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Electrical Engineering

Canton, Michigan, United States
May 19, 2017

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Dedicated Graduate student with 3+ years of experience working on multiple domain projects in research labs of Wayne State University and Thapar University as well as for academics with good understanding of Embedded systems including Embedded for vehicles and VLSI concepts of Analog IC design and FPGA/ASIC design and verification using HDL languages.


Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering Expected Graduation: August 2017 Wayne State University, Detroit, MI GPA: 3.76

Masters of Technology, VLSI Design Graduated: August 2015 Thapar University,Patiala,India GPA: 7.21

Bachelors of Technology,Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduated: June 2012 Mody University of Science and Technology, Rajasthan, India GPA: 7.48 Relevant Courses:

Embedded Systems, Embedded systems for vehicles(AUTOSAR), Telematics (eCALL using IVS and PSAP), Power Electronics and Control, Advanced Energy storage system for Vehicle batteries, Computer Aided Languages and FPGAs, Logic synthesis using HDLs, Analog IC Design, Digital VLSI Design, SOC verification using System Verilog including OVM/UVM methodologies, Physical Design and Automation, VLSI Testing and verification, Physics of semiconductor devices, VLSI fabrication techniques, VLSI signal Processing, PCB designing. Technical Skills:

Programming: VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog, MATLAB, C, C++, Perl, Python, Assembly language, Embedded C( PIC microcontroller, ARDUINO boards), CAPL

Hardware and software tools used: Tanner EDA, CADENCE Virtuoso, orCAD, CADENCE Allegro, Xilinx Vivado and FPGA Spartan kit, ModelSim simulator, EDA playground (using simulator Synopsys VCS 2014.10, CADENCE incisive 15.20) MATLAB/Simulink, Pspice, KEIL, Vector CANoe, Vector CANalyzer.

Protocol: CAN, LIN(basics)

Packages: Microsoft Office

Work Experience:

Student Assistant in research- Communications Research Laboratory, Electrical and Computer engineering department (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI) (January’17-present) Currently working on implementing human fall detection device for medical emergencies using 3-axial sensor (NXP MMA8451), coding of microcontroller (Arduino UNO) and also using telematics fundamentals of eCALL to transmit message to the required person.

Research Assistant (volunteer) - School of Medicine, Physiology Department (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI ) (October 2016-December 2016)

Worked on Ballast water treatment verification system to test ballast water discharged from ships into the Great Lakes containing pest species, by developing a fully automated system detecting microorganisms in water compared to sterile water. My responsibilities included developing code on Arduino to function the relays using solenoids, developing a photodiode sensing circuit and power supply circuits.

Research Assistant- Functional & Molecular Ultrasound Research Laboratory,Biomedical engineering department (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI) (January’16-December’16) Worked on implementing Quasi-static elasticity and shear wave elastography on IQ data obtained from ultrasound of phantom using verasonics and coded in MATLAB to check for the stress, strain and displacement levels in the images obtained used for various disease detection like Cancer etc. and successfully completed the data acquiring for phantom at 100, 1000 frames per second.

Graduate Teaching Assistant- Electronics and Communication Engineering Department (Thapar University, Patiala, India) (August 2013-June 2015)

Taught in labs and tutorial classes for undergraduate students in Analog Devices and CMOS Circuits using Tanner EDA and CADENCE Virtuoso tools, VHDL programming lab using Xilinx Vivado, Embedded systems programming on KEIL.

Industrial internship – Statcon power control Ltd. (Noida, India) (June 2011-July 2011) Developed a existing AH METER (Ampere Hour Meter) to make it more compact by redesigning the circuit and compiled it with HI-Tech compiler and simulated current sensing circuit using MULTISIM. Coded 18F4620 microcontroller in C language while displaying data on a LCD and successfully simulated the circuits, designed circuit on zero board, and programmed the microcontroller.

