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Continuous Improvement Manager

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States
May 19, 2017

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615-***-**** / *** Hopewood CT. Franklin, TN 37064 /

Business professional with extensive experience in continuous improvement, sales, healthcare management, extensive marketing background, manufacturing leadership of teams up to the business unit level. Received Bachelor of Science Degree with concentration in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Alabama Huntsville. Successful manager in both start-up and established organizations.

Skills Summary

Management Kaizen Marketing

Production Supervisor Lean Manufacturing Proposal/presentations

Business unit Manager Coach/Leader, workshops Develop training

Safety compliance projects 5s workshops Public Relations

Certified Instructor Senior level report out Sales material

Continuing education Technical Development Advertising content

Government Procurement Personal Sales

Professional Experience

Manufacturing/ Superior Essex Corporation

As Production Supervisor, have helped improve overall production output and reduced scrap on applicable shift by 8.5% in the production of enameled magnet wire.

Have utilized communication and people skills to greatly improve the moral of production employees.

Responsible for all aspects of shift operations pertaining to production output, quality, safety, trouble shooting, employee time reporting, daily reports to senior management, 5S initiatives etc.

Production output on the shift has steadily trended upward and the team has received recognition from senior mgt. for a great team effort.

Since coming into role, have resolved a number of conflict problems between the shifts by implementing a handoff communication method for quick reporting between shifts.

Attendance has improved greatly by simply reviewing the expectations and consequences for non-compliance with team members.

As company is in a transition mode, am responsible for helping implement more “Lean” mfg. techniques.

Was recently tasked to develop the structure for upcoming Kaizen events because of background. Senior Mgt. has asked me to facilitate these events.

Was given peripheral responsibility of liaison with suppliers of enamel and metal to get as lean as possible in providing needed materials for the build in my department.

Met daily with production schedulers to discuss weekly need for raw materials and how to achieve just in time supply.

Was expected to report out to senior management on the effectiveness of various suppliers and the quality of the raw materials they provided

Under the direction of purchasing and the scheduling departments, I was encouraged to motivate suppliers to provide discount incentives to stay competitively priced.

Manufacturing/Douglas Autotech Corporation

As Continuous Improvement Manager, developed efficient protocols for streamlining Kaizen events to make them more time efficient.

Developed standard work visualization tools for press operations, welding stations, and just in time, straight line assembly stations.

Helped simplify rework stations to make them more efficient and produced the job aids to help with time and efficiency reducing rework time by 75%.

Performed study on the life of CNC lathe tools. Worked to find solutions with vendors and ultimately saved the organization $25,000 per month by having team lead person do simple pre-setup.

Worked closely with Mfg. Engineer performing CPK analysis via Mini-Tab to solve location problems pertaining to welding operations

Helped produce more workable poka yoke/error proofing devices in press, welding, and assembly operations.

Designed and built lightweight racks of various proportions to present component parts to technicians.

Produced team and area metrics boards for report out and perspective.

Assisted in helping eliminate the use of large fork trucks in small spaces replacing them with small tuggers and lightweight portage carts. This greatly improved safety and reduced the potential for accidents.

Played major role in TS certification process.

Established protocols for TPM initiatives and assisted in starting the data base.

As improvement solutions were implemented, there was often the need to seek bids for the low cost equipment needed to implement the improvements. I was usually tasked with seeking out vendors and encouraging competitively priced bids to keep the cost of the improvement initiatives at a minimum.

Wrote purchase orders for tools and equipment identified to make needed improvements.

Was expected to negotiate the best possible price with competing vendors.

Manufacturing/General Motors Saturn Corporation

As Continuous Improvement Coordinator for Powertrain Operations, Developed cost reduction program, reducing scrap by 50%, generating significant financial benefit to the Casting, Block Machining, and Piston Assembly modules

Created significant downtime reduction in the L850 engine assembly area by implementing a cleaning strategy for automated stations resulting in $1.5 million in annual savings and was given a citation of recognition by senior leadership.

Implemented a FIFO queue to head off defective castings before reaching machining areas.

This FIFO queue reduced scrap in outgoing casting components by 80%.

For less than $10,000, initiated standardization of metrics for plant wide organization via low cost visual aid stations illustrating safety, productivity, quality, responsiveness and cost.

Upgraded plant wide safe operating procedures for all work stations in the plant. Handled all communications with OSHA

Conducted safety training classes for all team members in plant

Led and coached multiple Continuous Improvement workshops resulting in quality fixes to the various processes. Also improved throughput, safety and ergonomics

Performed production supervision roles in four manufacturing areas, (Team Leader)

Conducted QS 9000 Training

Was on ergonomic task force to reduce repetitive trauma injuries.

Developed and facilitated multiple training platforms for newly hired employees.

In various Management roles in casting operations, was tasked to negotiate and initiate the purchase of Tool and Die services for the rework of large casting dies.

Was responsible for maintaining a lean inventory for raw materials and coordinating with metal suppliers to ship just in time. There were constant considerations pertaining to the cost of the material and freight charges as demand fluctuated on a periodic basis.

Worked with three different suppliers and developed good negotiation skills to encourage them to compete and provide price incentives.


Contracted with and managed ongoing accounts of 100 major industrial clients in less than two years.

Established accounts with 60 municipalities and landed 5 major government related accounts through bid process.

Developed brochures and print media to support sales and community awareness.

Serviced accounts through a progress reporting system.

Developed high impact advertising.


Identified and collected $500k in unpaid worker’s compensation claims, personal injury claims.

Office manager handling all phases of clinic business

X-ray technician

Patient education


Superior Essex

Production Supervisor (June2015-May 2016)

Douglas Auto Tech

Continuous Improvement Manager/ Kaizen Specialist (2014-2015)


Owner (2006 to 2014)


Continuous Improvement Representative

Team Leader of four different work units

Certified Training Facilitator

Module Safety Coordinator

Module Quality Coordinator

Engineering Technician

Future Model Champion

CPR Trainer

Technical Writer, developing training manuals.

CMM Technician

LIFESTYLE HEALTHCARE INC, New Bremen, Ohio (1988 to 1991)

Ergonometric Research and Business Manager


Director of Marketing and Laboratory Management


University of Alabama Huntsville

BS/BA Management, Marketing with a minor in Biology

Additional Training

Boeing Kaizen certified by Shingijutsu Team

Continuous Improvement Coach

Global Manufacturing System (GMS) trained

QS9000, ISO4000

Manufacturing Quality Measurement

Toyota Production System

8 Disciplines of Problem Solving

Safety and Environmental


Professional Studio Musician with over 50 major label credits

Endorsee of Hohner Inc. (producer of fine musical instruments) since 1981

Member of Grace Chapel in Franklin, TN

Muscle Shoals Music Association in Muscle Shoals, AL

Member of the Ironmen of Franklin, TN

Heritage Foundation

Alabama Archeological Society

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