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Manager Office

Harvest, Alabama, 35749, United States
May 19, 2017

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Moody Shayne Harvey

*** ****** ****

Harvest, AL. 35749-9029

256-***-**** – Cell

July 2015 to Present

Volunteer Disaster Relief Warehouse, Decatur, Alabama

Title: Secretary for the Board of Director’s & Warehouse Manager

Description of Duties:

Record minutes of Board meetings then publish and distribute minutes to the Board for review.

Purchase and assist in the procurement of materials for the production and completion of kits needed by victims of severe weather events.

Assist in the procurement of new and used equipment for use at the warehouse.

Prepare shipments of disaster related supplies using whatever means available to include: Truckload and Less Than Truck Load carriers, international carriers, package carriers, volunteer’s transportation and my personal equipment.

Supervise volunteer work groups in the preparation of disaster related kits.

Obtained donated and low cost rack storage for the long term storage of completed kits and other mission ministries. Both within the United States and to other countries, primarily the Caribbean, Latin America, and to the African continent during the recent Ebola outbreak.

Operate forklift when needed and packaging equipment as and when needed. Currently using the ShrinkFast heat packaging system for completed kits.

Issue material and supplies to local charities as needed.

Consolidate and donate materials to other charities items that we do not distribute but can be put to use in the local community.

Housekeeping in the warehouse as needed.

Obtained donations of older barcode capable printers and currently part marking inventory in preparation for in-depth inventory and deployment of a rudimentary inventory control system of my own design.

Next project is to capture all data related to the IT and other equipment and post it in a database for accountability.

June 2007 to July 2015

Employer Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

Title PropertyAdministrator2

Description of Duties:

Property Administrator for company and government owned property assigned to Missile Defense Division in Huntsville, Alabama.

Perform the duties of a government and company owned property administrator for multiple organizations in the division. Duties included updating locations, reconciling procurements to packing lists when discrepancies were presented. Shipping government and company owned property to and from remote work sites throughout the continental United States and territories. Identify and mark government property as it arrived in to the shipping and receiving function. Performing inventories with scanning equipment, computer software and visual inspection. Duties also included the administration of capital and expense equipment as well as IT equipment.

Assigned to gather and digitize multiple data repositories connected to materials use and inventory. Reconcile government material and property records for a large receipt activity for a large missile defense program. Used FileMaker Pro and Excel to perform these duties.

Assigned to support multiple programs exceeding 300 million in annual sales in the acquisition of hardware and materials. Prepare and coordinate the procurement of computers, audio visual, cable plants, cabling, fiber optic and Ethernet. Small electronic parts such as connectors, wire, tools, IT support supplies and equipment, Order office supplies to support the various operations in Colorado Springs, Northern Virginia, Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Alabama. Programs supported were GMD and MDA JRDC program.

Use SAP, IBUY, and American Express procurement card for the acquisition of materials as needed. Monthly reconciliation of purchasing card within a very strict set of guidelines. Prepare sole source justification documentation, professional consultant request forms and requirements as well as technic al service request agreements. Use of the MDA GPRS system was required to create purchase requisitions and orders based upon value of the procurement and availability of materials via the procurement system. Not all orders required a Northrop Grumman buyer to be assigned an order. Procurements totaling 3 thousand dollars or less were purchased via the catalog system to improve delivery cycle to MDA.

Maintain a very close working relationship with the customer community, vendors, and procurement staff. Provided weekly status reports for customers and purchasing to clean up any problem activities.

Since I was heavily involved in the procurement process I was required to certify that I was free of conflicts of interest and adhered to the corporation ethics standards. These standards are very rigorous for the procurement community.

Records Administrator for Missile Defense Division in Huntsville, Alabama.

Tasked to develop the records retention activity based upon the sector standards. Duties included storage, documenting, and scheduling disposal of records in the future. This activity was outsourced when it grew larger than expected and the company wanted to consolidate all storage into one localized vendor. Inventory of these records was maintained on a FileMaker Pro database with multiple report features and export to Micro Soft Excel workbooks.

Administration of the monthly Office Billing Report and Facility Assigned Seating Floor Plans.

Maintain the Facility master workbook for seating and billing of office space. Workbook was driven by Visio Professional which required me to update the seating charts and layouts in order to publish the office space billing report in Excel.