Academic Projects:

1. Master’s Thesis on “Temperature Dependent analysis of Mixed Carbon Nanotube bundle as VLSI interconnects”. (Thapar University,Patiala,India)

Analyzed and simulated three different types of Mixed CNT structures at variable temperature and global lengths of CNT to obtain power dissipation and propagation delay while comparing it with Copper as interconnect using Tanner EDA and CADENCE virtuoso at 22nm,45 nm technology node. Impedance parameters for various CNT structures were obtained using MATLAB and verified by analyzing a timing delay model. 2. Node designing for vehicle applications using Vector CANoe and CAPL scripting Assigned database and simulated the messages on the bus sent by different nodes using virtual environment while it was interfaced to GUI for monitoring the BUS.

3. Designed State Machines for EU eCALL system for vehicle safety Designed working state machines for the In-vehicle System (IVS) and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) of the European Union eCall System. Implemented them and tested them in the C programming language. Studied and worked on improvements in the high – level requirements for the 3GPP eCall system IVS and PSAP from the European Union Regulation and also from 3GPP TS 22.101. Researched on the latest progress in Automatic Crash Notification (ACN), Infotainment and Automotive Radar and also analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. 4. Designed and simulated 32 bit ALU using CADENCE Virtuoso 32-bit ALU supporting addition, overflow detection, bitwise invert, bitwise logic AND, bitwise logic OR and bitwise logic XOR operations was designed and implemented using CADENCE Virtuoso. Later the layout was designed in 45nm PDK for the same circuit and DRC and LVS check were performed. 5. Design and analysis of Analog and digital circuits using EDA tools and HDL languages

Simulated single stage, differential amplifiers, current mirror circuits using Tanner EDA and Cadence Virtuoso at 180nm technology to obtain gain and bandwidth readings.

Simulated various combinational and sequential circuits including counters and shift registers using VHDL, Verilog, created testbenches in XILINX vivado and verified results using FPGA Spartan kit. 6. Laser timer for photo acoustic imaging for medical diagnosis Implemented a laser timer which is switched on for designed time and automatically switched off by simulating it in XILINX vivado using Verilog code and verified on FPGA kit. 7. Controlling the speed of robot using joystick

Encoded and decoded variation in the moment of joystick in transmitting and receiving circuit respectively by using PWM technique and sending it as an input to PIC microcontroller to obtain the corresponding variation in the speed of D.C. motor connected to the wheels of the robot changing the speed of the robot by coding in Embedded C. 8. Automatic irrigation system

Water is supplied to a field on the basis of temperature of the environment and humidity of the soil, for which sensors were used to detect the changes and send input to microcontroller 8051 which was coded using C language to run the motor according to the need while displaying the input and output messages on a LCD. 9. Design and Battery Management System(BMS) for Toyota Prius (HEV) Calculated design parameters for battery of generation 1-4 of Toyota Prius on the basis of given battery specifications and also reviewed different aspects for battery management, Kalman filter for the management of system and usage of CAN protocol in BMS.

10. Design of a 50-kW Boost DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Applications Designed a boost dc-dc converter for the fuel cell power plant consisting of 96- 500W PEMF stacks by simulating on Simulink.

Honors and Activities:

Member, Tau Beta Pi (TBP), National honor society for engineers, USA. (March 2017- Present).

Awarded Dean’s Merit Tuition scholarship from Wayne state University in January 2017.

Member, CiRG (Computational Intelligence research group), India. (September 2014- Present).

Scored 90 percentile in all India level GATE (graduate aptitude record examination) and got scholarship for Master’s degree in India from AICTE and UGC (Government of India). (August 2013-July 2015).

Events Head, BEACON, Electronics Society for Students in Mody University of Science and Technology, India.

(August 2010- May 2012)

Played basketball at zonal level for under-14 and under-18 teams in school and university in India.

Volunteered for teaching under privileged children in India in association with a society KARUNA during under- graduation and society PRATIGYA during graduation in India.

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