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Software Engineer Engineering

Garden Grove, California, United States
May 20, 2017

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Connie Lim



University of California, Merced December 2016

BS, Computer Science Engineering

BS, Bioengineering GPA: 3.34


• Object Oriented Programming

• Algorithm Design & Analysis

• Artificial Intelligence

• Database Systems

• Software Engineering

• Discrete Mathematics


• C++

• C#


• Xcode

• Java

• Git

• Linux

• Terminal

• Swift


• Windows

• Visual Studio


• Arduino


• Photoshop


National Science Foundation, Merced, CA August 2015-August 2016 Undergraduate Researcher/Mentee

• Created design for DNA base pair patters using Micron’s Automata Network Markup Lan- guage (ANML) API and Java.

• Analyzed significance of mutations in male versus female patients’ genetic data, from pa- tients with skin cancer.

• Determined correlation between base pair transition mutation and presence of cancer in melanocytic cells, using excel functions.

SFO Airport – ITT, San Francisco, CA May 2015-Aug 2015 & Winter 2015 Business Intelligence Systems Intern

• Developed a Web Portal in HTML/CSS and Bootstrap, that links to a MySQL database. Im- plemented user log in and web pages with a form layout for managers to input and update logistics for their department. (Photoshop, SQL)

• Converted CSV geographical data (long/lat coordinates of ride sharing vehicle pickup on airport grounds) into a dynamic visual representation for use in IBM Cognos, by incorporat- ing Esri mapping software into the Cognos Business suite.

• Published tutorials on internal network for report creation/customization for data analyt- ics, using IBM Cognos.

Golden State Engineering, Paramount, CA May 2014-Aug 2014 & Winter 2014 Programming Intern

• Developed C# script using Visual Studio, that updated records on Job Boss (a manufactur- ing software that the company uses to record parts production and order statuses) from accurate data on the database. (necessary to maintain record integrity)

• Developed desktop application with Visual Studio in C#, to convert production quantity and quality data from Job Boss into analytic reports that show production rate and if each machine is within the desired efficiency range and %error (increased efficiency by 90% compared to manual input and eliminated human errors). UC Merced Housing & Resident Life, Merced, CA August 2013-May 2014 Resident Assistant

• Quickly responded to emergency situations, clearly communicated/documented accounts.

• Worked closely with different levels of staff to organize programs, promote organizational growth, and improve resident life and housing operations.

• Efficiently and successfully mediated resident conflicts. Empowered students to break down problems. Encouraged them to build relationships and connect with their peers, staff, and professors.


Tipper (IOS App-Swift) March 2016

• A tip and total amount is calculated for a user after they enter their bill amount, select the service they used, and rate their experience or input a custom tip percentage. The app automatically applies the appropriate suggested tip amount based on the service a user selects.

Spectre (IOS App-Swift) August 2016-Dec 2016

• Accesses camera to capture images of beer sample, then averages RGB values of pixels from the image, the averaged blue value is converted to absorption then SRM value using mathematical calculations. SRM correlates to beer color and helps indicate beer quality.

• Was Team Lead, sole Software Engineer, and contributor to hardware design. Documented each stage of prototyping and presented product specifications, market potential, and po- tential applications in other sectors.


UC Berkeley Big Ideas Winner 2015

Food Systems Innovation

• Low Cost Scientific Data Drones for Enhanced Melon Productivity and Security

• Designed user interface using Bootstrap framework, HTML, and CSS, for farmers that will be using the web application.

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