Reconcile errors and issues with the senior Business and Finance manager.

Other Duties Assigned

Escort facility vendors as needed.

Assist in the move of offices and personnel.

Leased vehicle admin support.

Posting IBuy procurements in support of the Shipping and Receiving, Facilities and Mail organizations.

Operation of the Shipping and Receiving function due to planned and unplanned absences of employees.

Advising in the operation of Shipping and Receiving function due to my extensive background and experience.

April 2002 to June 2007

Employer Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

Title FacilitiesRep2

Description of Duties:

Shipping and Receiving Manager

Manage the day to day operations for four manned shipping and receiving docks. Supervised a combination of three department employees and 2 shared employees from the parent organization.

Publish, maintain, and obtain approval of procedures for operations.

Train new personnel as needed and required.

Train all employees on new processes as they are developed.

Update annual evaluations.

Develop and maintain department budget.

Order materials and supplies for department operations.

Train personnel in the operation and use of powered industrial trucks.

Develop a shipping database that allows for the tracking of shipments, publishes approved company forms, and allows for the execution of searches based upon those documents. First of its kind in all of Northrop Grumman and is still in use today.

Developed automated receiving and property identification databases that published company approved forms and allowed for execution of data searches. First of their kind in all of Northrop Grumman and are still in use today.

Supervise the day to day operation of the mail delivery and courier function.

Facilities Coordinator

Coordinated the day to day activities of the facilities team.

Schedule moves and deliveries of office equipment, computers, and received materials from the shipping and receiving function.

Performed the duties of the Environmental Health and Safety representative. Assisted in audits, compliance, and worker related issues.

Relieved of these duties when the task became too large for one employee to handle.

Materials Coordinator

Assisted in the control of materials for the GFCC program in Huntsville, Alabama.

Prepared contract material requisitions.

Posted and de-posted materials for the MRPII module of the JIT procurement and management tool.

Identification of materials issued to work in place activities.

Purchase of support materials for the GFCC program and the Facility Department with an American Express P-Card. Required the preparation of support purchase orders, requisitions.

April 1988 to April 2002

Employer Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

Title FacilitiesRep1

Description of Duties:

Shipping and Receiving Coordinator

Process incoming receipts of goods and materials for multiple divisions and programs.

Maintain logs for receipts, shipments, and the identification of property.

Process shipments of materials and finished products for multiple divisions and programs.

Train new employees in the performance of the shipping and receiving function.

Identify company and government owned property upon receipt.

Prepare shipping requests, Bills of Lading, purchase requisitions

Assist in facilities operations as needed.

Run the reproduction service center.

Submit the monthly billing of the reproduction service center.

Supervise purchase labor employee in the reproduction service center.

Operate the local supply room. Order replenishment stock, issue office and computer related supplies.

Other Duties Assigned

Escort vendors as needed.

Assist in the local moves of employees and equipment.

Assist in property audits.

Assist in the material control activities.

Prepare purchase requisitions in manual and automated environments in support of the Facility Manager.

August 1984 to April 1988

Employer Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

Title StockController/TruckDriver

Description of Duties:

Service the day to day transportation needs of a classified program. Required travel to and from customer, subcontractor, and other government facilities.

Operate the cable center, inventory, replenishment requests. Cut to specified lengths according to furnished requisitions.

Pickup office supplies from local warehouse activity as needed.

Prepare for office supply requisitions for approval.

Load trucks and operate the forklift as needed.

Pack and Package shipments of materials, property, and finished goods for the customer.

Move office safes and required.

Assist the Shipping and Receiving Manager as needed and required.

Trained to operate the shipping and receiving function upon the downsizing of the function on the program.

Education Background:

Graduate of the College Preparatory course at Independence High School of Coal City, West Virginia.

National Safety Council Train the Trainer for Powered Industrial Trucks

Certified Professional Property Specialist - National Property Management Association - expired

Security Clearance: Secret with additional briefings. Currently in need of a periodic reinvestigation.

Software Skills:

Advanced – FileMaker Pro, MS Excel, Word, Power Point, Northrop Grumman developed IBILL System, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Nuance Power PDF Asset Smart property application, SAP and JIT and Seagull Scientific Bartender 10.0 Barcode Labeler.

Other Software Skills: Boeing Property management system, MDA GPRS system, MS Access

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