using a combination of PC based tools and a communication line with the actual hardware

Worked with the test tool development team to debug and test various releases of the test tool


C/C++/C# UNIX/LINUX Requirement Analysis

Python VAX/VMS Requirement Design

Perl RS-485/RS-232 RTCA DO-178B

TCL ARINC 429/615a/653/664 DOORS

Visual Basic MIL-STD-1553 ClearCase/ClearQuest


Assembly Nucleus EDE CMS

HTML Visual Studio Code Composer

Intel ICE Rational RequisitePro Teamwork

PAWS Development Studio JIRA Collaborator

Ultra Edit CMMI

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